The Younger Sister of Kakashi Hatake

Chapter 19

Chapter Nineteen: New Danger Enters The Hidden Leaf

Through the early hours of the morning, the sound of light chimes of bells rung through the misty morning fog. With that, two figures approached the gates of Konoha. Both were clad in black cloaks with red cloud and straw hats that were rimmed with strips of paper and stringed bells. A guard nearby tried to stop them but was quickly dealt with. The strangers freely entered the village undetected.

"You know where he is?" the tallest one of the two asked.

"Yeah." his partner replied. "Let's go."

Kakashi was leaning up against a post as he read his book. He suddenly looks away to spot Asuma and Kurenai walking together as they approached him. "You two seem to be getting along." He stated.

After hearing that, Kurenai looked away as a blush appeared, covering her cheeks. "Idiot. Anko just asked me to pick up some dango for her." she told him.

"What are you doing here? Aside from catching up on your reading." Asuma asked.

"Oh, I'm just buying something to put on a grave. Plus I'm meeting someone here." Kakashi explained as he sneaked a sideways glanced behind him, where two strangers were sitting. "I'm just waiting on Sasuke."

"Ha, it's not like you to be waiting on someone." Asuma said. "Is it for Obito?"

"Huh? Obito?" Kurenai said confused.

"Yeah…kind of." Kakashi answered.

Soon Kakashi spotted Sasuke approaching him and the others. "Kakashi, it's not like you to show up early. What gives?" Asked the young Uchiha.

"Well….sometimes I do." Kakashi answered.

"Hn, according to Kazumi, you only appear early when there's a mission." He told him. "Let's eat somewhere else. I don't have much of a sweet tooth."

"Is that so…" Kakashi said as he sent a look at Kurenai and Asuma. Both nodded in understanding and jumped away.

Meanwhile, the two strangers from before were walking beside the waterfront. They suddenly came to a stop once they spotted Kurenai and Asuma standing in their way.

"You guys aren't from around here, are you?" Asuma asked, not recognizing either stranger. "What are you doing here in this village?"

"It's been a long time, Asuma, Kurenai." The short one of the two greeted.

"The fact that you know our names must mean that you're a Shinobi formerly of this village." Asuma growled.

The one Asuma was speaking to took a hold of his straw hat and removed it, thus revealing his Sharingan. Both Asuma and Kurenai's eyes widened in shock.

"Huh? Well what do you know, Itachi?" Asuma scoffed. "Itachi Uchiha."

"Are these friends of yours, Itachi?" the other one asked. "Well then, I better introduce myself." he said as he removed his own straw hat to reveal himself. The man had a shark-like appearance. he had blue skin and hair. "We can get better acquainted later. The name's Kisame Hoshigaki."

"Why wait until later when I could scrub the floor with you right now." Asuma told him.

"Boy, Itachi. It looks like they hate you as much in this village as they do in mine." Kisame smirked.

"We know who you are Kisame. Kurenai spoke. "You hail from the Village Hidden in the Mist, suspected of espionage and the murder of a feudal lord. You're a rouge ninja, wanted in every nation." Kisame just sent Kurenai a shark-like grin.

"You're a high rated S-ranked criminal, listed prominently in the Bingo Book." Asuma continued. "Itachi, I gotta hand it to ya. The fact that you'd even show your face in this village after what you did, it takes guts."

"I'm warning you two. You don't want to interfere with me." Itachi warned. "It isn't my desire to kill you."

Asuma and Kurenai fought Itachi and Kisame with everything they had. But just as Kisame was about to attack them with a water style jutsu, he found his attack being blocked by the same attack he had just released. As they water dispersed, it revealed none other than Kakashi. Kakashi had protected Asuma by copying Kisame's attack. As he stood there, a clone of Kakashi appeared behind Itachi as he held a kunai towards his neck.

"I'm gonna learn a new jutsu." Naruto sung to himself as he packed his backpack.

Jiraiya had asked Naruto to accompany him as he search for a certain woman. He had bribed Naruto by promising him that he would teach the young boy a new jutsu. After hearing this, Naruto quickly agreed and left to go pack. The elders wanted Jiraiya to become the new Hokage, but of course he declined. He knew of one who was better suited for the job, the woman he was going to search for. She was a Sanin as well, The Queen of Slugs and Elixirs, Tsunade.

"Haha! I can't wait to see the looks on Sakura, Sasuke, and Kazumi's faces once I pull it out on them." Naruto said to himself. "I know Kazumi-chan will be impressed. I just hope Sakura would be too. And, especially Sasuke." He thought.

Just as Kakashi appeared, Itachi made Kisame back off so he could deal with the Copy ninja himself. Itachi drew four shuriken and threw them toward Kakashi. However, Kakashi jumped back and created a water wall to escape Itachi's attack. Not only did the water wall block the shuriken but a suddenly water attack as well.

As Kakashi stood there, he quickly dodged out the way, avoiding a clone of Itachi that had appeared behind him and Kurenai. The clone exploded, casting Kakashi and Kurenai into a wave of water. Asuma quickly jumped in to help them.

"Despite being not of the Uchiha Clan, you have mastered the Sharingan well." Itachi said. "However, by not being one of us, you lack our physical strength needed to retain it and that's something you can't copy."

"He's right. My body doesn't have the stamina." Kakashi thought.

As the two teams stood there, standing on top of the water, Itachi slowly closed his eyes. As Itachi began to slowly open them, Kakashi knew what was about to happen. He quickly closes he's normal eye and told Asuma and Kurenai to closed their eyes as well. Once Itachi reopens he's eye completely, he revealed the Mangekyo Sharingan. As the two stood there, Kakashi suddenly finds himself in a strangely dark colored world. He noticed that he was tied to a stake with two Itachis' standing before him. Itachi knew that Kakashi would resist his attack, but said that only one of the Uchiha Clan could truly resist it. For 72 hours, Itachi painfully tortured Kakashi.

72 hours later, both men returned back to the real world. Apparently 72 hours in that strange world was only a second in the real world. With that, Kakashi collapses. Asuma and Kurenai both asked if he was alright, sensing that something was wrong.

"This….this thing you've come for. Is….is it Sasuke?" Kakashi asked Itachi.

"…No…" Itachi answered plainly.

"The Jinchuriki….Naruto…Kazumi." Kakashi thought. "The Nine-Tailed Fox and the Ten-Tailed Wolf, that's what you're really after. But it's just not you. There are seven others, searching and hunting. I know you call yourselves the Akatsuki." Kakashi said.

"It seems that you know too much about us." Kisame said.

"Kisame, we're taking him with us." Itachi told his partner.

Just before Itachi could do so, they were stopped, Gai appeared and stopped Kisame. But just as they Jounin got ready to fight, Kisame and Itachi pulled back, thinking that they had no time for a full scale battle. Kisame reluctantly agreed and the two quickly left.

"Oh man, I can't wait. Uh, maybe I should tell Kazumi. She may look for me while I'm gone." Naruto said to himself."Kazumi-chan. Hey, Kazumi-chan, can you hear me?"

Meanwhile, Kazumi was inside the training grounds working on her jutsu. Just as soon as she finished her last attack, she started to hear someone. Thinking that it was just her imagination playing tricks on her, she stopped her training and stood there for a minute.

"Kazumi-chan. Hey, Kazumi-chan, can you hear me?" Naruto thought.

"Naruto, I hear you loud and clear." she answered. "So… What's up?"

"Oh nothing much. But I wanted to tell you that I'm going to be hanging around with the Pervy Sage. I wanted you to know just in case you tried to look for me." Naruto explained.

"Okay, Naruto. Thanks for telling me." she told him.

"Heh, no problem, Kazumi-chan. I'll catch you later." he said.

"Okay, Naruto. Just contact me if you need anything." She told him.

"Heh, right. Will do." he replied.

With that said, the connection between Naruto and Kazumi ended and Naruto started running to find Master Jiraiya. Kazumi soon returned back to her own training. After finishing her training session, Kazumi figured she go visit her brother and see what he was up to.

Gai, Asuma and Kurenai were all sitting and standing around in Kakashi's room while Kakashi was lying down in his bed, knocked out. As they did so, they were talking about what had occurred with the members of the Akatsuki, Kisame and Itachi.

"They're trouble, but from the look of things they haven't found Kazumi or Naruto yet." Gai said as he sat in a nearby chair.

"That's what's crazy. It simply doesn't add up." said Asuma as he sat on the desk, pulling out a box of cigarettes. "I mean they've already infiltrated the village. It should be easy for them to find either of them around here. Besides, Itachi knows Naruto's face already."

"Shh…." Gai told the others as he heard footsteps.

Kazumi's Point of View:

As I walked down the hall, I stopped in front of Kakashi's room. Inside, I found Kakashi asleep in his bed, along with a room filled with Jounin. Now I knew for certain that something was up. I mean, why would there be a room filled with Jounin, especially in my brother's room while he was asleep.

"What's going on? Is Kakashi all right?" I asked. Just before either Jounin could answer my questions, we all heard footsteps approaching. I looked back, as well as the Jounin in the room, and saw Sasuke as he appeared in our sights.

"Kakashi!" Sasuke said as he walked through the door. He looked around and was shocked when his eyes landed on my brother. "Why is Kakashi asleep and why is this room full of Jounin? What in the world is going on here?" he asked.

"Ah….not much really." Gai answered. And just as he did, another shinobi appeared in the doorway right behind me and Sasuke.

"Hey! Is it true that Itachi has returned?" he announced, causing Gai to snarl. "And is it true that he's come here for Naruto and Kazumi?" Suddenly the shinobi noticed Sasuke and I inside the room. "Oh…"

"Idiot." Kurenai muttered under her breath. As I stood there, I noticed Sasuke's eyes had widened in shock as he stood there. Suddenly Sasuke pushed pass the shinobi and ran out the room, making his way outside.

"Sasuke!" I yelled and soon took off after him.

"Why does this always have to happen?" Gai exclaimed as he got up.

I rushed forward as I ran after Sasuke. We both jumped from rooftop to rooftop, making our way through the village. I had no idea where Sasuke was going or who he was looking for. All I knew was I had to follow him. Suddenly he came to a stop and caught me before I flew pass him.

"Sasuke? What the…" I started but stopped once I saw the look in his eyes.

"Kazumi? Do you have any idea where Naruto is?" he asked quickly.

"Yeah. He told me he was hanging out with Master Jiraiya." I explained. "I think they were heading to the outpost town not far from the village."

"Do you know where this town is?" he asks.

"Yeah… I…" I started but was quickly interrupted.

"I need you to take me there, now!" He said. "And we need to get there fast and find Naruto."

"Okay, follow me." I told him.

I quickly took off with Sasuke following close behind. I didn't know why exactly he wanted me to help him find Naruto, but I had a bad feeling that he was about to be in serious trouble. Before long, we entered the town and began searching for Naruto.

"Looks like we have to go door-to-door." Sasuke said.

"What?! Sasuke! That will take too long?" I told him.

"Do you have any ideas?" he asked.

"Yeah, I do." I thought to myself. "Naruto, can you hear me?" I said, trying to contact Naruto.

"Hey, Kazumi-chan. What's up?" Naruto asked.

"Naruto, quick. Tell me where you are." I asked.

"Oh, I'm….." Naruto started but suddenly stopped. "Hang on Kazumi-chan, I think Pervy Sage is at the door." Naruto told me as he went to open the door. But instead of seeing Master Jiraiya, he saw someone else.

"Naruto? Naruto, what's wrong?" I asked. "Naruto, answer me!"

Not getting any response from Naruto, I knew something was wrong. I continued to follow Sasuke as we search almost every Inn in the town. Finally we found to an Inn that recognized the description we gave them.

"Hm? Oh yes, they are staying in room number 1, on the second floor at the end of the hall." The woman told us.

Sasuke and I nodded and entered the Inn. We rushed up the stairs, making our way to the room the woman gave us. As soon as we approached the door, Sasuke started banging on the door furiously, trying to get Naruto at the door as fast as possible. Finally the door opened and revealed a boy with spiky hair, however, it wasn't Naruto.

"You're not….." Sasuke trailed off.

Naruto was shocked that the person who stood in front of him wasn't Jiraiya. That and the fact that the person looked a lot like Sasuke. But as he continued to stand there, he could tell that the person wasn't the same as Sasuke.

"Hmm, it's hard to believe that this child carries the Kyuubi." Kisame scoffed. The fact that they knew that he carried the Kyuubi shocked Naruto even more.

"Naruto." Itachi said. "You're coming with us."

As I stood there, Sasuke bolted forward and ran out the Inn. I instinctively ran forward and started following him. The speed Sasuke was running, I knew something was wrong and it was definitely bothering him.

"Sasuke, what is it?" I asked.

"Its HIM." he answered, not even bothering to look at me. "He's here."

"Huh? Him? Him who?" I thought as I continued to run behind him.

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