Charmed Melinda Season 2

Broken and Exposed

Raw power

Episode 12
Broken and Exposed

Manor, Bedroom Melinda

Melinda: Gross. What is that? She asked looked disgusted to Chris.

He had made some old remedy with herbs to strengthen Melinda up. It smelled terrible.

Chris: I know it doesn’t smell nice, but it will help. Really! Try some, he suggested while he gave her the cup with the herbal tea.

Melinda made a face and looked at the inside of the cup and then closed her eyes and took it all in with one sip. She tried to swallow it, but it was so disgusting that her eyes became huge and she ran past Chris to run to the toilet. She threw everything up and looked horrible. Chris felt really sorry for her. The whole family did actually. She had never had so many presents and people come over to visit her. She had received all kinds of gifts also from the magical community who were thankful, that Melinda had saved the day again. She just hadn’t had the strength to go through them all, so they were all piled up in a corner in her room.

Everybody was so sweet to her, but Melinda didn’t feel happy. The other day, she threw her empty glass in the air and tried to freeze it, which didn’t work. She tried to blow it up and move it, but nothing seemed to work. She hadn’t lost her powers, but she had overused them, so she was completely drained. If she would get attacked right now, she would not stand a chance.

The Demons, were all keeping a low profile. They all had heard and felt what had happened with the Ancient Ones. Now they were scared to go up against the Charmed Ones. Actually they were afraid of Melinda. Some even respected her for her power. So for the time been, they were keeping their distance from the Charmed Ones.

Her brothers knew that their sister was weakened, but they had no idea that it was so bad, that none of her powers were working. Melinda knew she had to tell her brothers soon, just in case they would get attacked again. So, Melinda called out for them, to tell both of them the truth about her powers.

Chris: That is weird. I can totally understand that you feel drained because of the amount of power you had to use lately, but mostly it was your raw power. So, that you cannot access that part, I can understand. Only you Charmed powers, should not been effected. Those powers make who you are. The raw power is just an extra boost, so you should still be able to access your standard power.

Melinda: I know, she said with a sigh. That is what is worrying me. If we get attacked now, I am useless.

Wyatt: I don’t think that we will get attacked any time soon. Thanks to you we are almost two months demon free.

Chris: No. Don’t say it. Now you have jinxed it.

All three of them laughed.

Dorm Casey

Casey was tired of her training with Caroline. Daily they trained two hours. After what had happened to her, she wanted to be as strong as Melinda. She was still amazed about Melinda. She was so small and fragile, but till now she had saved Casey’s life several times. She was never afraid and had more courage than anybody she had ever met. She was proud to call herself a friend of Melinda and her brothers. They had become her family as she had no one else.

Caroline: You are really advancing, she said smiling.

Casey: Thanks. That means a lot. I have no choice. The demons won’t stop coming after me and I don’t want to call for the Charmed Ones, with every demon that attacks me. I am a big girl and can take care of myself.

Caroline: I know you can, she said with a wink. So, plans for this afternoon?

Casey: Well I was going to have lunch with Chris this afternoon.

Caroline: You guys seem to get along, don’t you?

Casey: Well I have waited almost three months now and gave him all the space he needed to get back with Bianca or get over her. It seems he is slowly getting over her, so I don’t see why I couldn’t be with him.

Caroline: You are right. I think you two look very cute together, she said smirking. Hey! She yelled.

Casey threw a pillow at Caroline and rolled her eyes.

Caroline: Well you go ahead and freshen up. I see later in the Manor?

Casey: That sounds great, she said smiling and Caroline orbed out.

Casey got up to clean herself up. The sun was shining and she was having lunch with the guy she liked, so all felt good.


Vermin: I am sick of sitting down here. None of us has made a killing the last couple of weeks. We have to do something. Our whole reputation is going down.

Shed: Bloody Charmed Ones. They have become so strong. It is like they have some kind of GPS on Demons. We just have to surface or there they are, before we even get the chance to do something.

Vermin: I think it is time that we find ourselves a seer and let her tell us, when the right time is to surface. Because, if I stay here any minute longer, I am going to freak out.

Dolores Park San Francisco

Casey was walking through the park eating a pretzel. She had a bag with her, with a blanket in it, so they could lie down and enjoy the sun a bit. It was pretty crowded with young students. The water had a strong current. Therefore no one went in it. She was checking her watch and knew that Chris would be here any minute. She was smiling by the thought that she would see him again. Suddenly she heard someone screaming from the sideways of the water, a child was falling in and was taken away by the current. Other people wanted to jump into the water too, but were afraid same thing would happen to them too. Casey ran over to the water as everybody else did. She saw the little girl, going under and up and was shouting and trying to swim. Some people were calling the police, some were just watching in horror and some were trying to do something, but she was already in the middle of the water, so not very reachable.

Without thinking, Casey raised her hands. She closed her eyes and called for the water to calm down and bring the girl to her. People were watching in shock what was happening. Suddenly the movement of the water had changed and now the little girl was floating over the water, right where Casey was standing. Slowly Casey held her hands down and opened her eyes. Without noticing, she was levitating and was almost transformed. She rushed over to the little girl and grabbed her out of the water. She looked around and saw everybody looking scared at her and most of them had their mobiles pointed at her. Suddenly she was orbed out of the place.

She orbed in, not far from the place where she had saved the child. She looked around confused to find Chris looking very worried.

Chris: What did you do? He asked grabbing her by her arms.

Casey: I saved that little girls life! She snapped back.

Chris: No, you have exposed yourself and a dozen people have it on their phones. Probably in an hour, the whole world will see what you did, he said angry.

Casey: I am sorry. If I didn’t do anything, she would have died. I couldn’t let that happen. Neither would you. I know for sure, if you were here you would done something too. What is the point of being a Witch and have powers, if I cannot save people.

Chris: What do you mean? We save people on a daily basis. We have save the world, so many times.

Casey: I know and I am really sorry, she said hurt.

Chris: Ok, let’s go to the Manor and see for ourselves how bad the damage is.

Casey: I guess, she said and looked down.

Chris touched her face softly and that made her look up into his eyes.

Chris: Don’t worry. We will fix this. I will not let anything happen to you. Now let’s go, he said gently.

Manor, living room

Wyatt: Hey you are cheating, he called out to Melinda.

She was trying to steal money from the bank. They were playing monopoly. He was trying to take the money back and got hit on his hand by Melinda, who was smirking. This made her feel a bit better. Chris was gone to a date with Casey after he had talked about it with Melinda. She gave her blessing, which was somehow important for Chris and now he was off to have fun. She wanted to go outside too, but still felt a bit weak. Her brother had orbed her downstairs, because she had no strength to go down herself, like she was broken from the inside. Chris and Casey orbed in, looking very worried.


Vermin and shed had arrived at the Seer. The seer already knew why they were there. She started to stare into nothingness and focused on the Charmed Ones.

Manor, Living room

Wyatt: Hey you guys. You’re back early.

Chris: We have a serious problem, he said looking worried and put the television on.

Almost every channel was talking about it. It was breaking news. It showed footage that someone had taken with his phone. You could see everybody panicking and running towards the water. Then they saw the little girl in the water struggling to get out. Then the screen turns first towards the back of Casey and they watched how this person ran over to Casey and filmed her from the side. She was holding her hands up and the water became calmer and the girl traveled on water towards Casey. Because Casey suddenly had to use her power like that, she had almost transformed. Melinda recognized the signs. They watched how she lightly levitated. Then they watched how she was taken away with orbs.

The newswoman was on again and suddenly she stopped talking and said that they had tracked down the girl with the powers and told her name. Casey backed away from the television like it was poison.

She sat down shocked and not knowing what to do. There was a journalist who was driving towards the dorm of Casey. They all watched in horror about what was going to happen. Caroline orbed in panicked.

Caroline: Guys, we have a huge problem, she said and then saw Casey.

She went straight to her and sat down next to her.

Caroline: Are you ok?

Casey shook her head in shock and tears went down her face.

Casey: My life is over, she cried.

Wyatt: Honey, what about the cleaners?

Caroline: This has gone worldwide. They can’t fix this. There is now just one person who is powerful enough to fix this.

Caroline looked over to Melinda and the rest looked at her too.

Caroline: You have done it before, remember? When the Source forced you to expose yourself.

Melinda: I am at the moment no use to anybody. I cannot even freeze or blow up something,

Wyatt: We are working on it to restore her strength and powers. The Ancients did a good number on her.

Melinda: Thanks for that. I believe I did a number to them.

Wyatt: I mean is, that they have forced you to use all of your strength to fight them off. You have given your last resorts to save me, which costs you to feel drained. You will be yourself soon, I promise.

Chris: How is this going to help us now? If they are able to track her down so fast, then it will not be long before they will end up here, as she spends most of her time here. She must have told someone or someone from the street has seen her.

Melinda: Don’t worry Casey. We will fix this. This is not our first exposure. Till now we have always been able to solve it. We will do it again. For now, I would stay here and in worst case we can orb you out of here.

Casey just nodded and put her hands in her face.

Casey: I just wanted to save that little girls life. I couldn’t let her die, right in front of me.

Melinda: To be honest, I would have done the same. That’s why we have these powers. To help people, save the world on a freaking daily basis. So don’t worry about it too much, it will drive you crazy.

Casey: Thanks Mel, that really helps.

Wyatt: Ok, this is all great, but how are we planning to solve this issue and what we are going to do, if they all stand in front of our door.

Chris: Then we do the same as Aunt Paige did, years ago when a journalist was trying to find out who our Aunts and mom was. So she let them in and showed them the house. If there is nothing to see, then there is nothing to tell. We just have to hide Casey when that happens.

Melinda: I am sorry, but I am really tired. I am going to bed for a little while. If you need me, come and get me, she said and got up.

Casey: How is she holding up? She asked after Melinda went upstairs.

Chris: Not sure yet. It has been a while now and she should have gained her powers back, but somehow they are gone. Not really gone, but she can’t access them at the moment.

Casey: Doesn’t that make you guys very vulnerable? She asked again worrying.

Wyatt: Yes and no. Depending who is attacking us.

Now they were all staring into nothingness.

Underworld, the Seers lair

Vermin: What do you see? He asked impatient.

Seer: Do you think that it is easy to break through all the protection they have put around their houses and themselves? She asked annoyed.

Shed: Don’t you see anything?

Seer: I see that Casey has been exposed. The whole world is searching for her and I am getting weird vibes from the Charmed Ones…they are Charmed, but it seems that something is wrong with one of them, like one of them is broken.

Vermin: This is good news. That means that we can do some damage above, he said smiling.

Manor, Hallway

The doorbell rang and Wyatt walked over to open the door. Nathan was standing in front of the door. He didn’t wait for an invite and walked into the Manor. Casey, Chris, Caroline came looking were sitting in the living room, when Nathan stormed in.

Nathan: You! He pointed angry at Casey. What were you thinking to use your powers in public?

Chris: Why are you here Nathan? Just to yell at us or can you help solve the problem?

Nathan: I wouldn’t even know where to begin solving this. Don’t you guys understand? This case has come to my desk. Everything which is a bit weird I handle now. So any idea how much pressure that brings with it. I have been able to cover for you guys, but this is getting out of control. You saving that girl have over five million hits on YouTube. Every hour another million people watch and share it. This has gone worldwide. I have no clue where to start to solve this, he said frustrated and sat down.

Wyatt went to the kitchen to make some Camille tea for everybody, as they were all on edge.

Casey: I couldn’t let that girl die, she said with tears.

Nathan: I understand completely, he said now what gentler, but the consequences are much worse now. I know everything about the magical community. I even worked with the Source to get to you guys. You have not only risked exposure for yourself, but the whole community. Good or bad.

Wyatt: OK, enough Nathan. He said coming in with the tea. She feels already awful, stop making her feeling bad, as our powers are tight to our emotions, things can get ugly. So shut it, he said firmly.

Nathan looked surprised at Wyatt, who stared back at him and finally Nathan caved. He took his cup and started to drink the tea. After a few minutes he felt calmer, like he could handle the whole exposure situation. He wondered if Wyatt did some sort of spell over the tea, but didn’t dare to ask.

Casey: What if I just confessed? Then they would just focus on me and leave you guys and the rest of the community alone.

Wyatt/Chris/Caroline: NO!

Caroline: Ok, you know what! I am bringing you to Magic School. There you can calm down and let the Charmed Ones do their thing to solve this issue. While I am there, I will talk to Piper about Melinda’s “problem”, maybe she knows what to do?

Wyatt: That’s great honey. Thanks, he said smiling at her.

Caroline took Casey to Magic School and the boys stayed behind. Talking how to handle the situation.

Chris: What a mess. If I just came a minute or two earlier, then all would have been fine. I could have orbed out the kid out of the water.

Wyatt: Don’t start blaming yourself. We are already vulnerable. If you start too, then we are hopelessly doomed. We need to stay strong and focused. No time to blame anyone. We need to solve this, like right now.

Nathan: What do you guys want me to do?

Wyatt: Whatever you can, to make sure they don’t figure out who she is and that she is connected with us.

Nathan nodded and left the Manor again, starting to make some phone calls.


Vermin and shed had heard from the Seer that things weren’t right with Melinda. Something was wrong with her and that the Elemental girl was exposed. Vermin got suddenly a great idea thanks to the actions of Elemental girl. He send out shed to find him some Demons with a specific power.

Not long after that, shed shimmered in with a several Demons. They were all shape shifters and with that his plan started. He told his shifters what the plan was and shimmered out with the two of them.

Vermin looked around and the weather was nice and people were walking on the streets or working on their gardens. Vermin stood behind a tree with the shifters. He signed to them and they changed into Wyatt and Chris. They came out of their hiding place and started to throw fire balls towards the humans and the neighbors of the Charmed Ones. In panic people started to run around and scream.

Both brothers came outside to see what was going on. They looked around shocked and their whole neighborhood was on fire. First they hadn’t noticed the shifters behind the tree.

Wyatt: What the hell! He said loudly.

Both brothers watched how they were attacking the neighborhood.

Chris: Hey! He called out and moved with his hands, using his telekinesis power.

The shifters flew backwards, but got up quickly and now they were facing the real Wyatt and Chris.

Shifters started to throw fire balls towards them, but the shield of Wyatt protected them.

He opened his hands and whitish energy waves started to come out of him towards the Demons, who duck first but weren’t on time for the second round and got hit. Both of the shifters were vanquished with a bang. Vermin watched the Charmed Ones for a moment, and then looked around him. Everybody was staring at Wyatt and Chris. He smiled evilly and shimmered out.

Then Wyatt looked around him, as someone started to scream loudly. He looked and his neighbor was screaming and pointing at Wyatt. Witch! Witch! He killed himself! She yelled as she kept screaming. People who were panicking suddenly stopped and looked at the woman. Then they looked at Wyatt. Without saying a word, they went into the Manor again.

Wyatt looked pretty pissed and wanted to break the neck of his neighbor, after how she pointed at him and called him witch, which was true, but she didn’t know that.

Melinda came walking downstairs, looked sleepy and irritated.

Melinda: What the hell is going on outside? She asked grumpy.

Her brothers informed her, about what was going on.

Melinda: So, Casey got exposed and is hiding at Magic School. You guys try to solve it, but can’t as you have exposed yourselves now? Did I miss anything? She asked irritated.

Her brothers nodded that she didn’t and Melinda let out a deep sigh. Under her eyes it was purple and she looked very tired. Still she was standing and thinking how to solve this problem.

Chris: This is bad. This is really bad. Now the whole neighborhood watched us using our powers.

Caroline orbed in, not looking happy.

Caroline: What the hell did you two do? Everybody heard about the exposure of Casey, but now the news went to the Heavens that the Charmed Ones are exposed too.

The brothers explained what happened and that they were dealing with shifters. Chris put the television on, to check about Casey, when he saw his own street. He called for the others.

They watched in horror, how a news car was coming closer to their house and got out and walked the stairs. They heard the doorbell ring and looked at each other terrified.

Chris: What will we do?

Melinda: Well, first let’s open de door and see who it is. If we don’t do anything, people will get more suspicious.

She got up sighing and walked over to the door, while the rest rang upstairs to hide. If needed they could always orb out. She opened the door and looked calmly to the journalist.

Melinda: Hi, can I help you with something? She asked politely.

Journalist: Hi, I am looking for Wyatt and Chris Halliwell?

Melinda: They are not here? Can I leave a message?

Journalist: Is it true that your brothers have powers? Several of your neighbors have seen them throw fire balls towards their houses.

Melinda: Powers? Throwing fire balls? Are you sure you are at the right address? We have been living in this house almost hundred years and as far as I know, is this the first time that someone is standing in front of our door asking this kind of question. We never had any problems with any of our neighbors, so I don’t know what to say. I am a bit shocked that they accuse us of such weird accusations. We are three siblings who live here and are very normal. You can come in and have a look, if you want?

Journalist: That would be great.

She walked in the Manor carefully, like she would get hit by something. She looked around amazed.

In the meantime, her brothers were listening carefully what was going on. They quickly orbed to their rooms to see, if there was anything witchy. Then they went to the attic, all orbing so they wouldn’t make a sound and used a glamour spell, to turn the attic in an old, dusty full attic. Like nobody had been there for a while. Melinda was in the meanwhile showing the house and started to walk upstairs.

The journalist seemed bumped, that there was not really a story to tell. Still she wondered, why a complete neighborhood would complain about the same persons, while in the house all seemed normal.

Melinda was sighing and coughing.

Journalist: Are you ok? You don’t look so well.

Melinda: Yeah, I must be coming down with something. I have been feeling weak for a couple days now. Should be over soon. My brothers take good care of me and spoil me, which helps a lot, she said smiling. This way she was trying to make her brothers seem like nice people.

Suddenly she heard someone banging on the front door. She and the journalist went downstairs. Melinda wanted to open the door, but she had to wait for the cameraman, who was following the journalist. She opened the door and a couple of angry neighbors were standing in front of her door.

Neighbor: Where are they? They have destroyed our house and our neighborhood.

Melinda: I am not sure what is going on, as I was sick upstairs, but there is nobody home, but me. You must have seen someone else who looks like my brother, doing whatever is done.

Another neighbor: Really? Why is in the street all houses damaged, except yours? She said angry.

Melinda: Listen. I am sick and I have no energy for this. Like I said, I have no idea what you are talking about and as long as you don’t have any evidence, I want you all leave my property, before I call the cops.

Neighbor: We already called them.

Like it was meant to be, cops showed up and the firemen came also. The cops reached the door from Melinda. That moment all neighbors started to complain.

Melinda: Officers, can you please ask these people to get out of my property. They are accusing my brothers from stuff they couldn’t have done, as they are not here. I am home alone and she can confirm it, as she just looked through the whole house.

The journalist nodded with her head yes.

Cop: Could you tell us where you brothers are?

Melinda: I have no idea, as I am sick and was sleeping. Till the knocking on my door started.

Cop: Can you call them?

Melinda: They have no cell phones. Listen, like I said as no one has any proof that my brothers did this, I want everybody including you cops, gone! I have enough of this.

She turned to look at the journalist and she and the cameraman got out of the house.

Before waiting for an answer, she closed the door, but stayed on the other side to listen what was been said. She heard the neighbors all complain and she heard the cops asking for proof, but nobody had any, so the cops told everybody to leave and they did.

Melinda quickly walked upstairs where her brothers were waiting for her.

Chris: Thanks Mel, for saving our butts again.

Melinda: Don’t mention it. We have serious problems. If shape shifters are pretending be us and using their powers in public, then sooner or later someone will get that on camera and then we are really screwed.

City Mall

The shape shifters appeared still as Wyatt and Chris on one side of the Mall. Two other shifters appeared on the other side as Melinda and Casey. People were already shouting and screaming, as they had appeared out of nowhere in the middle of the mall. Only this time there were some young people who started to record the whole thing with their phones. Without any warning they started to attack the shops and people with fire balls.

Soon the cops arrived and they looked shocked at what was happening. They had never had to deal with something like this. In panic the cops started to shoot at the four shifters, but they deflected it and send fire balls back. It looked like a warzone at the Mall. Camera people arrived and were recording everything live.

Manor, living room

Wyatt: NO! This can’t be! We are so screwed, he said pointing to the television.

The Charmed Ones watched in horror and saw themselves attack those innocent people.

An elder appeared looking very worried.

Melinda: What are you doing here?

Elder: To tell you that none of you will be able to go to the heavens at the moment as you all are exposed.

Chris: We are not exposed. Shifters are pretending to be us.

Elder: Either way, humans have seen you use your powers, even if it wasn’t you. Don’t you think that the reporters that were here earlier won’t be back soon? He said almost annoyed.

Melinda: So you are saying that you guys have been watching this whole time and not one of you thought about warning us or do something to prevent this nightmare.

Elder: Melinda, everything happens for a reason. Also this.

Melinda: Don’t give me that crap. We don’t need your help, so get lost. Go spy on someone else.

Elder looked for a moment at Melinda and nodded.

Elder: I know that you don’t have good image of us, but we wish you no harm. In fact, I know how you can get at full strength again, he said calmly.

Melinda: Really? Why would you help me, after our endless disagreements?

Elder: I am helping you for the greater good, not because I want to. Believe me, from all the witches in the world, you are the strongest and the most irritating person there is. You know everything always better.

Melinda: Oh, your knowledge has always been so helpful. If it wasn’t for me or my family, there would be no more Elders. So if I were you, I would go upstairs and remind all your Elder friends about that, before you come to our house and insult me or my family.

The Elder looked a bit shamed, that he let himself go like that.

Elder: If you want to get better, then you will need life energy from your family. With family I mean all of them. They all have to send a piece of their own energy to you, which should be enough to restore you.

Chris: you are telling it, like she is some battery that needs to be charged.

Elder: In this case you can called it indeed like that. All the things you have done to help were touching, but pointless. Don’t you see that you are all connected one way or the other? Sending Melinda energy from yourself, doesn’t only send normal energy but also magical energy. That will make her strong again. That is the only way.

Without waiting for a response he orbed out again. That moment they saw flashlight and noises around their house. They heard people shouting that they needed to come out and some called them freaks and witches.

This was getting out of control and it needed to be fixed right away or their lives would be over.

Melinda: I think it is time to get Casey here and call the rest of the family. Also I have to lie down or I am going to pass out, she said letting herself fall on the couch.

Chris orbed out and after a few minutes he orbed back in with her. In the meantime he had told her what was going on. Casey sat down by Melinda and looked at her.

Casey: You don’t look so good Mel. How can I help?

Melinda: Can you create a storm or something to make all of them disappear from our porch?

Casey: Sure that should be no problem.

She got up and walked over to the hallway. She stood before the front door and could hear the people shouting from the other side. The weather was fantastic and it was warm. She closed her eyes and focused on her energy. She wanted to rain, like it never did before and in seconds a huge thunder sound could be heard and the rain started to pour down onto the streets. Casey could hear people shout and run. She made a thunder come very closely to the Manor, which made people run away. She made one appear on the street, where people were running. Now she let it hail. Not small one, but huge ones, who can break a window easily. In minutes the front porch was empty. Even the street was empty.

She went back to the living room and sat down.

Casey: As long as I keep focusing on the rain, it will never stop. So we have some time.

Wyatt orbed in with Piper and Leo. Piper hugged everybody and then sat down by her daughter. Melinda looked awful. She was whitish and had purple circles around her eyes. Her mom hugged her, which made Melinda almost cry. The hug felt so familiar. Always when Melinda was sick and her mother was with her, things seemed less bad.

Ten minutes later, everybody was calling their family and explaining what was going on.

Piper: My poor baby. I don’t know what those Ancient Ones did to you, but we are going to fix you.

Melinda: It feels like I can’t sense my ancestors anymore. Like I lost my raw power. I feel lost and powerless.

Piper: Don’t you worry. Like I said, we will fix you, no matter what, ok!

In meantime, she was stroking Melinda’s hair and sending her healing, but it didn’t seem to do any good. Piper worried very much. She could feel how weak Melinda was. She was completely drained after her last fight. She had no break at all. The last two years it was one fight after another, without any rest in between. She remembered how it was to fight daily basis evil. In their time the demons were strong, but it seemed the next generation, was not only strong, but a lot smarter than in the Demons from the past. Piper remembered how it was for them, when they were exposed. How they lost Prue because of it. She was afraid that the history would repeat itself and she would lose one of her children.

Everybody was called and asked to come to Magic School. Before they left, Piper got up and closed her eyes. Everybody could clearly see some white light coming out of her and sending it through the whole house. After a minute or two, she opened her eyes. When she noticed everybody was watching her, she explained that she locked the house for all humans. Nobody could get in and snoop around while they were gone. The crystals would do their work for the Demons, so they could go, as the spell didn’t last long, if Piper wasn’t around to focus on the place she casted. Wyatt lifted his sister and they all orbed to Magic School.

When they appeared in the Great Hall, their family was waiting for them. Everybody was there. Even the kids. Henry came too, even he was human, he was still a huge part of the family. Beside their family the whole magical community had come too. Some whitelighters and even an Elder were there.

Casey looked in awe around her. The whole room was full with people and creatures. They had all came to help Melinda. She looked at Melinda, who looked really awful and very fragile. For the first time she understood what it must like to be Charmed and the responsibility with it. All this people and creatures were counting on her. Depending that she will save the day with her amazing powers. Now she understood why Melinda transformed into this Goddess. She looked for the first time in absolute awe at Melinda and realized how lucky she was that she had the honor to know her and fight beside her.

Everybody stood circle in a circle. Wyatt lay down Melinda in the middle of the circle. Then stood next to his mother and brother. Piper started the chant and soon her sisters Phoebe and Paige picked it up. Not long after that the rest started to chant also. It was an amazing sight and sound. Slowly a string of white smoke started come out everybody and it was going to the air and one spot. They kept chanting for a half hour. Some people were almost collapsing because of the loss of such amount of energy, but they locked their knees and focused. Nobody wanted to be weak, while Melinda gave everything to save the world over and over again. Suddenly the chanting stopped. Everybody was still holding hands and all looked up. They were all weakened and some felt like passing out. They held their grounds. Slowly the energy ball lowered towards Melinda.

Everybody watched with mouth open to see what was going to happen. The ball reached Melinda and went inside her. The moment the ball touched her, Melinda body started to levitate. She was still unconscious, but suddenly her eyes opened white and she started to transform. Slowly she became white. Her hair. Her eyes. Her dress. Wind started to whirl around her.

She was levitating in the air and looking down at everybody.

Melinda: Thank you. Thank you all. I cannot believe that you all came to help me. I cannot tell you how much this means for me. I will fix our exposure problem, so we can all go on with our lives, she said smiling.

Everybody cheered and Melinda waved and disappeared.


Vermin and shed were sitting with the shifters and were laughing. Suddenly Melinda appeared in front of them. They all jumped up and backed away.

Vermin: That is not possible. You cannot possibly know that it was me. How did you find me? He asked shaken.

Melinda: You have no idea, what I am capable off, if someone tries to hurt me or my family and you have done both, with your shape shifting trick, but that will stop right here and now!

Before anybody could do anything, Melinda flickered with her fingers and froze all of them, even Vermin who was a higher-level Demon. Without blinking she flickered with her other hand and they were all vanquished at once. She closed her eyes again and now she was back at Magic School. She was in the Great Hall. Most creatures were gone as some family members. She asked everybody to back away.

She was levitating and she pointed her finger at the ground and out of her finger white light came out and she moved it in a circle and created one, she started to make rune signs in the air. Then slowly she lowered herself to the ground. Now she was with her hands and feet on the ground. Her hair was touching the ground and her head was down. She slowly started to chant an old language which sounded harsh but beautiful at the same time. Suddenly she lifted her head and her eyes were big. A splash of white light came out of her and it went everywhere under her towards the earth. She sat there for a few minutes and then lowered her head again. She focused on the people and slowly they all started to forget that they ever saw something magical. Soon nobody would remember anything. All footage would be gone, magically. All would be normal again. Slowly she started to transform back to normal again. Her family waited till she was herself again, before they came to her.

Melinda told them what she had done and before anyone could hug her, Casey dropped herself to the ground and hugged her tightly.

Casey whispering: You are one amazing Witch, and I am grateful to know you. Thank you for saving my ass again, she said and let go of Melinda and looked at her.

Melinda smiled and this time hugged Casey. Now Casey was crying. Finally they were friends.

Manor, Melinda’s room

Jake walked in the room, while Melinda was writing her diary.

Jake: Hey you. You are looking better, he said smiling and sat next to her to kiss her.

Melinda: Yes, thanks to my family and the whole magical community.

Jake: Chris told me what happened, the last couple of days. I am glad that you are ok and terribly sorry that I wasn’t here to protect you or help you.

Melinda: Don’t sweat about it. You needed to go to London to meet other Witches of the First Order.

So how was it?

Jake: It was terrible. I had to bind all five of them, one by one. They had heard about what happened and thought they could do the same there to stay young. They thought that I had the same ideas, till I told them it was wrong what they did. Soon after that they started to attack, but I was stronger and faster. Sad, but I had no choice, he said looking at Melinda.

Melinda: Well, I am glad that you are ok and that you are back. I need some TLC! She said putting her dairy away.

Jake laughed and they started to kiss and make love.

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