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"I AM FLESH AND I AM BONE RISE UP TING TING LIKE GLITTER AND GOLD I GOT FIRE IN MY SOUL ALL RISE TING TING LIKE GLITTER LIKE GLITTER AND GOLD" Celeste Fawley is the glitter and the gold. She is the youngest in the family, born to two purebloods that come from a long line of purebloods. But her family is unlike most from the Sacred Twenty Eight. They do not harbour dark thoughts or prejudices opinions against those with so-called 'dirty blood' and they simply attend pureblood gatherings because why not. Celeste Fawley is the also the one thing keeping Sirius Black and his little brother sane. The one person who can stop his mother from lashing out at them. Celeste Fawley and Sirius Black. Together Forever was their childhood promise. HARRY POTTER FIC MARAUDERS ERA SIRIUS BLACK X OC *disclaimer: i do not own any of the characters, except celeste, killian, marie, thomas, and zachariah (and any others that might be introduced later on and were not in the harry potter series). *disclaimer: there is swearing in this book, as is normal with my books

Reem Al Lawati
Age Rating:


i. angel on fire - halsey
“i used to be a dancing starlet like a centerpiece
had the whole world wrapped around my ring
i flew too closely to the sun that’s setting in the east
and now i’m melting from my wings”

ii. aurora borealis - bohnes
“they say the universe is large
with billions of stars
and stars, and stars, and stars
it makes us humans feel so small
yeah, maybe we are
we are, we are, we are”

iii. back to life - zayn
“honestly she’s the only one that’s watching over me
gives me oxygen when it gets hard to breathe
and if i’m wrong or right
she’s always by my side”

iv. before you go - lewis capaldi
“so, before you go
was there something i could’ve said
to make your heart beat better
if only i’d have known you had a storm to weather”

v. bob dylan - fall out boy
“when they say “you and what army?”
i guess they’re talking about you and me
baby, nobody will love you
nobody will love you like-like i do
i guess that’s half true”

vi. buy me diamonds - bea miller
“give me something i can hold
that i can trust and call my own
that won’t run out and leave me cold
save your love and buy me diamonds”

vii. castle on the hill - ed sheeran (boyce avenue cover)
“i’m on my way
driving at ninety down those country lanes
singing to “tiny dancer”
and i miss the way you make me feel, and it’s real
we watched the sunset over the castle on the hill”

viii. chasing cars - snow patrol (boyce avenue cover)
“if i lay here
if i just lay here
would you lie with me and just forget the world”

ix. couple of kids - maggie lindemann
“when i’m wrapped in your arms, i never feel a thing
living life on a whim, it’s never a routune
and it’s troubling to live this way
when you never know where you’ll stay
but we live and we learn, and i wouldn’t change a thing”

x. demons - alec benjamin
“i’ve got all these demons, hiding underneath
nobody can see them, nobody but me, and you’re the reason
the only thing that keeps me from diving off the deep end
because i’ve got all these demons, demons, demons, mhm”

xi. don’t stop me now - queen
“i’m burnin’ through the sky, yeah
two hundred degrees
that’s why they call me mister fahrenheit
i’m travelling at the speed of light
i wanna make a supersonic man out of you”

xii. falling like the stars - james arthur
“and i need you to know that we’re fallin’ so fast
we’re fallin’ like the stars, fallin’ in love
and i’m not scared to say those words with you, i’m safe
we’re fallin’ like the stars, fallin’ in love”

xiii. first man - camila cabello
“no i don’t need a jacket
it’s not that cold outside
and you worry, i get it
but he’s waiting outside”

xiv. glitter and gold - barns courtney
“i am flesh and i am bone
rise up, ting ting, like glitter and gold
i’ve got fire in my soul
rise up, ting ting, like glitter
like glitter and gold”

xv. high hopes - panic! at the disco
“had to have high, high hopes for a living
shooting for the stars when i couldn’t make a killing
didn’t have a dime but i always had a vision
always had high, high hopes”

xvi. hurricane - panic! at the disco
“are you worth your weight in gold?
’cause you’re behind my eyelids when i’m all alone
hey stranger, i want ya to catch me like a cold
you and god both got the guns
when you shoot, i think i’d duck”

xvii. i’d rather drown - set it off
“no doors exist on my fortress
the only entrance is the one i bear
you’re nothing more than a temptress
i fell victim to a heartless snare”

xviii. kicks - barns courtney
“oh, come with me
i’ll show you how to live for free
nobody got thing on me
done singing in the midnight street (ooh)
oh, diamond deeds, a minimal variety
i’ll play until my fingers bleed
i’ll never lack the quality”

xix. only angel - harry styles
“she’s an angel
only angel
she’s an angel
my only angel”

xx. out of touch - dove cameron
“who’s gonna tell me i’m out of touch
when the lights come on and i’m still fucked up?
it’s true
i hope it’s you, yeah”

xxi. put a little love on me - niall horan
“put a little love on me
put a little love on me
when the lights come up and there’s no shadows dancing
i look around as my heart is collapsing
cause you’re the only one i need
to put a little love on me”

xxii. scumbag (acoustic) - goody grace
“she says i’m a scumbag
wants to take her love back
story of my life
why am i such an asshole?
everything is my fault
happens ever time

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