Charmed Melinda Season 2

Split personality


Power of One

Episode 11

Split personality

Previously on Melinda:

The Charmed Ones had to fight against the Ancient Ones. They have won the battle but at what cost?

Casey’s dorm

Casey was sleeping restlessly. She kept having horrible nightmares of people who got killed or spelled. It felt like she was doing all those things, but she couldn’t stop it. She woke up screaming and covered in sweat. Something was wrong with her. She closed her eyes and called for Caroline.

Caroline appeared with Wyatt, both looking sleepy and in their pajamas.

Caroline: What’s wrong?

Casey: There is something wrong with me, she said scared.

Caroline and Wyatt sat down and looked worried at her.

Caroline: What do you exactly mean?

Casey: Since the fight with the Ancient Ones, I have not been myself. I have trouble sleeping and have these horrible nightmares. I feel like I am me but also someone else. I don’t know, maybe I am finally going nuts.

Wyatt: You are not nuts. Don’t ever think that about yourself. You are a powerful elemental.

Casey: Thanks, that is sweet, but that’s the thing that scares me actually. If I have no control over myself and I lose it, god knows what I will or can do. I don’t want that kind of thing to happen. I am really trying to be good, but what I feel around me or in me, since the fight, is evil.

Caroline: Ok, you are coming with us to the Manor and staying there, till this is solved. If you have nightmares we can maybe help or get a vision while you having the dream.

Wyatt: I agree. Melinda has become pretty strong. Maybe she will be able to get a glimpse of what you see in your dreams. So let’s start packing, he said smiling.

Manor next morning

Melinda came down yawning. She had slept pretty deep. After all that had happened, she was tired. Lately she had to tap into her powers a lot. To avoid feeling drained, she rested a lot.

She walked towards the kitchen when she heard laughing. She became curious. It was still so early.

She walked into the kitchen and there was Casey and Chris.

Chris: Hey sis, what you doing up so early? He asked cheerful.

Melinda: I have not done anything else then sleeping. I am starving. Need some coffee and food, she groaned.

She sat down and looked at Casey. She still looked sleepy too.

Melinda: Did you sleep here? She asked looking at Casey.

Chris told Melinda why she was here. Melinda listened and nodded.

Melinda: That’s weird, because when we sucked our powers back from them, I was standing next to you and receiving the same thing back. I don’t feel any different.

Casey: I felt it actually right away, but so much was happening at that moment. I wasn’t sure what I had felt, was actually correct. So I ignored it, till a couple of days ago. I keep having terrible nightmares. Feel like they are someone else their history and I am reliving it.

Melinda: That doesn’t sound good. Do you hear voices or is it just dreams?

Casey: Till now just dreams, as far as I can remember. I am just afraid that I will hurt somebody.

Melinda: So we need an intervention with the inside of you? I know exactly the right person for that at magic school.

Casey: I am not going to that horrible place! I am staying here! She shouted and then looked surprised.

That was weird. It felt like that wasn’t me that was saying it.

Chris: Maybe possession? He suggested and looked around, but nobody responded.

Melinda: Like I said, we need to go to Magic School to figure this out, before it get out of hand.

Chris: I agree. Let’s finish up, so we can all go.

Twenty minutes later they were standing in the hallway and were holding hands. They were about to orb to Magic School. Orbs started to appear and they were gone.

Magic School, Hallway

The Charmed Ones with Caroline orbed in.

Chris: Hey, where is Casey?

Caroline closed her eyes and sensed Casey.

Caroline: She is at the Manor

Manor, Living room

Casey: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh, she yelled while she fell through the roof, right on the couch.

What the hell? Hey guys, you forgot something, she called out to the roof.

Orbs started to appear in front of her and the group was standing now in front of her.

Wyatt: What happened? Why did you let go? He asked.

Casey: If you must know, I didn’t let go anybody. I saw you guys enter and I was stopped by some force and send back here. Like I was not allowed to enter.

Melinda: That is impossible. That happens only to Demons. You are not a Demon? Are you?

They all looked alarmed to Casey. She got up and looked afraid.

Casey: I don’t know. Something is going on, but I don’t know what.

Caroline: I am going to Magic School to get the student you were talking about and we do it in the Attic.

Wyatt: Sound like a plan. We will start preparing.

Caroline orbed out and the rest went upstairs.

Manor, Attic

The brothers started to prepare the circle with candles and Melinda was flipping through the Book of Shadows to see if she could use a protection spell if things went weird. Till now there was nothing in the book mentioning how to stop an Elemental. They had done it not long ago, but they had all separate elements. Casey had them all and could be very dangerous, now she was getting the hang of changing into this Goddess of Elements.

Caroline orbed in with Jason a young witch of a year of seventeen. He looked handsome and a bit shy.

Melinda: Welcome Jason to our house. Sorry that the conditions weren’t better, but this has to do.

We need your help. Our friend Casey has feeling weird, not like her. Saying things that she wouldn’t say, like she is having a split personality.

Jason: So, you need me to look inside her soul? He asked shyly.

Melinda: Yes, indeed, she said smiling at him.

Casey stepped inside the circle as Jason, Wyatt and Melinda did too. Wyatt and Melinda were just there to see, if they could catch some images or any information that could help them, as both of them had their own empathic power in their own way. Melinda had premonitions and Wyatt was very sensitive.

Jason sat across Casey and both of them were holding hands and their eyes were closed. Melinda and Wyatt were sitting on each side of her and both of them touched lightly her leg, to receive images.

Jason got sucked in and saw images of terrible killings or casting spells on humans. He felt true evil, but this was not Casey. She was not alone. There were others with her. Three ancient witches. He could now clearly see their faces and suddenly all three of them looked up, straight in to the eyes of Jason. He backed away and with that he came out of the vision.

Everybody opened their eyes and looked shocked at Casey.

Melinda: We have a huge problem.

Casey got up, looking horrified around her. She stepped out of the circle but Wyatt called out for the crystals and now she was surrounded with it.

Casey: Wyatt? What the hell are you doing? She asked shocked that she was treated as is she was dangerous.

Wyatt: I am truly sorry Casey, but if what we have seen is true, then you and we are all in great danger.

Chris: What did you see? He asked worried.

Melinda: The Ancient Ones. Somehow when we got our powers sucked out of them, some part of the witches came along the ride and entered in Casey. So that must be the reason you couldn’t enter the school. They are evil and it felt it.

Casey: What? You mean they are inside me?

Wyatt: I am afraid so. Till that is solved we cannot let you go. If they get control over your body and mind, then we are in great danger. If they figure out how to use your powers, combined with theirs then all hell will break loose. We might even have to kill you, to be able to stop you.

Casey looked with big eyes at Wyatt. She hadn’t realized that it was this serious.

Casey: Ok, I am not dangerous, but keeping me will not do me not good. I need to be able to move around.

Melinda: We are really sorry Casey. We are going to try everything in our power to fix this ASAP.

Casey/Ancient Ones: You can try, but will not work. The only way is to kill her to get to us.

Melinda: Why are you in her? You know you can’t win. We are stronger then you are.

Casey/Ancient Ones: She is strong too. You were the one we wanted to enter, but there was too much good in you. With her we felt a very small of feeling of evil inside her, which was our doorway in. Now she is ours and we are not going anywhere.

Melinda: We will see about that, she said angry and walked over to the Book of Shadows. There must be something in here to stop them, without killing Casey.

Casey/ Ancient Ones: Enough. We are tired of this cage. We, no She needs her freedom, she said smiling evilly and closed her eyes.

Melinda: What is she doing? Hey Casey! Whatever you are doing, stop it.

Slowly the ground under them started to shake. Then it became more aggressive and the wood started to burst. Now the room seemed getting hotter and the Charmed Ones started to sweat and had trouble breathing.

Melinda: She should not be able to use her powers within the crystal.

Caroline: She is standing on wood and uses the ground under her to attack us. She is a smart little witch.

Wyatt and Chris looked at each other for a moment and Melinda knew they were doing the whitelighter/telepathically talking to each other.

Wyatt: We are taking her up there, so she can do not much harm. The Elders can keep an eye on her, while we try to solve this problem.

Melinda: That sounds like a plan, she said.

She looked how her brothers stood across of each other and held their hands around the circle.

Both brothers closed their eyes to focus on Heaven. Orbs started to appear but nothing happened.

Casey/Ancient Ones were just laughing. She was not even looking at the brothers, but at Melinda.

Casey/ Ancient Ones: When we are done with this city and her, we come for you! She said and pointed towards Melinda. The one who thought that she has won from us.

Again she closed her eyes and focused on the crystals. The wood around them started to bend and small holes started to appear under the crystals. Suddenly they fell one by one into the woods, one floor below them and she was free.

Everybody backed away from her. Casey/Ancient Ones held her hand up to attack them, but suddenly got stopped by her other hand.

Casey’s voice: You will not hurt them. I won’t allow it. Guys, please help me. I don’t know how long I can control them. Do something.

The Charmed ones looked at each other not knowing what to do. Then suddenly Casey fell to the ground unconscious. Where she stood was now Caroline, holding a vase in her hand. She had hit Casey on the head.

Caroline: Well, she asked for help, she said awkwardly and smiled.

Wyatt: So now what?

Melinda bends down and moved the hair of Casey, which was all in front of her face. The moment she touched Casey, she was sucked into a vision:

Casey was transformed into a Goddess and was now hovering above the ground in a tornado. She was on top of the tornado and was laughing evilly. She was throwing all kinds of elements towards to city and people. Melinda saw a lot of people die, because of her rage. Then she sees herself and Casey both changed and having the battle in the woods. Only Melinda is losing. It is not only Casey she is fighting but also the Ancient Ones. Her brothers lying on the ground just like Caroline and they are all dead. While Melinda is watching them with tears in her eyes, Casey shots her final blow and Melinda looks up to see a huge fire ball coming her way and before she can do anything the ball has reached her.

Melinda gets out of the vision and fall backs. On the ground.

Chris: What did you see?

Melinda: Destruction of the city and a huge battle between her and us. You guys were all dead and it seemed that she was too strong for me too. She was just about to hit me with a huge fire ball, when I got out of it.

Wyatt: Ok, we need to take action, like now! What the hell are we going to do?

Melinda: We are going to do the same as we did to Katrina, last year. We are going to put her in the Room.

They all looked at her and then slowly nodded. At Magic School there is a room, where someone cannot use their powers. It blocks it and makes you human, while you are in there. Katrina had almost lost it last year, by staying in there.

Caroline quickly orbed to the school to inform Leo, so he could lower the shield for a split moment, so the Charmed Ones could orb Casey in.

Magic School, The room

They slowly lay Casey down and Melinda stayed with her, while the rest left them be.

Half hour later, Casey woke up. She looked confused around her.

Casey: Where are we? What happened?

Melinda: You don’t remember, what happened at the Attic?

Casey thought hard and then her eyes became huge, when she got flashes of what happened.

Casey: Oh my god. I hope I didn’t hurt anybody. I had absolutely no control. I remember shouting that they had to stop and get out of me, but it felt like a whisper. Their voices are stronger. Why don’t I hear them now and where are we? What is this creepy white room?

Melinda: We are at Magic School. This room is specially built for people who abuse their powers or have no control over them for some reason. Because they can be a danger to themselves and people around them, they are put here. Here no magic can be used.

Casey looked at her not believing her and closed her eyes to conjure fire in her hand. Nothing happened. She didn’t feel a thing.

Casey: I can’t use my powers. What if they attack me here?

Melinda: Don’t you see. Here they have no power over you. Here you are just you. This is a place where you can stay until we figure out, how to get those witches out of you, without killing you.

Casey: For how long I have to stay here?

Melinda: I don’t know. All I know is that if you don’t you will destroy the city and evil manage to destroy the Charmed Ones.

Casey: What are you talking about?

Melinda: I had a vision. In which you destroy the city and us. You have to remember, you alone are very powerful and remember when you were raged…you almost destroyed the city just by yourself. Now you have also the knowledge and powers of three very evil and powerful witches in you too. That combination is hard to fight or destroy, without someone getting killed. I really don’t want to be the one who has to vanquish you to stop the destruction. Do you understand where I am coming from? Why I have brought you here, instead of fighting you?

Casey nodded. She understood, but the idea of staying in this too much white lighted room would drive her crazy.

Casey: I will go nuts here, by myself.

Melinda: You won’t be by yourself. Every two hours, a student or one of us will come to keep you company and bring books and food or whatever you need, to feel comfortable as possible.

Melinda grabbed the hand of Casey and leaned forward.

Melinda: We will get through this. We haven’t loose yet and we are definitely not losing you! Understood?!

Casey: Thanks Melinda. I know we had our reservations in the beginning, but you have saved my life so many times now, I lost count and I am really glad that I met you and your family. It feels like I have a family now.

Melinda was almost in tears. She didn’t want to admit it, but she got found of her and meant what she just said to her. She leaned more forward and they hugged each other.

When they let go of each other, Melinda got up to leave. She reached the door and was about to open it, when Casey started to laugh. It was not her own laugh, but it sounded like all three witches were laughing together at the same time. It had a very high pitched sound to it. Melinda slowly turned around to look at Casey.

Casey/Ancient Ones: Silly girl. You don’t get it do you. We may not be able to use our powers at the moment, but we are inside her soul. We are her and she is us. There is nothing you can do to get us out of her, without killing her. The only thing you can do is, keep her here till she is old and dies. Otherwise there is no way of stopping us.

Melinda: Tell me, was it you talking just before of Casey?

Casey/Ancient Ones: That one, you can figure out for yourself dearie, she said teasing.

Melinda: Screw you, she said getting angry and opened the door.

That moment Casey got up and jumped towards the door, but Melinda was quicker and closed the door. She heard the witches shout and bunk on the door.

Wyatt: What happened? It doesn’t sound like it went well.

Melinda: Actually it did in the beginning. Then I was about to leave when she showed her true self.

The only thing we did was take her magic from her. They say that they are not just inside her but also in her soul. The only way to stop her is to kill her or let her stay in the Room for the rest of her life till she dies.

Chris: We need help. This is magic school, there must be something or someone here that is able to help us. With so good magic around it, there must be a way.

Wyatt: Good idea bro. Ok, we all split and ask all the students what their powers are and see if one of them is able to help us. Caroline and I will hit the library and see what we can find out. I will go see dad too so he can maybe help out too.

Chris: Should we go to Mom?

Melinda: No. There is no need for that. We can do these ourselves. We just need dad as he is the head of the school. Not that I have a problem with them helping us, but we are now the Charmed Ones. We must first try to figure this out.

Wyatt: Ok, then. Let’s split.

Manor, kitchen

The Charmed Ones and Caroline were all beat. They were starving. It was almost midnight. They had spent all day at Magic School to find anything. They ate in silence feeling beat. All day long students had been with Casey and all of them were happy when they could get out of the room again. She had eaten and was now sleeping.

That night Melinda was lying in bed and was thinking about the vision she had seen. She really didn’t want it to come true and felt it was her responsibility to stop it happening. She needed advise. She sat down and crossed her legs focusing on her magic. She closed her eyes and started to chant.

‘Hear these words

Hear my cry

Spirit from the other side

Come to me

I summon thee

Cross now the Great Divide’

Light started to appear in front of her and Grams appeared.

Grams: Hello my darling. Come here and give your Grams a hug, she said smiling.

Melinda smiled and got up to hug her Grams. Then they let go and sat down.

Grams: So, why did you summon me in the middle of the night?

Melinda: It is about Casey.

Grams: Yes. I have been following what is happening. So what you need?

Melinda: I have tried to help her any way I can. They have manifested themselves in her soul. How in the world I am going to split them from Casey. I had also this horrible vision. I don’t know it feels like the universe is telling to me to kill her to be saved, because if she gets free, then there is hell to pay for putting her in the Room. So, what do I do?

Grams: Well honey. I really don’t know. The only thing I know is you. You are just like your mother. Even when she was pushed against a wall and to her limits, she went into her deepest and somehow found the way to fight and win. You are just like your mother. You have it in you. You just have to believe in yourself and who you are. Your legacy. You are not only Charmed, but will become one day the next Matriarch. You have all your ancestors in you. You have a whole magical family and community behind you. Don’t ever think less of yourself. You are the strongest witch that walks the earth. You have even surpassed your mother and brother Wyatt. That means something. Does this helps a bit? She asked sharply at Melinda.

Melinda: Well you know how to give a pep talk for sure. I feel much better. You are right. Everything you said. I can do this.

Grams: So, I guess there is a face off is coming.

Melinda: I guess so.

Grams got up and started to glow. She was ready to leave.

Grams: Show her the good in you and what you are all about. Be save my darling, she said giving her a kiss from a distance and disappeared.

Melinda got up. She knew what she had to do. She changed into something easy to move in and took a teleportation potion.

Magic School, the Room

Melinda appeared right in front of the door. It was very quit at the school as it was passed midnight. She took a deep breath and opened the door. It seemed that Casey was deeply in sleep. She went over to her and sat down by her. She shook gently her arm to wake her up. Casey wake up immediately and looked angry at Melinda.

Casey: What the hell do you want? She said sitting straight up.

Melinda: Listen, skip the attitude, I am not impressed. I have a proposition for you.

Casey: Really? What do you have in which I am interested in, except killing you and take your powers from you.

Melinda: A face-off between you and me! Why kill others and destroy stuff, if it is me you want. Let’s have a good fight. If I win, you will leave Casey and if you win, well then it is the end of the world as we know it, I guess.

Casey looked at her for a while. Determine if she is telling the truth. Finally she nodded and got up. Melinda got up too and had a teleportation potion in her hand.

Melinda: Listen I know you are evil and all, but I believe that you can be fair too. We have agreed to this battle, so I will drop the potion the moment we leave the room, so we can be both teleported to the woods. So don’t try anything weird, because there is no way you can leave Magic School, without one of us. We have spelled it that way. Even the Source of All evil, couldn’t get in…so don’t try anything.

Again Casey nodded. When they reached the door, Melinda grabbed Casey’s arm and opened the door. Immediately she threw the potion and off they were towards the woods.


The girls were standing with a distance between them, staring at each other. Somehow it seemed like they were both enjoying that they would fight each other.

Melinda: You know, from the first day I met you Casey, I told you that you were a danger. Not only for yourself but also for the rest of the world. This proofs my point. I knew that this would come and that we would fight each other till the death.

Casey: Mel, no! It is me. Please! She cried.

Casey/Ancient Ones: Quite you! She is a pretty stubborn little witch and is trying to fight us of from the inside. How brave and stupid.

Melinda: Enough chitchat.

She flickered with her fingers and before Casey noticed it, she flew backwards. She got up quickly and wiped of her jeans. She looked angry at Melinda.

Melinda was standing perfectly still and just waiting for Casey to attack. She was not planning to let Casey get to her. She was also not planning to use her powers without thinking. She had seen the vision. Even if she had changed the outcome already, by facing her alone, instead of with her brothers, still there was a chance that she would lose. So she had to be smart about her actions. Mostly piss Casey off, that she would get so angry, that she wouldn’t even notice anymore what she is doing and make a mistake.

Manor, Wyatt’s room

Caroline woke up with a weird feeling. She sat straight up and let out her senses to see if she could feel anything. Chris was sleeping, so was Jake. Why didn’t she didn’t feel Melinda. She woke up Wyatt and both of them went into the room of Jake. He was sleeping peacefully, when he was awakened by Wyatt.

He didn’t know also where Melinda was. They woke up Chris and everybody got dressed and orbed to the Magic School. Quickly they went to the Room, hoping that Casey still would be there, but she was gone too. Now they got worried and all of them tried to sense Melinda and Casey in their own magical way. Nothing! Now they were really getting worried. They hoped that Melinda wouldn’t do something stupid. They wanted to scry for her, but Caroline pointed out if they couldn’t sense her, then scrying wouldn’t work either. Melinda was blocking them.

Wyatt didn’t wait till they figured out how to find Melinda and sprinted towards the Manor at the school. The rest followed him and had no idea what Wyatt was planning to do.

He ran into the Manor and upstairs. He ran into his parent’s room, without warning or knocking. They were sleeping peacefully.

Wyatt: Mom. Wake up! Mom! We need your help!

Piper woke up as Leo and they looked wary to her children.

Piper: What is going on? What are you guys doing here? What time is it?

Wyatt: Mom, we don’t have time to explain. Please use your powers to find Melinda. We think she is in big trouble, but she is blocking us and we can’t sense her anywhere. Casey is gone too, he added quickly.

Piper: OK, ok! I will. Give me a second to focus.

Piper closed her eyes and called out for her Matriarch powers and closed her eyes. She focused on the essence of her daughter and felt her blocking everybody who tried to find her. But she was not just anybody. She was Piper Halliwell, The Matriarch of the family and her mother. Slowly she started to break to the protection spell Melinda had cast over herself. Then she saw her. She was at the Woods. Piper opened her eyes and looked worried at her children.

Piper: She is at the woods with Casey.

Wyatt: Oh my god. She is going to fight them alone.

Chris: Why would she do that? He asked angry at his sister.

Caroline: Because she had seen you die and I think she didn’t want that to happen, so therefore she went on her own.

Piper: We need to get there. The feeling I got was very disturbing.

Without changing, Piper got up too. Leo wanted to come too, so all of the orbed out to the Woods.


When they orbed in, they were all bounced back into the woods. It seemed that Melinda had created a huge circle of protection around the whole open area. So nobody could interfere with her fight. They started to shout her name and use their powers to break through, but nothing seemed to be working.

Piper closed her eyes again, to use her Matriarch powers, but even that seemed to have no effect.

There was nothing that they could do then watch the two girls fight.

Casey/Ancient Ones: I see we have an audience. That is good. Everybody is so full of you always. Now they will see your demise!

Without warning she earth balls came out of the ground and went fast towards Melinda. Melinda lifted her hand and froze the balls in front of her. With her telekinesis power she sends the balls back to Casey. Casey held her hand of and the balls stopped also in front of her and fell to the ground.

Casey looked at Melinda, who was standing still and just watching Casey.

‘dnib, dnib,Dnib! She yelled towards Melinda.

Melinda fell to the ground with her hands and feet. Her face was down and she knew she was bound.

Casey/Ancient Ones started to laugh and walked slowly towards Melinda.

Melinda knew it would take her a lot of energy to break through the binding spell. She relaxed her body and let herself lay on the cold ground. She closed her eyes and thought of nothing else then who she really was. Slowly she felt power rising from beneath her. She remembered the words of her Grams and smiled. She was Melinda Halliwell, she could do this. She had the power in her.

Slowly she got up, while Casey came closer. Just when Casey had reached her, Melinda got up and was now standing right in front of her, looking strong and determined. Casey looked disgusted at her and Melinda thought for a split second to see awe in the eyes of Casey. She had clearly not thought that Melinda would break free.

Without any warning, Melinda bolted her fists and while she was looking at Casey and smirking at her, she transformed into this Goddess. Casey was forced to back up, because of the force of the power that came off from Melinda.

Casey smiled and without waiting or warming up, she transformed too. There was a lot of wind coming of them, and it was for the rest form the distance amazing to watch. Melinda was covered in white and Casey was covered with mostly fire and earth around her, with a sort of tornado around her of wind and water. She looked pretty amazing and scary.

Casey started to float in the above, while Melinda stayed calmly on the ground and looked up. Casey suddenly started to attack with a dozen fire balls which appeared out of nowhere and came right at Melinda. She lifted a finger and from the top of her finger, white light started to appear and in seconds it was surrounding her, while it swirled in a circle. The balls bounced back all over the place, but because of the shield Melinda had created, neither the forest nor her family got hit. The swirl stopped and Melinda was visible again. She did her finger down again and stood just there, staring at her.

Casey/Ancient Ones: I am impressed. But can you stop this? She asked.

She didn’t wait for the answer and send towards Melinda all sorts of balls with elements in it. Only it came also from the ground and attacked her from all sides. Melinda lifted her hands to freeze the scene and mostly she did, but some hit her. Which made her flew back and fell hard on the ground. She changed back to her normal self again. Her family called out for her, but she didn’t respond.

For a moment, Casey looked happy smiling, when she saw Melinda moving and groaning. She sat down, but was now lifted to the air. She couldn’t move. With a force, she was hit from the front to the ground. Then she was in the air again and she went for a second time hard on the ground. Casey stopped holding her bound and Melinda held her head up, looking dizzy to Casey in the air. There was blood on her face and she looked awful. Broken.

Piper: We need to do something. I am going to freak out any minute. We have to send her power. We have to do something! She shouted, while she kept using her blowing power to break the protection her daughter had created around the area.

Chris: Wait. She is moving! He yelled while he looked at Melinda. Come on sis! Get up and kick that bitch witch! He shouted.

Melinda slowly got to her hands and knees. Casey had floated towards her and had landed close to her.

She moved her hand to push Melinda to the ground. Melinda knew how this felt, as she had done herself that in the past to others. She used everything she had to get to her hands and feet’s again. Casey moved her hand again and Melinda was this time still on her hands and feet.

Casey/ Ancient Ones: Push! She yelled and lowered her hand more to the ground.

Melinda groaned, but was still on her hands and feet.

Melinda: Enough! She said between gritting teeth.

Casey/Ancient Ones: I am sorry? I didn’t get that? She asked teasing and laughing.

Melinda: My name is Melinda Halliwell! She said clearly and Casey was moved a bit back, because of the energy wave that came out of Melinda. I am the next in line of the Matriarch line! She shouted and again Casey was moved back and looked terrified. The voice of Melinda had turned into iron! She was now standing. I am a Charmed One! She said now standing straight! I have the raw power of all my ancestors in MEEEE!!!! She shouted and was again transformed into this Goddess. I have gained all my powers back and now the fight is over. There is nothing you can throw at me, which can make you win. The only thing that can happen now is that I vanquish your sorry ass. I will not, because I care about Casey and will not let you have her. I have decided that you can take me instead. If you leave her alive, then I will allow you to use me.

Casey/Ancient Ones: You will sacrifice yourself for her. You hate her! She asked surprised.

Melinda: Do you want me or not? She asked with a voice that would give you the chills to the bone.

Casey/Ancient Ones eyes became huge and she licked her lips of excitement. She came closer by Melinda and wanted to touch her by the shoulder, so she could transform her essence to Melinda, but before she could touch her, Melinda hugged her and all the white light she had in her and all the good she had in her. The love she felt for life and for the good. The care and responsibility she felt for Casey. All the good things they had done together. She sends it all at once to Casey. Till she was herself again and Casey was now glowing, completely white. She started to float and was screaming in the air and when Melinda looked up, she saw the spirits of the Ancient Ones, fighting the light, but it was too much. They had never experienced so much good and love. With a huge scream the Ancient Ones was destroyed. The white light made Casey float slowly to the ground and she had passed out.

The moment she lay down on the ground, the white light came out of her and in and flew right back into Melinda. That transformed her again. She looked to her family and lifted her hands. A huge white light came out of her finger tops which made lower the shield. Her family didn’t wait for it to become down, the moment there was opening, they orbed in. Caroline and Wyatt ran over to Casey to heal her.

Piper, Jake and Chris ran towards Melinda. The moment they had reached her, she turned back to herself.

Piper: Don’t you ever do that to me again! She shouted and hugged her daughter.

Melinda: I am sorry. This was the only thing I could think of to do.

She almost collapsed when her mother let go of her. Jake was right there to catch her.

Melinda: Is everything ok with Casey? She asked and wanted to walk over to her, but needed help from Jake.

She knelt down by Casey and watched how the rest tried to heal her. Slowly Casey opened her eyes and looked around her. Then she saw Melinda. With help she sat straight and looked straight at Melinda.

Casey: You saved me. You saved me a lot of times, but you didn’t just save me, you saved my soul. I thought I was done. I would die, right here and now. You saved me, she said and started to cry.

She suddenly hugged Melinda and she started to hug and cry too. After using all that magic, it was nice to cry and let it all out.

Next day

Manor, Kitchen

Melinda was sitting in the kitchen when her mother came walking in. Melinda looked up and smiled.

Melinda: Hey you. What are you doing here?

Piper: I have come to see you.

Melinda stopped reading the paper and looked at her mother who sat next to her and looked at her daughter.

Piper: I just came to say, that I had never ever seen a magical fight like that. I kept looking at you and I was so terrified, but also awed and proud. You were not just a Goddess. There was something else. The way you just stood there and waited for the next attack. Reserved your strength and used only the needed level of magic. There is a lot of concentration need for something like that. You will be a great Matriarch. I am just so proud of you. My beautiful daughter, she said with tears in her eyes.

Melinda had tears in her eyes too and they hugged each other tightly and stayed like that for a couple of minutes.

Piper: So, how is Casey doing? She asked letting go.

Melinda: Good, I think. She had celebrated that she is herself again, with my brothers and Caroline. I was beat and needed the rest, but I will have my own moment with her. Some moment I cannot stand her and want to kick her smart “ass”, but on the other side I kind of like her. She is tough and street-smart and she had pretty big balls and is not quickly afraid of a fight. I think with everything the last couple of days, she deserves a couple of fun days, doesn’t she.

Piper: As long as you don’t forget to have fun too. Don’t forget what happened to your Aunt Prue. Her Charmed life took over and it cost it her life. Don’t let that happen to you. Go rest, but after that, join them and have some fun too, ok? She asked.

Melinda: You are right! I deserve some fun too!

She got up and gave her mother a kiss. Then she started to walk out of the kitchen.

Piper: Hey! Where are you going? We had our mother/ daughter moment! She said seriously teasing.

Melinda: Find Jake and have some fun, she said smirking and walked out of the kitchen.

Leaving a head shaking, smiling and a very proud mother!

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