Princess Amity

Chapter XII

Celestia charges at Triton with full force and Triton with a sadistic expression charges at her. Celestia lowers her horn at him like in a jousting match which Triton does the same. Before the two ponies could collide, Celestia uses her horn to teleport herself behind Triton, and then she uses her horn to stab her cousin in his left flank in the middle of his cutie mark about half of an inch. However, Triton kicks Celestia in the abdomen with the leg she had stabbed, and the princess is sent flying to the wall around the entrance doors.

Triton shoots a dark magic sphere from his horn at her, but Celestia dodges it and starts circling around the evil alicorn. Triton continues to fire magic balls at her but continues to miss. He then creates a bright flash from his horn which blinds Celestia for a second, and when her vision recovers, Triton had disappeared.

Celestia's horn glows with a yellow aurora glowing around it and senses Triton is invisible and is standing beside her, and she swiftly throws the back of her left hoof at Triton and hits the left side of his head. He is knocked to the ground then sees Celestia flying towards him and raising her front hooves in the air, but he teleports himself away from her as Celestia slams her hooves to the marble floor creating two massive hoof-prints with cracks all around them. She turns to her right to see Triton the left side of his face swelling from Celestia's attack.

"Wow," Triton says, "looks like you want me dead."

Celestia responds, "No. I'm not going to kill you. I need to use all of my strength and power to make you submit, and once I have, I will send you to Tartarus where you can't escape."

Triton chuckles and says, "I'll just come back and you know that."

"Not as long as Cerberus is there," Celestia replies.

"That dog won't stop me," Triton continues. "...and neither will you."

She then jumps in the air, flaps her wings to keep her airborne, and fires a bright yellow beam from her horn at Triton who in retaliation fires a black magic beam at her. The two beams collide, and Triton quickly gains the advantage by his beam pushing Celestias back to her. The princess sees her beam is not strong enough and forces the beam to become stronger and bigger, but Tritons beam is too powerful and continues its advancement towards her.

Knowing she cannot win this struggle, Celestia flies out of way of the opposing beam and heads upward towards the ceiling. Tritons black beam follows the princess but is unable to hit her. Celestia then uses her magic to teleport herself in front of Triton. However, before she is able to attack, Triton swings his horn down at her. Celestia uses her horn to block the attack, and the two engage in a horn lock.

Despite Celestia using all of her strength, Triton pushes his cousin back with ease. "Just like old times," Triton taunts. Suddenly, Triton creates a beam for the tip of his horn which hits Celestia's back creating an intense burning pain in the middle of her spine, and with the beam burning her back, Celestia losses concentration on the horn lock which allows Triton to create a magic pulse from his horn.

Celestia flies backwards and lands on the ground with burning fuses illuminating from her back, horn, and forehead. Triton walks to his injured cousin slow but stops when he sees her trying to stand up. Celestia is then surrounded by Triton's black magic aurora, and she is thrown to the ceiling of the throne room with great force. Then, the blue alicorn lowers Celestia away from the ceiling just to slam her into it again, and he repeats this attack five times. After the fifth time, Triton releases Celestia who falls to the floor. The princess in tremendous agony twitches while lying on the floor. Triton approaches her with a devious smile on his face.

"Just as I predicted," Triton says to his cousin. "I knew you were never a match for me without Luna. Hell, it took both of you to defeat me the first time. Huh. I just thought of something: Where is Luna?" Celestia raises her upper torso and stares at Triton with an angry expression while breathing heavily. "It doesn't matter," Triton continues and then raises his upper half up and kicks Celestia with his left back leg which sends her back on the floor. "Once I'm done with you, I'll find Luna then every pony in Equestria will know that I am the most powerful pony in history. Now...DIE!" Triton still on his back legs arches his back with his front hooves together ready to strike Celestia on the ground.

Suddenly, one of the throne room stain glass windows breaks inward, and Triton turns to see who had broken in and sees a white alicorn with blood-red stripes, mane, tail, and cutie mark and bat wings flying towards him in a tremendous speed. However, before he could react, the intruder within a second brings her low half forward with her right leg extended and kicks Triton between his legs which sends him to the ceiling and even breaking through it. He lands on the roof of the throne room with his front hooves covering his crotch while tearing up and swearing in pain.

The white alicorn lands on the floor staring at the hole in the ceiling waiting for him. Celestia looks up at the mysterious alicorn but does not recognize her immediately. She sees that the intruder is smaller, an alicorn, and the same body and facial structure of her daughter, and has a cutie mark of a blood-red shield with a white heart with a blood-red crack down the middle.

"A..." Celestia barely speaks, "Amity?"

The white alicorn looks down at the injured Celestia and responds with, "No. I am not her. She is not with us. I am Bloodlust."

Celestia's eyes shrink in shock. "No. Amity..." Celestia says aloud.

"I AM NOT AMITY!" Bloodlust immediately shouts at Celestia.

"Of course not," Triton says as he floats down to the floor from the hole. "Amity wasn't that strong. She finally embraced you, and now I can have the challenge I have been waiting for. By the way, no more cheap shots especially down there, okay?"

The two alicorns stare each other down waiting for the other to make the first move. Triton stares with a sadistic, excited expression while Bloodlust stares with an angry, focused expression. Then, Bloodlust teleports herself in front of Triton and head-butts his chin from below, but Triton retaliates with a punch from his right front hoof and hits the side of her face. However, Bloodlust is not affected by the attack and strikes back with a fury of punches of her own all over his face while breathing in and out with every punch, and when Triton tries to punch her again, Bloodlust slides under him and fires a powerful blood-red beam from her horn at his chest which sends him into the air.

Triton tries to attack her again but is tackled by the younger alicorn who slams him into the ceiling. Then, Bloodlust still holding him turns to the floor and crashes to it with Triton hitting back first. Triton strikes back upper cutting her, and within that second, Triton lifts Bloodlust by the waist with ease and while standing on his back legs slams her to the floor then picks her up and slams her down again. Bloodlust rolls and tries to get up but is kicked in the abdomen by Triton which sends her flying a couple of feet away.

Bloodlust then flies to Triton attempting to tackle him, but the blue alicorn creates a bright flash which blinds her. When she regains her vision, Triton had vanished. She then closes her eyes and her horn makes a blood-red aurora around it and suddenly spins around and swings her horn around. A bloody gash appears in the air and Triton is visible once again with a massive cut on his chest.

Triton looks at his opponent while breathing heavily and covering his new wound says, "Clever girl. I need to try harder then."

Bloodlust mildly breathing heavily through her nose responds, "There's no point. You can't match me."

"Let me...ask you...something," Triton replies while catching his breath, "what will...killing me...accomplish?"

"Vengeance. You forced me out to Amity and I too was taunted by you, but this isn't revenge for her. It's for me and only me," Bloodlust answers.

"And what about Equestria?" Triton asks.

She answers, "What about it? To Hell all of those weak, pathetic ponies!" Hearing Bloodlusts answer, Celestias pupils shrink in shock and desperately try to get up on all four hooves.

Triton turns to his left to see Celestia getting up and asks the injured princess, "You hear that Celestia? You have another alicorn to deal with! What would you do to her? Kill her? Banish her? Don't forget, this is your daughter! Are you going to make so where YOU are responsible for your own flesh and bloods death or banishment?" Celestia however remains silent and manages to get her front hooves up.

Bloodlust then shoots a bright white lightning bolt from her horn at Triton who is still distracted by Celestia, but Triton hears the attack coming and dodges to his right. Frustrated, Bloodlust fires another bolt at Triton who keeps dodging every attack, and with every dodge, he gets closer to the white alicorn. When he gets close enough, Triton's horn glows solid black and five small magical tentacles lash from the horn and wrap around Bloodlust with one around her neck and the other four each wrapping around each ankle. The tentacles lift the younger alicorn in the air, stretch her apart, and squeeze tightly, and from Triton, light blue lightning bolts travel through the tentacles and start electrocuting her. Bloodlust yells in pain as Triton's electricity flows through her body.

During the fight, Celestia who manages to stand on all fours, teleports herself out of the throne room and into a hallway with stained glass windows of previous events. At the end of the hall is a large door with composed of light purple, pink, and dark purple with a gold star in the middle and with a gold rim around it, and Celestia approaches the door.

She says aloud, "Triton, I gave you one chance to surrender and become the cousin I once loved, but you leave me no choice but to use these and Amity..." a tear streaks down her right cheek, "...I'm sorry." In the middle of the gold star is a hole for which Celestia shoves her horn in and concentrates her magic in. Her magic expands throughout the door causing it to glowing brightly and open to reveal a box with jewels on it, and she opens it to find an orange crystal, a pink crystal, a blue crystal, a purple crystal, a red crystal, and a pink-purple jewel which is the only one in the shape of a star. With her magic, Celestia lifts the jewels and have them circle around her.

Meanwhile in the throne room, Bloodlust while fighting through the pain concentrates her magic and creates an aurora around her body, and shockingly reverses the electricity back to Triton who now is screaming by the electricity. Triton releases Bloodlust which makes the tentacles return to his horn which has stopped glowing. As soon as Bloodlust touches the floor, she darts at Triton and tackles him again and this time manages to get him on his back. Standing on her back legs, Bloodlust punches Tritons bloody chest which makes him cough blood. When she tries stomping on his head, Triton rolls to his right dodging the attack. He attempts to fly away, but the younger alicorn still on her back legs grabs his waist with her left front arm and punches his back with her right front which sends Triton back to the ground.

Triton then raises himself towards Bloodlust and head-butts her in the chin, and swiftly he pulls her left back leg which causes her to fall on her back. Triton tries to fly again and succeeds, but when he turns to face Bloodlust, she had vanished. He looks all around to find her but then feels a stab into his lower back which is from Bloodlust. However, instead of releasing him and attempting to stab again, Bloodlust leaves the horn in him and unleashes electricity through the horn which causes an excruciating pain in Triton. Suddenly, Bloodlust creates an explosion from the tip of her horn which destroys Tritons lower back and waist and makes a three inches round hole in his back After the explosion Triton falls to the floor but immediately and surprisingly stands on all fours despite the overwhelming pain.

Celestia teleports back into the throne room to see Triton standing with a bloody hole in his lower back with blood streaking down his lower legs. She starts having the Elements of Harmony spin around her preparing to attack him, but within a second, Bloodlust crashes on Tritons injured portion of his back which forces him to lie on the floor. Bloodlust then steps in the middle of Tritons horn and applies pressure on it which causes Triton to scream in more pain.

Triton while in pain chuckles loudly and says in contrast, "If you're so great, BREAK MY HORN YOU SICK BITCH!"

Then, Triton's horn cannot take any more and breaks in two, and when the horn breaks a black magic aurora with a variety of colors in and around it shoots out and goes into all directions uncontrollably. As the magic goes out of control, Triton's body is consumed by the same magic where he cannot be seen, and once it touches Bloodlust, it send her flying backwards. She manages to stop herself and stands next to Celestia who is horrified at what she is seeing. The magic eventually starts to fade away, and Triton can be seen. However, he is almost completely unrecognizable. He is now bright blue, his mane and tail are gray, eyes are white, and instead of being muscular, Triton is now shockingly skinny. Triton lies on the floor silently breathing slow and heavy, and what is left of his horn has blood slowly draining out which is making a puddle on the floor.

Celestia stares at her cousin in shock, but before she could start walking to him, Bloodlust moves first. She stands over Triton and with her right front hoof, rolls him over on his back. Celestia walks beside her and says, "Bloodlust, leave him to me. Your job is over."

Bloodlust looks at Celestia and replies, "No, it's not." She then places her right hoof over the weak Tritons throat. "He must die."

"No," Celestia shouts. "He is defeated, and he can rot in Tartarus for the rest of his! Bloodlust...Amity, if you kill him...I must send you there with him. Don't make me..."

Bloodlust stares intensely at Celestia and responds, "I AM NOT HER!" She stares at Triton again and continues, "AND HE WILL DIE!" She lifts her right hoof ready to crush his throat.

Celestia presses her left hoof against Bloodlusts attempting to push her back, but instead of being pushed back, Bloodlust does not budge and throws her right hoof at Celestia and pushes her in the face which sends Celestia to the floor. As soon as Celestia hits the ground, the Elements of Harmony fall too.

Bloodlust stares at Celestia lying on the floor, and then a feeling of shock takes over her as she continues to stare at Celestia. She observes her right hoof and says to herself, "What did I just do?" She then shakes her head and stares at Triton again with an angry expression, but she cannot keep her eyes off of Celestia. She turns to Celestia and says, "Mom?" Bloodlust shakes her head again and says, "No! He must die!" She raises her right hoof ready to crush Tritons throat but lowers it. She walks backwards from Triton and starts pacing toward Celestia then back to Triton then back to Celestia. Bloodlust continues to pace until she sits on her flank in front of Celestia who is still lying on the floor knocked out. She then starts to tear up and streaks flow down her face. Bloodlust shakes her head sending the tears everywhere and breathes quick and heavy, and then a magic aurora glows around her.

Celestia then opens her eyes and sees Bloodlust crying with her eyes closed and turning from white with blood-red stripes into solid pink. The bat wings fades away and turn into pegasus wings, and her mane and tail fade into gold with silver lining. Celestia raises herself up and stares at the crying alicorn, and says, "It's okay...Amity." The tearing alicorn opens her eyes to see Celestia with a swelled, purple cheek, and Celestia smiles at her when she sees the golden eyes of her daughter. Amity jumps into her mothers arms and sobs. Celestia comforts her daughter by hugging her and says, "It's okay. It's all over."

Three days later, Amity and Celestia are on a train heading towards Ponyville. They observe the beautiful scenery pass by through the window next to them. Celestia then looks at her daughter who seems calm with a smile on her face.

"Um," a female Earth filly standing beside their seats nervously says, "Excuse me. I'm sorry to bother you Princess Celestia and Amity..."

Celestia looks at the filly, smiles, and says, "It's alright, little one."

Amity as well looks at the filly and says, "Don't be shy."

The girl filly continues, "...well, I was wondering if you could tell some of your amazing stories at my family reunion coming up next week. It'll be here in Ponyville."

Celestia answers, "I would love to, but I have unfinished royal duties to attend to."

Amity in a calm tone says, "I however can go."

"Really?" The filly asks excitedly. Amity nods her head, the filly jumps on her and hugs tightly. The filly lets go and runs down the cart to her seat.

Amity breathes in and out through her nose and smiles and says to her mother, "I hope Remedy can further help me to prepare for that."

Celestia asks, "You don't want to go?"

Amity answers, "Honestly, no. I'd rather stay at home and sleep for a year, but I have to be the best princess I can be which includes doing little things like that."

Celestia chuckles and replies, "I know she will. I also can't wait to see her for real."

Then, the train starts to slow down ad stop at a train station, and Amity asks, "Didn't already know her?"

Celestia answers, "I know of her and communicated through letters, but I have never seen her in the flesh. I'm sure she's a wonderful pony."

Amity looks out the window to see Remedy in a wheelchair with Amber beside her. Amity smiles and says, "She is."

The princesses get out of their seats and approach the injured unicorn. Remedy says, "Princess Celestia. It's a true honor meeting you."

Amber runs and hug Amity who gives a hug back. Celestia responds to Remedy, "Actually, it's honor to meet you. Amity has told me so much about you." She then sees Amity and Amber hugging.

The young alicorn sets the filly on her back and flies into the air. "That's so sweet." Remedy speaks while watching the two have fun. She then asks to Celestia, "Was it her that stopped Triton or the dark magic of herself?"

"It wasn't her," Celestia answers. "She called herself Bloodlust. Will you continue to help her?"

Remedy replies, "Of course. Dark magic can't be left alone, yet..." Celestia looks at her with a raised eyebrow. Remedy continues, "...if she had not become Bloodlust..." She looks at Celestia with a concerned face.

Celestia then smiles, "We can worry about that later, and if there are new threats, we'll take care of them. But for now, we all deserve a break."

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