Charmed Melinda Season 2

Ancient Ones


Power of One

Episode 10

Ancient Ones


Melinda: Jake! Please breathe. Don’t you date leave me, she said crying.

24 hours earlier

Manor, Living room

Melinda ran into the living room.

Melinda: I found him. I found Jake! She said with a huge grin!

Wyatt, Chris and Casey looked surprised at Melinda, as they were interrupted rudely by Melinda.

Wyatt: What do you mean, you found him? He asked carefully.

Melinda sat down next to Casey and looked at them, while they waited with anxiety.

Melinda: I went upstairs and sat down by the map and crystal. I started to cry and was thinking of giving up of finding Jake ever again. Then it happened.

Casey: What happened? She asked curious. She was listening with big eyes.

Melinda: A tear fell on the crystal. Suddenly it started to spin by itself over the map and it stopped.

You will not believe it. He is here. He is in San Francisco. Just on the other side of the city. So who is up for some orbing or finding a teleportation potion? I think we ran out of them. Can’t find any.

Chris: Whoa, slow down sis. Breathe between your sentences.

Melinda: Sorry. I am just all worked up. I just want to find him and hold him.

Casey: Euhm, he doesn’t know who you are. So I should re-think the whole holding part just yet.

Wyatt and Chris looked horrified at Melinda, thinking she would get completely pissed off.

Melinda: Maybe you are right. Maybe when he sees me, he remembers who is again.

Chris: That doesn’t work like that. Remember when the Elders did the same to dad. Mom had to die, so he would sense their connection. Memories are tricky things. I would be very careful about handling this. Wouldn’t want you rushing into it and get disappointed.

Melinda: I know, she mumbled and looked disappointed already. You guys are right. I am just tired.

I think I am going to sleep on it and think of how to approach him.

Wyatt: I think that is an excellent idea for all of us. Fighting elementals is tiring, he said looked playfully at Casey.

Casey: Hey!! She said but was smiling too.

23 hours before


Elder Sonja: Caroline, can I speak to you for a moment?

A tired Caroline walked up to her. She tried to look normal and sharp, but was failing terribly.

Elder Sonja: I know you are tired. You have been very helpful the last couple of days. I am very proud of you, that even you chose to become a whitelighter again, you still wanted to assist the Elders in the meeting.

Caroline: Oh, no problem. You know me, always the helpful one.

Elder Sonja: We have found out who we are dealing with.

Caroline: Really? That is excellent news. I can finally tell the Charmed Ones something, so they can go and do some demon a…kicking, she said brightly.

Elder Sonja: Well, it is a bit more difficult than that. These witches are from a time, before even Melinda Warren. They were the most feared witches from their time. There are urban legends about them and they are not good. They are very very powerful.

Caroline: That doesn’t sound good.

Elder Sonja: It gets worse. As they are before the Charmed Ones, no power of three spell will work. We are not even sure if their powers will work, when they get close to the witches. What we do know is that they are summoned this night. Unfortunately by some really powerful followers, who have learned to cloak themselves from us.

Caroline: Ok, so if I understand correctly, she started. There are very powerful witches summoned right as we speak. They are evil and we have no clue how to stop them? Even the Charmed Ones will probably not be able stop them. That will be a nice pitch, when I tell them, she said annoyed.

Elder Sonja: We are doing everything we can to get as much information as we can about the Ancient Ones.

Caroline: Got it. Well I guess I go and tell the Charmed Ones.

Elder Sonja: No. You go rest. They are all sleeping. They will need their strength the coming days.

18 hours before

Manor, kitchen

The Charmed Ones were awake and eating some breakfast.

Wyatt: So, have you figured out how you are going to approach him?

Melinda: Yeah, I did. First I thought to do it slowly. Let him know me all over again, till he remembered.

Then I thought that is so not me. I have never been the patient one, so there is no denying that. So I am just going to tell him. If he doesn’t believe me, I will show him. Then I will let him be, so he can figure it out himself.

Chris: that is actually very smart sis.

Melinda: Thanks, she said smiling. I am going to get dressed and then find him. I had a dream last night, but somehow I cannot remember it. The only thing I remember is that I have to find Jake fast and he has to remember fast who he was and regain his power. Like he was otherwise in danger.

Wyatt: What kind of danger? He is no threat to anybody.

Melinda: Don’t know. Just a feeling.

Chris: Then you shouldn’t ignore it.

Melinda: I wasn’t planning too, she said smirking.

Caroline orbed in. She looked worried.

Wyatt: Hey gorgeous. Where have you been?

Caroline: I got news and it is not good. Not good at all, she said worried.

Melinda: Oh come one. Not now. I have to do something very important.

Caroline: Sorry Mel, but we figured out the “storm that is arriving”. They are the Ancient Ones.

Wyatt: Ancient Ones? Never heard of them.

Caroline: Well that is obvious isn’t, honey? Ancient, as in Ancient ones. Anyway, they date even before Melinda Warren. That means before the Charmed Ones. So there is no power of three spell to kill them.

They are human, but somehow much feared back then and very powerful.

Wyatt: That doesn’t sound good.

Caroline: It gets worse. Last night they are summoned and are here in San Francisco. They have been summoned by some powerful followers. It seems we learned just now, that the followers are also sacrifices to bring the witches back. The essence of their powers. They were cloaked. So at the moment we have no idea where they are or how they look? What they want?

Wyatt got up and held Caroline close to him as he sensed her fear.

Wyatt: Don’t worry honey. We will find a way. We always do.

Caroline: Yes, but at what cost?

17 hours before


Angela, Angelina, Angelica were standing at the middle of the open area of the woods. They were drawn by the magic that has taken place in these woods.

Angela: I sense a great power in this city.

Angelica: Great. Now use your power of sight sister, to see what we are dealing with and then we suck the witch essence out of them. We are still old and didn’t get enough juice from the followers.

Angelina: Don’t be like that. We are back and alive again. We don’t know in what world we have come. How they deal with witches in this time. We have to be careful with our actions.

Angelica: Who cares how they deal with witches. I just put a forget spell on them and of they go. So I say let’s get starting and find ourselves, this so called powerful witches.

Angela took a deep breath and opened her left palm. Left takes and right gives. She needed information. A vision. She slowly went down on her knees and closed her eyes. She put her left hand on the cold dirt.

She got sucked immediately in several visions.

She saw the Sisters of the First Order. How Melinda got in touch with her raw power for the first time. How she battled the Source and the Sisters. How she battled with Casey. She learned about the Charmed Ones and what their purpose is.

She came out of it with a shock.

Angela: Wow! That was something else. I have never seen such a power before.

Angelina: Show us sister. I want to see too.

Both of her sisters came sitting by her and Angela lifted her hands opened and took her sisters in hers. She closed her eyes and they saw, what she had seen.

Angelina: That was one powerful witch.

Angelica: Amazing. She is so young and small.

Angelina: Did you see the elemental girl. She had some power too. If we can get those two, then we don’t have to suck any essence ever again. We will stay young forever and will be more powerful than any other magical being in this world. The whole world will know that we are back and stronger than ever! She said with sparkles in her eyes by the idea.

Angela: First we must find these witches. We cannot go into this new world, looking like this. We need to look like them. So I am thinking about a glamour spell. The world will see us like these young girls. Only true powerful beings can see our true selves.

Angelica: Let’s begin then.

Manor, kitchen

Melinda: I am sorry but I am going and no one and nothing is going to stop me! She shouted.

Chris: Mel, try to be reasonable. Our Charmed duties come first and we are dealing with very old and powerful witches. This can go really bad. I really think we should stick together.

Melinda: Nobody knows where the witches are at the moment or what they are planning. We have nothing in the Book and scrying won’t work either. Dad and the students are searching for every information they can find about this witches. So for the moment there is nothing we can do then wait for them to make the first move. Till they do, I am going to Jake. If you need me, orb in and get me.

Without waiting for any response, she walked out of the kitchen.

Nobody said anything, as they knew that Melinda was telling the truth. They had nothing to go on, so the only thing they could do was wait.

15 hours before

Other side of San Francisco

Melinda teleported in one of the alleys, close to the address she got from scrying. She looked around the corner to see, where she exactly was. She was brought to a bakery. There was an older man waiting outside the shop in a wheelchair. Then suddenly Melinda’s heart stopped beating. There he was. Jake.

Melinda wanted to run to him, but thought of the wise words of Casey. To be careful. She watched him as Jake brought the purchase of the older men to him. He smiled and waved when the old man left. Then a little girl came outside.

Jake: Whoa, where you of to?

Little girl: Dad, sad that we are done for today. So I am going to the park. You wanna come?

Jake: You go ahead. Let me double check with dad if he needs me, and then I will come to the park.

Little girl: See you there, she said and ran off.

Jake looked at her and smiled.

He was about to go in, when someone called for him.

Melinda: Jake?

Jake turned around and stood completely still. He knew this girl, but from where. He couldn’t imagine it, as why would a beautiful girl like her, fall for a bakery guy like him.

Jake: Can I help you with something?

Melinda: I need to talk to you, if you have a minute.

Jake: Sure. Hold on, just let me check if I can go, he said looking at Melinda.

After ten minutes, they were walking towards the park, where his little sister was playing.

Jake: Have we met before? You look so familiar.

Melinda: Yes, we have, she said trying to sound calm.

She wanted to jump him, hold him and kiss him. Scream that she loved him, but this needed a gentle handling. They arrived at the park and Jake let his sister know where he was sitting and that he was with someone. Then he bought two coffees and sat down. There was an awkward silence. Melinda kept looking up to Jake and down. She felt his stern look on her.

Jake: So, we know each other. I cannot see how. I would definitely remember you.

Melinda couldn’t help smiling. He smiled back at her, but looked intrigued at her.

Melinda: What I am about to tell you is going to sound amazingly crazy. Please let me finish before you start screaming that I have completely lost it and that I have to go.

Jake: That sounds interesting. It can’t be all that bad? Just give it to me straight, whatever it is.

Melinda: Ok, here we go, she said and sighed. You are a witch and a damn good one if I might add.

Jake: A witch? He said half laughing but looked a bit confused.

Melinda: Yes. You are the head of the Witches of the Order. I am a witch too. That’s how we met.

Then we fell in love and you moved in with us, not long ago.

Jake: Us?

Melinda: Yes. My brothers Wyatt and Chris. They are witches too. Then we have Caroline, who is the girlfriend of Wyatt and our whitelighter. Chris just broke up with Bianca, who was a Demon, but a good one. Then you had us. So a full house. Anyway. A new girl came in town that needed our help. Her name is Casey. She is an elemental. You started to train her to control her powers and I got a bit jealous. Well a lot. That bad, that we had a huge fight. Then things got worse and you got a bit desperate and spelled me to love you again and the spell did a lot of damage. Silvia who was your Elder, before she chose you as the new leader of the coven. She got so disappointed with what you did, she send you away and send you also away from Magic School, where you were living. Then you got I think completely desperate as you had lost everything you loved and believed in, in one night. So you got you memory erased by the Elders and they send you of here. Giving you completely new memories, thinking that this was your life all along, but it isn’t. You are destined for great things. You’re destined to be with me, she finished in a whisper.

Jake looked at her for a while and didn’t say a word. She looked back, hopeful that anything she told would make him remember again.

Jake: That is quite a story. So I am a leader of a witch coven and you are my girlfriend. That sounds cool actually.

Melinda: Well I can show you, she said standing up.

Jake: OK, show me. Make me a believer, he said enjoying this weird girl in front of him.

Melinda smiled and flickered with her fingers and froze Jake, and then she quickly ran and stood behind him. She flickered again with her fingers, unfreezing him.

Jake: Hey where did you go? He said looking around and got up to find her standing behind him.

How did you get over there? What happened?

Melinda: I froze time and I can do a lot more. She waved with her hand and the drinks on the table flew of the table.

Jake looked amazed at it. Then at Melinda.

Jake: You are a witch. So, if that is true then there is a possibility that the rest is true too.

Melinda: It is Jake. Believe me. If you come with me, I can prove it even more to you.

Jake: Ok, let’s do it. Just let me tell Suzy, that I am off.

Melinda: Suzy?

Jake: Yeah, my little sister. Oh wait, is she really my sister? He asked.

Melinda: No, she is not, she said sadly as she looked at his face. She could see the confusion on his face.

Jake: That is so weird. Doesn’t matter. Still I have to let her know that I am going.

Melinda: Sure. I’ll wait here for you, she said and watched him walk over to his little fake sister.

She couldn’t believe that it went so easy. She thought it would be much harder. When she had showed him everything, she would summon the Elders, to give his memory back. They needed him for the Ancient Ones and she needed him.

10 hours before

Manor, front porch

Chris was pacing around while Casey who had come over and Wyatt were checking the information that Leo had found at the School about the Ancient Ones. Melinda walked in with Jake.

Melinda: Hi guys, look who is back? She said pointing at Jake.

Everybody walked over to Jake to hug him. Jake let it happen, even it was a bit overwhelming.

Melinda: Guys, give him some space. He has no clue who you guys are. I told him who he is and who we are and showed him my powers. So, now we have to call the Elders, so they can reverse what they did to him.

Chris: Euhm, guys! He said looking out of the window.

They all walked over, except for Jake, to look out of the window. Down the stairs of their house, were standing three old woman. They looked awful. Some young guys past by and were smiling and saying things to them. They were flirting.

Chris: Do you guys think the same as I when I say that this must the Ancient Ones?

Melinda: I guess so. So let’s see what they want! Jake, stay here. This can be dangerous.

Jake: No way. If you really are my girlfriend, I cannot imagine me as a person, who just stands by and do nothing.

Melinda: But you don’t have any powers.

Jake: Not yet. Soon I will, right? So, this is a good start.

Melinda wanted to argue more, but they had visitors. The Charmed Ones, Casey and Jake walked all outside to front door.

Melinda: Can we help you with anything?

Angela: What is this invisible thing that is stopping us from moving towards your door?

Melinda: We call that a magical force field. It protects the house from evil entering.

Angela: Really fascinating.

Angelica: Enough of this chitchat. We have come here for far more important matters.

Melinda: Really? And what that may be? She asked challenging the witches.

Angelina: To suck your and that girl’s witch essence and become the most powerful evil witches the world has known, she said trying to sound evil.

Melinda started to laugh. The Ancient Ones looked at each other.

Angelica: Did my sister say something that made you laugh?

Melinda: You witches must be really old. We are the Charmed Ones. Many Demons and creatures have tried to take over and kill us. In the end, good always wins. Plus, I was worried for a moment when I heard the first time off your existence, but now I have seen you, I am not that impressed at all.

Angela: How dare you, talk to us like that. We are the Ancient Ones.

She held her left hand against the force field and closed her eyes. She started to mumble some language, which sounded it familiar, but also not.

Wyatt: She is using English backwards.

Melinda: Is that it. She said. Get ready for this can get ugly.

Nothing happened. Angela looked surprised at her hand and then at her sisters.

Angelina: Let’s create a door and get through.

They held hands and closed their eyes.

‘Etaerc a rood’ ‘Etaerc a rood’ ‘Etaerc a rood’

Suddenly a light started to appear in a form of a door. One by one they past the door. Then it disappeared.

Angela: Now we take your essence, she said and they lifted their hands.

Melinda did the same and used her blowing power, to send Angela a few meters away. She was now again on the other side of the crystals.

Angelina and Angelica looked surprised at what happened.

Angelina: You shouldn’t be this powerful. Nobody has ever done that before.

Melinda: This is nothing yet. A tip of the mountain. I can do a lot more. Don’t underestimate her too, she said pointing at Casey. She has some serious power too. Don’t forget about my brothers too. You have no chance at winning this.

Angelica: Really. We will see about that. Atcesni! She yelled towards Melinda.

Instantly Melinda started to scream and scratch herself all over.

Melinda: Get them of me. Get them of me! She yelled loudly while she tried to get rid of the insects that were crawling over her.

Angelica laughed loudly. It was a terrible sound.

Jake: Leave her alone, he yelled at Angelica.

Wyatt got angry and shot his energy wave towards Angelica. She let herself fall on the ground and escaped getting hit, just in time.

Angelina: Esufnoc, she said pointing at Wyatt.

Wyatt stopped and shook his head a few times. Then he turned around to his brother Chris. Lifted his hands and attacked him with his wave. Chris orbed out and Wyatt hit the front door.

In the meantime neighbors were starting to come out to see what the commotion was about. They looked shocked at what was happening.

Chris orbed back in and Wyatt tried to attack him again. Then he got slapped hard by Casey. He shook his head and looked at her.

Casey: Hey, get back to us. It is all in your head.

Then she walked over to Melinda and hit her too. Melinda looked at her pissed. Because of her mood change, she forgot about the insects.

Melinda: Have you lost your mind? She yelled at Casey.

Casey: It helped, didn’t? She said.

Melinda: Yeah, it did. Sorry and thanks.

Casey: No problem. Now let’s kick some witch ass.

Melinda: Oh no, the neighbors.

Angela: Help me get in, she said.

Angelina and Angelica quickly turned around so they could create a door again, but this time Wyatt didn’t wait and attacked. They were exposed anyway. Now they had to finish it.

Angelica: Deflect! She said with one hand and the wave came right back at Wyatt so fast, he got hit.

Chris: Wyatt! He yelled. He quickly sat on his knees to heal his brother.

Melinda: Try orbing them to the woods.

Chris waved with his hands towards the witches and yelled woods, but nothing happened.

Melinda: OK, orb up and get the Elders. As many as you can, so they can orb them to the woods. If we flee now and they get the book, we are done!

Suddenly it started to storm. Hard. The neighbors ran inside again. You could hear the thunder and one hit very close by the witches and bounced on the shield. Which made all the Ancient Ones, fly another area of the front porch and garden!

Melinda looked at Casey. She was standing her ground and looked concentrated. While she was dealing with the witches, Melinda tried to come up with a plan, in case if they made it to the woods.

The Ancient Ones stood up and were now again united and didn’t look happy. Before they could attack the Elders appeared in front of Casey.

They waved with their hand at the same time and white lights started to appear around the Ancient Ones. They tried to move away from the lights. Mumbled some old words, but it didn’t work. They were orbed out.

4 hours before


Angelica was cursing and pacing around. While her sister was sitting by the fire they had made.

Angelina: I cannot believe that we have been outsmarted by some young witches.

Angela: They were powerful. Our spells didn’t stay on them. It were off with a slap on the face.

Angelina: Our magic is not what it was anymore.

Angelica: Nonsense. It is still there. We just need to feed on some magical essence.

Angela: We can always summon ourselves a warlock. It is not nearly enough, but at least it will give us some boost again.

Angelina: I agree. It has been hours that they have sent us here. They will come soon.

Angela: I wonder, why are they waiting this long to attack us. They have sent us here with a reason.

Angelica; isn’t it obvious sister? The world hasn’t changed at all. People still cannot handle magic. Didn’t you see how the people looked that came out of their houses? So this is a good place do to do battles, without being seen.

Angelina: I feel magic all over the place.

Angela: Well whatever they are planning, we must be ready for them. Let’s summon us a Demon.

Manor, Living room

Elder Sonja: Well, that was a nice way of meeting who we are dealing with.

Wyatt: They were not that strong, but on the other hand they have nasty magic.

Elder Sonja: That’s made them more dangerous. We don’t know their magic. We haven’t a spell to vanquish them. They can be attacked, but Melinda’s blowing power didn’t even do harm to one of them. It seemed that they did more damage then you guys. You attacked your brother. Melinda lost it for a moment. Thank god, Casey was here. Well at least you don’t have to worry about the neighbors. We have asked the cleaners to take care of it.

Melinda: Well that is a relive.

Jake: Excuse me. You are an Elder right? Because, I have been told that you are the person, who can give my memory back.

Elder Sonja: Dear Jake. The only thing that can bring you back is the person who you are destined to be.

Jake: How?

Elder Sonja: With a true love kiss, she said smiling.

Jake looked to the ground for a moment and then looked up looking fiercely and he was in two steps by Melinda and kissed her intensely. Everybody looked intrigued and blushed. When they stopped, Jake looked at Melinda. Then at the rest of the group. Even Elder Sonja was waiting to see if it had worked.

Jake: I remember. I remember everything he said and kissed Melinda again.

He lifted her up and started to spin her. Melinda was laughing and crying at the same time. They all were cheering and laughing.

After Melinda and Jake had a moment for themselves in her room, to talk about things, it was time to make a plan of action.


Angelica: That was delicious! She said after they had just sucked the life out of a Demon.

It didn’t make them that younger, maybe five years or so. They were still in a high state, when the Charmed Ones with Jake and Caroline orbed in.

Angela: Oh hello. What nice of you to show up.

Chris: You look different. You all do.

Angelina: Oh well, we had to kill the time, so we summoned ourselves some demons and sucked their essence out of them. This makes us younger and powerful.

Angela: Can’t wait to suck it out of that one, she said pointing at Melinda. That one dared to attack me.

Angelina: I want the other one. She tried to send thunder upon us.

Casey: That’s not all you going to get tonight.

Jake started to create a circle around him with Caroline in it too. Then he started to prepare for an old ritual.

Angela: What is that boy doing?

Melinda: You may be Ancient, but so is he. At least his knowledge. He is the leader of the Witches of the Order. So even if we are not able to stop you, he will.

Angelina: Really?

She lifted her hand and called “teppup”! Jake looked at her and waved it away like it was nothing.

Jake: Your magic won’t work on me. So don’t!

The Ancient Ones looked at each other. It seemed like they were communicating in silence. Suddenly the witches moved away from each other. It seemed their main focus were Melinda, Casey and Jake.

They didn’t seem to realize how dangerous Wyatt and Chris were.

Without waiting Casey called her earth to come out and with fire in it, she sends it to the witches.

Surprised they ducked and looked at each other. Without warning, Angelica got hit right in her face.

She screamed out in pain, but the fire hadn’t hurt her at all.

Angelica: You filthy little witch.

She started to raise her arms, when Wyatt let out his energy wave, which forced her to move aside.

Then the Charmed Ones, charged in. The boys orbing in and out, hitting them with energy waves and Chris was waving with his hand to move them. Most of the attacks the witches were able to deflect, but not all. In the meantime Melinda and Casey were standing next to each other.

Melinda: Are you ready?

Casey: There is only one way to find out, doesn’t it, she said smiling.

Both girls were standing in front of the circle that Jake had made and slowly they went down to the ground. Both the knees and hands were on the ground. They looked one more time to each other and closed their eyes.

Instantly both of them felt the power coming towards them. They started to change at the same time. Everybody stopped fighting to watch it. Even Jake stopped.

It was magnificent to watch two such powerful girls next to each other change. Melinda changed in this white goddess. Her hair en eyes were completely white. She had a dress on with sleeves and it was whirling all around her. Casey was also levitating. She was surrounded in a swirl of water, with a shield of wind, surround with a spinning fire ring, within it peace’s of rock.

The Ancient Ones looked complete overwhelmed at what was happening.

The brothers moved towards the circle while both girls levitated towards the witches. The Ancient Ones had come together.

Casey: This ends here.

The witches smiled evilly and held their hands up.

‘Evig su rieht srewop’ Evig su rieht srewop’ Evig su rieht srewop’

Suddenly a white light and a fire colored light started to come out the girls, like they were losing their essence. They boys came immediately in action and started to use their powers, but Angela and Angelina who were standing in the corners, deflect it with one hand, while the other one was still sucking.

Casey seemed powerless against the pull of the witches. Melinda was still fighting to get loose.

She heard her ancestors screaming “NO! Not our powers. Our legacy!”

Melinda screamed out and with that she got loose from the pull of the witches.

She lifted her hand and flickered with her fingers, which made the witches fly a few meters away from them. Even Wyatt and Chris were blown away.

Melinda disappeared and appeared again in front of the witches. They seemed younger. Still they were struggling to get up. Melinda pushed with her hand.

Melinda: Stay down! She commanded. Her voice was like iron.

Jake: I am ready! He yelled.

Melinda send him a message telepathically that he should start right away.

The Ancient Ones started to laugh and slowly got up. Melinda pushed them back at the ground, but they kept coming up.

She knew they were stronger now, they had sucked a bunch of energy out of Casey and her. She needed to get it back.

‘Out another world and another time

The Ancient witches have arised.

They have stolen our powers

Now give back which is ours’

She called out in a desperate attempt. The witches were laughing but suddenly stopped, when they realized that the essence they had stolen from Casey and Melinda was leaving them.

They started to moan and cry out. No! No!

It didn’t take long before Melinda was on full power and the same for Casey.

The witches didn’t only felt weak because they had lost some power, but they felt weird and they knew what was happening. They were banished again by an old spell. Leo had found it in a very well hidden place at the school. Only Jake or Silvia was the ones who could do it. As Jake was the leader again after he was reunited with Silvia, they had decided that he should do it.

‘Morf Edisni tou’ ‘Morf Edisni tou’ ‘Morf Edisni tou’

Melinda instantly pushed them with their faces to the ground. The witches held their hands and even if you couldn’t hear them very good, they were still chanting the same thing.

‘Morf Edisni tou’ ‘Morf Edisni tou’ ‘Morf Edisni tou’

Casey sends all three of them a separate fire ball which hit them in their backs. All three of the screamed out in pain. But soon after that, they started again. Melinda flickered with her hands to use her blowing power. Again the witches screamed out in pain, but continued.

Suddenly Jake screamed out in pain and collapsed in the middle of his circle. Caroline screamed out for him. Melinda turned around immediately to look what was going on.

Melinda: They are doing something to him. keep them occupied and try to stop them for chanting. Whatever it takes, she yelled and levitated towards Jake.

Caroline: No! You cannot enter the circle she yelled, while she was holding Jake.

Chris: She is right. The binding spell is almost done. It is made for Jake and Caroline.

Jake started to bleed blood.

Melinda: Morf Edisni tou. From inside out. That’s it. They are killing him from the inside.

Caroline heal him.

Caroline did as she was told. It helped and Jake woke up.

Jake: What happened?

Melinda: There is no time. You have to finish the binding spell! I will deal with the witches.

She disappeared and appeared in front of the witches. She lifted her hand and all three witches were now standing in front of her. They couldn’t move a muscle. Melinda even made them stop saying the chant. The witches closed their eyes. Melinda knew they were still chanting.

She whispered some words to do the same as what they had done to her.

The witches opened their eyes and tried to swarm as Melinda made them believe that insects had covered their bodies. Then the realization came to the witches and they closed their eyes again.

Caroline screamed out again Jake’s name. He had collapsed again. Caroline started to heal him again, while Melinda was watching from distance. This time it took longer to heal him and he seemed more weakened. He struggled to get to his feet and lifted a dump to Melinda.

Melinda turned her head slowly around to the witches. She was boiling from inside. The whole ground started to shake. Even Casey looked worried at Melinda.

Scratches started to appear on the bodies of the witches. You could see the blood dripping. They kept their eyes closed and kept chanting in their minds.

Melinda: In the old days, bad witches were burned. We are not that cruel, but what do you think Casey. We could burn bits of them. Starting with just their feet’s. I think you can control the fire like that.

Casey: I guess so.

Melinda: Then do it!

Casey: Isn’t that evil?

Melinda: Is killing us and Jake good then? Do it!

Chris: NO! We are not like that Melinda and you know it.

Casey: I agree. I won’t do that. Melinda squeezed with her hand and the witches now cried out in pain.

Melinda: If something happens to Jake, it is on you guys, she said with a voice that gave you the chills.

Jake collapsed right at that moment. Caroline tried to heal him, but it didn’t seem to work.

Melinda turned to look panicked at Jake. Then she turned around to the witches.

Melinda: Stop it! You are killing him! She yelled, but they didn’t’ stop.

Melinda: I SAID STOP!

She shouted and now everything was shaking. She lifted her hands and squeezed her hands more and now blood started to appear around the eyes of the witches. Then she opened her hands and flickered with all her might to blow the witches up and it worked. They splashed all over the place.

Melinda collapsed right at that moment. She had used such a force of power; it was too much for her. Chris orbed out and in, to catch her just in time.

Melinda: Jake, she whispered.

Casey was changed back to normal too. She felt weird after receiving her powers back, like she did receive more than that, but she shook it off and hurried after Chris, while he carried her over to Jake.

Jake was in a bad shape. Caroline was crying as her healing didn’t work. Chris lay down Melinda and hurried over to Jake. Wyatt sat down with them and the three of them held their hands above him to heal him. Blood was coming out of his mouth, ears and eyes. Whatever the Ancient Ones did, it was killing him from the inside.

The trio stopped healing the moment he took his last breathe. They were all crying.

Melinda looked shocked at the faces of her brothers and Caroline. She crawled over to him. The rest moved away from him to give her space.

Melinda: Jake! Please breathe. Don’t you dare to leave me, she said crying. I just got you back, she cried loudly. NO! I will not allow it. I am Melinda Halliwell. Next in line to become the Matriarch, She cried out into the air, while she held Jake in her arms. I am a Charmed One and have the raw power of my ancestors in me. I will not lose you! Do you hear me! She shouted.

Then she transformed, just like that. She lay Jake down and sat on her knees and held her hands above him. While she was crying she begged him to come back to life.

She kept pushing white light into Jake.

Melinda: Come on baby. Come back to me. Listen to my voice. Come back! She cried and kept pushing light into him.

Nothing happened. Melinda got up shocked that he was gone.

Melinda: NO! NO! NO!!!! She yelled.

Wind started to swirl around her. It felt like she became more than a Goddess.

Melinda: I was told that I could change the course of magic. You are a good person and I will not let you die! She yelled from above Jake.

She held her hands up high in the sky.

Melinda: My ancestors. My family. Lend me your power and love to bring back Jake. Same him please. I am destined to be with him and I cannot lose him! Please!

She felt power rising in her hands and she put them together and pushed the light she had collected downwards directly into the heart of Jake.

Jake opened his eyes. With that Melinda stopped and transformed back into herself and was free falling. This time Wyatt was on time to catch her.

Jake: Melinda. Melinda, he called out looking dazed around him. He had a blood taste in his mouth.

Wyatt laid Melinda next to him.

Jake: Mel. You did it. You brought me back. I thought I was a goner. I love you Melinda Halliwell.

Wyatt: I think she is out of it. She has fought with everything she got to bring you back.

48 hours after

Manor, Melinda’s room

Melinda woke up and looked around. She was in her own room. She looked beside her and Jake was lying next to her and he was sleeping. She smiled when she saw him. She sat up straight looking cheerful. Jake woke up because of her movement.

Jake: Hey, you are awake, he mumbled.

Melinda: Yep and you are alive, she said and gave him a long kiss.

Jake: You are an amazing women Melinda Halliwell. You have saved my life twice in one day.

Melinda started to blush.

Jake: No, I mean it. First you gave me my memory back then you brought me to life.

He leaned forward to kiss her and she kissed him back. He held her close to her and they started to make out.

Downstairs kitchen

After a while, they came downstairs and were starving. Jake had let her know that she was out of it more than two days. Her brothers, Casey and Caroline were waiting for her in the hallway covering the dinner table.

Melinda: What’s going on? She asked smirking at her brothers.

They stepped aside, showing a table full with food, Melinda loved.

Wyatt: Tada! He said smirking while he held his hand towards the table.

Melinda: Oh you guys, that is so sweet. But it is not my birthday yet.

Chris: This is for another reason, he said and let her to her seat.

Wyatt: The thing is sis, as your big brothers it is our job to protect you. Only it seems that you are the one who is in charge of us three and also the one, who mostly saves the day.

Chris: We believe that we haven’t thank you enough for it, so this is our way of saying thank you for being our little sister and saving our buts all the time.

Wyatt: You are amazing sis. The things you can do and how you fight for the things you love, is inspiring and beautiful to see.

Melinda started to smile and tears welled up.

Caroline: After again vanquishing a being that isn’t vanquish able, you deserve to have a small vacation.

Melinda: What did you guys do?

Chris: We have bought you vouchers to a long weekend in a hotel in Miami, close to a beach and a resort. It is all covered. The only thing is that you have to be orbed there or use a teleportation potion.

Melinda: Oh my god, you guys. That must have cost a fortune.

Wyatt: No worries. We got help from all sides. It seems that more people think you should have a well-deserved vacation with your hubby.

Melinda hugged everybody and was crying of happiness. All was good. The Ancient Ones were gone. Jake was back. Things between her and Casey were getting better. Her brothers seemed happy. She couldn’t be happier.

That night,

Casey’s dorm

Casey was sleeping but she was restless. She had nightmares, which seemed so real. She kept seeing horrible things. She felt knowledge in her, which was bad. The visions kept changing. They kept getting worse. People were getting hurt, but who was doing it? She tried to see the face, when she finally saw a mirror and walked over to it and saw it was she, who was hurting all those people. With sweat on her forehead and screaming she woke up. She felt terrible. She didn’t felt like herself.

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