Charmed Melinda Season 2


A new Witch is in town with very unusual powers. This season, Melinda and her brothers have to go all out to stop this powerful Witch. In the meantime they have to deal with new powers and their love

Action / Fantasy
Valentijn M. Civi
Age Rating:

Not all new things are fun!


Season 2

Episode 1

Not all new things are fun!

15th July 2020 Los Angeles

Casey’s parental house

The house was full of people. Casey became fifth teen years old. Her parents had organized a surprise party for her. It was a beautiful summer day. There was no cloud in the sky. Everything was perfect.

Music was on and people were enjoying themselves in the pool or around it. Casey was walking through the crowd, searching for her boyfriend Michel. She had been seen him a year now and he was sweet and caring. She loved him a lot. Casey had been searching for him in the house and around the pool, he couldn’t be found there either. She hadn’t looked at one place. She walked around the house to the barn. She was sipping on her drink, while she walked smiling to the barn. Then she opened the door to see him kissing her worst enemy at high school, Priscilla. Michel saw her and looked surprised and let go of Priscilla. Casey ran away from the barn, back to the pool area. Till she was stopped by another schoolmate of hers.

‘Casey? Are you alright? What’s wrong?’ She asked concerned.

Casey couldn’t speak. She started to cry and the moment her tear touched the ground, the sun started to disappear. By the next tear, it started to rain. It poured from the heavens. It looked like the Gods were angry. Michel stood behind Casey and grabbed her arm to turn her around. She slowly turned around to face him. Her pain turned into anger and out of nowhere lighting came from the skies and hit Michel. Casey stepped away, while others started to scream out in shock. Casey didn’t blink. The moment he took his last breath, the rain stopped and the sun came back again.

‘Oh my god!’ People around her started to scream and came closer to see the burned body of Michel.

Her parents rushed over to comfort their daughter, but she didn’t want any comfort. She just wanted to go to her room.

In her room, she sat down on her bed and looked at the mirror, which was across her bed. She had done that. She had felt it. Somehow she knew that she had done it. She kept staring at herself. She had controlled the weather. The elements!

Present day 07 July 2026

The last three months it had been Demon light around the Charmed Ones. The war had hit both sides hard, but in the end, good had won. Darkness needed time to re-strengthen again, before they could start planning to attack the Charmed Ones. The raw power of Melinda didn’t do them any favors too. All powerful Demons had died in the last year. So they lay low for the time being.

This gave the Charmed Ones to do normal things and make important decisions. The Manor had been become more crowded than ever. Caroline, Bianca and Jake had moved in. it was a madhouse in the beginning. They all got to use to each other, living 24/7 with each other. On the other side, they were now stronger than ever. They had a phoenix, a Whitelighter, the Charmed Ones and raw power and not to least a human witch in the house. The demons would be crazy to attack them.

So they all moved one room. Wyatt and Caroline took their parents room, as the Eldest. Chris and Bianca got Wyatt’s room. Melinda and Jake got Chris his room. Melinda’s room became storage room, as they were too afraid to put the good stuff in the attic, as everything there got smashed.

The problem was that all of them had a lot of stuff. The room was becoming overfull.

Now that they were all living together, everything was used twice as much than normal, so the bills started to come in and were much higher than regular ones. After a long family meeting, they decided, that some of them needed to get a job otherwise they could get in serious problems.

Wyatt started working at the car garage of Mitchell’s son. It was his Aunt Paige his first charge when she became a Whitelighter. His son has taken over and had the same power of hyper speed, like his dad.

This way, Mitchel junior understood if Wyatt needed to orb out suddenly. Besides, Wyatt was fascinated by the cars. He always orbed, so he never needed a car. So it was cool to learn about them.

Melinda got back to the baby clinic, where she had met Lizzy and asked if they still needed someone and they did. They had also spoken with Lizzy and she had told nothing but how nice and helpful Melinda has been. So she was hired and had flexible hours. She had two girls she had to keep in touch with and help them before the birth and after. So when they needed her, they called her up. This meant she still could be a lot home to help Jake with the house.

Jake had become a bit of everything. He did the housecleaning, cooking, gave guidance, spent a lot of time at magic school, training to be high priest. Silvia wanted that her coven line would continue and he was the last one, she could teach, before she would be too old. Jake felt honored and loved learning al this beautiful knowledge and magic.

Caroline had no choice in the kind of job she would like to do. Her job was to protect and guide the Charmed Ones. Chris had become a Whitelighter again. He had also taken over his brothers charges. He kept orbing in and out, but in the evening, they all were home. Unless there really was a big problem or a huge Demon hunt, otherwise around 7 o’clock they were sitting at the table. They talked about their days and what they have learned or got annoyed about. Their system was good and tight.

Train station San Francisco

Casey got out and looked around. It was pretty crowded. This was de city of the Charmed Ones. She had heard about them in LA and wanted to meet them. She loved being a witch and control the elements. But she had not always control over them. Some years had passed and she had completely got used to her powers. Only sometimes when she was really sad or angry, things happened around her with the weather. Every time it happened, she tried to stop it. Instead she made it worse. She needed to learn to focus her emotions with her powers. She wanted to be with a boy. After Michel, she had not much boyfriends. Every time she explained what she was capable of, they all ran and gave her the feeling that she was a freak. Maybe the Charmed Ones could help her?


Chris was talking with a fellow Whitelighter when one of the Elders came up to them and looked at them. Chris lifted his head and looked at the Elder.

Chris: Can I help you with something? He asked and stared at the Elder.

Jonah: Don’t you feel it?

Chris: Feel what? He said and stood up.

Jonah: There has just arrived a very strong witch in San Francisco. We don’t know what she is able or why she is here. Maybe it is false alarm, but we would like you to check out.

Chris: Sure, point somewhere and I will go check.

Jonah: That’s the thing. We can feel her, but can’t track her. Maybe you can, with your combined powers. If you orb to the last place where we have felt her, before she blocked us, maybe then you can follow her trail?

Chris: I can try, he said and got up.

Jonah told him where he could find this power. Chris orbed in the corner of the Station and looked around. It was pretty crowded and to find someone between this amount of people was almost impossible. He came out of his hiding place and started to walk around. This was pointless. He stood still in the middle of the hall and closed his eyes. He tried to sense magic. Till someone jerked at his arm and shook it. He opened his eyes and there stood this beautiful girl in front of him.

Casey: Are you ok? I feel strange vibes coming from you.

Chris opened his eyes and was staring at Casey. She was beautiful. On the other hand she also looked like a handful. He felt magic coming from her in waves. Like his sister.

Chris: Yes I am fine. I was searching for someone.

Casey: With your eyes closed? She asked raising her eyebrows and smiling.

Chris: I was trying to sense a person, but I guess I have found what I was looking for.

Casey: Really? Where? Who? She asked looking around.

Chris: You.

Casey backed away from him. Her smile had gone and now she looked scared, almost angry. She made two fists and looked like she was about to attack.

Chris: Whoa! Easy. I am one of the good guys.

Casey: Who are you? How did you know where to find me?!

Chris: I am a Charmed One and a Whitelighter. The Elders asked me to check this power we sensed.

Casey: How can I know for sure that you are the real deal?

Chris: You are not very trusty, are you?

Casey: Give me one good reason, why I should trust you? I have seen and been through enough to trust no one.

Chris: Ok, maybe if I take you to the Manor and you meet my brother and sister, then you believe?

Casey: Fine, but no orbing.

She didn’t wait for his answer and turned around to walk out of the station. She checked witch bus she had to take and bought two tickets. She figured that Chris would not have any money on him. Chris was just watching what she was doing and when she handed his ticket, he looked at it.

Chris had never taken a bus. So this was all new for him. The bus came and they got in. He kept staring around him and at everyone that came in and sat down. He was very edgy and sharp. Ready to orb out, if needed. Casey looked at him and laughed, while she shook her head. She figured that this must be completely new for him and that he always must have orbed, so it was fun to watch him. He was cute.


Melinda was pissed. She was looking around and the whole room was a mess. A brave Demon had decided to pay her a visit, while she was all alone. That moment Wyatt came in, looking dirty.

Wyatt: Whoa. What happened in here? He asked looking around.

Melinda: I don’t know exactly. He was talking about a new power that was in town and that it was his job to make sure that we will be not protecting her. That she was a threat to all of us. A power that could switch both ways! Then out of nowhere he started to attack and he was strong. It took me a lot of blows, before he was gone. So as the living room, she said looking around. She started to chant the spell she used constantly around the house:

"Let the object of objection become but a dream, as I cause the seen to be unseen."

All the furniture started to change back in their old selves and in a minute everything looked normal again. She looked satisfied around and then at her brother, who had his eyes brow up.

Melinda: What? She asked and walked away, not waiting for his answer about personal gain.

While she was walking to the kitchen, Jake came downstairs and she stopped to give him a kiss and walk together to the kitchen. When Jake was downstairs, the front door opened and Chris came in with Casey.

Chris: Hi guys. Come and meet Casey.


Slith: Lady Varyn. I have some good and bad news my Lady.

Varyn: What is it? She asked bored.

Slith: Well the good news is that the minion has achieved his goal and brought one of the Charmed Ones the message about the new power, just before he was vanquished. The bad news is that the Charmed Ones has already found her and it seems that they are going to protect her.

Varyn: What? How is it possible that the Charmed Ones found her already?

Slith: It seems that the Elders must have sensed her too and send one of the Charmed Ones to search for her, before the minion even attacked.

Varyn: This is indeed no good news. My plans will be ruined, if we don’t get her out of the Manor of the Charmed Ones, immediately. I need her powers. I want her powers. When I have them, I will shatter the world with rain and cold. Darkness will rule the world. People will beg me, to give them a bit sun.


Melinda: So you can control the elements? She asked curious but reserved.

Casey: Yes I can. I found out about it when I was 15.

Wyatt: That must have been tough. Going through puberty and finding out about your powers.

Casey: Actually puberty was more difficult than learning about my powers. From the moment I used it felt right. It felt like me. The only nasty part of it is that my boyfriend died in the process.

Chris: What do you mean? He asked.

Casey looked at him and smiled. He was handsome. She started to tell the story of how she found out about her powers. How she found him kissing with her nemesis. How she flipped and ran. Another girl stopped her and how she started to cry and immediately it started to rain. With every drop it rained harder. Then she told them how he touched her and she turned around to face him. How she felt powerful and full of rage. She thought of how nice it would be if he just got hit by lighting and out of nowhere, he actually got hit by it, right in front of her.

Wyatt: That must have been awful for you? He asked.

Casey: Yes and no. At the moment I was so angry. I didn’t feel much. I was more thinking about my powers then losing him.

Chris: What happened after that night? How did you end up here?

Casey: I ran away basically when I was 15 and never looked back. After I stayed all over the place and tried to figure out why I got this powers? Then a Whitelighter appeared and helped me out. Told me what I was capable of and how to control my powers. He told me that I was special. I could go both ways, he kept telling me.

Melinda: That’s what the Demon was telling me too.

Casey: Demon? She asked eyebrows rising.

Melinda: Just before you guys came, I was attacked by a Demon, who came to warn me about you and that you are a danger to us all. So are you?

Casey: I am sorry. I am not quite sure what you mean?

Melinda: Oh come on. You look like you are street smart, so I think you understand well.

Wyatt: Mel, chill a bit.

Melinda: Listen, all I know is that the underworld seems to be afraid of her. On the other hand, they are also very eager that we don’t protect her. It also means that someone has not charged all the crystals otherwise the Demon could never come in.

Casey: Ok. I am not sure what you talking about, but I am not planning to hurt anybody and I am not a danger to anybody. I just want to be as normal as possible.

Melinda: Are you blind? You can use the elements. All four of them. Even now you can collect all the air in the house to attack us for example. From glass water, you can probably make a small tsunami.

Chris: Ok, now you are overreacting.

Casey: No, she is not. She has a point.

Melinda: Casey listen to me. I didn’t mean to hurt you, but the truth must be said. If you get pissed, bad things can happen. A lot of people can get hurt. That doesn’t make you evil or good, but just an angry girl with a lot of power.

Casey: Funny to hear this from your mouth, she said challenging Melinda. I believe you have destroyed the Source and also a Witch of the First Order, mostly thanks to your raw power. Which all magical creates has felt, including me. I think if someone is able to destroy the world with a blink of her eye, is you honey.

Melinda looked at her for a while and knew she had a point. Still she had to make her point.

Melinda: I have two brothers and a complete magical family who helped me to control the raw power. Otherwise you would be right. I would have destroyed the world by now. Now I control the raw power.

So, the question is if you control your powers or do they control you?

Now Casey looked away and her brothers looked at Melinda, not understanding what she was trying to do.

Casey: So now what? You won’t help me? Because I don’t need a Whitelighter/ Witch to help me. I need the Power of Three.

Melinda: Why? Is someone after you?

Casey: Look I understand that you are not a fan of me and see me as a danger.

Melinda: That’s not it. It is more like I feel like I am sitting with a time bomb in my attic. I just wonder what happens if you get angry, but you have come here for our help and help is what you will get. So tell us what happened?

Chris: Don’t worry Casey. We are going to help you! He said and placed his hand on her shoulder.

Casey lifted her hand and touched his hand and smiled at him. That moment Bianca came in with Caroline.


Varyn was walking around in her liar. She needed those powers. Then she would be unstoppable and the whole underworld and above would bow for her. She had been waiting years for this moment. She had heard of the girl who controls the elements long ago, but it seemed like a fairytale, but now she was here and so close. Damn the Charmed Ones. Good made her sick. Slith shimmered smiling.

Varyn: Any news?

Slith: She is still at the Manor, but I found out that the protection of the Manor is down. Don’t know why, but we are able to shimmer in the Manor again.

Varyn: That is excellent news. Gather as much as soldiers as you can and attack them now. Kill the Charmed Ones if you get the change, but your main goal is the new power. Got it?

Slith: Yes my lady. I will not fail you, he said bowing and then shimmered out.

Manor, attic

Chris: Hey honey, he said and let go of Casey, so he could walk over to Bianca.

Bianca didn’t look pleased and walked past him and stood by Melinda, close to the book.

Caroline: What’s going on?

Chris: This is the new power, which has arrived to San Francisco.

Bianca: She is the one who everybody is worried about? She said almost laughing.

Casey: And you are?

Bianca came closer and held her hand out to shake Casey’s.

Bianca: I am Bianca and I am a phoenix, she said proudly, like she had something to prove.

Casey got up and backed away from her.

Casey: You and your kind stay away from me. I am not letting you take my powers! If you want them, you have to kill me first! She started to shout and kept walking backwards to the door.

Wyatt: Whoa. Hold on. Nobody is attacking anybody. Bianca is one of the good guys. Really!

Casey: I had heard of it, but didn’t believe it, but you guys, really work together with Demons. It seems that I have come to the wrong place. You three are not able to help me at all.

Melinda: Wait a minute sister. You cannot just accuse us of stuff like that. Bianca is indeed a Demon. But from she was a little girl, she has always been with Chris and always helped good.

Casey: Her kind, are bounty hunters. They track you and stick their hands in your body to steal your power. Demons have been sending them a lot, as they can reform to attack me.

Casey kept walking backwards, with her hands in front of, ready to attack.

Jake walked into the attic and they bumped in to each other. She quickly turned around and created a whirl of wind around her, using the air in the attic. This made almost everybody collapse immediately. They couldn’t breathe. Jake who had just come back from training saw the wind coming at him and held his hand up and mumbled something in an old language and the wind whirl reflected on him and reverted to Casey and hit her hard, from that short distance. She felt on her back and quickly got up.

Jake: What the hell? Take it easy lady! He said and looked into the attic.

Everybody was on the floor. He quickly went to the window and opened, so air could get in. Casey looked at him for a moment. She felt that he was human, but still had magic in him. He was fascinating.

Melinda: Enough! She shouted. Guys this is Casey. She can control the Elements. The Elders and the Demons think that she is a danger to us all, because she can go both ways, depending on her mood and emotions. We cannot force her to choose a side. The only thing we can do is what we do best. We help an innocent. That’s what she is, if Demons are after her and her powers. Maybe by helping and showing that there also good and nice people, she can decide which side she wants to be one. So tells us about this Demon, as you were about too, before we got interrupted.


Slith: Ok men. We are going to attack the Charmed Ones in their own home. Remember they are all together and powerful. The target is Casey. Whatever happens, we must catch her alive, so Varyn can take her powers for herself. Is this understood? He asked firmly.

‘Yes sir’ the huge group of Demons shouted.

In a flash they were all shimmered out on their way to the Charmed Ones.

Manor, Attic

Casey had just told her stories and in meantime Wyatt and Caroline were searching in the book for the Demons she had described. Chris went downstairs with Bianca to bless the crystals again for protection.

Melinda was standing by the potions with Casey, preparing for an attack.

Caroline was just about to say that she had found the Demon, when the whole attic filled with Demons. Melinda instantly pushed Casey behind her, towards Wyatt and Caroline.

Casey noticed it and walked back, mesmerized about Melinda. She was really protecting her. Someone was protecting her for the first time in her life. She was so small and fragile, but Casey was not fouled. Melinda may be small, but she had power and a lot of it.

Melinda: Hello boys. I didn’t know we had a party? She asked challenging them.

Slith: Shut it witch. We are here for her. Give her to us or we will kill you all and take her with force.

Wyatt telepathically called for Chris. Chris and Bianca orbed in instantly, right next to Wyatt.

They looked at the army of Demons. Melinda held her hands up to freeze the room. Most of the Demons froze, some started to create fire balls and energy balls and threw them to Melinda. Melinda started to blow them up as fast as she could. Wyatt stood before the book and started to blow the ones that were frozen with energy waves from his hands. Bianca conjured a knife and started to fight the Demons. Chris used his telekinesis powers to throw the Demons away who were close to him and then orbed out and in to make them hit each other. Carline stood by Casey to orb her out if needed. Casey was breathing hard. She wanted to fight to. She couldn’t watch how others were fighting for her and she did nothing to help.

Casey: Enough! She shouted. My turn! She shouted again.

She closed her eyes and called upon all the fire balls that the Demons had in their hands and were throwing. It became a huge fireball in front of her. Everybody stopped fighting to watch what was going on. It became windy in the room. Casey’s hair was flying all over. She looked a bit like Melinda when she transformed, but darker. The fireball around her started to become a circle around her and kept going in circles. Caroline backed away from her and quickly grabbed the Book of Shadows, just in case it would catch fire. Casey took a few steps and was almost standing in the middle of the attic. A few Demons through their energy balls, but she stopped them to and added it to her fire circle. Now between the fire it was cracking with lighting. She closed her eyes for a moment.

When she opened them, she looked different. In one eye you could see flames and in the other lighting.

It was pretty scary and powerful. She looked at the room and from out the circle lighting started to struck only demons. It passed Melinda and Wyatt, who were standing pretty close to her and went directly to the Demon behind them. It happened so fast. Like the Demons came, they were gone.

When they all were disappeared, she closed her eyes again. The circles started to fade slowly and at some point it was gone completely. She opened her eyes again and she was normal again. She smiled at the room and then fell to the ground and passed out.


Varyn was pacing around. Why did it take so long? She had sent a small army. Hour had passed and nobody came. She was in the meantime raged with anger. Till she reached a point that she couldn’t think straight anymore and needed to know what had happened.

Manor, Attic

Casey was still passed out. Wyatt had put her on the couch and they had just finished cleaning. The whole attic was a complete mess. They had to buy almost all their witchy stuff again. The map, crystals, bottles, herbs and many more things. Chris and Bianca had gone downstairs, so they could fix some food. After using magic, they always got hungry. In the meantime, Chris and Bianca were discussing about why she acted so weird when she came home. Bianca confessed that she was struck with sudden and unexpected jealousy. She couldn’t help it.

Chris: Sweetie, you are my girl. I have loved you already a lifetime and I will love you a lifetime more. Nothing and nobody can make that stop. Ever! He said and kissed her intensely, before they started and the food.

In the attic they were ready with cleaning and were talking about Casey. She had just vanquished an army of Demons with their own powers. Melinda was very worried. If she could do so much damage with so little elements to use, what could she do if she was outside? There she had all the elements around her and destroy the whole world, if she wanted.

Wyatt: You are forgetting something, dear sister. You can do the same. Remember what has been said to you. You can create life and take life in a blink of an eye. You are a Goddess. So I think you are equally powerful as her.

Melinda: What will happen if we both are at full power and we have a standoff? What will happen to the world?

Casey: Do you still think I am evil? She asked not pleased.

Wyatt: Hey, you are awake! You were out of it for more take or leave an hour.

Casey: That long? That never happened before.

Melinda: Well you had to go all out, so it’s normal. I pass out too.

Casey: I wasn’t using my full power. This was nothing. Practice maybe.

Melinda looked at Wyatt and looked at Caroline, ignoring the gaze of his sister. Chris and Bianca came back with some sandwiches. Casey started to eat, if she hadn’t eaten for a weak. Chris got up and sighed.

Chris: I guess I will get some Chinese, as this will not be enough for all of us.

Wyatt: Bless you bro. I am starving.

Casey: Me too.

Chris flew over everybody to the other side of the room. Everybody got up and the plate with the sandwich fell on the ground.

Another flash of energy came their way, but Melinda froze it in midair. Varyn appeared and looked at it surprised.

Varyn: I see you have become stronger the last year. You weren’t supposed to be this strong, she said amused.

Melinda: Listen lady. We have just cleaned this place up. So I am not in the mood to start over again. Look around. You are surrounded with Whitelighter, Charmed Ones, Phoenix, Human Witch and someone who can control the elements. Do you seriously think that you will come out as a winner in this fight? I believe we have killed just a small army of Demons. Yours probably? Right?

Varyn: Just give me the girl. You have seen what she is capable off.

Melinda: So you can do what? Kill her and take her powers and add them to your demonic powers? To destroy the world? Please, can you Demons for once can come up with something smarter. So what, you couldn’t get ours, so hers will do?

Varyn: She is mine. I found her first.

Melinda: Enough. Guys shall we?

Wyatt and Chris orbed out and orbed behind her. Wyatt used his energy wave to hit her hard in her back. She flew over, but Chris used his telekinesis to hold her steady in the air and Melinda walked over to her, smiled and held hands up.

Melinda: Goodbye, she said and blew her up, without even blinking.

Casey: Wow! That was awesome. How well you are connected with each other. Nice.

Wyatt: Thanks. It’s what we do. Chris weren’t you going somewhere?

Later that night, they were sitting in the living room and were talking with Casey.

Melinda: So, what are you going to do?

Casey: I am not sure yet. The Demon that has been chasing me for two years is gone. Thanks again for that. So I feel free for now. I know more will come and I still have a lot to learn, but I think I will be ok.

Melinda: You think you will stay in San Francisco?

Casey: Why? You hope for a long summer?

Melinda blinked once, not knowing what to say for a moment.

Melinda: No, just so we can keep an eye on you. Like I said, I still think you can be a great danger, if you don’t control your powers correctly and especially you emotions.

Casey: Yeah, yeah. I know. I am the big bad, everybody is afraid off. Well I have been through worse periods and the world is still standing. So I think I will manage.

She got up and walked to the door.

Wyatt: Where are you going?

Casey: Don’t know yet. I think I will stay for a while in San Francisco. I like the place and the people so far. See ya!

Without waiting for a reaction she walked out the door, into the night.

Wyatt: You are really worried aren’t you?

Melinda: Aren’t you? Weren’t you there when she killed all those Demons with so little fire and lightning? What can she do outside? I mean it was amazing what she did and I think if she used her powers for good, she can do amazing things, but I don’t know. I have a feeling if things doesn’t go her way, then she can turn in an instant against you. All I am saying is to be careful around her and for her.

Dear Diary,

What a day! Things were just getting quit and normal around here. Now we probably have to deal with Casey and her mood swings all the time.

That girl has power. Just like me.

When we got attacked in the attic, it seemed that she knew exactly how to access her power instantly and what to do with it. I don’t want to think of what she can do. Damn it. I was really enjoying this last three months. No Demons. Everybody living their lives and being happy together, like a big family!

Of course my mom and dad had a fit, when they heard that Bianca was officially moving in. That could interfere with the good energy in the house. Chris wouldn’t want to hear a word of it and he still did what he wanted. He told them, it was not a request, but informing them about the changes. It was a tough talk, but now things are all cool and everybody is happy.

Between me and Jake things are fantastic. He’s getting pretty strong, with this old good magic. He feels like himself again. Next week is my birthday and I know he is planning something special, but he is really keeping it a secret…I hate it..I want to know…hihihihihihi..

See ya.


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