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A Wolfs Cry's

By Lulunopia

Action / Fantasy

Chapter 1 - Fairy Tail!

"Natsu why on earth did you drag us out here at night?" Erza asked the crawling dragon slayer who was following a mysterious and new scent. It was a dark cloudy night as Erza, Lucy, Loke, and Gray walked the streets following behind a crawling Natsu

"Because I found a new scent and it smells funny!"Natsu shouted irritably still crawling around sniffing the ground. Gray and Erza exchanged looks before nodding there heads agreeing to just follow Natsu.

"-ive us back our money." A masculine voice ordered. There was a flash of light that disappeared immediately, taking this as a chance to attack Natsu, Gray, Erza, Lucy, and Loke, who was summoned to keep Lucy entertained, attacked the men. At once they all collapsed and in front of them was a small clocked figure holding a very large scythe that glowed of blue and seemed to be infused with magic.

Stranger's Pov

I watched in shock and fear as these people yelled questions at me. None which I wanted to answer. Who are they? That one question rang through my mind as I watched the blonde hit pinky. She turned to my and crouched to my level asking, "Could you maybe take your hood off?" I stared at her blankly not wanting to answer these strangers as they might hurt me like the bad men.

"Who are you?" I whispered out to afraid to speak louder.

The blonde smiled softly before answering, "I'm Lucy that's Natsu, Gray, Erza, and Loke one of my spirits. What's your name?" Looking at the group I finally saw what they looked like. Erza was the tall redhead in a suit of armor. She looked like someone you don't want to cross. On her right was Gray the shirtless Dark blue haired guy with an emblem on the right of this chest. While on her left was a Natsu a pink haired guy with the same emblem as gray on his left arm. He looked like an idiot to be honest. Next to him was Loke a golden haired cat man? He wore glasses and a ring on all his fingers. He seemed like a idiot too. Then there was Lucy the blond in front of me with a large chest and keys dangling from her side.

"M-my name i-i-is Hana" I stuttered out looking at the ground waiting for what was coming next.

"Hana...That's a pretty name!" Lucy stated looking at me. "Mind telling us why your here without your parents?" I visibly flinched at the word parents, this gained questioning glances from everyone.

"I don't h-have p-p-parents." I whispered looking down as tears came to my eye's as I thought of what happened to them. "I'm looking f-for Fairy Tail" I continued in a whisper.

A soft smile appeared on all there faces as Natsu comes and kneels down next to Lucy saying in a cheerful voice, "Your in luck 'cause were from Fairy Tail." My eye's widened in shock. 'There from Fairy Tail! I could ask them to let me see there master or or...Never mind the probably won't want me' I thought in sadness. "You wanna join?" Gray asks putting a hand on my shoulder making me flinch again.

"C-could I?" I asked in a quiet voice.

"Of course you can!" Erza exclaimed patting my head which made me flinch again. 'There so nice! I wanna be just like them when I grow up!' I thought putting a bright smile on my face as I removed my hood revealing Juno who is sleeping on my head. 'Lazy pup' I thought scratching his head.

"Your sooo cute!" Lucy shouted pulling me into a death hug. Literally I can't breath right now!

"C-cant...breath!" I gasped out trying to wiggle from he grasp as Erza pulled me out of the hug, saving my life.

"Let's take you to master." Erza said making my blood run cold as I thought of Galven.

-Timskip Guild Hall-

I now stood next to Lucy and Natsu in front of a large door with a sign above it saying 'Fairy Tail'. Inside I could here yelling and laughing. 'So this is Fairy Tail?' I asked myself as Natsu kicked the door open shouting, "Were're back! With a friend!" 'Friend?' A series of welcome back's were shouted as everyone looked to the door with a questioning gaze wanting to see this 'new friend.'

"Oh and who might you be" A short old man asked.

"I-I'm Hana Okami" I answered my shyness taking over as I looked at the ground.

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