Being with you! ( Femizuku x Bakugo)


Izu midoryia is the new girl at school and everything is going fine until she's paired with Bakugo Katsuki for a project. As they work the sexual tension is unbearable and Izu's forced to submerge her true feelings for bakugo. Will they be forever friends with benefits...or something more.

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New girl


As I change into my school uniform for the day I think about how I was bombarded with questions yesterday. All the girls were saying things like “Aww she’s so cute” and “Where’d you get your hair done?” I blushed and stutter for responses.

I look at myself, in my full-length mirror and smile in satisfaction. I give myself a thumbs up and say “Let’s show them what we got!”

“IZU WHO ARE YOU TALKING TO!” I hear my mother yell from downstairs.

I laugh and grab my backpack. “No one mother!”

I head downstairs and walk over to the fruit basket on the counter and snag a green apple. Your mother looks up at you and her eyes shine brightly.

“Izu you look SOOO cute!!!” she squeals.

You roll your eyes and grin. “Thanks mom, I’ll see you when I get home.”

“ok have a good day!!!”

I look back at her and wink as I walk out the door.

As I walk to school I recall all the faces I saw yesterday. A boy with red hair... a little purple dude, with what looked like were balls on his head...I think. Another boy with two different hair colors on each side. Then there was that boy with the red eyes.

I bite into my apple. He kept staring at me like I had come straight from hell! I’m not gonna lie he was very attractive but that’s not the resolve here. I take another bite.

I stop in the middle of the sidewalk and take a deep breath. Don’t let him get to you Izu...don’t let him lead you astray from your goals. I feel a soft furry feeling on my leg and look down. A cat.

“Awwwww what are you doing here little guy?” I say bending down to pet him.

I look at his neck to find a collar, but there is none. The cat purrs at me and run’s its furry body along the palm of my hand. “I-I’m sorry but I have to leave.... I have school.”

I stand up and look down at the cat to watch it whimper at me and rub its furry head on my bare legs and sigh. “Just this once.”

I pick up the cat and cradle it in my arms as I walk the rest of the way to school.

“AWWWWWW look a KITTY!” say’s the girl with pink skin say's as she comes running to the front of the classroom.

She reaches out her hand to pet the cat and it hisses at her, she instantly pulls her hand away.

“Don’t you know cats don’t like you Mina?” say's the boy with spiky red hair walking up to us.

He turns and looks at me with a grin on his face. He sticks out his hand and says “Hi I’m Kirishima.”

I take his hand and smile at him. “I’m Izu, nice to meet you.”

“Let’s see here” Kirishima says as he takes the cat out my arms and holds it up for everyone to see. “ALL HAIL THE CAT!”

“Jesus Christ kirishima, your just gonna hold it up and let its junk out like that?” A boy with Yellow hair say’s.

Everyone in the class laughs and so do I.

The pink skinned girl Mina, looks up at me and say’s “You better find a way to keep her lowkey because I think Mr. Aizwa’s allergic to cats.”

Kirishima hands me back the cat and nods. “Have you picked a name for it yet?”

“OOOOOOO WE SHOULD ALL PICK A NAME AS A CLASS!!” I hear the brown-haired girl say.

Everyone in the class starts giving out names at random.

“Fluffy cakes!”



No, No and no. I look pick up the cat and examine it, I sigh and say “It’s a boy everyone.”


This name war goes on for about 10 more minutes until it’s time for class to start. As you go to sit in the back, you contemplate whether or not you should keep her in your backpack. I pick a desk in the back with Mina right beside me. I try to put him (The cat) in my backpack) but it’s kind of difficult.

“Can’t it die from suffocation?” Mina say’s with a confused look on her face.

I sigh and shrug. I guess I’ll just keep her in my lap.

The classroom door opens and the boy with blond hair and red eye’s walk’s in looking mad as ever. His eye’s scan the room and when the find mine I see his jaw clench. What the heck is his problem? He walks over to the back of the classroom and sits down at the table where Kirishima is sitting, back facing me.


A bell rings signaling the beginning of class. The second the bell stop’s the classroom door slides open and a teacher walks in. He has a scarf wrapped around his neck and black hair down to his shoulders. He walks slowly to his desk up front and sit’s there staring at us.

I can feel the atmosphere in the room start to get heavy really fast.

“Today at the end of class you will pick a piece of paper from a bowl, and who’s ever name is on it will be your partner for your hero-costume project.” Mr. Aizwa said.


Mr. Aizwa stands up and gets some chalk to write on the board. “Now class take out your- ACHOO!!”

The class snickers as Mr. Aizwa sneezes repedatley. He turns around with the crook of his arm covering his mouth and glares at us.

I look sideways at mina and can see she’s nervous to. If I get caught I’m screwed. I peek down at my backpack to see the bag moving slightly and lightly tap it with my foot. The moving stops.

Mr. Aizwa turns back around to write again.

“Ok class take out your- ”


Everyone including Mr. Aizwa turns their heads to the back of the room, at me and mina. I smile and wave my hand a little while as Mina shields her face with her hand.

“What was that noise?” He asks taking his arm away from his mouth.

“S-sorry it was my......quirk.” I say blushing, looking down at my hands in my lap.

Mr. Aizwa raises an eyebrow. “Your quirk enables you to sound like a cat?”

Quiet laughter fills the room as I nod my head slowly. I glance over at Mina and her head is completely down on her desk. I can hear her shaking with laughter.

I smile and say “ just comes out sometimes, I’ll try to be quieter......meow.”

More snickering.

For the rest of the class Aizawa sighs and continues giving us directions without any Interruptions.

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