Princess Amity


Two days later, during a heavy rainy night at the once great city Pandora, a two legged creature with massive horns on her head and a muscular tail walks through the abandoned city. She observes the buildings and with an intense expression. She kneels down and rubs the concrete underneath her feet with her clawed hand and then shows her palm to her face. Her palm is completely black with dust. She kneels up and continues to walk through Pandora.

Then, she sees the wreckage of Triton's castle. She approaches the mess and gets on her knees. Tears starting to form in her eyes, and she buries her face in her palms. The creature does her best not to cry out loud, but she cannot and screams.

As the creature cries, a tall unicorn with fur in the color of shadows, dark red eyes, a dark green, flowing, sparkly mane much like Princess Celestia's, and a tail with the same color as the mane but is twice the length of it's body approaches her. "Poor child," the unicorn says in a seductive voice. "You poor thing. Nothing should live the life you had."

The horned creature looks behind her to see the unicorn, and immediately snarls at the shadowy creature. The unicorn then says, "Do not strike. I know who did this. A pathetic, power hungry race of creatures called ponies with their alicorn leaders. While they live in luxury with love, food, shelter, and family, you have had nothing. I can help you exact revenge if we can make a deal."

The female creature say abruptly, "It's not just vengeance I want. I want some like a grand spectacle. Something that my race can say they were proud of, and I regained the once great reputation of demons."

"Oh my," the unicorn says with an erotic voice. "Violence, anger, yet honor is what I see in you. It's orgasmic." She then extends her right hoof to the horned creature and continues, "I can help achieve that. Just do one simple thing for me, and you will get what you want. Just grab my hoof, and I will give you dark magic which will make you more powerful than you could possibly imagine."

The creature smirks and the grabs the unicorn's hoof, and with lightning striking and thunder booming all around the two, green magic lines start consuming the horned creature's body.

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