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The Younger Sister of Kakashi Hatake


What if Team Seven originally had five members? Of course there's the team leader: Kakashi, along with Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke. But what if another girl was thrown into the mix?

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In the history of ninja, there is the legend of the Sage of Six Paths, the Jinchuriki of the Ten Tailed Beast and how he separated the power of the ten tails to create the nine Tailed beasts. But before he did so, he had to deal with the Ten Tails that was sealed inside him. In fact, Sage of Six Paths not only separated the Ten Tails power but its personality.

By doing so, the Ten Tails was separated into two separate beasts. One who held the unconscious and uncontrolled mind and the other that held the kind-hearted, intelligent, emotion feeling mind. By separating the beast's personality, this also caused both beasts to take a different appearance. The unconscious, untamed side turned into a ten tailed beast that had only one eye with a Sharingan that had nine tomes. The other personality took on the form of a silverish-grey wolf with ten tails. The wolf has silver eyes (which were a shade lighter then its fur), with dark slate blue marking on her muzzle and around the wrists of her front-paws.

The Sage knew that there would come a time where someone would gather all nine beasts to revive the Ten Tails. So he sealed away the Ten Tailed Wolf within a strong vessel. As for the monstrous one-eyed ten tails, he separated its powers, thus creating the nine tailed beast. The Sage hoped that the Juubi's revival would never come.

After sealing one away and separating the other's powers, he placed the vessel in an unknown location, making sure that no one would be able to find and open the seal. The Sage did predict that one day, a child would be born and will become a Jinchuriki of the Ten Tailed Wolf. But the question remained if the child would use this power for good or for evil. And if this new Jinchuriki of the Ten Tails arise, will the other beast of the Ten Tails awaken as well.

It's the 17 of September and inside the Konoha hospital, a woman with slate grey eyes and dark navy blue hair was sitting up, holding her newborn daughter. She had silver/grey hair with slate grey eyes. As the two sat there quietly, the door opened and an older looking man entered. Just like the infant, he too had silver/grey hair but instead had onyx eyes.

"Sanako?" the man said quietly as he approached the bed.

"Hi Sakumo, come meet your little girl." she told him as she kept her eyes on her daughter. "It's amazing how much she looks like you."

Sakumo got closer and looked down at the little bundle Sanako was holding. Sanako carefully pulled the blanket down a little to reveal the newborn's face. Once revealed, Sakumo saw the little infant looking directly at him, her slate grey eyes staring into his onyx ones.

"She looks alike like you." Sanako told him.

"More like you than me. She even has your eyes." Sakumo replied. "She's perfect."

"Yes, I agree." Sanako said.

"So, have you chosen a name for her?" he asked.

"Hmm, I did. I decided on the name, Kazumi." She told him. "It means Harmony and Beauty."

"That name is perfect. It suits her well." Sakumo told her.

"I agree." She says.

Sakumo carefully takes little Kazumi into his arms and allowed Sanako to lie down. As Sanako slept, Sakumo sat nearby, cradling his newborn daughter. As he held her, little Kazumi was cooing quietly as she continued to look at her father. As the two stared at each other, the door to the room suddenly opened, gaining Sakumo's attention. Sakumo glanced up to see a young boy, about fourteen or fifteen, entering. He too had silver/grey hair as well with slate grey eyes. He closed the door behind him quietly and stood there.

"Kakashi, there you are." Sakumo told his son. "Come over and meet your new little sister."

Kakashi simply nodded his head and slowly approached his father and little sister. As Kakashi stood beside Sakumo, he looked down and saw his little sister looking back at him. He realized that she had the same color eyes and hair as he did.

"What's her name?" he asks.

"Kazumi, it means Harmony and Beauty." Sakumo replied.

"Kazumi" Kakashi said quietly. "Hmm, it suits her."

"That's what I told your mother." he said smiling. "You want to hold her?"

"What? Me?" Kakashi says a little worried. "Are you sure?"

"Don't worry, you'll be fine." he told his son.

After a minute, Kakashi finally nods in agreement. Sakumo carefully hands Kazumi to Kakashi and watched as he son held her still and carefully. It looked as if he made the simplest wrong move, he could hurt her or even drop her.

"Don't worry Kakashi, you're doing just fine." Sakumo assured him.

Kakashi nodded but never took his eyes off his little sister. Little Kazumi just stared up at Kakashi as he held her. Slowly Kazumi lifted her hand and placed it on Kakashi's cheek, which was covered by his dark blue mask.

"It seems that she likes you, Kakashi." Sakumo said with a laugh.

October 10 was a day that would never be forgotten in the Hidden Leaf Village. At first the night was calm and quiet, just like any other normal night inside the village. The full white moon was shining brightly in the dark night sky.

But suddenly, everyone starts to look up into the sky. Many looked in horror as they saw a large fox standing not too far from the village. The Fox slowly raised it front right paw and slams it down into a nearby building, causing a shockwave or smoke and debris to push back bystanders. The ninja of the village quickly take off to protect the people and village from the demon before them.

As this was happening, Kakashi was inside the village with his fellow ninja. Sakumo and Sanako had to leave as well, so they left Kazumi with a family friend. They knew that Kazumi would be safe here until they finished saving the village. As the woman stood there, looking out a nearby window, she is suddenly struck down and was killed in an instant.

The dark figure slowly approached the crib and saw little Kazumi sound asleep. In one swift movement, the shadow of the figure covered the crib. And once it moved, little Kazumi was gone. The dark figure ran out the house and escaped with the help of the cover of darkness and the village being attacked by the Kyuubi.

Back inside the village, seeing how the danger was slowly becoming worse, Kakashi was able to escape and rushed home to make sure his little sister was all right. Once at the house, Kakashi found the body of the woman, that was suppose to be keeping an eye on Kazumi, lying in a pool of her own blood. This quickly threw Kakashi into panic mode. He rushed through the house, searching for Kazumi but she was nowhere in sight. Thinking fast, Kakashi bites his thumb and started performing hand signs.

"Summoning Jutsu" Kakashi called out.

After placing the palm of his hand on the ground, smoke appeared and covered the room. When the smoke finally cleared, it revealed a group of dogs standing before Kakashi. It was none other than his dog scouting team. Kakashi quickly grabbed Kazumi's blanket out of her crib and held it in front of the team.

"We need to find Kazumi. Someone has her." he told the team.

The dogs took in the scent of the blanket and once they found it in the air, they quickly took off. Kakashi and the team ran out of the house and started following the path were Kazumi was taken. Kakashi knew that the village was in danger but he had to find Kazumi. He had a feeling that she was in serious danger.

Meanwhile Kazumi was placed in the middle of some sort of symbol that was on the ground. Carefully the black figure unwrapped the dark blue blanket so that Kazumi's stomach was visible. When the clouds moved away to uncover the moon, the figure's face was revealed. It was none other than the evil snake known as Orochimaru.

"Yes. This child would do perfectly." He said to himself. "I may not have Kakashi Hatake but his little sister would make a great substitute."

Orochimaru soon uncovered a strange looking container and sat it before the infant. With everything in place, Orochimaru quickly started performing several hand signs. After awhile, he finally finished and placed his cold hand on Kazumi's stomach. As he held his hand there, he used his nails to pierce her stomach, instantly causing Kazumi to cry out in pain. Her wailing was a piercing loud sound but that didn't stop Orochimaru. He lifted his hand and allowed the blood to not only drop on the strange symbol below but on a symbol that was on the strange container. As soon as the blood touched the symbol, smoke started exiting it and surrounds Orochimaru and Kazumi.

"So far so good." He says.

Once the smoke surrounded them completely, silver chakra appeared. As the silver chakra approached Kazumi, a low feral growl could be heard. After some time, the chakra and smoke had disappeared completely. The only thing different about Kazumi was the new seal mark on her stomach. Little Kazumi was still wailing indicating that she had survived the horrible experiment. Orochimaru was amazed to see that the infant had survived his horrid experiment.

"Excellent. The experiment was a success." He hissed.

As Orochimaru stood there, he heard something. In the distance, he could hear howling that was heading right for the location he was. After looking into that direction for a minute, he glanced back down at the infant.

"It appears that I have some unwelcome guests approaching." He hissed.

A minute later, a group of dogs appeared and stopped before the wailing infant. And just after the dogs appeared, so did Kakashi. As soon as he appeared, he saw Orochimaru standing before his sister. He knew something had happened, but wasn't sure what.

"You're Orochimaru, one of the legendary three." He says. "What have you done to my sister?!"

"Let's just say, I'm 'securing' her future." he responded.

"What!" Kakashi growled.

"Rest assured Kakashi. I will be back for her." he hissed.

Before Kakashi could say anything else, Orochimaru vanished out of thin air. As soon he was gone, Kakashi rushed over and quickly picked up his little sister. As he tried to calm her down, he noticed the new marking on her stomach, along with the blood that was covering her. Not only that but new markings had appeared on her cheeks as well. There was one dark blue/violet line, on each cheek. They were parallel to her eyes but slanted downward as they moved away from her mouth and nose.

"What did he do to you, Kazumi?" he asked quietly.

With that, Kakashi recovered her with her blanket and took off with his dog team following behind him. Within minutes, Kakashi took Kazumi to the hospital and luckily her injuries weren't life threatening. But as Kakashi was relieved that Kazumi was safe, he would soon hear bad news.

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