Princess Amity

Chapter VI

In the middle of a beautiful day, Amity steps on board a passenger car of a train. She takes a seat and lays her head on the window and sees Princess Celestia waving goodbye, and she does the same to her mother. As soon as the train takes off to Ponyville, Celestia's assistant asks, "Princess, why isn't she taking her royal carriage?"

Celestia answers, "Miss Remedy requested it. She said it will 'help with her examination'."

"Examination of what?" the unicorn assistant asks.

"Not sure," Celestia replies.

Amity on the train talks to herself, "A train? Really? Why can't I fly to the town? It's a lot faster than this." A stewardess passes by, and Amity says, "Excuse me."

The stewardess bows and asks, "Yes, Your Majesty?"

Amity questions, "How long is this ride?"

The stewardess politely answers, "An hour and thirty minutes." Amity groans and dismisses the pony.

After about fifteen minutes of doing nothing but waiting, an adult and filly pegasus ponies walk up to Amity. The filly stares at the alicorn but does not move towards her, but the adult pushes the filly forward with her wing. The nervous filly asks, "Um...Princess...why are you on this train?"

An irritated and bored Amity looks at the filly and instatntly gets a big smile on her face by just the pony's appearance. The adult pony says, "Sorry if we were disturbing you, Your Majesty."

"It's okay," Amity responds. The princess wants to answer the filly's question but fears that telling her that it was Celestia who told her to take the train. She thought of a story and continues, "Why my little pony, you mom Princess Celestia is being doing things that we can't to do anything together. So, I came up with an idea to go to Ponyville and meet and get to know some of the citizens of Equestria, and why not start doing that by being on a train?"

"Aw. That's so sweet," the adult pegasus. Amity chuckles a bit and blushes red a little. The pegasus continues, "If you don't mind, can I and Jubilee sit with you?"

"I don't see why not," Amity replies, and Jubilee jumps on the seat next to Amity.

The adult pegasus sites across and continues , "The name's Weiss. We were at the cart infront of this one, but my littld Juby wanted to meet you. Plus, my husband...has a snoring problem and is...socially awkward."

With Jubilee nuzzling in her wing, Amity says, "Ah. Why does she like me so much?"

Weiss responds, "She looks to you a lot. She can't fly good and heard about you having difficulty when you were young and eventually overcoming that."

Amity smiled, "Wow. That's...something. It's pretty cool."

Throughout time, the two ponies chat but eventually the two stop chat more, and Weiss falls asleep. Amity however cannot sleep and looks out the window once again. She once again gets bored and just thinks about who Remedy is. Later, she notices the landscape slowly stopping and then eventually comes to a halt. Weiss steps off her seat and picks up Jubilee who is fast asleep. They go to their original seat, and Amity steps out of her seat, and walks out a door leading to the outisde of the cart.

Amity steps out of the door to find an adult unicorn and a filly unicorn standing in front of her. The filly is peach colored with bright blue eyes, a combed straight mane and tail, a darker blue hair bow, and a blank flank. The adult is dark orange with a dark blue mane and tail in spiky fashions, dark green shades, and a vest with a cape attached. The two approach the young princess, and Amity in return walks towards them. The adult, "Hey, what's up, Princess? I'm Remedy's daughter."

Amity replies in a tired voice, "Thanks. Nice to meet you."

The unicorn looks at the filly beside her who has her mouth open and widen pupils and asks, "Amber, would you like to say something?"

The filly simply stares at Amity. The princess breathes out through her nostrils and says, "Hi, Amber."

"H…hi…" the little filly replies, then she leaps up and hugs Amity tightly. Amity hugs the filly back with her left front hoof.

"Amber," the adult unicorn says, "let the princess go. She ain't a teddy bear."

Amber breaks the hug says, "Sorry, Mommy. It's just…" She squeals in excitement and continues, "so cool meeting you!"

Amity replies, "Well, it's pretty cool to me you."

"Allow me to introduce myself now," Amber's mother says. "I'm Raga, I'm best known as DJ-R. It's my nickname around here and I prefer that."

"No offense but...Raga?" Amity states.

Raga replies, "It means 'melody'. Very appropriate 'cause I LOVE music."

"Um, okay," Amity replies. "So, where is your mom?"

DJ-R answers, "She's in the forest taking a walk. She will be home by the time we get there, but before we go back, I need to do something, if you don't mind."

The tired Amity replies, "Fine. Let's get it done with. I have a terrible headache."

"Yeah, no problem," the unicorn says. "A friend of mine wants to me to hear his latest mix. He's a local DJ too."

Amity grinds her teeth and silently says, "Fine."

The three ponies walk through town with residents starring in awe at Amity, but surprisingly, none of the Ponyville citizens approach her. The citizens are keeping their distance from the young princess and bow when she passes by them. For a brief minute, Amity wonders why they are acting odd, but she dismisses the thought and accepts their behavior because of her migraine. Eventually, the trio approach a small brick house with loud music coming from inside.

DJ-R knocks on the front door hard, the music stops, and a white male pony with spiky hair and shades opens the door. "Yo, DJ-R!"

"What's up, VJ?" Raga answers.

"I'll be a minute," DJ-R says and walks inside the house. The loud music starts emulating from the house which makes Amity's head hurt even more. Amber and the princess back away from the house, sit on the ground against a wall, and wait for a very long time.

Remembering about Jubilee from the train, Amity asks, "Tell me Amber, why do you like me so much?"

The filly blushes and answers, "Well... you're a princess, awesome, and smart all without a cutie mark. I want to be just like you when I grow up! I want to be some pony like you and show others that being a blank flank doesn't mean anything."

Amity with widen pupils and blushes on her face asks, "That's really something."

Amber continues, "Mommy, told be about you and how much you love your mom, and I've earned to work hard, be nice, and, after seeing you for real, love family."

"I inspired you to 'love family'? You didn't love your mom at one point?" Amity asks with a tone of concern and curiosity.

The filly shakes her head and continues, "Three years ago, I didn't love Mommy because I wanted to be with Daddy. Daddy told me one day that I had to be with her, and I was really upset. I promised him that I would love her, but I didn't keep that promise. I just never talked to her or anything. One day, Mommy told me Princess Celestia and you were coming to Ponyville for the Summer Sun Celebration at year. I couldn't meet you like this because we were behind a crowd. Mommy put me on her head so I could see you and Celestia, and I saw how you and your mommy were so happy together. Later, i got mad at mommy over something stupid, and she told me that you wouldn't act like that. We talked...and I love her."

Amity with her jaw open, pupils dilated, and a single large blush consuming her cheeks says in a soft tone, "Wow. I've made that much of an impact on your life?" Amber nods her head and nuzzles against Amity's leg. The princess smiles, pats on the filly's head, and forms a tear which streaks down her cheeks. She thinks to herself, "Mom..."

Five minutes passes, Amber is asleep on Amity's leg, and the young princess with the headache has grown very impatient with the unicorn. "Oh my mother's name," Amity says without waking the filly, "how long could this possibly be? Listen to the music, if you can even call that mess music, judge it, and leave. How long could it possibly be? I should barge in and..."

Then, the front door opens with Raga stepping out and sayinh to her friend, "Keep it up, dude! Later!" The door closes behind her, and DJ-R approaches the two. She sees her daughter sleeping on the leg of the princess. "Aw. That's so adorable. You have no idea what you mean to her."

"Yeah, I do." Amity replies. "She told me quite a bit, and I'm proud that I have affected both of your lives."

DJ-R smiles and says, "Well, if you can lift her up and carry her on your back, we'll be on our way to home."

Amity then asks, "By the way, why do you have the cape on?"

"It's to keep cool. It's hot out here," DJ-R answers.

"A little but wouldn't say 'hot'," Amity replies.

The alicorn lifts Amber with her magic and sets the filly on her back. With the sun being lowered down, the trio reaches a beautiful forest. The group walks through it and can hear and see wild life animals frolicking around. Eventually, they come across a wooden two-story house with windows and a blue painted roof.

"Finally," the DJ says, "we've made it."

Amity sighs and follows the unicorn to the front door. She opens the door to see a staircase to the upper floor in the middle, a small kitchen and dining room to her right, and to her left a couch, two chairs, and a large bookcase. Amber on Amity's back yawns and hops off her back and walks up the stairs while rubbing her eyes.

"Amber, get a bath. Dinner will be ready soon," her mom says. The filly runs up stairs to the bathroom. DJ-R then walks over to the dining table with a concerned face and picks up a letter. "Uh-oh."

"What?" Amity asks. She approaches Raga who shows her the letter. The princess takes the letter in her magic and reads aloud, "'Dear Princess Amity, I am sorry to tell you that I had to leave to see a sick relative today. I will be back in two days, and when I return, our first session will begin. Again, I am truly sorry.' Really? Really?! She's not here after what I went through?! A near two hour trip over here, and your music?! Terrible! And..."

The princess stops when she feels some pony's head on her back, and an orange hoof wraps around her forehead. Amity pauses in shock, then she feels the head and hoof back away. She jumps forward, turns around, and sees the DJ right in front of her with a disappointed expression. The unicorn takes off her clothing and hangs all the vest and cape on wall hooks and places the shades on the dining room table. She reveals green eyes and a cutie mark of a blue ying-yang symbol. The mother unicorn lowers her head and swiftly jerks it back which straightens her mane instatntly. She sighs and says in a formal tone, "Just as I thought. You have issues with patience, flexibility, and controlling your anger. Not an extreme case, but one that can become serious. You could be worse"

"Remedy?" Amity asks.

The unicorn nods her head and continues, "One thing you did that showed some issues was that you immediately assume that the way I look meant that I couldn't be the one who wrote to your mom? Also, before you ask, the DJ thing was a gimmick. I wanted to see if you had enough patience with a pony like that. If I had told you my appearance right away, you would act more polite and formal which would further hide your issues. I had to catch you off guard and see the problems you have. Also, don't think what you did on the train won't come into play which it did. I understand a long boring trip, bit that's no excuse for lashing out on uncontrollable circumstances. Additionally, my friend really is a DJ, but the loud music was a cover up so I could read your lips and body language. I know you said you had a headache but that too can't let you go on a outburst, and while in the house, I could tell you were a ticking time bomb."

Amity looks down with an expression showing shame. She asks, "Everything was a set up to see what my problems were?"

"Most of the things," Remedy continues. "What Amber said was absolutely true. We had a difficult relationship after her father and I had a divorce, but we came closer after she saw you and Princess Celestia. Now, to the matter at hand, don't apologize for what you did or said today. Reflect on those events and think what you should do when it happens again. Our real first session will start tomorrow, but for now I need to get supper ready." Remedy goes to the kitchen and opens drawers with utensils insides. "There's a guest room upstairs to the right."

Amity walks up the stairs, enters the room Remedy said and lies on the bed. She stares at the ceiling and says, "I was impatient, harsh, and when something like that note happened, I went out on a rant. I see what she meant. These next two weeks will be…intriguing."

Later that night, Amity, Amber, and Remedy are all asleep in their beds, and Amity is having a dream about the animals she saw in the forest earlier. She is petting with them and giving food off her hooves. Suddenly, everything turns black. An eerie laugh echoes all around her, and she hears Celestia scream, "Amity! Amity, is that you?!"

"Mom?!" Amity shouts to Celestia.

"Oh," the voice making the laugh suddenly says, "how precious. Your little girl, Celestia? I can't wait to see her bleed." The voice then makes an evil giggle.

"Don't you dare touch her!" Celestia then shout out.

"Who are you?!" Amity then yells.

"You know me," the male voice answers. "We'll meet soon, Amity, and I'm expecting a lot from you especially 'Her'."

Then, silence dominates the dream with nothing to see. Amity looks all around and suddenly sees a white alicorn figure. "Mom?" Amity asks. The white figures then turns to look at Amity, but she immediately knows it is not Celestia. The alicorn has bat like wings, a blood-red mane, and a tail in the same color as the mane. The figure's body shows that this is a female alicorn who is standing right infront of Amity with her eyes closed, Amity stares at the alicorn intensly and notices something, this alicorn looks exactly like her. The white Amity opens her eyes to show blood-red, cat-like eyes and makes a horrible spine tingling scream.

Amity then wakes up and leans forward sweating profusely. She breathes heavily and looks around and sighs. "It's just a dream. That'," she says to herself. She lies back down on the bed and hesitantly goes back to sleep.

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