Princess Amity

Chapter V

Four weeks after Amity's outburst, Celestia sitting in front of a mirror finishes combing her hair, places the comb on the drawer, and wears her crown on her head. She then hears a knock on her bedroom door and opens it with her magic. Her unicorn assistant holding a clipboard and a pen in her right hoof says, "Good morning, Your Majesty."

The princess interrupts, "Sh." She waves the assistant to comes inside. As the unicorn steps in, Celestia continues, "You'll wake up Amity. Her room is close to mine." As soon as her assistant steps inside completely, Celestia closes and locks the door, and continues in a slightly louder tone, "We can't let her know about this. Also, tell all of the guards, maids, chefs, and any pony else you can get to not let her go into the dining room." Her assistant nods and with begins to write what she just stated.

In Amity's room, the young princess is fast asleep making faint snores with her sheets wrinkled and covering only her waist. As she sleeps, she dreams she is walking down the streets of Canterlot with her friends. All three are wearing highly expensive clothing, jewelry, and other accessories, then they are halted by three tall, muscular, handsome stallions who give the three teens flirtatious smiles. Instantly, all the girls' eyes grow massively large with sparkles in their pupils and jaws hitting the concrete floor. Amity looks at her friends who each have taken a stallion and enter a small house that spontaneously appears. With an excited, flirtatious expression, she turns looks at the last stallion, but instead of the stallion, a slightly taller dark blue female alicorn with a long flowing sparkling blue mane and tail stands in front of her.

"You're lucky I'm not telling your mom about this," the alicorn says to her. Amity is shocked by the alicorn appearing before her and backs away quickly, and she feels something hard behind her and stops as soon as she feels it.

"No way," a deep male voice behind her says. "There is no way you will be with a stallion like him."

Amity recognizes the voice and slowly turns her head to see a massively tall muscular maroon alicorn who stares down at her. She backs away from both of them and asks, "How are you two?"

"Why, Amity," the blue alicorn replies, "don't you remember us?"

Amity observes the two more carefully, then her pupils widen and responds in a shocked tone, "Aunt Luna? Dad?"

The two alicorns nod their heads simultaneously, and Amity smiles, runs up to them, and hugs both of them tightly, and Luna and her father hug her back tightly. Amity breaks up the hug and asks, "How is this possible?"

Luna in a gentle voice, "When 'She' raised the moon ther other night, used an ancient spell to contact my alter ego Nightmare Moon in spiritually instead of physically for safety reasons. Long story short, she granted me one night to talk to you in your dream before you wake up."

"Wait," Amity asks, "this is all a dream?"

"Yes, my dear," Luna answers. "Even if this is a dream, it is still wonderful to see you again. Spin around. Let me get a good look at you." Amity in place spins and extends her wings. "Beautiful. Simply beautiful." Luna states.

She turns to see Amity's father staring at his daughter with a big smile on his face and widened eyes. He and Amity look at each other's eyes, and he says, "Amity, my little girl, it's been so long since I have seen you."

Amity almost cries but holds back to ask him, "Dad, how did you get here?"

Her dad answers, "Well, your aunt contacted me in my dream."

Luna then says, "After 'She' and I negotiated about this, I proposed the idea on bringing him here for you, and 'She' agreed and gave me my power to go into Amyas' dream and connect both of your dreams together."

"Tell me," Amyas asks, "how do you feel about this surprise?"

Amity with a joyous expression answers, "This is...unbelievable! I missed you two so much. I wish this was real."

Her father responds, "Don't fret. One day we will all be together again. Please be patience." Then, the environment all around the three alicorns slowly start turning black. "Is it already done?" Amyas asks Luna.

The princess of the moon answers, "I'm afraid so. You are waking up Amity. This is all the time we have with you."

"No," Amity replies. "Please no. You just got here."

Luna explains, "'She' fears that if I have too much freedom such as this, I would turn into Nightmare Moon and somehow escape. Even if I did, I agreed under her circumstances and I must keep my side of it. I must return to the moon, and Amyas must return to his dreams."

Amity closes her eyes causing more tears to run down. She approaches her aunt and hugs tightly and asks, "Before you go. Answer this, do you love Mom?" Luna stays quiet and hug her niece tightly. The two break their hug, and Amity hugs her father crying harder and burying her head in his chest. "Daddy, please not leave me again! Stay, please!"

"I'm sorry," her father responds in a calm voice. "I can't but promise me and your aunt this: stay strong and never change who you are."

Luna then approaches the couple with a single tear down her left cheek and places her head on Amity's left shoulder. Amity then says, "I promise. I love you both."

The world around the alicorns turns completely black, and Amity opens her eyes. She sits up and looks around hoping to see her aunt and father but to no avail. However, instead of crying, she smiles and cross her arms across her chest and whispers, "Goodbye."

Several hours later, Amity wearing a graduation gown cap stands behind some curtains of a theater stage. All of the graduates expect for Amity have walked across the stage, received their diplomas from the principal, thanked the vice principal, bowed to Princess Celestia, and walked off stage. Amity waits for her name to be called and repeat the same process, but the principal hands the last diploma to Celestia who holds it in her magic.

Amity seeing this thinks to herself, "Uh-oh. What's happening?"

"And now," Celestia says to the crowd, "the last graduate of this senior class and only alicorn, my daughter, the future of Equestria, Princess Amity!" The crowd spontaneously springs out of the stands and a roar of cheers erupts.

Amity with blushes dominating her face walks up to her mother. Celestia hands her the diploma which Amity receives using her magic. The two hug tightly on stage, and as soon as they hug, Amity without moving her lips whispers in her mom's ear, "Don't ever do this again! It's so embarrassing!"

Celestia smiles and without moving her lips responds, "This was part of your punishment a couple of weeks ago." She then breaks the hug and sees Amity with a big smile on her face with the inner part of her eyebrows curved down. She simply smirks at her daughter, and the graduate walks off stage.

About thirty minutes after the ceremony ended and celebrating with friends and fellow graduates and returning the gowns and caps to school staff, the group leave school ground and find Celestia waiting for them. She says, "Congratulations, girls." Evening and Vanilla bow their heads before her and then raises them. "Evening and Vanilla, would you two like to come to the castle to celebrate? Don't worry. I already asked your parents, and they said to ask you."

The pegasus and unicorn stare at each other then at Amity who nodding her head frantically. The two friends, "Yes ma'am!"

Celestia responds, "Excellent! You both can ride with Amity on her royal carriage. As soon as we arrive at the castle, just follow me." Celestia walks and climbs on one carriage while Amity and her friends climb on the other. Celestia then orders the guards, "To the castle." The guards pull the carriages with ease and take off into the air. As they head towards the castle, Amity's friends look at the breath taking scenery below them making Amity chuckle.

She then says, "I know. It'"

Then, the three graduates say simultaneously, "Awesome! Whoa, we said it at the same time! Cool!"

Later, the ponies arrive at the castle, and Amity and her friends step off the carriage and follow Celestia who has already entered the castle. They catch up to the princess, and the unicorn and pegasus observe the amazing, massive interior design of the castle. Celestia takes them through the main hall and into the dining room where a long undecorated table is set up.

"Please take a seat," Celestia asks the group of friends as she sits at the table. The younger ponies do as she asks.

They awkwardly sit for a minute until a unicorn butler enters the room, bows his head, and asks the princess, "Is this the entire group, Your Majesty?" Celestia nods her head, and the servant replies, "Very well." He leaves the room politely without saying another word. Suddenly, a large number of maids, butlers, and chefs barge in giving all four ponies napkins, glass cups, and golden plates in front of them. Then, a cart with salads, steamed carrots, five star soups, and various other freshly made foods and dishes.

Celestia looks at Amity's friends who have excited faces and asks, "Surprised?"

"Yes, ma'am," Evening answers.

"Thank you so much, Your Highness," Vanilla also answers.

Celestia chuckles and looks at Amity who has a smile and asks, "Well, Amity? Are you surprised?"

"Kind of," Amity responds, "but you do this call the time." Celestia simply shrugs.

The four ponies eat dinner in the dining room and have a massive marble cake with vanilla and strawberry flavors and chocolate icing for dessert. After eating, the ponies talk, tell jokes, and play games in the dining room for several hours. Eventually, the two friends leave the castle with guards taking them home. As soon as they left, Amity immediately goes to her room, showers, and goes to bed while Celestia lowers the sun and raises the moon. However, instead of going to bed, Celestia flies to Amity's balcony and knocks on the glass doors getting her attention. Amity in hears the knocking and sees Celestia on her balcony with the moon brightly shining behind her. She opens the doors and stares at the moon with a gapping mouth. Celestia enters, sits next to her daughter, and stares at the moon as well.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" Celestia asks.

Amity whispers, "Yeah."

"Amity," Celestia says, "since your friends have plans with their families this summer, do you want to go to Orange Beach this summer?"

Her daughter darts her head at her mother and responds excitedly, "Yeah. I would love that."

"Wonderful. However..." Celestia replies, "I have royal duties throughout Equestria for two weeks. Once I finish, we'll go, but you have to do something until then."

"What?" Amity asks.

Celestia answrs, "You will go to Ponyville, stay, and learn from Miss Remedy. She is a behavior specialist and a master in magic. I sent her a letter the other day asking if she could to take you in and give you some training in magic and help with your behavior."

"Behavior?" Amity asks. "What do you mean? I don't…"

"Remember what happened weeks ago," Celestia snaps. Amity stays quiet. "Look," Celestia continues, "I and your friends have already forgiven you, but we need to make sure this doesn't happen again. This isn't to punish you. It's to help you. Please take this seriously. It'll be worth it and even fun. Besides, it'll be boring for you to stay here, right?"

Amity nods and says, "Yeah. So, when will I go?"

Celestia answers, "Tomorrow. Now, get to bed and have a goodnight sleep." Celestia exits her daughter's bedroom leaving Amity speechless.

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