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ichor (finnick odair)


District Four. Commonly a Career district, granted, not as much as One and Two, but still they had their training academy. And from that academy, came Isla Delmare. The sweet redhaired girl that had a deadly talent with a trident. "Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the victor of the 64th Hunger Games, Isla Delmare from District Four!" A/N: I do not own Hunger Games of any of the characters, I only own Isla Delmare. Some scenes in this book come from the books or the movies, I do not own those, I am simply using them in my book.

Reem Al Lawati
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isla delmare

the girl with the trident
“i will bring pride back to district four”


finnick odair

the capitol’s darling
“want a sugar cube?”



the mentor


damien stone

the district partner
“you won”


katniss everdeen

the mockingjay
“i’m an open book. everybody always seems to know my secrets before i know them myself”


peeta mellark

the baker
“careful. there’s a forcefield up there”


johanna mason

the axe-wielder
“how about we set your backyard on fire?”


beetee latier

the crazy genius
“keep me alive for the next 6 hours”


haymitch abernathy

the drunken victor
“so, it’s you and a syringe against the capitol?”


president snow

the president
“a little hope is effective. a lot of hope is dangerous”


plutarch heavensbee

the gamemaker
“we had to save you because you’re the mockingjay, katniss”


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