Princess Amity

Chapter III

Just behind Canterlot High School, two teams of hoof-ball players entirely composed of teenage male Earth ponies are playing on a massive field. Each side of the field are stands filled with spectating ponies one of which Amity and her friends are in. Both teams have been playing for an hour and thirty minutes and are sweating profusely. The opposing coaches' voices are raspy from yelling at their players, opponents, and referees throughout the intense game.

The score is two to two, and the game will end when the next team scores. In the field are twenty-two players with two in the center awaiting the unicorn referee. He sets the ball down on the grassy field, walks away, and blows in his whistle. Within a second, the player for the home team kicks the ball to the right with his front right hoof with his rival following close behind.

The audience which Amity is apart of cheers in great enthusiasm as the player controls the ball. He passes through all of the opposing members, and then passes the ball to team member to his right who passes the ball to another member who kicks the sphere to the goal. However, the goalie from the other team blocks the shot by jumping in front of the shot. The sphere bounces back onto the field where another home player controls it, but a rival player dashes in front of him and tries to steal the object. The two struggle to gain control while their team mates circle around them. Suddenly, the home player kicks the ball to his left to a team member who sees a small opening to score, and with no hesitation and relying on luck, the player kicks the ball catches the goalie off guard. He lunges to block the shot but misses resulting the home team winning.

The crowd cheers extremely loud, and various ponies start hugging and jumping in the stands including Amity and her friends. Amity’s unicorn friend says, "They won! Thank Celestia, they won!"

"Too bad it's the last game of the school year, though," Amity's Earth pony friend replies.

"True, Vanilla," Amity responds, "But at least they won the last game and can leave the school year on a positive note."

"Yeah," the unicorn friend says. She then notices a tall, tan, muscular team member giving hoof bumps to his team mates on the field. She elbows Amity against her shoulder and says playfully, "Hey, Amity. There's your boyfriend."

She and Vanilla giggles while Amity sees the player and blushes. The princess then talks back, "He's not my boyfriend! Sure, he’s a sweet guy, and I like him but not that way."

"Sure, we believe you," the unicorn friend says back sarcastically.

"Shut up, Evening! I mean it!" Amity yells at her friend.

The crowd exits the stands and are being directed by school faculty where to walk off the school property. Amity, Vanilla, and Evening ponies exit as well, and after leaving the school grounds, the band of friends and walk down a road which leads to Princess Celestia's castle. However, no more than twenty feet after leaving the school area, a female Earth pony with an arrogant smile approaches the trio.

“Well, well, well," the Earth mare states, "if it isn’t the great Princess Amity, or should I say ‘Princess Blank’?”

Amity stares at the Earth pony replies, “Well, well, well, if it isn't Jiggy Rich, or should I say ‘Idiot Not Graduating’?”

“Oh,” Evening behind Amity shouts excitingly, “you got burned!”

Jiggy Rich shows the bottom of her left hoof to Evening and replies, “Whatever, talk to the hoof.”

Amity then asks, “What do you want?”

The overconfident Earth pony lowers her hoof and answers, “Nothing from you! I’m here for something of mine that you don’t have: a boyfriend.”

“So?” Amity sharply replies, “That makes you better than me? Let me remind you something, I’m a princess and graduating high school, and you are part of a family filled with their heads up their plots and the only one of our entire senior class not graduating. So, who’s better here? Oh, not to mention that you're still acting a filly showing you haven't grown up. Any remarks smartass?”

Evening and Vanilla simultaneously holler, “Oooooh!” which makes the young princess proud and puts on a proud expression.

Jiggy drops her mouth wide open and responds furiously, “What does make me better is actually being a somepony like being cheerleader captain, having a cutie mark which makes you pathetic for being a freaking princess, and not having a thousand year hag for a mom!”

Amity’s smile quickly fades away and turns into an intensely irate scowl. Keeping her eyes on the cocky pony, Amity lowers her head and breathes slow while Jiggy Rich makes an egotistical smirk. Evening then steps in front of Amity and shouts at Jiggy Rich, “How dare you?! Do you have any idea what Celestia has done for you?! Hell, you wouldn't be saying that to her would you?”

Vanilla then steps beside her and yells, “Insulting Amity our us is one thing, but insulting Celestia is going too far! I should shove my hoof down your throat!”

“Move,” Amity tells her friends in an angry and even scary tone. Her friends turn to see her breathing heavily with intense eyes. They don't move because of her eyes. The iris of Amity’s eyes had changed from gold to blood red color. The two are about to say something, until they're halted by Amity by screaming, “Move now!” Even though they know something is wrong, they move out of her way slowly, and within a second, Amity dashes at Jiggy and head-butts her forehead.

Jiggy falls to the ground, covers her forehead, and screams in pain while some blood streams from forehead, down her cheeks, and to the road. Suddenly, Amity clutches Jiggy in her magic, but much like her eyes changing, her aura also is blood red instead of gold. The princess then constricts the pony in her magic and flies straight up into the air.

"Amity!" Vanilla shouts. "Evening, fire a flare or something. We need help!" Evening nods and shoots a bright red flare in the sky hoping someone will see.

"Ah! Let me go! I'm so sorry!" Jiggy screams. Amity flies higher and higher. Once she stops, Amity turns Jiggy upside down where she is staring at the ground, “I’m sorry! I’m so sorry! Please put me down!”

Amity responds in a deep sadistic voice, “You pathetic, worm. I have tolerated you for nearly five years, and I have had it! My mother is too precious to be mocked, and you will...”

“Princess Amity!” Celestia’s voice suddenly echoes from a distance. As soon as she hears her mother, Amity’s eyes and aura revert to their gold color. She sees Jiggy being held in her magic, upside down, and several meters in the air. Celestia flies in front of her and yells, “What do you think you’re doing?! Lower her down, now!” Amity starts descending to the ground slowly with Celestia following her. After a couple of minutes, Amity, Celestia, and Jiggy all touch the ground near Evening and Vanilla, and as soon as she touches the ground, Jiggy Rich runs away quickly. Celestia orders her daughter, “Meet me in the throne room.” She then flies into the air and heads to the castle swiftly.

Before leaving, Amity looks at her friends with expressions of fear. Amity tears up and says, "Girls...I"

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