Princess Amity

Chapter IX

"What?" Amity asks.

"We're going to fight." Remedy replies.

Amity responds, "But how is fighting teaching how to control my anger? It seems contradicting."

"You'll see." Remedy says back. "Try to hit me."

Amity raises her eyebrows and asks, "Are you sure? I don't want to hurt you. Also, that doesn't answer my question on lecturing."

"Bring it," Remedy sharply replies.

Amity breathes in and out and says, "Okay." Amity then walks jump to her, raises her right hoof, forms a fist, and throws it at Remedy's face, but the unicorn moves her head back dodging the hit. Amity tries throwing a left punch, but Remedy jumps to her left about a meter away dodging that second fist.

Remedy with a smile says, "Those were slow."

"I don't want to hurt you," Amity responds.

Remedy rolls her eyes, smiles, and says, "Disappointing. I thought you were a princess." Amity lowers her eyebrows making an irritated expression. "The great daughter of Celestia can't even hit little ol' me. I guess that blank flank really does show that you can't do or be anything."

Amity with a shocked expression starts breathing in and out trying to relax. She then closes her eyes and imagines the lake she and Remedy were at earlier, but her concentration is broken when she hears hoof steps swiftly approaching. She opens her eyes to see Remedy right in front of her, standing on her back right leg, and throwing her left leg at Amity's head, but the unicorn stops the leg barely making contact to the princess' temple. Amity is spooked by the sudden action of her teacher and tries to run to her right but falls to her side. She then realizes that Remedy is still with her hoof still in the air, and the unicorn is looking at her.

"This is why that fails," Remedy replies. She lowers herself down and stands on all four legs. "I won't hit you. I promise. Now, no mater how much I insult you, don't take it personal. However, you will come across enemies who will be ruthless and will say anything to anger you so you will focus. Now, I want you to try to hit me again and don't hold back. We'll stop until you say to."

Amity stands up, nods, and prepares by lowering her head and torso down. Remedy hunches her shoulders ready for the first attack. Amity the dashes to her left and then forward towards Remedy. She throws a punch but the teacher dodges with ease.

Elsewhere in Canterlot, a team of three pegasi wearing blue army suits with lightning bolts at the sides is flying through thick dark gray colored clouds. The leader of the trio who is a male pegasus with a purple mane and tail looks down sees a massive abandoned city underneath them.

He shouts to his companions, "We have entered Pandora. We are directly above it. Let's fly down, split apart, and see if any pony has been here. If you do make a thunder sound without the pony you have spotted seeing you."

The other pegasi shout back, "Yes sir!"

The trio separates and flies down towards the city with intense speed. Once they get near the abandoned buildings, they slow down and glide over the buildings and streets. The streets are cracked and show no sign of life. Rust, moss, and plants have consumed the buildings of the city. Some buildings have collapsed due to the rust and others are almost completely green because of the algae and plants. Pandora is nothing more than a ghost town. The Wonderbolts continue to fly over the city and search for any pony but to no avail.

Then, the leader of the trio comes across a massive black castle in the middle of the city and sees the entrance doors are open. He flies into the clouds above, kicks on a small portion of the clouds, and creates a thunder sound from it. The companions rush towards him, and he leads them to the ground where they land in front of the opened entrance. They walk forward with caution but are halted immediately by a scream illuminating from the castle.

A loud voice can be heard and it says, "My city! It's dead! Damn you, Celestia!" Suddenly, the castle starts to crack and pieces of it start to break off. The pegasi the fly into the clouds and watch as the castle cracks and falls apart. Then, a bright light from the center of the castle can be seen shining through all of the cracks. It glows brighter, then a shock wave of black aura explodes from inside the castle destroying what was left of the building. The shock wave slices through all of the buildings of the abandoned Pandora, and all of them immediately come debris of their former shape. Dust dominates the debris and is too thick for the pegasi observing to see anything.

"We need to inform Celestia..." the leader says but is interrupted when a massive dark blue alicorn with a black mane, long tail, and eyes and a cutie mark of a black crown with blood red jewelry on it. The Wonderbolts turn to see the alicorn staring at them.

The alicorn smiles and says in a polite tone, "Hello subjects. I'd like to ask you something." Trio of pegasi swiftly fly away but are caught immediately by the alicorn's magic. A black aura has engulfed their entire bodies. The dark blue pony brings them before him and continues, "That's not way to treat royalty. Now, let's try this again."

"Let us go," the leader of the group shouts.

Still with a polite tone, the alicorn responds, "You don't know who I am, do you? Don't even answer. I am Triton. I have returned to try to reclaim my city, but as you can see, it's a bit...damaged. I knew you three were here, and thought to ask: Who are you?" The three pegasi stay silent. Then, they feel the magic around their necks squeeze tight, and they can barely breathe. "Let's make a deal. If you tell me, I won't kill you and you can go home. If you don't I'll kill you right here." The magic around their necks squeeze harder, and the trio are gasping for air. "Well?"

The leader in a weak voice says, "We're...the Wonderbolts...Celestia...wanted us to..." The leader can't finish and is trying to fight off the magic to breathe.

"And?" Triton asks but with no answer. He then loosens the magic and the pegasi breathe in heavily and cough. "I guess that's all I need. I f you had only told me you were from Celestia, that would have been just fine. I don't like being spied on. I find it very rude. Now, I know you want to continue to admire my magnificent presence, but I have something for you to do. I will let you go and you tell Celestia I will be at Canterlot tomorrow night."

"Why are you telling us this?" The leader Wonderbolt asks.

"Why, so I can give my cousin a chance to prepare." Triton politely answers. "There's no chance in Hell of her winning, but I like to see what she can do. Go. Oh, and be sure to tell other ponies that God has returned." He releases the trio, and the pegasi fly towards Canterlot quickly with Triton simply walking on the ground. He makes sadistic smile and says, "Dear Celestia, death is upon you."

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