Princess Amity

Chapter IV

Celestia lands on the balcony outside of her bedroom and storms through the balcony doors. She takes her of her jewelry off and places them on the drawer next to her bed. She walks to the door about to swiftly go to the throne room until sees a framed painting on one of the walls. It shows her lying on grass beside a male alicorn with his front hooves in the air holding happy foal Amity. Celestia observes it and calms down thinking about that day.

"If only you were here, my love..." Celestia thinks to herself, "You have no idea how hard it's been." She starts breathing heavy. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I broke your promise. I yelled at her today." A tear from her left eye streaks down her cheek. "Please forgive me, Amyas."

Five minutes later, Amity with dried tear streaks on her cheeks approaches the throne room doors, but she stops and thinks to herself, "What is Mom going to do? Is she going to order me to take over my maid's position for a month? That would suck! Wait, is she going to banish me like she did with Aunt Luna? What I did wasn't that bad, was it? Mom...". Amity then breathes in slowly, opens the doors, and steps in to see an empty throne room with no ponies in sight expect for her mother sitting in front of a colorful picture glass window which displays a maroon alicorn and a white alicorn foreheads together with a pink alicorn infant hovering over them. Amity walks beside Celestia, sits next to her, and looks at the window.

Celestia looks at Amity says, "Amity, I am very disappointed in you. What were you thinking? You would've killed that pony." Amity does not respond. Celestia asks, "What happened.?"

Amity says in a nervous tone, "Vanilla, Evening, and I were walking back home after the game, and Jiggy Rich came up to us and started insulting us, especially me. I stood up for myself by talking back at her, and it was working. Then..."

"Hm?" Celestia asks.

"She called you 'a hag'," Amity answers. Celestia raises her left eyebrow. Amity continues, "I got frustrated and tried to control myself, but thoughts of hurting her went through my mind. I saw white and...I don't remember anything after that, until you yelled at me when she and I were in the sky."

Celestia then responds calmly, "Is this the first time she or any pony have done this?" The pink alicorn shakes her head. Celestia says, "Why didn't you say anything?"

Amity with tears about to run down her face answers, "I...I did it for you." Celestia lowers her eyebrow and listens to her daughter. "Since Dad is not here, I thought keeping it a secret and taking care of it myself would give you less stress. I didn't care what could have happened to me if she took it too far. I didn't want you to worry. There are more important things you have to deal with."

A shocked Celestia responds, "Amity..." With her right wing, Celestia brings Amity close to her and hugs her tightly. "You are the most important thing in my life. You should never ever think like that. I love you more than thing or anyone in this world."

Amity asks, "Even Dad?"

Celestia hesitantly answers, "...Yes. I love Amyas so much, but no one is more important to me than you." She breaks the hug and asks, "But there is something you need to understand outside of the castle. You need to maintain your role as a princess and never act like that."

"I know," Amity replies, "But I just couldn't take it anymore and insulting you was too much!"

"'Too much?' What else did she say tonight?" Celestia asks.

"Well..." Amity responds and looks at her blank flank. Celestia instatntly knows what Amity is referring to. Before Celestia could respond, Amity says, "She says that I'm pathetic for being a blank flank and a princess. I know. I shouldn't think about it, but whenever Jiggy brings it up, I can't help but think that she's right. I don't show that it bothers me, but they do."

"Amity..." Celestia interrupts in a calm voice.

"And you know what?!" Amity shouts, "She's right! What kind of princess am I?!" The young princess starts to cry. "Why should all of the other ponies in Equestria look up to me? I've done nothing! All of the ponies in Equestria know that, and they also know that I won't be great like you, Aunt Luna, and Father! I'm a nobody! All of you think that don't you!"

Celestia calmly interrupts, "Stop."

Amity continues, "I am pathetic! Am I?!"

"Stop it," Celestia interrupts.

"Tell me!?" Amity screams.

"STOP IT RIGHT NOW!" Celestia shouts back in her booming royal voice. Amity stops and is pushed back a bit by the force of the royal voice. Celestia calmly continues, "Just...stop it. I know you're thinking I'm going to repeat what I've said, but I'm not. Instead, I'm going to tell you something I should have told you long ago. No matter who you are, there will always be those who will hate you. Not all beings whether pony or not in Equestria respect me, let alone like me. Many call me a hypocrite, a tyrant, a liar, a bum, and even a menace. Despite those criticisms, there is one thing I always do no matter what they say, I make decisions for all of the residents of Equestria. I have never made decisions that benefit me. I do what I can to protect them. If I attack any of the critics...I would be no different from Triton. I have to do what is best for them. Amity..." Celestia walks to her daughter and places her forehead on Amity's." matter what they say, you need to protect them in your own way. Even with haters, many will follow and respect you with or without your cutie mark. Heck, I bet you would make a great role model for those who don't have one. You could show them that you don't need one to accomplish great things. I mean, you graduated high school. That's something, right?"

"Yeah..." Amity answers.

"Honey, promise me something, always protect them. No matter what they say and do whatever it takes to do so." Celestia continues.

Amity with a smile and tears running down her cheeks hugs her mother and says, "I promise. I will protect all of them with my life. I'm sorry, Mom. I love you."

Celestia hugs Amity back and replies, "You are forgiven, and I love you too." Celestia breaks the hug and says, "It's late. Let's go to bed." Both alicorns stand up and walk down the hall containing their bedrooms.

They eventually come across Amity's bedroom door. Amity opens it and walks inside the bedroom, but before she closes the door, she says, "Goodnight Mom."

Celestia smiles and replies, "Goodnight." Amity almost closes the door all the way until her mother stops it with her horn, "Oh and by the way, you're grounded." Amity's jaw drops, Celestia smirks, closes the door, and walks to her bedroom.

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