Princess Amity

Chapter VII

Early in the next morning, the sun shines through the window of Amity's room and right on her face waking her up. The young princess with a messed up mane rubs her eyes with her hooves, looks through the window, and says, "Mom, come on." Then, the sun's rays get brighter, and the young princess sits up, yawns, and steps off the bed. "Okay, okay. I'm awake," she says, and the sun fades back to it was before. Amity stumbles a little, breathes out through her nose slow, and rubs her head. Then, three knocks at her door are heard.

She opens to see Amber standing in front of her with a smile of her face. "Good morning, Your Majesty," the young filly says.

"Morning, Amber," the tired alicorn says.

"Mommy wanted me to see if you were up," Amber replies. "Breakfast is almost done."

"Amber! Amity!" Remedy says aloud from down stairs. "Breakfast!"

"Right on time," Amity responds. She follows the filly down the stairs and into the kitchen. They all sit at the round dinner table where Remedy is waiting for them.

The unicorn mother says, "Good morning Amity. Looks like you're having a bad mane day."

Amity chuckles, clears her throat, and replies, "Easy for you to say. You have a short mane, but mine is so long." Suddenly, a sharp pain rushes through her head, and the alicorn rubs her head again.

"Another headache?" Remedy asks.

"I guess," the princess replies.

"Well, maybe some food will help with that this time." Remedy says. The three ponies enjoy some oatmeal and eat it all up. Remedy with her magic takes the bowels to the kitchen sink and proceeds to wash them. Amber with a book bag on her back hugs the two other ponies then leaves through the front door. Amity stands up and walks back to her room and makes the bed. While she makes the bed, through the window she sees some magic dust glide underneath her window and a popping sound is heard.

"Please don't tell me that's a letter from Mom," Amity says aloud. She finishes making the bed and walks up to a mirror on the wall and uses her magic to lift a comb on the drawer and combs her hair. As she straightens her hair, she thinks about the voice and white alicorn from the night before. "Who had that voice?" She thinks to herself. "I don't recognize it, but he said I know him. He also said he wants to see me bleed? It's probably nothing. Just a messed up dream." She places the comb on the drawer and walks downstairs. As soon as Amity reaches the bottom of the stairs, she sees Remedy outside with the door open and sends a letter via magic dust into the air. "Was that from Mom?" Amity asks.

Remedy re-enters the house and answers, "Yeah, but don't worry. She was just asking what I was going to do today, and I simply told her on that letter." Amity breathes out in relief. "Amity," Remedy continues, "you don't have to worry about being in trouble. What happens here, stays here."

The pink alicorn nods her head then asks, "Speaking of which..."

"Anxious are we?" Remedy asks with a smirk.

"After thinking about what I did yesterday," the princess replies, "I should enjoy this. Is that a sign of no patience?"

Remedy raises her right hoof and twists it. "Ehhhh, depends on how you look at it. You are just anxious because you said it in a cheerful way. If you had said like this," Remedy continues with a grumpy old mare voices, "'Let's get this over with so I can go see an old fool jump off a hundred feet into a bucket of water and I shout out Jackass before she jumps.' Then that's impatience." Amity laughs hard and sits on a wooden chair against the round table. Remedy sits next to her and replies, "But in all seriousness, the first thing we'll do is very simple. Talk."

Amity catching her breath says, "Talk? That's it?"

Remedy responds, "Yeah, you see I've found that the best way to help others is getting to know who they are. Not their issues like anger as an example but rather personality. That way I know how they think and how hard I should push them during the sessions. Additionally, my patients should know who I am through conversation so they can trust me. Understand?"

Amity nods and says, "So...where should I start?"

Remedy lies back on her chair and replies, "Let's start with background."

"Okay," Amity calmly replies. "I was born in Canterlot and you know who my parents are. The earliest memories I can think of were in my parents' bedroom, and I was on one of those baby swings where you set the baby inside and let them swing."

Remedy darts her eyes to her left and interrupts, "Wait, I know what you're talking about 'cause Amber had one of those long ago, but the age limit is like six months. You remember being in one of those?"

"Nothing specifically like throughout the day, but just me swinging there," Amity replies.

"That's very impressive memory," Remedy says. Amity shrugs.

At Canterlot, numerous unicorn and Earth royal guards are patrolling the Canterlot Garden while pegasi guards are flying over the maze. The captain of guard standing at the entrance removes his helmet and bows before Celestia who is joined by her unicorn assistant.

"At ease." Celestia orders the captain who then rises. Celestia and the assistant walk past the captain who stays at Celestia's side, and the princess asks in an intense voice, "Have you found him?"

"I'm sorry," the captain replies "but we didn't. However, we can confirm that you were right."

The ponies turn left at a corner to find a statue base with shards of broken marble scattered around it. Celestia stops immediately and her pupils shrink quickly. She approaches the base and observes everything intensely. Celestia then uses her magic to scan over the debris and says, "Captain."

"Yes, Your Majesty?" the captain replies and marches beside her.

"Tell the guards stay alert of an enemy who could strike Canterlot but don't alert the citizens. I don't want them to panic. Have guards patrol all streets of the city. That will be all for now." The captain nods and rushes to the middle of the garden to gather all the guards. The assistant who is beside the corner then receives magic dust and transforms into a letter before her. She holds it with her magic. "Raven," Celestia calls to her.

The assistant walks beside the princess and asks, "Yes?"

"Take a letter," Celestia tells the unicorn. Raven places the letter on her left ear and picks up a quill that was on her right ear with her magic. Celestia continues, "After writing this, send it to the Wonderbolts immediately. Write:

General Purple Dart:

The following is top-secret and only the best Wonderbolts are to take on this mission. I need the very best Wonderbolts to fly to the abandoned city of Pandora and search for any evidence of any pony being there. I understand that no pony should set hoof there, but I and the E.U.P. Guards here in Canterlot have evidence that my cousin Triton has escaped from his stone imprisonment. I scanned the base and shards where he once stood, and he somehow broke free on his own. I have a strong suspension that he would be heading towards Pandora to reclaim his city and power he once had. Whoever you send must stay alert, and if he is there, they are not to confront him or follow him. They must return to me immediately.

- Princess Celestia"

Raven rolls the letter and send it via magic dust, and the dust goes into the sky swiftly. Celestia then asks, "Where am I scheduled to go to next?"

"Let me see," the unicorn replies. "You are to appear at the Rich's Annual Fine Wine Tasting Convention. you want me to cancel it?"

The white alicorn looks at her with a neutral expression and asks in a calm tone, "Why you ask that?"

"Well," Raven responds, "because of what's happening here."

"No. Don't cancel it. I cannot ignore the citizens of Equestria, and if I suddenly cancel all of these appearances, they will grow worry which can lead to panic especially if word of Triton gets out. I can say that there may be a chance that he left Equestria. His defeat may have affected him emotionally so much that he would want to leave. Even if that's proven wrong, I don't want the citizens going into a panic unless we know where he is."

"Yes, Your Majesty," Raven replies.

"Let's head back to the castle," Celestia says.

On their way out of the Garden, Raven says, "Oh, Princess. I almost forgot that Miss Remedy responded back."

Celestia stops, turns to her, and orders, "Read it to me."

Raven with her magic lifts the letter from her ear, opens it, and reads aloud,

"Princess Celestia:

Thank you for informing me about this. I will ask Amity if she had the same dream last night after our first session. Also, please don't worry about her. I know she will be a great pony to work with. If this dream affects her, I will do whatever I can.

- Remedy"

"Your Majesty," Raven speaks, "if I could recommend something. I think we should tell Princess Amity. Maybe if you two fight him together like you and Princess Luna did, both of you could stop him."

"Absolutely not!" Celestia snaps at the unicorn. "I'm sorry for snapping, but I'm not going to risk her being killed by Triton. He's too deadly for her to face even with me. I fought him, and he will kill her." The princess stays silent.

"But can't you two control the Elements of Harmony?" the assistant asks.

"No." Celestia swiftly answers. "Only Luna and I were the ones to wield them. Without Luna, the Elements are worthless. She and I found them together before I was pregnant with Amity."

"Then," Raven replies, "what will happen to Equestria?"

Celestia lowers her head and continues walking without making a sound.

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