The Younger Sister of Kakashi Hatake

Chapter 25

Chapter Twenty-Five: Rock Lee And Kazumi Versus Kimimaru

While Naruto was distracted by Sasuke's behavior, Kimimaru took the opportunity to attack. Kimimaru had his bone sword out and ready to strike Naruto. But just before that could happen, someone appeared and kicked Kimimaru away from Naruto. Kimimaru was able to land on his feet once he was back on the ground. The individual that kicked him landed on the ground and they weren't alone.

"Who are you?" he asked as he looked up.

"Your new opponents. I'm Rock Lee." Lee told him.

"And Kazumi Hatake." I said.

"Kazumi?! Bushy-brows!" Naruto said in shock. "Where, where did you two come from?"

"Naruto. I know that this may be a little overwhelming to see us here right now, but we don't have time to waste." I told him.

"Kazumi is right." Lee agreed. "Allow us to handle this guy."

"While we hold him off, you go after Sasuke." I said, looking back at him out the corner of my eye. "You're the only one who can bring him back."

"Are, are you sure?" he asks.

"It's okay, we can take him." I assured him. "Now go, so you can bring Sasuke home."

"Hmm, these two look skillful." Kimimaru thought.

"Okay, Kazumi, Bushy-brows, but be careful!" Naruto told us. "He uses his own bones to attack!"

"Bones?" we asked.

"This guy…. He's really, really strong." Naruto says.

"Hmm, understood." I told him. "Now, please Naruto. Hurry and go. We can take it from here."

"We'll defeat him and that's a promise." Lee assured him.

"Right! Go for it, Kazumi-chan! Bushy-brows!" Naruto says and starts to leave.

"You think I'll let you go!?" Kimimaru says.

Kimimaru draws his weapon and jumps over Lee, aiming for Naruto. Just as he was about to land a hit, I came forward and blocked the attack with my sword. Kimimaru's eyes soon look down at me as I held him back.

"Naruto, is no longer your opponent!" I growled.

While Kimimaru's attention was on me, Naruto quickly took the opportunity to make a run for it. "Good luck, Bushy-brow, Kazumi-chan." Naruto thought as he looked back, still running forward.

"You don't have time to look elsewhere!" Lee yelled. He came from behind, aiming an attack at Kimimaru's back. But sensing this, Kimimaru pushed my sword away and jumped back to avoid being hit. Lee recovered and stood a few feet in front of me while we glared at Kimimaru who stood before us.

"Hmm, he's strong all right. But my body is responding perfectly." Lee told me. "We can handle this guy, right Kazumi?"

"Right." I replied. I walked up so I was right next to him. "We need to do our part, so let's do it by taking care of this guy."

Normal Point of View:

Back at the Village, Lady Tsunade was standing inside a hospital room with Kotetsu and Izumo. They were both admitted because of their injuries. As she stood there, looking out the window, the door opened, revealing a medical ninja.

"She's in here." He told someone.

The said individual appeared and it was none other than Gai. He was breathing hard, obviously from running. As he entered, he hit the side of his head against the door frame. He soon fell to the ground. Lady Tsunade walked over and looked down at the Jounin.

"Gai? What is it?" she asked. "Did something happen on your mission?"

"No. it went without a hitch." He said as he panted heavily. "Then I ran back as swiftly as my feet could carry me. But who cares about my mission!? Tell me how Lee's surgery went." Tsunade kneeled down to one knee and placed a hand on Gai's shoulder.

"The surgery was a success." She smiled. "I've also given him the okay to start back training tomorrow." Gai was happy, but suddenly another medical Nin appeared.

"We seem to have a problem." The second one said. "Its Rock Lee. He's disappeared from his room." This caused Gai to scream.

Naruto's Point of View:

Lee and I were handling ourselves quite well against Kimimaru. Lee was able to get in more hits then myself, since his Taijutsu level and speed far succeeded my own. Lee was able to strike Kimimaru in the shoulder, knocking him back. But when he got back to his feet, we watched as he rearranged his bones back in place.

"That's… disgusting." I groaned.

"We need to do something more. We have to take this guy down." Lee said.

"Okay. I'll follow your lead." I told him.

Lee rushed forward, aiming to strike Kimimaru. But because that his speed and agility was so great, he missed. He rushed forward to punch him, but Kimimaru easily side stepped to his left and got behind him. I saw Kimimaru aiming right for Lee, so I rushed forward with my sword. Before he could, his bone sword struck mine.

"I got you." I told him. As I continued to block his bone, my lightning chakra began to appear around the blade of my katana. Seeing this, Kimimaru instantly jumps back, breaking our struggle. "Darn it. I almost had him."

"Thanks, Kazumi." Lee said as he stood up. "Oh man, I almost forgot."

"Huh? What is it, Lee?" I asked.

"I have to take my medicine at a certain time." He told me. "And unfortunately, that time happens to be right now."

I kept an eye on Kimimaru but also on Lee as well. I saw him take a bottle out from his pouch. Without hesitation, he gulped down the entire bottle. The look on his face told me that it wasn't the best tasting medicine either. But a few seconds later, Lee suddenly became wobbly and looked like he was about to fall over.

"Uh, huh? Lee? Are you all right?" I asked. He was stumbling that he fell against me. "Hey, Lee. If that medicine makes you drowsy, why the hell did you drink it?"

Instead of answering my question, I started to hear Lee snickering to himself. I continued to hold him, helping him keep his balance. As I held him, I saw his cheeks turn a bright red. I held him and took the bottle out of his hands.

"What kind of medicine is this?" I thought to myself.

"Kazumi-chan!" Lee said in a drunken slur. "You're so pretttyyyyyy."

"Lee. Snap out it right now! We're in the middle of a fight for Kami-sakes." I told him as I stood him up. "We're fighting that guy right there." I said, pointing to Kimimaru.

"Huh? Who the hell are you?" Lee asked Kimimaru. Suddenly he stood up and got into a sort of fighting stance.

"Lee?" I asked. Suddenly, Lee rushed forward, running at full speed, heading for Kimimaru. But before he got close, he tripped. "Lee!" I rushed over and kneeled beside him.

"Ouch. That hurt." He groaned.

Suddenly, Lee jumped up and began to attack. I watched as Lee caused Kimimaru to switch to defense. Lee's attack method was very, well, so not like him. But his speed and agility was extremely fast. Faster than his regular attack method. It had to be that medicine. To be honest, I really doubted that it was medicine at all. Not only was he avoiding Kimimaru's attacks, he was blocking with his hands, arms, legs and feet.

"I never knew that Lee was this good." I thought.

"He is a strong one." Kiyiya said. "There's no doubt that his specialty is Taijutsu."

As the fight continued, Lee avoided one more of Kmimaru's attacks and was able to find an opening. He drew back his fist and struck Kimimaru hard. The force of his attack knocked him back, making him drop his bone sword in the process.

"Heh, nice work, Lee." I thought.

As we stood there, the curse mark on Kimimaru's chest started to activate. It didn't spread across his body like Sasuke's though. He then brought his arm forward. Lee and I watched as his skin started to move strangely. Suddenly five spiky bones were stabbing out of his arm, surrounding his hand.

"What…what is that?" I asked myself.

"My ability is manipulating bones." Kimimaru says. "You heard that from the shadow clone brat. I will end both of your lives quickly."

Lee rushed forward, starting to fight once more. This time around, Kimimaru was blocking all of his attempts. That curse mark of his was giving him power. Thus strengthening his speed, defense and agility. Lee was about to strike him in the chest, but something happened. Kimimaru's bones pierced out of his chest. They struck Lee, sending him back.

"Damn. Hiss control isn't just limited to his arms." I said to myself. "This is bad. He whole body is a weapon."

"Unbelievable, isn't it?" he asks. "This is my Bloodline Limit."

"Bloodline Limit?" Lee asked as he sat up.

"Lee, you're all right?" I asked.

"My head is pounding like a drum. And why is my face bleeding." I heard Lee say as I kneeled beside him.

"Lee? You don't remember what you did?" I asked.

"No. I guess I really was in a daze." He said looking up towards Kimimaru. "Ugh! What in the world happened to you?"

"Wow. He really doesn't remember." I thought.

"So, your medicine had finally warn off. You're looking at my Advance Bloodline." He replies. "My Advanced Bloodline is manipulating the cellular structure of my bones. By controlling how my bones use calcium, I can create bone. There are two hundred and six bones n your body, but I am not limited to that number."

"Not limited, to that number?" I said. And with that, another rib bone appeared above the top one. "He, he just created another bone." I thought.

"Hmm, that's impressive, but bone is bone either way!" Lee said as he ran forward. "When that bone is broken, it's all over!" Lee struck Kimimaru's bone armor and quickly jumped back.

"Lee, what's wrong?" I asked.

"His bones. They're strong." He answered. "I don't even think they are human bones."

"It could be because of his curse mark as well." I pointed out. "It's probably strengthening his bloodline ability."

"I have an idea." Lee whispered. "We will attack him from both sides. I'll appear behind him, you take a frontal attack."

"Okay, got it." I replied as I raised my sword.

Lee and I rushed forward. He disappeared and reappeared behind Kimimaru while I continued a direct attack. Just as we were closing in, Kimimaru expanded more of his bones. This time around, not only was his chest protected, but so were his arms, shoulders and back. And to make things worse, he stopped out attacks. Kimimaru spun around, striking me and Lee at the same time. He soon kicked Lee back and kicked me back to land right beside him.

"Ouch. What the heck was that?" I groaned as I sat up.

"He was able to get us both?" Lee questioned. "There's only one other way."

"Huh? What do you mean?" I asked him.

"Kazumi, we're going to have to stall him. That's our mission." Lee said as he stood up. He started unwrapping his bandages. "And we need to see it through."

"We have to find a way to get pass his bones. And since he can cover his entire body with them, it's going to be impossible." I replied. I stood up, grasping my sword.

"I'm going to have to reveal my secret technique if I'm to best him." Lee said.

"Lee, you just had surgery." I pointed out. "Are you sure it's a good idea for you to strain your body? Especially this soon?"

"It can't be helped." He replied.

With that, Lee rushed forward. Once close enough to Kimimaru, he started to circle him, picking up dirt in the process. Lee soon opened the first gate as he wrapped his bandage around Kimimaru's body. He just stood there, not even attempting to dodge the attack. Lee went in to attack, but he soon found that he foot was blocked and caught.

"Your speed is impressive, but it's over now." Kimimaru told Lee. At that time, I had rushed forward and was aiming to strike Kimimaru. But, he was able to catch my attack as well. "Pathetic." Kimimaru lifted his arms, which were both shield with bones, to create shields. I tried pulling my arm free, but his bones had a pretty good hold of me. "It's time for me to end this." Kimimaru said quietly.

Kimimaru brought both of his arms out and extended a sharp bone in the middle of his palms. He aimed one at me and the other towards Lee. Neither one of us couldn't get free and we knew that he was about to land the attack. But just as the weapon came close, I noticed sand circling around the bones. Suddenly the sand exploded, sending Kimimaru, Lee and I back in different directions. As I flew back, I was bracing myself before I struck the ground. But for some reason, the impact never came.

"What?" I asked myself as I opened my eyes. When I did, I found myself floating. Something was carrying me. To my surprise, I found myself being held by….sand? Now I was really confused. Slowly and carefully, I was placed on the ground. I looked up to see someone, familiar, standing beside me.

"Who are you?" Kimimaru asked.

"Huh? G… Gaara?" Lee and I exclaimed together.

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