Charmed Melinda Season 2

Dangerous past

Raw power

Episode 13
Dangerous Past

New York City, Dark alley

Emma was walking smiling through the alley. She was on her way to get home. Suddenly a huge man, looking dirty appeared in front of her. Emma let out a small yell and backed away.

Emma: Who are you? How did you do that?

Witch hunter: I am a witch hunter, but I am not here to hurt you. It is time and you are needed to do the ritual.

Emma: What are you talking about? What ritual and where do you want to take me? She asked backing away.

Witch hunter: Listen, go home and talk to your grandmother and mother. They will explain. I will be close. When you know what you must do, then I will get you.

Before Emma could respond, he disappeared. She looked around, not believing what just had happened. Who was that guy and what did he mean? Worried she continued her way to home.

Home Emma

She walked in and called out for her mother Regina and grandmother Zelena. They called that they were in the kitchen. She quickly walked over to them and sat down at one of the chairs.

Zelena: What’s wrong honey? You looked like you’ve seen a ghost.

Emma: I don’t know what just happened. It was the weirdest thing. A guy appeared out of nowhere and told me that I had to come with him to do some ritual. When I didn’t wanted to go, he told me to go home and ask you guys and then he would come and get me.

Both women looked for a moment at each other and her mother stopped cooking and sat down.

Regina: We should have told you this much earlier and prepared you better, but you have to understand that we hoped that you wouldn’t have to do this and live a normal life, she said sadly.

Emma: OK, this is creeping me out. Just tell me what you are hiding.

Zelena: You are a witch and a powerful too, if I may add.

Regina: Mom! She said looking sideways to her.

Zelena: There is no soft way of telling this to her, so this seemed the best way.

Emma: Hold on. I am a what now? She asked looking flustered.

Regina: You are a witch. We all are.

Emma: A witch? Grandma too? You must be joking right. This is all a lie, right?

Zelena: I wish it was my sweetheart, but it is all true. The thing is, what your mother was trying to tell you is that you have a special destiny. A destiny that will change so much, it is impossible to comprehend.

Emma: What do you mean?

Regina: You see, there are Witches out there called the Charmed Ones. Three siblings inherited a great deal of power. Their youngest one is called the most powerful witch there is and she can transform into this Goddess thing and then she is completely unstoppable.

Emma: So they are evil and used their power to hurt people?

Zelena: No dear. They are the ones who are saving people and the world and twarling with all our plans.

Emma: But if they save people and we hate them, does this mean that we are bad.

Regina: Not really bad. We do dark magic to get things done and they do good magic. With the power they have at the moment, soon there will be no Demons or dark Witches left. Then good will rule forever and we are all banished to the Waste Land.

Emma: What’s that, she asked with a chill?

Zelena: Believe me, you don’t want to end up there. Now, you know the truth it is time to tell you what your destiny is and we have to hurry, as the ritual must be done soon, while we still have an opening.

Emma: Opening to what exactly?

Regina: To the past, sweetie. To the past, she said now smiling.

Emma looked with huge eyes to both women.

Regina called out for the witch hunter and he appeared immediately, like he was already there and waiting. She asked him to take them all to the Underworld, so they could prepare for the ritual.

Witch hunter: Is the girl ready, he asked pointing at Emma.

Zelena: Let us worry about that, you do what you have come to do, she snapped at him.

He nodded and they gathered together in the middle of the small kitchen and held each other, so he could shimmer them all down to the Underworld.


When they appeared, Emma looked curious around her. One moment she was a normal kid and now she was a powerful evil witch, who was going to do a ritual, which would bring down the entire future of this so called Charmed Ones.

The room was filled with people she had never seen before, but they all looked at her in awe. Some came to shake her hand and others came to tell her how proud they are to be parts of this huge magical event. Emma smiled and nodded. Somehow she understood what was going on, but it felt like she was out of her body and watching this confused girl, looking around and a bit scared of what was expected from her. After they were there an hour, the preparations were ready. Her mother came and asked if she wanted to follow her, so she could change into her ritual clothing. Emma did as she was asked and followed her mother. In the other room, there were some old woman and a bath. She was asked to take all her clothes off, so they could give her a bath, to cleanse her from all good energy. This was fun. She started to gig this evil witch thing. They treated her like she was some Evil Goddess.

Regina: Where is Isabelle?

Women: I don’t know my lady. She didn’t come, when she was summoned.

Regina: Go find her, she told the witch hunter.

He disappeared immediately.

Manor, Living room

Melinda: Do you really think she is giving a real massage or a different one? She asked winking with her eyebrows to Wyatt.

Wyatt laughed and Caroline too. They were all hanging out and all was cool. Jake had left again to some seminar about witches. He disagreed with the professor’s statements and went there to discuss the subject with him. He was really making name in the magical world and outside it. She was proud of him.

Chris and Casey came down. Casey was blushing and Melinda winked at Wyatt, saying: I told you so. This made Wyatt laugh more.

It was a nice and relaxed day without any stress for the Charmed Ones. Then there was some shouting on the door. They all looked at each other and got up to walk to the door. The group opened the door, finding a woman standing down the staircase.

Isabelle: Finally! She said with a sigh.

Chris: Who are you and why are you shouting.

Isabelle: Because I cannot pass. The crystals see me as evil, which I am, but I want to do something good. Something important, which you must hear, if you all want to stay alive end of this day.

Melinda: Why? What is so special about this day that we all will die? Are you going to kill us?

Isabelle: No, Emma will. Look, do you really want to have this conversation outside? It involves Melinda Warren.

Melinda: Warren. The first of our line. What about her?

Isabelle: If you let me in, I will tell you everything, but we have to hurry. There isn’t much time.

Wyatt orbed out and orbed back in with Isabelle.

Melinda: Listen lady, no jokes. We are in numbers and before you can even make a move, we will vanquish you, got that?

Isabelle nodded and they pointed her to one the couches in the living room. They moved the game they were playing aside and all were standing around her. Waiting for what she had to say.

Isabelle: Listen, there is this girl Emma. She is sixteen year old blond girl. She is the sweetest thing ever. Very kind to everybody. Only she is destined to be one of the greatest evil witches that have walked the earth. The first full moon after her birthday, she will have a coronation, in which she will receive all her powers. After that is done, she will perform a ritual, which allows her go to any past there is and the coven is planning to go to Melinda Warren.

Wyatt: Why? Melinda Warren has the original powers of the Charmed Ones in her and she has her own coven to backside her. She may be not allowed to use magic, but she is not weak.

Isabelle: You don’t understand. Why do you think Melinda is the strongest witch there is? Why she has all her ancestors inside her and transforms with her raw power. Melinda Warren had a vision of Melinda from this time. She knew one day a girl would born in their line, who would have to go up against the most powerful and dangerous beings there were to defend her family line and the world. So she cast a spell. A very powerful spell, which has been passed to every witch in your family line by blood. Till they manifested themselves as the Charmed Ones. Your mother and your Aunts. Only Melinda had seen further than that. She had seen you three. The Next generation and she knew that you were the girl she has seen in her first vision. Therefore when you most needed the power, it surfaced and transformed you into this Goddess. Emma will go to the time, she hasn’t seen this vision yet. So she hasn’t cast the spell yet. Which gets triggered by the way, by her death? So therefore it is important that Emma is stopped, right now.

Chris: Why did you come to tell us this?

Isabelle: I am not sure, but destroying a complete family line, all those lives and memories and good things that have been done. I just couldn’t do it. Aaaaahhh. ...she yelled and got up.

Melinda and the rest turned around to see the Witch hunter standing in their living room.

Melinda: How did you get in and who are you?

Witch hunter: I am a hunter. It is my job to find witches and I did. You are coming with me, he pointed at Isabelle.

Melinda: I don’t think you realize in which house you are and who we are? She said looking at the Witch hunter.

He looked for a moment at them and then his eye became for a split second big, but was gone instantly and turned into determination.

Witch hunter: The Charmed Ones, a whitelighter and you must be the Elemental girl, he said smirking at Casey. This is my lucky day, he said confident.

Wyatt: Or your worst nightmare.

Melinda flickered with her fingers and he flew hard against the door, Chris and Melinda used their telekinesis to keep him there and Wyatt and Casey used their powers to blow him up.

Melinda: Can you believe that? It felt almost like an insult that he didn’t know who we were? How is that possible? Do we have to get a sticker for the doors, saying, beware of the witches??

Wyatt: Ok, we got it. He is stupid. Still we have another problem and pointed at Isabelle.

Melinda: Do you know where this Emma is right now?

Isabelle: Yes, but it is in the Underworld and there a dozen evil old witches, but still with some juice in them.

Caroline: I will go and alert the Elders and keep an eye on the house and the book. If this hunter could come in, so others can too.

Wyatt kissed her quickly and then they all orbed out to the Underworld.


When they appeared at the lair, nobody was there.

Isabelle: Oh no, if they aren’t here, then there is only one place where they can be and that are the woods, where you had most your huge battles. It reeks of your energy there, so that is a good spot, but that does mean also, that she has received her powers and is now preparing for the portal.

Melinda: Let’s go then, she said and they all orbed out to the woods.

The Woods

The group appeared and they saw Emma standing in the middle chanting to open a portal. There was wind all around her and her blond hair was all over the place. A group of witches including her mother and grandmother were standing in the circle with their hands high and chanting intensely.

Suddenly one of the witches screamed, when she got hit by Melinda’s blowing power. The witches stopped chanting and moved quickly towards the group.

Regina: Keep chanting, no matter what. Go back and do what your destined for, she yelled at Emma and Emma nodded and continued with her spell. Her mother stayed close by Emma to protect her.

The witches were shooting from their hands like lighting towards the group, who ducked. Others were throwing with potions. Chris was constantly orbing in and out, but right when he orbed in, a witch threw a potion to the ground and the smoke came to his nose and he passed out immediately. It was a very strong sleeping potion.

Wyatt: Chris! Caroline! He yelled and she appeared immediately.

He pointed at Chris and she orbed out and took Chris with her to the Manor, where he was saved.

Wyatt started to orb out and in and used his white energy wave to vanquish the witches. Melinda was fighting of attacks and potions while she kept blowing up the witches. Then she realized that they were not demons, but humans.

Melinda: We cannot kill them. They are human, she shouted.

Casey was just about to throw fire balls at them, but decided to use earth and water against them. One by one she was knocking them down. The earth hit the heads of the witches and made them fall like leaves.

Zelena and Regina were the only ones left and they stood closely by Emma, who was almost done with her chant.

Wyatt, Casey and Melinda were standing not far from Zelena and Regina. Isabelle unfortunately didn’t survive the fight and had passed away.

Wyatt; I attack them from the front. You take each one side and if you are able transform, and then attack full force. I don’t care if they are human. They are about to destroy our entire family line. Everybody. I cannot let that happen. We cannot let that happen. So, do what you must do and don’t feel guilty, got it!

Before waiting for response, he charged at the two women. The girls moved each side, but both women were keeping an eye on them too. Wyatt unleashed his white energy and roared to give it more power. Both women were holding their hands in front of them, so they could create some shield. In meantime they were using their other hands to attack Melinda and Casey. Both girls ducked and quickly held their hands on the ground and closed their eyes. In seconds both of them felt the power come to them and not long after that, they both started to transform. While Zelena and Regina were doing their outmost best to hold of Wyatt, they were also looking in amazement at the transformation.

Then the portal opened and both women looked for a split second to their backs and the light that came out of it was so bright. Then both of them screamed out when they were vanquished by Melinda and Casey. Then they saw Emma jump into the hole and both girls rushed over to grab her by the arm, before she was gone completely when they too were sucked in. Then the light was gone.

Wyatt: NO! He yelled. He run to the place and started to dig and call his sisters name, but nothing happened. He quickly orbed out to the Heavens.


A distressed Wyatt orbed in. Sandra walked over to him as she could see the look on his face.

Wyatt: Sandra, please you have to help me. My sister, he started.

Sandra; I know. We have been watching. We couldn’t interfere as your sister made that very clear several times. Besides, this is something she needs to do for herself. There isn’t anything we can do right now.

Wyatt: But she is stuck in the past. There must be something. A spell or a ritual. Anything.

Sandra; I am sorry Wyatt. There isn’t. You know how this things work. They get back, when they have done what they needed to do. So, the only thing you can do is sit this one out.

Wyatt looked defeated and very worried.

Wyatt: Chris! He said suddenly.

Sandra: Don’t worry about him. Caroline asked if I could come and see if I could help. Melinda wasn’t around, so I went and checked. It is a sleeping potion. A very strong one. I guess he will be out of it for a day or two. He will be fine Wyatt. Really. She said and touched his shoulder gently.

Wyatt thanked Sandra and orbed home. Caroline was sitting in the attic. She had laid down a bunch of pillows and Chris was lying on it and she sat with him, the BOS close to her. She had lay down crystals all around her, for protection. She got up when she heard footsteps, but sighed when she saw Wyatt walking in.

Wyatt: How is he?

Caroline: Sleeping peacefully. Completely unaware of the danger he is in. Where are the girls?

Wyatt: Unfortunately in the past. They got sucked into it, when they were trying to stop Emma going in.

Caroline: What about the rest of the witches?

Wyatt: All vanquished. They were human you know, he said softly.

Caroline: I know. You had to do what you had to do. To save your family. Everybody will understand that. You shouldn’t be that hard on yourself. They were about to do much worse to you.

Wyatt sat down by Caroline and his brother. He pushed the hair away from Chris his face and then hugged his girlfriend tightly.

The Past 1695

All three girls fell screaming from the sky and fell hard on the ground. Melinda got up groaning and mumbling some curses. She looked around and saw Casey and Emma do the same. When she saw Emma she flickered with her hands, but nothing happened. Emma looked at Melinda and tried to send her some lighting, but her powers were down also. Emma quickly got up and started to run to the forest, in which they had landed. Melinda got up too, but Casey was still moaning. Melinda couldn’t leave her like that, without powers, so she chose to help Casey.

Casey: Where the hell are we?

Melinda: In the past and without powers. Fortunately she has none either. So we have to think hard. You have studied our entire family story and I have heard them thousands of time at Magic School. So this shouldn’t be so hard, right? So what we have to do is, first get rid of this outfits.

Casey: Hey! There is nothing wrong with this outfit.

Melinda: There is, when you can get hang, wearing not proper clothing for a women in this time. So we need to find some clothes. Then we must find Melinda and convince her and prevent her getting hurt.

Casey: Well show the way, she said and they started walking the same way Emma did.

After walking for an hour, they arrived at a town. It was pretty big for a town from that time. Melinda remembered that this area was called Colonial Virginia, where Melinda stayed before she went to Salem. Now they had to find her and find some clothes. They walked through the bushes, till they reached one of the backsides of the cottages. After they buried their clothing very carefully, they changed and walked into the town. They kept their heads down, but kept looking around amazed. How simple everything looked. How the men ruled this city. Woman just did as they were told. Suddenly Casey stopped in her tracks. Melinda looked at her and Casey pointed to a woman not far from them. She was buying some herbs.

Melinda: What is it? Do you recognize her?

Casey: I have read your history and stared long time to some pictures and I think that she is Eva. The woman who helped bring Melinda to the world, with the help of your mother and sisters of course.

Melinda: Are you sure? Don’t want to waste time following someone for nothing. We don’t know where Emma is and how long we will be stuck here.

Casey: I am sure. Follow me.

They walked towards Eva, who had finished with her business and now walked slowly outside the town into the forest. She looked once around to see if she was followed, but it seemed not. She walked into the forest and the girls, who were hiding behind the trees, came out and walked quickly into the forest.

The forest was thick and dark. They were looking around to see if they could track Eva but it looked like she was gone. The girls started to follow the path, when they suddenly were stopped in their tracks. Both of them looked at each other and tried to walk, but couldn’t move.

Eva: Don’t waste your energy. I have cast a binding spell on you two. Why are you following me?

Melinda: Listen Eva. We don’t have much time. We need to see Melinda. She is in danger and with that our entire future.

Eva: What do you mean?

Melinda: We are from the future. From the year 2026. We were sucked into this portal while we were trying to stop an evil young witch, going through it. She has come back to this specific time, before Melinda receives a vision. Vision about me and what her magic will become. Her powers will eventually bring the Charmed Ones. But the evil witches want to stop her, before this happens. Melinda will cast a spell, which will start the moment she dies, but she has to see it.

Eva: This doesn’t make any sense. How can I believe that you are not the evil ones? If you are that powerful witches that you can go through this portal, then show me your powers.

Casey: We can’t. Officially we don’t exist in this time.

Eva got closer and watched both girls and finally she took the binding of them and without speaking she turned around and started to walk through the forest. The girls followed her. After a little half hour, they arrived at a very cute cottage, which looked well cared.

Other side of the Woods

The coven was holding a circle and calling out for the dark Goddess, when they all jumped up by the sound of Emma coming closer. They stopped chanting and watched carefully the bushes, till a young blond girl appeared. She looked pleased that she had found what she was searching for and walked towards the witches.

Ella: Who are you? How did you find us?

Emma: I came from the future, with a very important mission. One that will change the history for good and in our benefits, she said evilly smiling.

Cottage Melinda Warren

Eva walked with the girls towards the cottage. First she let the girls past and when they did, she looked pleased. Melinda felt like they just went through a bunch of crystals and it seemed they passed.

Melinda Warren walked out of the cottage and was surprised to see the girls and Eva.

Eva: Melinda, this girls need to speak with you.

Melinda W: Welcome to my home. You wanted to speak with me?

Melinda: I cannot believe that you are actually standing in front of me. I have seen you in my visions before and felt you inside me, but standing here, is just mind blowing.

Melinda W: I am sorry. I don’t think I understand?

Melinda started to tell what was going on. Melinda W was listening very interested and shocked at some moments.

Melinda: So, probably Emma has reached the evil witches from this time and they are planning to kill you, before you can see the vision and cast the spell, which start the time of the Charmed Ones.

Melinda W: I still cannot believe it. The Charmed Ones. I have heard of these legends, but never believed it for real. So, how can I get this vision?

Casey: The history books, doesn’t tell that. Just that you do and the spell you cast. What kind of spell it is cast, is not written also. You never wrote it in the Book of Shadows.

Melinda W: You know about the book.

Melinda: Yes of course. It has been passed through the family and is now this thick, she said and showed with her hands and weight about 9 kilos.

Melinda W: unbelievable. Just unbelievable.

Eva: Wait a minute. Didn’t you tell her, that she saw you? What you would become. If she touches you, then she should be able to see it, right?

Melinda W: I don’t know. We can try. I have never seen images by touching someone. It sounds exciting. Shall we do it? Are you up for it?

Melinda nodded and both Melinda’s sat cross each other. Eva created a circle around them with self-made chalk and fired up some candles and incense. Both Melinda’s closed their eyes and slowly they touched each other’s hands. Both of them were sucked into the same vision.

Melinda W, saw through the eyes of Melinda everything. She saw all the ancestors that came after her. She saw Grams and Patty. Then she saw the Charmed Ones and their battles. Their amazing powers. Then she saw Wyatt and Chris. The next generation and finally she saw Melinda. She saw her inner power and how the ancestors, including herself became one with her, which gave her this amazing raw power. She saw how Melinda saved the world, over and over again with these powers.

Then they were back to reality.

Both of them blinked a few times and then stared at each other.

Melinda W: That was amazing. I cannot believe that this all starts with me. I don’t feel that special.

Melinda: But you are. You are the strongest witch that walks the earth in your timeline. Others will come and do whatever they can, to get those powers or the book.

Melinda W: Don’t worry about the book. It will not let any evil touch it. I spelled the very first day I started on it.

Melinda: So, you are the one. We always wondered which one of our ancestors came up with that brilliant idea. Cool to know.

Melinda W: Ok, we have no time to waste. I know what I have to do.

She got up, broke their circle and then wrote a note for Eva to get some herbs in the forest, which couldn’t be bought in the town square. Eva quickly walked out of the cottage and walked into the dark forest.

Melinda W: Ok girls, we have a lot to do. First we need to start protecting this place extra. I have a feeling we will have some company soon.

Melinda and Casey looked at each other. If there was a group of evil witches coming, they wouldn’t stand a chance.

Melinda W: I know what you girls are thinking. Don’t worry, I know a way to activate your powers again. They are still in you. You just cannot access them right now. So we are going to do something about that.

The Woods

Emma had informed the witches about why she was here and what she wanted them to do. They seemed very interested and they came up with a plan of action. Quickly they started to move through the woods, towards the cottage of Melinda. They all lived deeply in the woods. When there would take a huge battle place, the town people would never know about it.

Melinda’s cottage

The three of them were sitting in a circle of apples and herbs. It was pretty smelly in the small cottage, because of the herbs. It didn’t seem to bother Melinda W, so the girls didn’t say anything about it.

Melinda W: getting your powers back is not so difficult as it seems. They are in you. They are a part of you. It is in your blood. No spell can take that away if you don’t let it. Now close your eyes and focus. Think about using your power. The feeling you get inside of you, when you feel magic coming from inside you. See yourself using that power.

Both girls started to do as they were told. Casey had more difficulty with focusing. She kept thinking about the evil witches and that they could be here any minute. If she would die in this time and in these clothes, she would haunt Melinda forever, she thought grinning to herself. Somehow she wasn’t able to get her mind focused on the task. She opened her one eye and looked around. Both Melinda’s had their eyes closed and sat there as a statue.

Melinda was focusing not only at her own power. She was thinking about Grams and her parents. Her aunts and her brothers. She was thinking about all the good they had done with their powers. Powers that came from the woman she was now sitting with. She felt humbled and then she thought about her other ancestors and her raw power.

Outside the cottage there were noises. Casey opened her eyes immediately. The other two women were still meditating. She could now hear the witches chant. It wasn’t English and it sounded dark and awful.

She wanted to look outside, but then she would break the circle. She began to become nervous. How they would fight of a whole bunch of witches in this small cottage. There was no place to hide.

Eva had come back, but didn’t dare to get closer to the cottage, so she watched from distance of what was going on. She saw the witches standing in a circle around the cottage. They couldn’t pass because of the crystals, so they were trying to break that spell.

Melinda W got up and broke the circle as she felt that Melinda would reach her goal by herself and got outside with Casey.

Casey: Hello Emma. I see you have brought company. How does it feel to get back to the past and not realizing that you have no powers?

Emma: I don’t need powers. I passed the spells to them and they will finish what I have come to do here.

So, you must be the great Melinda Warren. The witch of the witches. You don’t seem so powerful to me.

Melinda W flickered with her fingers and Emma flew a few meters away. She had a scratch on her face and she didn’t look pleased.

Emma: That wasn’t very nice of you. You think these crystals will protect you. Soon they will be no more and then there is nothing that can protect you from us. By the way, where is that other little brat?

Inside the cottage, Melinda was still thinking about her family and powers. Just when she was about to give up and thought this was pointless, she felt an electric shock go through her body, like her powers manifested them for the first time. Suddenly her eyes opened and became huge. They changed into white color, but she didn’t transform completely. Just her hair and eyes were white. She got up and walked towards the door.

Suddenly Melinda W and Casey started to shout. The Witches had broken the crystal magic and both women were bound on the ground. The Witches were closing in, when the door swan open and an all powered up Melinda was standing at the doorway.

Melinda: You leave them alone! She said with an iron voice.

Emma turned white and looked shocked at Melinda.

Emma: That is not possible. You cannot have your powers in this time. That is impossible.

Melinda: With good magic everything is possible. Now back off, she said and a swirl of wind came out of her body and pushed the witches away from Melinda W and Casey. They were still on the ground.

Melinda walked over to them and held her hand above their heads and whispered some words and both woman were able to move again.

The Witches looked completely shocked at this.

Ella: Kill them! She shouted.

Melinda held her hand up and now they were all frozen. With her other hand, she moved some fingers and all the witches could move their heads again.

Emma: How dare you! Let us go.

Melinda: Oh sure, just the way you were going to let them go, she said turning her head to Melinda and Casey.

Melinda W was just staring in amazement at Melinda. She couldn’t believe what she saw. She was so proud. This would all be because of her and her spell for the future.

Melinda: you know if you want to bind and steal Charmed powers, you really should come up with another kind of plan, because this coven will be in seconds nothing but ordinary women, she said teasingly to Emma.

Emma: You are not nearly powerful enough to destroy our dark magic.

Melinda: Really. Let’s try and see what happens.

‘In this time and in this hour.

Take away all their powers.’

Blood started to poor out of the eyes of the women and they started to beg, cry and shout, but nothing worked.

‘They will never cause any grieve and pain

Let them be normal woman again.’

All of them started to shout and cry and try to break free of the grip they were in. As, Melinda’s hand was still in the air. Black smoke started to rise outside them and not long after that, they were all normal. That moment Melinda let them go. Some woman started to cry and some looked like it was just a trick. They sputtered some dark words towards Melinda, which would probably kill you in an instant, but nothing happened. They looked at their hands and mumbled words, still nothing happened. They looked at Melinda, who was still in a half transformed form. Melinda understood how it must be feeling, not able to conquer your magic, when you are used to from birth. She thought that these women wouldn’t last long, without it.

Manor, Attic present time

Wyatt and Caroline were lying next to each other and beside them, Chris was sleeping peacefully. Suddenly the room filled with Demons. Wyatt and Caroline stood up immediately and looked around.

Demon: we got news, that one of you is stuck in the past and the other is playing sleeping beauty, so that leaves just one Charmed One left. More importantly, the crystals are weakened that much, that me and my gang are able to give you a visit. So be a good boy and give yourself over and give us the book.

Wyatt: Over my dead body. Caroline take Chris and the book up there, somewhere save. Go!

Caroline looked worried around her, then to Wyatt, but did as she was told. This was no time to be a girlfriend, but a whitelighter. She had learned that lesson from day one, when she got involved with Wyatt Halliwell. She didn’t mind, she loved him anyway. She orbed out to safety, but she had a plan.

The demons started to throw energy and fire balls towards Wyatt. They were right. The crystal was weakened. Wyatt held up his shield and started to use his energy wave. Now they had broken the crystals and were now surrounded around him. They didn’t care they were getting hurt by the energy of his shield. They kept closing him in. Wyatt had to make his shield smaller and smaller and now they were completely surrounded around him.

Wyatt: NO! He shouted and his energy wave that normally came out of his hands, poured now out of his entire body, making a lot of Demons in the room vanquish. The more he vanquished, the more appeared.

The Demons didn’t stop for a minute attacking him. Wyatt had to not only focus on keeping his shield on, but used wave after wave to keep them off. They would not win. It seemed like the Demons kept duplicating every time he killed a few. If he orbed out, they would take over the house. He couldn’t let that happen. His little sister was fighting her ass off in the past to save this future and he couldn’t bare it, if there wouldn’t be a home to get back to and she had to fight again.

He kept using his waves and moved his hands to use his telekinesis. Suddenly Demons started to scream out on the other side. Demons started to panic and turned around to see what was going on, but ducked for waves from Wyatt. More Demons started to shout and were gone. In a glimpse Wyatt saw his mother and his father with a knife fighting Demons.

Wyatt wept from happiness. They may be old, but they still kicked ass. This gave him hope and strength and he kept using his powers. Till there was no more Demons left. They stayed for a minute or two still to be sure that they were really gone.

Leo: Are you ok? He asked his son.

Wyatt almost collapsed. He had used a lot of amount of his powers.

Leo was there in an instant and helped him to the couch or what was left of it.

Piper: Honey? Where are your brother and sister? Where is the Book? She asked panicked when she couldn’t see it.

Wyatt: How did you know that I was in danger?

Leo: Caroline orbed in panicked and yelled that you needed it help urgently and orbed out again, without saying what was going on. So without thinking of course, your mother got up to help and I came along.

Wyatt: Well thank you, he said and Piper and Leo hugged him.

Leo: Nice to see you son. It has been a while.

Wyatt: Yeah, sorry. The evil is getting stronger and weirder by the day.

Piper: The good old days, she said laughing.

Caroline orbed in with Chris and the Book.

Piper: What happened to him?

Caroline: Don’t worry Piper. He got hit with a very strong sleeping potion. He will be awake in a day or two. Till then we are keeping him save.

Leo: Good thinking, but where is Melinda.

Wyatt explained where Melinda was and Piper had to breathe hard to remain calm. She was almost about to burst.

Leo: So, that means that there is nothing we can do, like Sandra told you.

Piper: What do you mean? If she is not back end of this day, then I am going to get her.

Caroline: You can do that?

Piper: I don’t know and don’t care. She is coming back.

The Past, Cottage Melinda Warren

Emma: What have you done? You have ruined everything. Now I have no future to go back too.

Melinda: Did you really think that you could do this to us and we wouldn’t find out and stop you?

Emma: I am the new generation of Evil. I will find a way.

A portal appeared and Emma started to run towards it, but Melinda pushed her away from it with her hand and she flew a few meters from the portal.

Melinda W: Thank you for coming and showing me the future. I will tell my coven about you and write this event in the Book of Shadows, so they all know how it started.

Melinda started to tear up and they hugged tightly. Then she hugged Eva and Casey hugged them too. The girls stepped into the light.

Melinda W: Blessed be and be save, she said lovingly.

Melinda waved at her, when Emma started to run towards them, screaming. Casey held her hand up and twirled it. A small tornado started to appear and she moved it towards Emma. When it touched her, Casey made her hand big and now it surrounded it Emma and send her back to the same tree.

She looked too Melinda and she smiled at her, just before they were gone.

Manor, Attic

Piper was about to completely freak out when a portal appeared in the middle of the Attic and Melinda and Casey appeared. She walked over to both girls and hugged them both.

Melinda: Hi mom. What are you doing here?

They all went downstairs and they told what happened in the past and Wyatt told what happened here. After that Piper made them some dinner and they ate and all had fun till late in the evening.

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