Princess Amity

Chapter VIII

“My high school experience wasn’t much difficult expect I had a bully, Jiggy Rich.” Amity tells Remedy. “Yes, she is part of the Rich family that owns three five-star restaurants throughout Equestria. Anyway, oirside of graduating, I guess that’s pretty much a brief overview of my life so far. Is there anything else you need to know?”

With her chin resting on her left hoof, Remedy stares silently at Amity then shakes her head and says, “Huh? I blacked out. Repeat the whole thing again.” The princess sighs in aggravation, but Remedy continues , “That was a joke Dear, but that’s a good enough description. However, you didn’t say a whole lot about Prince Amyas.′

“Well,” Amity answers, “I don’t remember practically anything about him outside that when we were together, we had a lot of fun.”

“Do you miss him?” Remedy asks.

Amity responds, “Yeah. Actually, I remember several says ago on the night before graduation, I had a dream where Aunt Luna and he where there.” Remedy lowers her left eyebrow and raises the right. Amity explains, “Mother even told me this was true. She used her magic to contact Aunt Luna by spirit one night and allowed her to visit me in my dream, and Luna was able to get him in my dream.”

“O...kay,” Remedy responds. “I still don’t understand but that’s magic beyond my comprehension, but that’s very sweet of her to do. Speaking of dreams, tell me about some of the most recent dreams you’ve been having like the one from last night. If you can remember that is.”

Amity asks, “Why?”

“Well,” Remedy replies, “I have always believed that dreams in a way show us something about ourselves.”

Amity answers, “Well, yeah. One from last night has been bothering me today. It was completely black with no lights or scenery anywhere. I heard Mom calling for me, and a voice from a stallion was mocking her and said that he knew me and wanted to see me ‘bleed’. Then, silence, and a white version of myself with bat wings and a blood colored mane, tail, and eyes appeared in front of me. I or she looked at me with cat eyes, screamed, and then I woke up. I didn’t have that dream when I went back to sleep, but it seemed too real and came out of nowhere. What does that mean do you think?”

Remedy moving only her eyes looks at the floor and tapping her hoof on the table, breathes in and out slowly then says, “Let’s go for a walk.”

Amity says, “But...”

“Let’s not think about that dream for a while. Trust me,” Remedy interrupts.

“Okay,” Amity responds. The two ponies walk through the front door and begin to walk through the woods with the birds chirping while flying over the unicorn and alicorn.

“This isn’t relaxing to you?” Remedy asks. Amity does not answer but instead let’s the fresh air flow through her mane, listens to the birds sing, and the sun shine upon her. Remedy sees Amity embracing the beauty and nature and simply smiles. About three minutes after walking, the two come up to a small sparkling pond. The ponies sit at the edge of the pond and admire its beauty. The sun’s rays allows the water’s blue color brighten up, and the reflection of the sun gives a marvelous sparkling look to the pure blue pond. A pair of birds drink and bath in the pond across from the ponies. Beside Remedy, a beautiful doe walks to the pond and drinks. Amity watches in awe at the peaceful scenery.

While looking at the pond, Remedy asks, “How do you feel right now?”

Amity breathes in, lifts her head to the sky, and answers, “Peaceful. Like, I have no worries in the world. Just...totally calm.”

“I call this place Eden.” Remedy says. “‘Eden’ is a name meaning peaceful location. I come here everyday to clear my mind and think about my life. I also bring my patients here to clear their minds. Sometimes we just need to be at peace before taking on life.” She then looks at Amity. “Looks like you love it.” A silent Amity with a smile nods. Remedy continues, “Anytime you get stressed or face a difficult task, think about this place and the feeling you have while being here. I guarantee it will help you become calmer and clear your mind.”

Amity responds, “Thank you.”

The two ponies sit at the pond for an hour and then start to head back to the wooden house. Remedy then says, “Now that you have cleared your mind, I will tell you about your dream.”

“Wait,” Amity interrupts, “why didn’t you tell me before we went to…” Amity pauses then recalls what Remedy said about the purpose of the pond. Then, she says in a calm tone, “Never mind.”

Remedy continues, “I cannot explain the voice or your mother because that could just be a bad dream, but the white version of yourself I believe was a warning.”

“’A warning?’ How?” Amity asks.

“A warning that if you don’t change and allow the anger or hatred within you to control you, it could turn you into that. Celestia did inform me about how that bully had been bothering you for quite a while, and I think that with the frustration being held back, not finding a- shall we say- filter for that frustration, and your protectiveness of your mom...” Remedy lifts a stick on the ground with her magic and breaks it in half. “...was the thing that broke you and let your dark magic be free for a short time. Now it’s trying to get out.”

“Wait, dark magic?” Amity asks.

Remedy continues, “You see, every pony has dark magic with themselves. It is fueled by negative traits that evil strives for such as gluttony, lust, greed, sloth, and hatred. The more a pony embraces these traitd, the stronger the dark magic within becomes. Now, just because a pony maybe full of themselves like a unicorn who shows off his or her magic doesn’t mean they are evil. Rather, they have let trait turn them into that kind of individual. However, if one lets the sin consume their life, the dark magic will control them and turn them into a pony of evil, and even hard to believe, the dark magic changes the appearance and even mindset. Making the pony a completely different individual. In some cases, the dark magic gives themselves different names to ensure they are in full control.”

Amity asks, “This is sounding like what happened to my mother’s cousin Triton and my Aunt Luna.”

Remedy replies, “Sadly, that’s exactly what happened. Triton had let pride and greediness consume him, and he eventually embraced it and turned him into the dictator as we know him today. The same happened with Princess Luna but with jealousy and pride. Thus, she became Nightmare Moon. Amity…” The two look at each other, and Remedy continues, “if you don’t control the anger, you could become that white version of yourself. Please, take everything I am saying and everything we do seriously.”

Amity still calm nods her head and responds, “I will and am.”

Remedy answers, “Now, since you are a princess, you will have to experience some situations where you will have to fight. In those events, thinking about Eden or a place that relaxes you won’t work because you must concentrate at the task at hoof.”

Amity replies, “Okay. So, how does that work and how will you teach me?”

The two come up to the wooden house, and Remedy steps in front of Amity and answers, “Easy to both questions.” She stretches her head to her sides making popping sounds and continues, “We’ll have to fight.” Suddenly, Remedy charges at Amity with horn glowing.

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