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MANSLAYER (kol mikaelson)


manslayer [man-sley-er] noun; a person who kills another human being. Meredith Lester. 900 year old vampire, and the first vampire Kol Mikaelson ever turned. More commonly known as 'The Manslayer'. But, she wasn't only Kol's first sired, she was also his lover. A lover forced to endure the pain when he was daggered constantly by his half brother, Niklaus Mikaelson. Niklaus and Meredith were not the best of friends, considering his constant daggering of her lover. But, when Stefan Salvatore takes Niklaus' coffins, he has no choice but to call in her help in getting them back, knowing that she would be very willing to help him get them back.

Reem Al Lawati
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i. mind is a prison - alec benjamin
“then i tied up my linen with five strips of ribbon i found
scaled the side of the building
i ran to the hills ’til they found me
and they put me back in my cell
all by myself, alone with my thoughts again
i guess my mind is a prison and i’m never gonna get out”

ii. a little bit longer - alec wigdahl
“oh, my love is coming, and you just told me
that you think about these things i wait too hard thin
my hearts been hurting bad when you hold me
think i’m way too lonely to cry, lonely to cry”

iii. to the grave - bea miller (feat. mike stud)
“breaking down, let the words fall from my mouth
all the things i’ve never shown, all the things you’d never know
hear me out ’cause i never made the sound
couldn’t keep it locked away, couldn’t take it to the grave”

iv. last hurrah - bebe rexha
“this is my last hurrah, once i start
i ain’t gon’ stop ’til i go too far
last hurrah and it’s okay
maybe tomorrow i won’t feel this pain
last hurrah”

v. bad guy - billie eilish
“i’m the bad type
make your momma sad type
make your girlfriend mad type
might seduce your dad type
i’m the bad guy”

vi. you should see me in a crown - billie eilish
“bit my tongue, bide my time
wearing a warning sign
wait ’til the world is mine
visions i vandalize
cold in my kingdom size
fell for these ocean eyes”

vii. on & on - cartoon (feat. daniel levi)
“hold me close ’til i get up
time is barely on our side
i don’t wanna waste what’s left
the storms we chase are leading us
and love is all we’ll ever trust, yeah
no, i don’t wanna waste what’s left”

viii. something just like this - the chainsmokers & coldplay
“i’ve been reading books of old
the legends and the myths
achilles and his gold
hercules and his gifts
spiderman’s control
and batman with his fists
and clearly i don’t see myself upon that list”

ix. this year’s love - david gray
“’cause who’s to worry if our hearts get torn
when that hurt gets thrown
don’t ya know this life goes on?
won’t ya kiss me on that midnight street?
sweep me off my feet
singing, “ain’t this life so sweet?“”

x. waste - dove cameron
“my mom thinks i need therapy
’cause i sing, only sing about you
but the thing is that she
doesn’t know how you do what you do
but you must do this to everyone
that shit is worse than a hit and run”

xi. give me love - ed sheeran
“give me love like never before
’cause lately i’ve been craving more
and it’s been a while but i still feel the same
maybe i should let you go”

xii. take me back to london - ed sheeran (feat. stormzy)
“jet-plane headed up to the sky
spread wings in the clouds, gettin’ high
we ain’t hit a rave in a while
so take me back to london”

xiii. bob dylan - fall out boy
“when they say; “you and what army?”
i guess they’re talking about you and me
baby, nobody will love you
nobody will love you like, like i do
i guess that’s half true”

xiv. only angel - harry styles
“told it to her brother and she told it to me
that she’s gonna be angel, just you wait and see
when it turns out she’s a devil in between the sheets
and there’s nothing she can do about it”

xv. falling like the stars - james arthur
“and i need you to know that we’re fallin’ so fast
we’re fallin’ like the stars, fallin’ in love
and i’m not scared to say those words with you, i’m safe
we’re fallin’ like the stars, we’re fallin’ in love”

xvi. hot blood - kaleo
“they don’t know ’bout who we are
they don’t know ’bout you and i
they ain’t know ’about the stars of your eyes
oh hot blood love is gonna get ya”

xvii. selfish - madison beer
“it was almost two years
that i chose to spend here
all alone on new year’s
thinkin’ “what the hell?“”

xviii. black & white - niall horan
“yeah, i see us in black and white
crystal clear on a starlit night
in all your gorgeous colours
i promise that i’ll love you for the rest of my love”

xix. roaring 20s - panic! at the disco
“this is my roaring, roaring 20s
i don’t even know me
roll me like a blunt, ’cause i wanna go home
roll me like a blunt, ’cause i wanna go home”

xx. walk through the fire - zayde wølf (feat. ruelle)
“we walk through the fire
is there a way out
is there a way out
we walk through the fire
is there a way out
is there a way out”

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