The Younger Sister of Kakashi Hatake

Chapter 20

Chapter Twenty: The Uchiha Siblings Collide, Jiraiya Appears

While Sasuke and Kazumi continued to search for Naruto, Naruto just stood frozen in place as Itachi and Kisame stood before him. "These guys look like the real deal." He thought to himself.

"Hey…Itachi. It would be a real pain if this kid tries to make a run for it. Maybe I outta…chop of a leg, just in case." Kisame said as he grabbed Samehada.

"Say…what?" Naruto grasped.

Itachi didn't say a word. He just stood there, glaring. Naruto couldn't find an ounce of strength to move. He was growing more and more frightened by the second. Kisame was about to make his move, but stopped after hearing Itachi speak.

Kazumi's Point of View:

Sasuke and I ran through the streets of the outpost town. We enter an Inn and started making our way up the levels. Before long, we made it to a floor where we say Naruto and two others that were wearing black cloaks with red clouds on them. The short one just stood there, not bothering to look at us. But the large, shark-looking guy glanced at us out the corner of his eye.

"Who…who are these guys?" I thought to myself.

"It's been awhile….Sasuke." Itachi said.

"Hm, well would you look at that. The brat brought the Ten-Tails with him." Kisame said. "Saves us some trouble, now we can kill two birds with one stone."

"Eh?" Naruto said.

"How do they know about me carrying the Ten-Tails?" I thought. "Just… who the hell are these guys?"

"Itachi….Uchiha." Sasuke growled.

"You sound as if you know Itachi." Kisame said. "Just who in the world is this kid, Itachi?"

"He is… younger brother." Itachi answered.

"Heh, I heard the entire Uchiha clan was wiped out, by you." Kisame said.

"Wait, could he be…." I thought.


"…and what I have isn't a dream for I will make it a reality. I'm going to restore my clan and kill a certain someone….." Sasuke said.

End of flashback….

"This is the guy Sasuke said he would kill. But….he looks way to strong for Sasuke to fight." I thought.

"I've been training for this day. I have lived hating you and I have lived only to kill you." Sasuke growled as he started to form Chidori into his left hand. "I HAVE LIVED ONLY FOR THIS!"

Sasuke placed his hand on the nearby wall and started running forward. The Chidori scrapped the wall as it did so. Itachi just stood there, waiting for Sasuke to get closer. Just as Sasuke thrust his arm forward, it created a huge explosion. When the smoke cleared, there was a gaping hole in the wall. But what was shocking was the fact that Itachi stopped Sasuke's attack by grapping it with one hand.

"He brushed Sasuke's attack… like it was nothing!" Naruto thought.

"He, he stopped the Chidori. But how?" I thought.

"This is bad! I have to do something!" Naruto thought and started summoning the Nine-Tails' chakra.

"Naruto." I thought as I watch him summon the red chakra. I quickly understood and started summoning the Ten-Tails' silver chakra.

"Ah, the air is ripe with chakra. So this is the power of the Kyuubi and Juubi." Kisame said as he looked at the two Jinchuriki.

Sasuke continued to struggle against Itachi grasp. Itachi just held his younger brother's arm, not showing any sign of struggle to keep him still. "That's enough!" Itachi told him as he snapped the younger Uchiha's arm, causing him to scream out in pain.

"Sasuke! Alright, that's it!" Naruto said as he began to perform hand signs. "Ninja Art: Summoning…"

"Too slow!" Kisame said as he brought Samehada down, slicing straight through Naruto's chakra, which instantly disappears.

"Huh? What's going on?" Naruto asked confused. "I, I can't feel my chakra."

"My Samehada cuts through chakra and devours it." Kisame explained. "And now that your chakra is gone, you shouldn't be any more trouble. But just in case, I should cut off your arms."

"Naruto!" I yelled and rushed over.

I lunged in the air grabbed Naruto. As Kisame's Samehada came down, it struck my chakra wall instead and devoured the chakra, just like it had done Naruto's. Now I was standing right beside Naruto as Kisame stood before us.

"Stupid girl, what are you going to do now?" Kisame asked. "Now you and the other brat have no chakra at all."

"Pup, use your lightning ability!" Kiyiya screamed in my head.

"Uh, right." I replied.

I quickly charged a ball of lightning into my hand and sent it out towards Kisame. But before my attack could strike him, he brought his sword forward and absorbed the attack. When he moved the sword from in front of him, I saw that Kisame now had a pissed off look on his face. He took a hold of his sword and made a move towards Naruto and I. But just before he could, a cloud of smoke came from nowhere and a toad appeared and blocked Samehada.

"You don't seem to know very much about me….." said the unforgettable voice of Master Jiraiya. "I'm better at getting girls than they are trying to get me. Even though it doesn't look like it. It's my specialty."

"Okay, he is really talking like that at a moment like this." I thought while I had a plain, uninterested look on my face.

"I'm Jiraiya, the Toad Sage. I will fall for no woman's feminine wiles. When you're someone like me, you'll only have to flash that sexiness to have women fall at your feet!"




I continued to have that uninterested look on my face as I looked at Naruto and Master Jiraiya as they continued to argue with one another. But soon it was suddenly interrupted by an evil chuckle, which came from Kisame.

"So, it's one of the Legendary Sanin, The Great Jiraiya, eh?" Kisame said. "You like beautiful women but we weren't thinking that such a simple method could successfully stall you anyway... And I see that you somehow managed to release the Genjutsu we cast on her."

Jiraiya did nothing but glare at the older Uchiha as he placed the unconscious woman down. "What kind of coward would do something like that?" he asked. "Using his Sharingan to inflict a Genjutsu on an innocent woman…..all in order to separate Naruto from me."

"Separate us? But why?" Naruto asked himself.

"I know that he's the one you're really after." He told them. "Not only that, but you're after Kazumi as well. Sasuke made it worse by bring her here."

"No wonder Kakashi knew about this….you were the source of information." Itachi said. "To abduct Naruto and Kazumi…..those were the orders given to us by the higher echelons of our organization, "Akatsuki"."

"You won't get either of them." Jiraiya told them.

"And why not?" asked Itachi.

"Because right here, right now, you two will die by my hand." Jiraiya answered.

"Stay out of this!" a strangled voice suddenly called out. Everyone turned to see that it was Sasuke. "The only one….who is going to eliminate him….is me!"

"I have absolutely no interest in you right now." Itachi told him.

"Of course….revenge." thought Jiraiya.

Sasuke clenched his fists and ran forward, aiming a punch at Itachi. But Itachi merely countered with a kick, which knocked Sasuke into the far wall in the hallway. But that wasn't enough, for the older Uchiha came and started attacking the younger one. Each blow caused Sasuke to cough up blood. Itachi soon picked up Sasuke by his collar and slammed him into the wall, holding him there.

"You don't have enough hate….you're still too weak." Itachi said coldly. "And you know something? You never will." He whispered as he closed his eyes and reopened them to reveal the Mangekyo Sharingan. He then used his ability, Tsukiyomi, and casted it on Sasuke. Tsukiyomi made Sasuke relive the Uchiha Massacre for the next 24 hours. That one day was only a second in the real world.

"That's enough! I'm through standing around!" Naruto yelled.

He quickly took off to go help Sasuke. Seeing this, and seeing enough as well, I ran forward and followed Naruto while Master Jiraiya stayed where he stood. As we ran, something started covering the walls, ceiling and floor, trapping all of us in our spots. We saw the stuff suck Sasuke in, pulling him out of Itachi's grasp.

"Huh?" I said.

"What the…? What's going on?" Naruto asked.

Ninja Art: Toad Mouth Trap!" Jiraiya yelled.

"Whoa! I'm not liking this at all." Said Naruto.

"Neither am I." I agreed, starting to feel unease. Man I hated frogs and this wasn't making things better "This feels so uncomfortable."

"You've both been swallowed by the mountain toad." Jiraiya told Itachi and Kisame. "Welcome my friends to the bell of the beast! It has a very sensitive digestive track, be careful not to upset him. It's not the most glorious way to die, is it? It must be humbling to know to have been reduce to toad bait." He chuckled.

"Oh damn it, that makes the situation even more better." I thought with a sarcastic tone.

"Naruto! Kazumi! Just stay and remain calm. Trust in my jutsu." He told us.

"Easy for you to say." I thought. "I'm in a damn frog's stomach!"

"Kisame, come." Itachi said.

Kisame pulled his feet out of the flesh but had a harder time getting his sword free. "Easier said than done!" he replied as he finally got his sword free. He soon made a run for it, along with Itachi. As they approached the end of the hall, which was also covered in flesh, Itachi closed his eyes and suddenly an explosion was heard. Jiraiya ran down and turned the corner and found that the fugitives had somehow managed to blast a hole through the wall to escape. Left behind were lingering black flames.

"He did the impossible….he broke through the wall." Jiraiya thought.

"What's with this fire? Its black." Naruto asked as he inched closer to it.

"Don't stupidly move closer to it!" Jiraiya yelled, causing Naruto to quickly back away from it.

Master Jiraiya pulled out a scroll and sealed the jutsu inside before sealing it. Once completed, he deactivated his jutsu, causing the building to return back to normal. As Sasuke fell, I immediately caught him and leaned him against the wall. Naruto hastily rushed over towards us. As Naruto and I kneeled beside Sasuke, something caught all of our attentions when a kunai flew in and struck the wall.


"Dynamic Entry!"

"Gai?" Jiraiya asked.

Gai Sensei came in and struck Jiraiya with a strong kick that knocked him off his feet. Naruto and I just looked at the two as we watched the entire incident play out. I noticed Gai had a shocked look once he realized who he attacked. Once Jiraiya was up, Gai quickly apologizes.

"Well, it's alright. But right now, we're got to get Sasuke medical attention at once." Jiraiya said. "He seems to received a fractured rib, a broken arm and has been knocked out by whatever jutsu Itachi used on him."

"Could it be the same jutsu he used on Kakashi?" Gai thought.

"Pervy Sage! Is Sasuke going to be okay?" Naruto asked.

"He took a tolerable amount of mental damage." Jiraiya said.

"What the hell did that guy do to him?" I pondered to myself.

"Okay Pervy Sage, new game plan. I admit that those goons scared me a little, but it's us they're after right?" Naruto said as he gestured to himself and me. "Well okay then, we'll give them what they want."

"Hm, nice speech kid, but I'm afraid you're not in the same league as them. You both still need a lot more training." Jiraiya explained. "Look at me, what would you have done if I hadn't shown up? It took me all I had to get them away from you."

"So you suggest we do NOTHING!" Naruto yelled, outraged. "We just sit here and wait for them to hit!"

"Naruto, Master Jiraiya is right." I told him, making him look at me. "We are nowhere near their level. And if we go after them now, we would be just running to our deaths and that will not help anyone, especially Sasuke."

Naruto looked at me for a minute before his expression relaxed a little. After understanding what I told him, he looked down towards Sasuke. He knew I was right, even if I didn't want to be. I wanted to go after them just as bad as he did.

"I'm sorry Gai. I wanted to let Sasuke fight his own fight. But now I see that I should have intervened sooner." Jiraiya said.

"I see now. This was obviously the same jutsu Kakashi was hit with." Gai said. "We're not sure when he'll come out of it."

"Kakashi Sensei!?" Naruto yelled.

"Kakashi was hit with the same Jutsu like Sasuke?" I thought to myself. "If that's the case then he is probably in the same condition. That's explains why he was asleep in his bed."

"Huh? Kazumi-chan?" Naruto called as he saw the look on my face, or should I say, in my eyes.

"There is nothing worse than seeing your students fall in battle." Gai said. "It's like losing little pieces of your soul. What we need is a supreme medical specialist. A master of the Healing Arts."

"You're right." Jiraiya said. "And the woman you speak of is the one we're come to find."

"The woman?" Gai asked. "You don't mean…"

A smirk appeared on Jiraiya's face. "Yes, that's exactly who I mean. Another one of the Legendary Sanin. The Queen of Slugs and Elixirs, the Gambling Fool and Mistress of the Healing Arts! Lady Tsunade…."

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