Charmed Melinda Season 2

Jake's female friend

Raw power

Episode 14

Jake’s Female friend

Caroline: Table check, candle’s check, romantic music on the background check. Chris is gone with Casey. I am having dinner with Wyatt and your parents at Magic School Manor, she said while she watched Melinda making the finishing touch with her make up.

Melinda: You are the greatest, she said grateful.

Then Melinda turned around to look at Caroline. She was wearing a chocolate brown dress, with deep V opening on the front. Her hair was all curly. She swirled once and Caroline smiled brightly.

Caroline: Wow! You look gorgeous she said. Jake will not know what hit him, she said and smiled.

Melinda; You think, she said and turned to the mirror again. Maybe I should try the red dress, she said looking at herself.

Caroline: Don’t be ridiculous. When Jake sees you, he will not be able to stop himself to touch you.

Melinda: Thanks Caroline for everything. Without you, I would never manage all of this by myself.

Caroline: Hey that’s what’s whitelighters are for.

Melinda: Don’t say that. You are so much more than just our whitelighter. We all love you deeply and you like a sister I never had, she said smirking.

Both girls hugged each other and then Caroline orbed out, as Jake could be there any minute.

Melinda slowly walked downstairs, as she was not used to wear heels. Keeping her balance was a challenge. She was just downstairs, when the front door opened and Jake walked in with his suitcase.

He looked up and dropped his suitcase. He just stood here watching Melinda with his mouth open.

Melinda: Hey stranger, she said shyly.

Jake: Oh my Goddess, he said still with his mouth open. You look absolutely stunning. You look phenomenal.

He walked over to her and hugged her tightly and for a moment he looked at her and then started to kiss her intensely. She kissed him back the same way. It had been almost two months that he had left to find more witches of the First order, but then the next generation of it.

‘Eh hello, someone said behind Jake. It was a woman’s voice.

Melinda’s eyes opened and she stopped kissing Jake and looked over his shoulder to this beautiful girl.

She had long blond hair and huge blue eyes. She was drop dead gorgeous.

Melinda: Jake? Who is that? She said looking at the girl.

Jake let go of Melinda. He was blushing a bit, but turned around to look at the girl.

Jake: Melinda I want you to meet Melanie, he said walking towards her.

Melinda shook the hand of Melanie and looked at Jake for an explanation. She hadn’t seen him for two months and now he had brought some girl home.

Jake: I found Melanie actually just before I left the US and she travelled with me to find others like us.

She is very gifted and if she keeps up like this, then at some point she will surpass me, he said smiling.

Melinda looked from Jake to Melanie and she noticed that Melanie was staring at her.

Melanie: It is truly an honor to finally meet you. I couldn’t believe it at first, that he was seeing someone, let alone a Charmed One. How cool is that? She said excited.

Melinda: Why would you not believe that he was seeing someone, she asked calmly.

Melanie: Well he is so caught up in his work, that it would seem like, that he has no time for anything or anybody else, but it was nice to hear that he was seeing someone.

Melinda: I see. So, you two have been travelling for the last two months together? She asked Jake.

Jake felt that Melinda was pissed off. She maybe didn’t show it, but he could tell.

Jake: Yes, we have and we have found seven others, who are willing to join us. If we keep up like this we will have more than twenty people in our group, he said proudly.

Melinda: That’s great new Jake, she said smiling.

Melanie: Maybe I should go, she said suddenly.

Jake: What? Why? He asked surprised. We just got here!

Melanie: Well it is obvious that Melinda had planned a nice evening for just the two of you. I mean candles, music, food, nice dress, not having seen you the last two months, so is better if I stayed at a hotel.

Melinda; I know a good one, not far from here. I can call them if you want? She said happy.

Melanie: That would be great, she said smiling back.

Melanie looked at her for a moment, but she could tell it was a fake smile. This was her way of staying. She was playing both of them.

Jake: Nope, you are staying. We travelled a long way and I promised that it was no problem if you stayed here, he said looking more to Melinda then to Melanie.

Melinda: Listen, this is becoming weird. Stay. You will have to sleep on the couch do.

Melanie: Really? That is great. Thank you so much. I really didn’t want to stay alone, she said with a bit sad tone in her voice.

Melinda; So, why did you offer it then? She asked as politely as she could.

Melanie: Like I said, it seemed that you had planned something special, now it is ruined.

Jake: Of course not. We can do this another time, right Melinda? He said cheerful.

Melinda; Right! She said not smiling. If you could excuse me, I will go place another plate on the table, while you guys, freshen up and sit down for dinner.

Melanie: That sounds awesome, she said and took her suitcase to start walking the stairs. Are you coming, she asked smiling at Jake. You can’t expect me to wonder around through the house?

Jake: Of course not. I am coming, he said and gave Melinda a smile and started to walk upstairs.

Melinda walked to the kitchen. She started to cry. She was pissed, hurt, and ashamed all at the same time. She for sure didn’t trust her for a second. The way she played Jake and how she acts around him. She likes him, she could tell. Well, she was not giving up Jake without a fight. She wiped up her tears, took a deep breath. She checked the food and walked towards the dinner room to place another plate. She stopped for a split second when she saw Melanie, sitting next to Jake. She placed the plate across Melinda instead of Jake.

Melinda: Here you go Melanie, she said.

Melanie: Oh sorry, I thought I could sit anywhere.

Melinda: Normally you can, but not tonight.

Jake was staring at her but she kept looking directly towards Melanie.

Melinda: Like you said, I had indeed planned an evening for just the two of us. Of course if Jake had let me know that you were coming it would have been totally different, but here you are. So, if I am not going to spend it alone with him, at least I would like to sit next to my boyfriend at dinner, she said still smiling.

Melanie: Of course. I completely understand.

Melanie got up and sat on the other side across Melinda. Melinda walked towards the kitchen to serve the dinner up. In the meantime she was cursing and rambling to herself.

Melanie: I do that also sometimes, she said suddenly.

Melinda turned around to look at her.

Melinda; I am sorry? What?

Melanie: The rambling and talking to myself, she said smiling. Do you need any help?

Melinda: No thanks. I can manage.

Melanie: Melinda, I am getting a very weird vibe from you. Listen, I can imagine how all this must look to you. Your boyfriend spending to months with another girl, but really there is nothing going on between us. He loves you and talks all the time about you. Sometimes annoyingly much.

Melinda: Well, I don’t trust you, she said flatly. I see how you look at him and give him that fake smile of yours. I see how you are playing him. Well whatever it is that you are trying to do, it is not going to work. Tonight you can stay, tomorrow I want you gone, got that.

Melanie: I am not sure if Jake would like that, she said now not looking pleased.

Melinda: That didn’t take long to show your true colors. If Jake is smart and he knows what’s good for him, he will make sure you go to a hotel.

Melanie: Time will tell, she said looking challengingly at Melinda.

Melinda: Nope it doesn’t. What I say go’s in this house. Believe me you don’t want to piss me off, because even with all the old and powerful magic you have, you still don’t stand a chance against me, when it comes to it, but that is for another day. The food is ready so let’s eat, she said and turned her back on Melanie.

Melanie looked pissed at the back of Melinda. The nerve, she taught to herself. Without a word she walked back into the dinner room. Melinda brought the food to the dinner room, when she found Jake hugging a crying Melanie. She put down the dinner and looked at them for a moment. Jake looked at her angry.

Jake: What did you say to her? He asked fiercely.

Melinda: I told her that I know that she likes you and wants you and if she is smart she don’t piss me off. Did she also tell you what she said to me, Melinda asked Jake?

Jake: No, she didn’t, but that’s not the point. She is my guest and I would like it if your treated her with some respect.

Melinda: Respect? Her? No way. I don’t respect people who try to steal someone’s boyfriend.

Jake: How many times to I have to tell you that there is nothing going on.

Melinda: You know what Jake. I thought you were smart en sensitive. That you could sense things. That you could sense me. It seems all a lie, because if you really did, you would know exactly what I am feeling and thinking right now, she said back.

Jake just stared at her, surprised by her words.

Melinda: You know what, the dinner is over. She is not welcome here anymore. If she puts one more step into this house I will blow her out of the door.

Jake: Melinda don’t be like that.

Melinda looked now really angry and without saying a word, she blew up all the plates and the food flew all over the dinner room.

Melinda: Like I said the dinner is over. I think it is wise if you left with her as I cannot stand to watch you with her and still hugging her.

Jake let go immediately, now he realized this was serious.

Jake: Ok, I will drop Melanie at a hotel and then come back so we can have a serious talk.

Melinda: Don’t bother. I have said what I wanted to say. If you cannot see what is happening here and how you have hurt me tonight, then there is not much more to say, is there? She said looking straight to Jake.

Jake looked at her for a moment, then sighed and said some old words, and the language appeared of both of them. Without saying a word he left with Melanie.

Melinda threw everything from the table shouting and crying at the same time. She ripped her dress in the process but she didn’t care. Finally she dropped herself to the floor and cried loudly.

Magic School, Manor

Everybody was laughing and having fun, when suddenly Piper dropped her spoon and grabbed her heart. It was aching.

Leo: Honey, are you alright he asked worried?

Piper: No, there is something wrong with Melinda; she is hurting, like her heart is broken.

Wyatt and Caroline felt it too. They all wanted to go and see what is going on, but Caroline stopped them.

Caroline: I am her whitelighter. Let me see what is going on? She said and orbed out.

Manor, Dinner room

Caroline orbed in and saw Melinda sitting in the corner, crying. There was food everywhere and it looked like there was fight.

Caroline: Honey? What happened? Where is Jake? She asked while she sat down on the ground.

Melinda was crying so loudly, that she was not able to speak. She looked awful.

Caroline: Ok, I am orbing you to your mother. Maybe she can help, she said.

Without waiting she grabbed Melinda and orbed them to Magic school.

Magic School, Manor

Caroline orbed in with Melinda, who was still crying. Her mother ran over to her and hugged her.

Melinda: Mom? She cried.

Piper: It is ok sweetie. Whatever is going on, it will be alright. Now come, let me clean you up.

While she held Melinda tightly, she walked with her upstairs to Melinda’s room. Even if they didn’t stay there. The moment Leo had cast the spell to create a duplicate of the original Manor in Magic School, it had copied everything, even the rooms of their children.

Piper helped her get undressed and helped her wash herself. Then put her in bed and sat down with her. Finally Melinda had stopped crying. She looked terrible. Piper waited patiently till her daughter was ready to talk. At some point, Wyatt came in to check up on them, just when she was about to tell what was going on.

When she was done telling, she started to cry again.

Melinda: Why does he do this to me? Doesn’t he realize how much he hurt me tonight, she said between her tears?

Wyatt was boiling with anger. How could Jake do this to his sister? She loved him dearly. They fought side by side so many times. Their love was just like Leo and Piper. One thing was sure. He would have a talk with Jake!


Jake had escorted Melanie to her room. His room was on the end of the hall.

He lay on bed, not understanding why he was not lying next to Melinda. What had happened tonight? She was so angry and hurt. Did she actually think that he would cheat on her?

Next day

Manor, dinner room

Chris, Wyatt, Casey and Caroline were cleaning the dinner room. Wyatt had filled in on Chris and Casey what had happened. Chris was completely blown away. He couldn’t believe it.

The front door opened and Jake walked in. The moment Chris saw him, he wanted to run towards him and hit him right in the face, but got stopped by his brother.

Wyatt: What are you doing here Jake? He asked angry.

Jake: I live here, he said smiling. Hey guys, how is everyone doing?

His smile disappeared when he noticed that all four of them, looked pissed at him.

Jake: What is going on? Why are all looking like that to me?

Wyatt: Have you any idea, what your actions of last night, did to Melinda? How devastated she is at the moment?

Jake: What do you mean with my actions? I didn’t do anything. She was the one who was all angry and hurt.

Caroline: Oh, I cannot take this any longer. Are you that blind Jake? You have been gone for two whole months. You spoke to Melinda daily and never occurred to you to mention this Melanie and that you have been with her for two months and if that is not enough, you bring her here, decide that she can stay her and Melinda should put up with it, just like that. She had dinner made and dressed up just for you and not for you and Melanie. She loves you and misses you and this is her thanks. Secrets about this girl and worse, bring her here as a surprise.

Jake: But there is nothing going on between me and Melanie. Why can’t anybody see that?

Chris: That is beside the point Jake. Are you not listening? You have hurt Melinda, by bringing another girl. Why couldn’t you bring her to a hotel, tell about her to Melinda and let her decide if she wanted to meet this girl or not? Now you didn’t give her a choice and also saying that she can stay here, without discussing with the rest of us.

Wyatt: did your Melanie tell you what actually happened in the kitchen.

Melanie: She told me that Melinda was really mean and harsh on her. She came out of the kitchen crying.

Casey: Dude you are so blinded by the Melanie that you can’t see right through her. She wants you, she told Melinda herself and that’s why Melinda got upset with her. She even challenged Melinda, this is when Melinda told her not to piss of a Charmed One and she didn’t like that and came crying on your shoulder. So next time, I would recommend to listen first to your girlfriend before you listen to another girl, she said and walked out of the room angry at Jake.

Jake just stood there, letting the words sink in. He didn’t know that. Why didn’t Melanie tell him that? Flashes of images came by and he noticed that Melanie has been possessive and more on their way home. Still, she knew that he was with Melinda and didn’t want anybody else. They were just friends.

Jake: Melanie and I am a just friend, that’s all. No matter what you guys may think. Now I am going to find Melinda and make her understand that I love her and nobody else. Where is she?

Caroline: At Magic School. I can orb you there, but it won’t work. She is too angry and hurt to talk and understand you. My advice is to leave her be.

Jake: No! If I do that we will grow more and more apart. I have travelled enough. From now on I am staying here, with Melinda! Please orb me to her, he asked Caroline.

Caroline did as she was asked.


Melanie was in the hotel room of Jake. She had found one piece of his hair on the pillow. That was exactly what she needed for her spell. From the day she had met Jake, she wanted him, badly. So bad, that she even didn’t care to misuse her magic and she didn’t care of the rule of three. Everything you do will come back to you threefold. She had already cast a spell over him, to make him clouded to normal judgment when it came to Melinda and her family. When Melanie spoke, that would be the only thing he heard, now she needed a spell to darken his heart to the Charmed Ones and especially Melinda, so he would only see Melanie and nobody else anymore.

She didn’t know how long she had, so she quickly started to prepare the ritual.

Magic School, Manor

Jake walked in with Caroline. He walked towards the kitchen as there was noise coming from there.

He walked in to see Piper preparing some breakfast. It looked like it was for Melinda. She looked up and when she saw him, she made a disapproving face.

Jake: Hi Piper, he said gently. He realized that here everybody seemed to be angry at him also.

Do you know where I can find Melinda?

Piper: Shouldn’t you be with your new girlfriend? She asked flatly.

Jake: She is not my…never mind, he sighed. Do you know where she is or not?

Piper: she is upstairs, but I wouldn’t go in there if I were you, as she is very angry at you.

Jake: I think I can handle Melinda, thank you, he said and walked out.

He walked fast up the stairs and knocked on the door of Melinda. When she didn’t respond he opened the door. He saw her lying on bed and she was crying.

Jake: Mel? He called out gently.

Melinda turned her face instantly and when she saw Jake, she flickered with her fingers and Jake flew out of the room again. He got up and looked at Melinda. She was still holding her hands up, ready to attack.

Melinda: You stay away from me. We are done! You go back to your Melanie, just leave me alone.

Jake: No I’m not going anywhere. You are my girlfriend. Listen maybe it wasn’t that smart of me to hide Melanie from you and that I have been travelling with her, but I simply and honestly didn’t give a thought about it, as there was nothing going on and Melanie knows that I love you and just you.

Melinda: You should have told me! Without telling me, you bring her to our home, invite her without discussing it with me, ruin our evening, act like you are too stupid to understand why I could be angry and now I am your girl again…screw you Jake. Screw you!

Without warning she flickered again and again Jake flew hard against the walls. He looked sideways and he saw Piper standing in the corner, listening and watching what was happening.

Jake: You can blow me as much as you want, I don’t care…..i love …

Suddenly he shook his head and looked confused. He looked at Piper and then at Melinda.

He looked around and seemed to be confused.

Jake: What am I doing here? What am I doing here with you? He said pointing at Melinda.

Melinda: What the hell are you talking about? Don’t act dumb Jake, I am really not in the mood for games.

Jake: You know I am not sure why I am here, but I am for sure wasting my breath here. What was I thinking to come here and convince of my love, while I only love Melanie and her only. She is my destiny, he said dreamy.

Melinda was maybe angry and hurt, but she was not dumb. She felt the chance in him instantly.

She got up and got closer to Jake. Piper came also closer and she noticed the sudden change too.

Melinda: Are you feeling ok? You seemed changed suddenly.

Jake: It is none of your business how I feel. I need to go back to her. She needs me.

Without saying a word, he turned around and walked downstairs. Leaving a flustered Melinda and Piper behind.

Melinda: What the hell just happened? She asked. One moment he was telling me how much he loved me and the next he could only think about that bitch, she said angry.

Piper: there is something going on for sure. Seems like he is under a spell. A love spell.

Melinda: Really? But then it would mean that he still loves me, but can’t control how he feels right now.

I knew I should have trusted my instincts. The moment I saw her, I knew she was trouble.

Piper: Don’t worry honey, we are going to fix this. First we must remove the spell what has been put on him.

Melinda: What did you had in mind? She asked looking now more as herself now.


Jake came in, just when she had cleaned out his room.

Melanie: Hey you are back? How did the talk go between Melinda and you?

Jake: Talk? What talk? I can’t remember. The only thing I can think of is you, he said and he was just about to kiss her, when Wyatt orbed in.

Jake: Hey, some privacy here.

Wyatt wanted to slap him right there and then, but he had to control himself, if they wanted that their plan worked.

Piper: Mom would like to meet Melanie and was wondering if you guys would like to have lunch with us at Magic School.

Jake: What about Melinda? Will she be there?

Wyatt: I don’t think so. Didn’t seem to be smart to invite her, he said feeling very uncomfortable.

So I will pick you up in an hour or so, is that ok?

Jake nodded and Wyatt orbed out. Jake was finally alone with her and he started to kiss her. Before he knew, she had thrown him on the bed and was starting to undress him. She wanted him so badly.

Manor, Attic

Wyatt orbed in looking uncomfortable.

Piper: Did you give them the message?

Wyatt: Yep, he said not looking at Melinda.

Melinda was not stupid and sensed the weirdness of her brother.

Melinda: What are you not telling Wyatt?

Wyatt: Well, when I orbed in, it seemed….well… know…like if they were …

Piper: For god’s sake, speak up.

Wyatt: They were making out, he said finally.

He looked at his sister and she became very silent and went back behind the BOS to search for a spell.

Wyatt: So you guys think he is under some spell?

Piper: Yes and I don’t think this is the first spell she cast on him. Love and lust spells can be very tricky. The problem is that we don’t have a clue what kind of spell she cast and therefore it is hard to make counter spell for it. If we put a spell over him to remove the spells that Melanie has cast, we can make things worse.

Melinda: We can always vanquish her sorry ass.

Piper: No we can’t. She is a human being, but we can bind her powers. If we just got something of her. A drop of blood or a hair.

Wyatt was thinking silently.

Wyatt: You two keep looking for the right spell, I will be right back, he said not looking to anybody.

Melinda: What is he up too?

Piper: I have no idea, but it can’t be good.


Jake was sleeping and Melanie was lying on his chest, listening to his heartbeat. They just had sex and it was fantastic. She knew that he would be a great lover and a great boyfriend. Out of nowhere a Demon appeared in their room and shot energy wave out of his hands.

Melanie screamed out as she got hit. Jake woke up looking dazed around him. When he saw the demon he jumped out of bed.

The Demon groaned as he really didn’t need to see Jake naked. Jake didn’t even realize he was naked and he already started to call for deflecting spells and was putting protection around him. The demon looked at Melanie, who was bleeding and he disappeared.

Jake ran over to Melanie and saw that she was hurt. The blast made her hit the mirror in the room and now she had a piece of glass in her arm. Then he realized that he was naked and put some clothes on and put a blanket around Melanie. He called out for Wyatt.

The demon was standing on the other side of the door listening. Then he glamoured back into Wyatt and he orbed into the room.

Wyatt: What happened? He asked sounding worried.

Jake: We got attacked. She is hurt. Can you heal her?

Wyatt: of course. He gently took the glass out and then started to heal her. Slowly the blood disappeared and she was healed.

She opened her eyes and saw Wyatt bending over her and watching if she was ok.

Melanie: Thank you, she said and sat up.

Wyatt got up and stood with his back to the table, so he could grab the glass with the blood on it, without them noticing.

Wyatt: I got to go, another charge is calling for help, he lied.

Jake: Thanks again Wyatt, he said grateful.

Wyatt saw him hugging her tightly and his blood started to boil again, but he orbed out anyway.

Manor, kitchen

Wyatt orbed in with a smile.

Wyatt: Got some blood of Melanie. I think we are ready for the binding potion, he said smiling brightly.

Melinda: You are the best, but how did you get the blood?

Wyatt: I glamoured into a Demon and attacked them while they were sleeping, she flew against the mirror and had a piece of it in her arm. Then I disappeared and waited for Jake to call me, and orbed back in.

Piper: That’s my boy, she said proudly. Very clever.

Wyatt looked very pleased with himself. Chris and Casey walked in.

Chris: How is the potion going?

Piper: Good. You guys are ready to attack Jake if needed? We need him to be distracted so we can make her drink the potion.

Casey: How are we going to do that? I don’t think she will drink it by herself.

Melinda: Don’t worry, that’s where I come in. She may have powerful old magic, but so do i.

I will toss her around till she passes out and then we just shove it through her throat.

Casey: Remind me not to piss you off, she said. Oh wait I already did that a few times didn’t I, she said smiling.

Somehow the way she said it was funny and they all laughed.


Melanie: Jake, you told me I had glass in me, did you clean it up? I cleaned up the rest of the glass, but there was not one, with blood on it.

Jake: What do you mean? Wyatt took a huge piece out of you and put it on the table.

He looked around the table, but couldn’t find it. Melanie looked not pleased.

Melanie: He must have taken it. I think they are going to cast a spell or do something with it.

Jake: No way. Wyatt wouldn’t do something like that. He is the twice blessed child for god’s sake. He is the token of good. Beside, Melinda wouldn’t allow him.

Melanie: Right! Melinda! The same person who used her powers against you because she was angry and jealous.

Jake: Listen, let’s stop talking about them and focus on us. Why we don’t do what we did last night again, he said smiling and touching her hair.

Melanie: No! We have to deal with this first. Otherwise there are no us.

Jake: What do you mean? He asked worried.

He couldn’t imagine a life without her. She was his everything. Of course he had no idea that the spell was making him think like that. He was so blinded, he looked like a little puppy. Helpless and only focused on his owner.

Melanie: Nothing. Let’s go to the Manor and visit your ex-girlfriend. Then you can see for yourself who she really is and what kind of evil she is capable off. She wants to break us. Our special connection.

She started to kiss him again and he closed his eyes to enjoy it.

Manor, front door

Melanie and Jake arrived at the Manor. There was a note for them on the door, written by Melinda.

If you are looking for me, I am in the woods. Jake knows the place. See you there!

Melanie: What did I tell you, they were up to something! I told you she is not the person you think she is. She is more dangerous than a normal Demon. It is time that someone stood up to her and we will be those persons.

Jake: I am not sure Melanie. She is for a reason the most powerful Witch off all time. She even surpassed her mother the Matriarch.

Melanie: I didn’t say we have to kill her, but we have to bind her.

She grabbed Jake’s hand and threw out a teleportation potion Jake had made. He had seen Melinda making it so many times, he knew by heart how to make it too.


Melinda was standing in the center of the woods. She was just sitting there, playing with a rock.

Melanie and Jake appeared not far from her. Melinda looked up and got up.

Melinda: Well finally, I was about to think that you would be a no show.

Melanie: Don’t worry, we are here and this will be last time we will meet.

Melinda: At least we agree on something.

Melanie and Jake stood next to each other. Melanie looked to the side and saw Melinda’s brothers and mother standing there. Leo had come also. They all looked ready to attack. Wyatt was holding a bottle in his hand. Melanie narrowed her eyes and not looked amused.

Melanie: It is a shame. I thought I was going to fight you and not your family.

Melinda: Oh don’t worry about them. They are just here to watch the show. It is my boyfriend and I will fight for the one I love.

Jake: I am not your boyfriend anymore. Melanie has showed me the way and that is with her.

Melinda: Jake, shut up. You are under a spell. I will deal with you after all of this is done.

Melanie: How dare you talk to him like that, she said angry.

She lifted her hand and made a sideway move, which made Melinda fly a few meters away from them.

She got up smiling. She walked slowly back to the center and just stared at her.

Melinda: If that is all you got, then you are in serious trouble, she said and flickered with her fingers.

Melanie was now the one who flew away a few meters. Jake hurried to her, to help he get up.

Jake: You leave her alone! He yelled. Bindigo! He yelled after that.

Melinda was instantly on her hands and feet and was bound. Jake was holding his hand up and now Melanie did the same. They slowly walked over towards Melinda.

Melinda’s hair was in front of her face and she was sweating to break free of the binding spell. She knew that Jake was powerful.

Jake: I don’t love you anymore. You are mean and think you can use your powers for anything. You must be stopped! He yelled above Melinda.

Melanie: Are you ready. She asked Jake and he nodded.

She said some words and a bag of stuff appeared. She took some candles out and started to place them around Melinda. Some moment she looked sideways and saw that Melinda’s mother was hold by her sons. She continued laughing. Her whole family was about to watch how their powerful daughter would be a mere mortal in a few moments. Powerless.

She got up and stood next to Jake. She looked down at Melinda with disgust.

Melanie: You don’t deserve these powers and you certainly don’t deserve Jake. Now the time has come that I take both of them away from you. Jake are you ready.

Melinda knew what they were doing. There were binding her powers. She couldn’t let that happen.

Melinda: I am Melinda Halliwell. Next in line to become the Matriarch. I am twice blessed and a Charmed One! She said her voice rising.

Her brothers and her parents knew what was coming. They had heard Melinda speak like this before and somehow every time it happened, they were still impressed by it.

Melinda: I have Charmed power and the powers of all my ancestors before me! Raw power come to me!

She digged her fingers into the ground and felt in seconds the power rising in her. Slowly she started to get up.

Melanie: Jake bind her. Hold her there, she said surprised that Melinda managed to get up.

Jake: I am trying, but she is just too strong, he complained.

Without warning, Melinda changed into this Goddess. Just like that, she was completely covered in white.

Melinda: That spell won’t work on me anymore, she said and with her words the ground shook.

Her family watched from distance. No matter how many times Piper had seen her change, she couldn’t help feeling so proud. Her daughter was a Goddess. Pure goodness.

She lifted her hand and looked at Jake. He stopped trying to bind her and started to put rune sigils and protections spells around him.

Melanie was too surprised about the change Melinda went and the power that was coming from her, that she was frozen for a moment. She saw Jake pulling spells and sigils around her too.

Melinda: Are you done? Melinda asked calmly to Jake.

Jake looked at her and saw rage in the eyes of Melinda. She was pissed at him and not Melanie.

Melinda moved her fingers very slowly and Jake screamed out and grabbed his heart. He fell on his knees and was shouting out.

Melanie: Stop it! Stop it. You are killing him.

Melinda: I would never kill Jake, I am not evil, but I can let him suffer as he let me suffer, she said with tears in her eyes.

Melanie: I will not let you hurt him, she said and stood up.

Melinda looked bored and flickered with her fingers, which made Melanie fly meters away from them. She came hard to the ground and had difficulty to get up. Suddenly she was pressed to the ground. She couldn’t move.

Melinda: If I were you, I would stay down. I warned you the day we met, don’t piss me off and don’t ever try to take my boyfriend away.

Melanie: Last night, it didn’t seem like he was thinking about you, when he slept with me, she murmured, between being crushed.

Melinda looked at Jake for a moment and she couldn’t believe he would actually do that.

Piper: Honey, remember that he is under her spell. He has to do her bidding. It is not his fault, she yelled as she could sense the anger in her daughter.

Wyatt was watching carefully as he could feel the fight Melinda was having with herself. She wanted to hurt Jake badly. Rip his heart out of his chest, like he did with her by bringing Melanie to their home, but she also knew that she couldn’t use magic to punish him.

Melinda walked over to Jake, who was now lying on the ground, hurting and was turned white with pain.

Melinda: I release you, she said softly and Jake could move again and the pain was gone.

He sat up straight and looked for a moment at Melinda and saw there was no rage but just hurt in her eyes and then he saw Melanie, crushed to the ground.

Jake: Melanie! Melanie, are you ok?

Melinda: Jake, look at me.

Jake looked worried at Melinda, but he was more worried for Melanie and Melinda could see that. She held her hand above him and the same white light she had, came down out of her hands and had Jake covered completely. He tried to fight it and push the light away, but he was already covered and now he started to flow.

Melanie: NO! He is mine, she shouted and again she was pushed a little bit more into the ground. Blood started to come out of her mouth.

Jake started to float back to the ground and finally he was in a lying position. He opened his eyes and looked around. He looked up and saw Melinda transformed.

Jake: Melinda? What is going on? Why are you transformed? Where are we? He asked and looked around.

He saw the family walking towards them and in the distance he saw Melanie lying on the ground, looking desperate at him.

Jake: Melanie?

He got up and walked over to her. He looked down at her and then at Melinda.

Jake: What the hell is going on? He asked worried and looked at Melinda.

She just stood there watching him.

Jake: Melinda, why aren’t you speaking?

Wyatt: Are you back? He asked Jake.

Jake: Back? What do you mean? Can someone tell me what happened?

Piper: Cliff version: She spelled you god knows for how long, so you wouldn’t want to be with Melinda anymore. So you wouldn’t listen to any of us, but just to her. She wanted to destroy Melinda so she could have you for herself. You slept with her! She said and looked at Jake.

Jake looked shocked at Piper, then at Melanie and finally he looked at Melinda.

Jake: Oh Melinda. That must have been awful for you. I am truly sorry. He wanted to walk towards her, but was stopped by an invisible force.

Melinda: I am glad that you are yourself again, but you and I are done, she said and she started to cry. Without saying another word she disappeared.

Jake: No! Melinda!!! He shouted. Now he started to cry.

Jake looked at Melanie who was not crushed anymore and was trying to sit up.

Jake’s face changed and hardened. He slowly started to walk around Melanie and was mumbling something. With every footstep, blue light appeared under his feet.

Jake: With this good energy I close the circle, he said now loudly and stepped outside the circle.

Melanie tried got up and wanted to step outside the circle but was bounced back by a blue light.

Melanie: Jake what are you doing? I did it for us. We belong together. We are the same. She will never love and understand you the way I do.

Jake slowly started to walk around her.

Jake: I bind you Melanie of your magic. I bind you Melanie for doing harm. To yourself or to others.

I bind you Melanie, he kept chanting.

Melanie started to chant too, so she could get out, but it didn’t seem to work. Slowly her whole past started to be shown above her and the Charmed family was watching shocked at what was happening.

They watched a small Melanie, finding out about her powers. They saw her doing potions and being proud when it worked and disappointed when it didn’t. Then they watched how she met Jake and how she liked him from the beginning. How she spelled him. How they made love and at last, they saw how she was shocked at the wave of power that came out of Melinda. How she has thought that she could win and like the images came, they were gone.

Jake: Melanie Witch of the First Order is no more. No more will you be able to use magic or feel the joy of the Goddess. Her wisdom and power. You are from this forth, human Melanie, he finished.

With his feet he opened the circle again and that instant she got up and used some old and ugly sounding words towards Jake, but it didn’t work. She closed her eyes and focused, but nothing happened.

Melanie: What have you done!! She shouted and started to cry.

Wyatt walked slowly towards her and grabbed her by her arm. She looked at him scared.

Wyatt: Don’t worry. I will not hurt you. You are an innocent now. Let me help? He said gently.

Piper was so proud of him. He was a true whitelighter.

Piper: You go do that. I will find Melinda as I can feel her pain and believe me she is hurting.

San Francisco Bridge

Melinda was crying and angry. Her mother appeared behind her. Melinda turned around to look at her. She was still transformed.

Piper: Honey? Are you ok? Why don’t you come with me to Magic School?

Melinda: Then what? Will the hurting stop. I just want to hurt Jake as he has hurt me.

Piper: Sweetie come on. You don’t mean that. The boy was spelled. Haven’t we all been spelled on way or the other? We all have transformed into something or evil and did and said stuff that we didn’t mean. So if you can forgive that, why can’t you forgive Jake?

Melinda: He slept with her. Every time I look at him, that thought is coming to my mind. I cannot be with him anymore, she said and let herself fall on the ground.

Piper: Oh my dear Melinda. I understand where you are coming from, but believe me when I say that Jake loves you. I have seen how he looks at you or how he acts when you are around. He doesn’t see anything else. You have to believe that and I know deep down you do. I know at this moment you are hurt and angry, but remember that our emotions are tied to our powers. I just don’t want you to do anything, which you will regret. Come with me, sleep over and tomorrow things will look differently and maybe you are even able to speak with him. If not, then that is fine too.

Melinda looked at her mother and she started to cry harder. Her mother was with her instantly. It was hard for Piper to hold her daughter, because of the power and anger that was coming from her in waves. Still she managed and like she did so many times, she rubbed the back of Melinda, sending calming energy to her. Slowly Melinda started to change back to herself, but was still holding her mother. Piper was crying too. The pain her daughter felt, she felt it to the bone. Without speaking she closed her eyes and both of them disappeared.

Magic School, Manor

They appeared in the living room, where Leo and the rest of the gang were sitting. They all looked up.

Melinda was still crying and holding Piper tightly. Piper nodded with her head towards them and then went upstairs.

The group was all silent and in their own thoughts.

Leo: Where is Jake now?

Wyatt: I orbed him to Sylvia. He was devastated of what happened as Melinda is right now. Hopefully Sylvia can calm him down.

Casey: Poor Melinda. She really didn’t deserve this. This is really sad, she said.

Leo: Melinda is strong and she will overcome this. I am sure of it.

Next day

Melinda was awake and lying in bed. She was thinking about what happened the last two days and her mind was telling her that this was not Jake’s fault, but her heart and her eyes, just couldn’t forget the feeling and images of him hugging her, being with her for two months. Sleeping with her!

Her brother had told her what Jake had done. He had bound Melanie, which was a good thing. Still she simply couldn’t forget what happened.

There was a knock on the door. Jake walked in. Melinda looked at him and sat straight.

Jake: Hi Mel. Hope you were able to sleep a bit, because I wasn’t. I still cannot believe what has happened and how much my action have hurt you. I feel like an idiot. I really hope we can get past this and be the way we were??

Melinda: Jake, I love you. I have from the moment I saw you, but after all the things that you said and did, I cannot be with you anymore.

Jake: But I was under a spell, he defended himself.

Melinda: Still there were moments you said things to me that I was a mean person and I misused my magic and you didn’t understand why we were still together. Even if you are spelled, that must have come from somewhere. Some feeling you have inside you, maybe deep but still there.

Jake: That is not true. I love you Mel, he said and came closer en got on his knees to sit in front of her.

Melinda: I think it is best if we stopped seeing each other. I know you live at Magic School with Sylvia and we will see each other, still I think we should break up. This is clearly not working.

Jake: What? No! It is working. It has been working for more than a year now.

Melinda: NO, it hasn’t. You are gone all the time and I am not complaining about it, because I know how important it is what you do, but I am alone all the time, surrounded with couples constantly. I want a boyfriend that doesn’t leave for months and if we break up I won’t have to worry about that anymore and you will be free to do whatever you want, with whomever you want.

Jake: I want you! He said fiercely.

Melinda; I don’t. I would like you to leave now, she said as she felt tears coming again. Believe me this is for the best for both of us in the end. Go be with someone who is like you, she said and got up.

She opened her door and looked at Jake. He had tears in his eyes and looked devastated at Melinda. While he cried, he left the room. He looked back at Melinda, who was crying too and then she shut the door. Piper was standing not far from him again, just to be sure that things didn’t got bad…

Jake: Piper, he mumbled when he passed her and wiped his tears.

Piper walked into the room of Melinda and hugged her daughter.

Melinda: I just broke…broke…up with him, she stuttered while she cried.

Piper: I know. I know honey. You cry, let it all out. I am here and not leaving your side, she said while the tears rolled down her cheeks as she cried for her daughter.

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