Charmed Melinda Season 2

Good witches with Darkness inside


Raw Power

Episode 15

Good Witches with Darkness inside

San Francisco, Dark Alley downtown

Sally ducked for a fireball that was thrown at her. She almost lost the athame that she was holding.

The Demon was looking pissed at her and she smirked back at him and teleported out and back in right behind the Demon and stabbed him. He screamed out, but while he was vanquishing, he turned around and grabbed her by her neck.

He was already burning and Sally screamed out as her neck was burning too. Even she was hurt, she was able to teleport out and she appeared not far from him. He turned around and looked at her surprised and then he was vanquished.

Sally: Wow, that was close, she said and touched her neck, which was burning.

She teleported home and into her room. She put her athame away and went downstairs to grab a sandwich. Her mother was making some candles when she walked in.

Elly: Hey stranger, what happened to your neck?

Sally: Demon had me for a moment, but I got away. No worries.

Her mother got closer to take a look at her neck and then got a bottle with some crème and whispered some words. She rubbed her over her neck and the pain was lessened in minutes. Sally looked happy at her mother.

Elly: I am noticing that you are a lot away, vanquishing Demons. What is going on in the Underworld?

Sally: It is the Charmed Ones. I keep telling you that. They have made sure that they have become untouchable and don’t care about other witches and innocents. The old generation did, but the children don’t care.

Elly: Watch your tongue young lady. Without the Charmed Ones, you wouldn’t even be here and I would have been killed by now and Evil would have taken over. They have stopped the most powerful evil beings in their time. It may seem that the next generation is doing nothing, but believe they are battling on a much more different level Demons then we do. So, don’t ever think badly about them. They are a token of good.

Sally looked at her mother, letting the words sink in. An idea appeared in her head. She got up and went upstairs to her room.

Next day, Manor

Melinda walked downstairs. Her hair was messy and she looked if she hadn’t had a sleep for a week.

Probably she didn’t. Every time she closed her eyes, she saw Jake in front of her. She knew that it was for the best that they broke up, but that didn’t mean that she didn’t miss him. She really thought that she would grow old with him. A person who knew who she was and what she was capable of and still liked her not for the witch she was, but for the person she was. She thought that she would never find another person like that.

She walked into the kitchen to find Casey sitting at the bar.

Casey: Good morning, she said friendly.

Melinda: Hey, she mumbled and got some coffee and sat down.

Casey looked at her and saw the self-pity and couldn’t take it anymore.

Casey: Ok, I really see us as friends and as a friend I have to say, move on with your life. Stop feeling like you do. You cannot hide in your room forever. That will not bring Jake back. It is time to let go Mel.

You have responsibilities and there is nothing better than kick some Demon ass. So you go get dressed up and I will find us a Demon to hunt.

Melinda: You go. I just want to sit her.

Casey: Melinda Prudence Halliwell. I will not watch the most powerful Witch ever, sit here feeling sorry for herself. You are young, hot and powerful. You will find a guy in no time. Now, get up and get dressed. Chop chop, she commanded.

Melinda groaned, but somehow didn’t say a thing and took her coffee with her, while she got dressed.

1 Hour later, Alley

Both girls appeared in the alley and looked around.

Melinda: Are you sure that this is the right place, where a power struggle was? She asked looking around.

Casey: Yes, I scried twice and came to this area. Let’s look around.

They didn’t have to look around long, soon they heard a fire ball hitting against the wall. Then they saw a redheaded girl appearing and disappearing constantly, avoiding the attacks.

Melinda and Casey hurried over and Melinda flickered with her fingers and the Demon blew up.

Sally: Hey, that was my Demon; she said and appeared right in front of Melinda.

Melinda: Who are you?

Sally: Who are you? She asked back.

Casey: This is Melinda Halliwell and I am Casey.

Sally: Hey, you are a Charmed One and you are the elemental girl aren’t you? She asked excited.

Melinda; Yes, we are. So, again. Who are you?

Sally: My name is Sally. I am a Witch with teleportation power. I have been fighting Demons as long as I can walk.

Melinda: Well, join the club.

Sally: I have been fighting the Demons all day, in the hope that you would come.

Melinda: Why?

Sally: Are you always this grumpy? She asked looking at Melinda.

Casey: She just broke up with her boyfriend, she explained and felt the eyes of Melinda on her, but ignored it by keep looking at Sally.

Melinda: Hello, did we can get back at the subject. Why did you want us to come?

Sally: I want to join your coven and want to learn all there is about magic.

Melinda: Well, first there is no coven. It is the Charmed Ones. Secondly, if you want to learn magic and learn more, there is a place called Magic School.

Sally: Really? That sounds awesome. I would have to talk to my mother. She would die to meet you as she is a mega fan of you, she said looking at Melinda brightly.

Melinda sighed and looked at Casey. Sally smiled more brightly and grabbed them by their hands and teleported out.

Sally’s house

They teleported in and Sally called out loudly to her mother. Who came running at the weird sound that came out of her daughter. She ran into the hallway and stopped at her tracks because of the visitors.

Elly: Hello, she said. You scared me Sally. Who are your friends? She said.

Sally: Mom, meet Melinda. Melinda Halliwell, she said smiling brightly.

Elly: No, you’re kidding me. A Charmed One in our home. I cannot believe it.

The older lady came closer and opened her arms towards Melinda. Who couldn’t help smile and hugged the woman. After they let go, she welcomed to the living room and made them some tea.

Melinda waited till Casey took a sip and when she was sure that nothing was wrong with the tea, she took a sip. She had done this before and then they had tried to take her powers. So she was alert. Ready to attack if needed. Nothing weird happened and they were actually pretty nice.

Sally: Mom, Melinda told me that there is a Magic School. I want to go, she said excited

Can you imagine? All those book to read through. So much to explore and learn.

Elly looked worried a bit, but couldn’t hold it for long, as she saw her daughter so happy.

Elly: I am sorry I never told you about the school. I thought you never needed it. You were a natural. You were good with your powers from the moment you received it. You became also a feared Demon hunter and you were growing up so fast, I didn’t want you to go yet out there. Now I think you are ready. So, if that is what you want then so be it, she said teary.

Melinda: What is happening? Are you coming with us right now?

Sally: Well that was the plan, she said.

Casey: it sounds more like you want to leave this place as soon as possible. It can’t be all that bad.

Sally: It is not bad at all. I love my life, but I want more. I want to be more. Now I can. So, I’ll be ready in a flash, she said and teleported out and in like a minute or so, she teleported back into the same place, but with a bag now.

Elly: Come by from time to time, ok? I am going to miss you my darling. Be good and be save, she said.

Now she started to cry and hugged her daughter tightly. Sally teared up too and held her mother tight.

Sally: I’ll be ok mom. Don’t worry, ok? I am tough, she said and kissed her mom.

Casey: Well if you are ready, then let’s go.

Sally smiled brightly at her mother and then grabbed the hand of Casey. Melinda threw the teleportation potion and they were gone.

Elly sat down and was still crying. She was going to miss her.

Magic School, Great Hall

They teleported in the Hall and they eyes of Sally became huge. She looked around smiling brightly.

Casey walked away to get Leo.

Sally: Oh my Goddess. This is awesome, she yelled out and starts jumping around like a small girl.

Leo came walking and with Casey.

After the introduction, Melinda told her father who she was and what she could do. Her father showed her around and Melinda had enough for one day and said goodbye to Casey and teleported home to her room.

Leo: Is she ok? He asked to Casey?

Casey: She will be. She just needs a reminder of who she is and what she is all about again, then Jake will fade slowly.

Leo nodded and turned to Sally, who was listening and still looking brightly happy.

1 Week later, Magic School midnight.

Sally woke up and sneaked out her room, like she did every night since she came to the School.

Her lessons were cool and she was learning a lot, but it didn’t feel satisfying. She wanted to learn all magic. She wanted to become powerful, maybe even more powerful than Melinda. Then she would be known by everybody and all Demons would fear her. This way they would leave her mother’s coven alone.

So, tonight it was history night, as she called it. She switched nightly. One night she read about the history of the Charmed Ones and the other night, she was learning and practicing all kinds of spells and potions. She always made sure that the place looked untouched and if someone would walk in on her, she just would teleport back to her room.

She was through with reading about the previous Charmed Ones and had now started with the next Generation. She loved that book. It seemed to write itself. Every time the Charmed Ones had a battle with a Demon, it wrote about it in the book. She started to read and was surprised to read that Melinda was the most powerful Witch that walked to earth. Even stronger than her mother the Matriarch.

Sally thought of Melinda and couldn’t imagine that such a small and tiny girl could be that powerful. Where would she get the strength from? She continued reading and found out that Melinda could transform into this Goddess. There was a picture of her image when she was transformed. She looked impressing, but Sally was not impressed. She couldn’t help feel, that the Charmed Ones were getting way too much credit.

Next day, History class Magic School

Leo: The Charmed Ones are known not because they are almighty powerful. They are known for the connection as siblings. It is unbreakable and they are connected in way, which we will maybe never understand. That connection gives them power to deal with Demons, you guys are not by far, ready to handle.

Sally: I disagree, she said looking at Leo.

Leo: Why? Explain? He asked curious.

Sally: I know they have saved the world many times and sacrificed a lot for the magical community, but they are only strongest when they are all three together. Alone, they are just like us. So what’s make them so special so they could call themselves the Charmed Ones. I am sure that with all the variety of powers we have at this school, we could create our own army to fight of Demons. I actually think, that if we had a contest, this class against the Charmed Ones, that they would use. What I am trying to say is that everybody is so focused on the Charmed Ones, they don’t see other witches, who are maybe even stronger, faster and cleverer than the Charmed Ones.

Leo: I see. So, you guys think you can take on the Charmed Ones, huh?

Some students nodded and some laughed nervously by the idea.

Leo: Ok, I will arrange a duel and we will see, he said.

Sally nodded stubbornly, but was nervous herself. She knew she had a big mouth and really thought that the Charmed Ones weren’t all that, but fighting them was something else.

Leo closed his eyes and Wyatt appeared in class.

Wyatt: Dad, what’s up? You called?

Leo: Yes, I did son. I need you to get your siblings. We have some students who think if they group up, they could take you three.

Wyatt: I see, he said looking at the class. Well it is good that you have the confidence in yourself and your power. I will get the others and let’s have a battle. It has been a while I did that at school.

Wyatt orbed out and Leo guided the class to another area of the School. Piper was passing by and when she understood what was going on, she didn’t want to miss a bit of this.

Manor, Melinda’s room.

There was a knock on the door and Wyatt walked in. Melinda was staring out the window. She turned around to look at him.

Melinda; What’s up?

Wyatt: Dad is asking for us. There is this class and girl, Sally I believe. She thinks with some other students, they can take us on.

Melinda: Sally? The teleporting girl. Seriously? I thought she would be handful and felt sorry for my dad, but she is actually a handful. You know I am in the mood to kick some ass, so let’s go.

Magic School, Fight Arena

The whole school had heard about the challenge and wanted to see the fight. Melinda and Wyatt orbed in. Chris was already there. Caroline and Casey were sitting by Piper and looked excited.

Leo: Ok, the rules are simple. There can’t be any physical contact. You are only allowed to use your powers. The second rule is that you are allowed to use your powers at the fullest, as we have healers enough in the room, to fix you up. Remember, when you are taken out and healed, you cannot enter again the battle. The last one standing has won.

Student: What about shielding?

Leo: like I said, you can use any power you have to attack or to defend. Now it is 10 against play nice…

Melinda was watching the group, till she saw the look at the face of Sally. There was something with it. It seemed like that she had something to prove and would do anything for it. Melinda made sure to keep an eye on her.

Then the battle started.

Soon the students found out that it was not so easy to attack the Charmed Ones. Beside the shield Wyatt had, they all three were shielded, as long Melinda held them. Soon only Sally was leftover, as she was teleporting all over the place. The Charmed Ones were trying to hit her, but she disappeared the second they tried to attack her. She had appeared again and was now smirking.

Sally: You will never catch me, she said confident.

Chris: She is right, he whispered. What shall we do?

Melinda: You know, she is becoming very annoying. She wants to see real power, then she can have it her way. You guys sit, this is my fight now.

Both brothers looked at each other, doing their telepath thing, which annoyed Melinda every time they did that and then nodded at the same time and let go of Melinda. The shield was gone. Now just Melinda and Sally were in the ring.

Sally: What’s wrong? Are the boys giving up, she said with a voice which made some students laugh.

Melinda: No, they don’t actually. I asked to sit down. We don’t need all three of us to bring you down, she fired back.

Sally didn’t look pleased. The thought that Melinda could think that she could take her on alone, annoyed her. The arrogance, she thought to herself.

Sally took a deep breath and looked at Melinda, who was just standing there and smiling. Sally hesitated for a moment, but then teleported out and wanted to attack Melinda, when Melinda closed her eyes and almost could hear her teleport, she quickly flickered with her fingers and Sally was hit, while she was invisible.

She appeared and fell on the ground. She quickly got up and looked surprised at Melinda.

Sally: Nobody has ever been able to do that, she said annoyed.

Melinda: Wait, she said. There is more. Come on attack. This is what you wanted isn’t. To show off how you kicked my ass and that people would look up to you. That is so cliché by the way. Many before you have tried. I didn’t ask to be the strongest, but I am and I accept it, it is time you do too.

Without any warning, Sally teleported out to hit Melinda, but she fell back on the ground, like she bounced off to some sort of shield, which was invisible. She looked up to Melinda who was still smiling.

Without any warning, Melinda lifted her head and closed her eyes. In seconds she transformed into this Goddess. She was completely white. Her eyes, hair and clothing. There was wind coming from her, which made her hair and clothing fly around her.

Sally, who was on the ground, crawled bit scared back from Melinda.

Sally started to teleport all over the place to attack Melinda, but no matter what she tried, she couldn’t even get close to attack her.

Sally: What the hell is going on? Why can’t I attack you?

Melinda: To make my point, I want the whole class back in the ring, she said.

All students came back in the ring and started to attack her with all different kinds of powers. Melinda flickered with her fingers and they all flew out of the ring, like they didn’t weight anything. Quickly they got up and tried again and again. Melinda was not even looking at them, she kept staring at Sally.

Sally was watching how everybody did their outmost best to attack Melinda, but she didn’t even had a scratch, while others looked hurt and had enough.

Melinda: How long do you want to continue this Sally? Your classmates are getting their ass kicked. You are the one who had a big mouth and wanted this. Well come on. Show me what you got. If you are so street smart as you think you are, come up with a plan. Find my weakness. Attack! She yelled and the whole ground shook.

Sally just looked at her teary and felt humiliated. She started to cry and teleported out the area.

Melinda changed back to herself.

The whole class looked at her.

Melinda: So, if I am right, you guys learned two things today. First, never underestimate your opponent and secondly, don’t ever think you are indestructible. There always can be someone, who is stronger than you. Respect your power and be grateful that magic has chosen you to carry whatever power you have. Wyatt, let’s go, she said.

Her brother orbed her out.

Leo send everybody to their classes or dorms and then went to find Sally. She was in the Great Hall, going through some books, while she was still crying.

Leo: Are you ok?

Sally: Sure, why not? Just got humiliated in front of the whole school.

Leo: Well as far as I can remember you were not fighting alone. If you look at it positively, then you were the only one standing from your entire class, while some other students have been here for a while. That should count for something.

Sally: Outside the school, I felt incredibly strong and good in hunting Demons. I am here a weak and it seems that I don’t know anything. I have been doing it the way I thought was right. I thought that I could show what I can do and help out the Charmed Ones.

Leo: I understand, but you know, you should not put all your focus on the Charmed Ones. You should focus on yourself.

Sally: I have killed so many Demons, I couldn’t even count them, if I wanted. Still nobody knows me and know what I have achieved till now.

Leo: So you want to be famous? Is that it?

Sally: Yes! She said and sighed.

Leo: Well, I can tell you that at school you are already famous. You may have lost the battle with Melinda, but you have gained a lot of respect from the entire school to challenge the Charmed Ones.

Sally didn’t seem to be pleased by this. She turned her back to Leo and started to go through some books. Leo sighed and let her be.

It was already getting late and most of the students had gone to their dorms already, except Sally. She was still going through all the books that were lying down all over the place. She had no idea what she was looking for, but when she would see it, she would know.

She had already checked one side of the wall and walked over to the other side. She was tired, but didn’t want to go to bed. She was going with her fingers past the books to check the titles, when she felt something. Like something was calling her. She went with her finger again over the same area and got the same feeling again. She started to take out the books, so she could check them better.

She took a couple of books from the shelf, when she found a small black book. She was looking at it hypnotized. It felt like it was calling for her.

Slowly she took the book from the shelf and sat down on the ground, between all the other books. She opened it carefully and started to read. The book seemed to be from a witch that was also a student many years ago. She had regular fights with the teachers and hated the school. She taught that everybody at school was a hypocrite and fake gooddo-ers. That all have them had dark intentions and all of them would rather use their magic freely and at the fullest, then controlled at Magic School.

Sally kept on reading and found some dark spells which apparently she had used to prove her point.

She thought back to the fight they had in the Arena. Even Leo had mentioned to use their power fully, she had still the feeling that they could have won, if everybody actually used their powers fully.

She kept reading and found spells, to bring the darkness that everybody feels deep inside above. She had found a spell to copy powers from students, without their knowledge. This book could be useful.

Sally took the book with her and went to bed. In bed a very bad idea came to her mind. Something she shouldn’t be thinking about, but she just couldn’t stand the idea that she was beaten by Melinda. She was also convinced that the Charmed Ones didn’t deserve their title.

Next day, Magic School, Class

The teacher was explaining the difference between herbs and using them to make potion. Sally looked around and saw most students listening bored. This was a great time to test one of the spells out the book. She whispered the words of the spell and first it seemed nothing happened, and then she slowly saw the expressions of her classmates. It went from boring to creepy faces. Suddenly students started to attack the teacher and each other. Sally quickly left the classroom and she went into the next one.

Teacher: Can I help you? She asked while she watched Sally standing by the doorway.

Sally ignored her and read out the spell again. She kept doing that with every class. Soon the entire school was attacking each other. Leo came our running from his office and looked horrified at what was happening. Right at the moment he heard Sally chanting and when he heard the words, he knew immediately that it was bad.

Piper came out the Manor too see what the commotion was about. She flickered with her fingers and all students froze, except Sally. She looked pleased at Piper and Leo and then disappeared.

Piper: What the hell is going on? Why did she not freeze?

Leo: I think I know what is going on. We have to call the kids right now, before it is too late.

Piper looked at her husband, not liking the sound of that.

Manor, Living room

The siblings were sitting and enjoying a sandwich, when Wyatt heard his father calling for him and his siblings.

Wyatt: It seems urgent and he is calling all three of us. I think we should better check it out.

Melinda: I hope it is not another battle. I am not in the mood today to fight anybody.

Magic School

Everybody was attacking each other and wanted to hurt one another. Piper came also outside and looked around. She lifted her hands and froze the scene.

The Charmed Ones orbed in and looked horrified around them.

Melinda: What the hell is going on? She yelled at Wyatt.

Leo and Piper hurried over to their children.

Leo: It was Sally. She spelled everybody to let the darkness we all have inside to be released and that is not the worst she also copycat all the students powers. So, I have no idea what she is up too.

Melinda looked not pleased. She really wasn’t in a battle mood, but it sounded if they didn’t get a say in it.


Sally appeared in a High-Level Demon lair and it was pretty crowded. She smiled at the Demons and the moments they wanted to attack her, she used one power of the other, to defend and attack the Demons. Not long after that, she had vanquished at least fifty Demons. The only left was the High-Level Demon. She looked at him and bends down, to grab one of the Athame that one of the Demons left behind before they were gone. She smirked and teleported out. The Demon was alert, but had no idea where she was. Suddenly he felt the knife go in his back. He tried to grab her, but she twisted the knife and put it deeper in his back. He screamed out and was vanquished.

Sally sat down at his chair and looked pleased at herself. If she could defeat so easily a group of powerful demons with all the powers she had gained, she could easily take on the Charmed Ones. Especially Melinda. If she would be defeated and Sally would keep killing all the Demons she could find, then the whole magical community would look up to her and she would be the next token of good.

She teleported out to fight some more Demons to get use to all her new powers.

Magic School

Piper used her freezing power again, to stop all the madness at the school. All the students froze again.

She sighed and looked irritated.

Sally: Hello, can you hear me? Hello? Her voice echoed through the hallway of the school.

Melinda: Yes, loud and clearly. What do you want?

Sally: I want a rematch, between you and me at your favorite fighting place, the woods. I will reverse the spell on the students, if you promise to bring them all to watch your defeat.

Melinda: Why are you doing this? You are a good witch. This isn’t just right, she said annoyed.

Sally: Oh, believe me, I am still good. I just killed at least two hundred Demons in like a half hour, with all my new powers. I would like to see you do that. So when you are out the picture, I will be the new token of good as it should be. I fight of more Demons in a day, than you do in a week. Why is it that our coven is not well known as the precious Charmed Ones? I am sick of it. I am as good as you are and I think at this moment, even stronger then you. So, I am waiting. See you in a bit, she said.

Melinda: Unbelievable. A Witch with envy and good intentions using it the wrong way. Why is it that they always want to fight me? He is twice blessed too. Let him fight. I am not in the mood.

Piper: Wyatt is indeed a very powerful being. Feared in the whole Underworld from the moment he was born. Then suddenly you came too. Unexpected and the moment you were born, your power came in waves at us. We knew that you would be one powerful witch. You are chosen to the next in line to become the Matriarch of this family. You are destined for greatness. Don’t ever forget that.

Leo: Unfortunately, your whole life you will have Demons, good Witches, even people who will want to destroy you, because they are afraid or ignorant and have no idea who they are going up against. Still this will keep happening and I know it doesn’t sound comforting, but how sooner you show them all what you are made off, they will understand at some point. I truly believe this, her father said.

Melinda hugged her family and when they let go, she looked at her brother and nodded. Piper cast a spell with her matriarch powers to send everybody at once to the woods.


Sally was sitting in the middle and playing with a stick, when she saw everybody appear. She got up pleased and looked at Melinda. She said the spell still looking at Melinda to change everybody back to normal.

Sally: You can unfreeze them now, she said to Piper.

Piper did as she was told and unfroze everybody. The students looked confused at each other and around, not understanding what had happened or how they got at the woods.

Sally: Hello everybody. I am sorry that I had to do that to you all, but that doesn’t matter now. The reason you are all here is to witness the defeat of Melinda Halliwell for once and all.

Melinda: Oh please, enough. Let’s get this over with.

Without any warning, she transformed into her Goddess state. It was every time impressing. The students looked surprised at the sudden change. Her family moved to the side and watch with suspense at Melinda and Sally.

The only sound you heard was the animals. Nobody spoke and watched what was going to happen.

Sally smirked at Melinda who was looking in total calmness at Sally. Suddenly Sally started to separate into clones of herself. Now there were eight Sally’s. All surrounded Melinda. Out of nowhere all of them started to attack Melinda, with all kinds of elements. It seemed even if they were cloned, they were evenly strong. Most of the attacks protected Melinda, but some didn’t. She flickered with her fingers and one Sally was gone, but then appeared right away again and continued attacking Melinda.

She was getting attacked from all sides. Sally was keep teleporting and it went all too fast. No matter what she did. Then it hit her. She had to sense the real Sally to make the rest disappear.

The entire Sally’s kept attacking from all sides. Melinda kept holding the attacks off, but not all of them. Her arm was bleeding. Suddenly she lifted her head and screamed out. A huge white light bursted from inside her and it covered almost the entire field.

Nobody could see at thing at least for a half minute. When the all could see, they saw Melinda standing and Sally was alone again and standing in front of her, breathing deeply.

Sally: Nice trick, but I have much more.

Melinda: NO! This ends now, she said with an iron voice, which made the whole ground shake.

Slowly she lifted her right hand and looked at Sally.

Melinda: Forgive for what I am about to do, she said and looked straight at Sally.

Sally looked intrigued at the hand of Melinda. She felt indestructible. Nothing Melinda did would hurt her.

Then Melinda moved slowly with her fingers. Sally teleported out, but appeared and fell to the ground. Melinda turned her hand and slowly started to close it. Sally screamed out in pain.

Piper looked away. She hated to see her daughter like that. She knew that it was a hard lesson that needed to be taught to Sally, but she still hated it.

Melinda: I am Melinda Halliwell. Twice blessed and a Charmed One. I am next in line to become the Matriarch. I have the raw power of all my ancestors in me and I am the daughter of Piper Halliwell.

How dare you to use your powers that were given to you for doing good in such a bad way and for what. To make name? Well believe you have already managed that and what good did it to you. Look at you, crawling before my feet in pain as I have you in my grip. This is not even five percent of my full powers.

She closed her hand a little more. Sally screamed out again and was crying and begging Melinda to stop.

Melinda: Generations of Witches have sacrificed their lives of have giving everything they had to make sure that the Charmed Ones would rise. Long before you were born. Without the previous Charmed Ones their wouldn’t be the world we are living now. There would be no Magic School and there would be only sorrow and pain. I wouldn’t be here, none of us wouldn’t even be born. I didn’t choose to be Charmed. It was my destiny and it is who I am, even if it sucks from time to time and I long for a normal life. You have no idea what it feels like to have this responsibility and that everybody looks up to you and expect you to fix all magical problems and fight Demons. I am nineteen years old, and most of my life I have been fighting demons or training to become the Charmed Ones. So you tell me, you have all the freedom and can do good in your own way, without have to worry about constant attacks and sorrow. You kill and go home. How lucky you are.

Melinda opened her hand a bit and Sally let out a painful sigh. She was still lying on the ground, but not moaning.

Sally: I can still take you, she mumbled.

Melinda just looked at her and whispered some words. Now Sally grabbed her ear and started to scream out. If felt like all kinds of insects were walking in and out her ear. Then she started to scream and they were walking all over her.

Sally: Stop it! Please, stop it. I beg of you, she cried out.

Melinda let go of Sally and she breathed relieved in and out.

Melinda: I bind you Sally to do no harm. I bind you Sally from using your magic again.

Sally: No wait. Stop. Please? I will be good, I promise.

Melinda: I bind you Sally to do no harm. I bind you Sally from using your magic again, she kept repeating while she held her hand towards Sally. After repeating it three times, white light appeared out of her hand and glowed over Sally. When it was done, she was bound.

Sally started to cry loudly.

Melinda: Don’t worry. While you are bound we will find a spell to reverse all the magic you have received that wasn’t meant for you and after that, I will slowly turn back the binding spell so you can start learning how to use your magic normally again.

She changed back to normal and bend down to Sally. She pulled her hand towards Sally to help her get up. Sally looked at her hand with disgust and turned her head.

Melinda sighed and turned around towards her family.

Piper: OK, the show is over, she said and closed her eyes and send all students to school.

Leo walked over to Sally and gently helped her up. He asked Wyatt to bring her to her own coven, where she can heal and restart again. Wyatt had taken over Sally and with a smile, even she had just attacked his sister.

Sally’s house

Wyatt orbed in just as Elly was coming out of the kitchen, mumbling to herself about a recipe. She was surprised when she saw her daughter and Wyatt. She came closer and lifted the head of Sally.

Elly: What happened? I can’t feel her magic anymore, she said concerned.

Sally sat down on the couch crying, with her mother right next to her. Wyatt was still standing and he told what happened. Elly looked from time to time to Sally and back to Wyatt again. She fell in the one shock after another. Then Wyatt was finished.

Elly: So, when do you think Melinda will reverse her magic? She asked.

Wyatt: She will do it slowly. This way she learns how it is without powers and learns to respect them. She will find out that she has been so focusing on us on Melinda, that she forgot who she was and what she is capable off, even if the magical community doesn’t thank her every time she kills another Demon.

Elly: I understand. Well, let me know please when Melinda does, so I can prepare myself on it. And for you young lady, we have a lot of talking and healing to do. I didn’t raise you like that. You are part of our coven and not a solo power driven witch.

Wyatt: Well, if you excuses, I have to leave, he said not want to hear the conversation.

Elly thanked him and he orbed out. She brought her daughter to the bathroom and let her take a bath.

She went in the meantime downstairs.

Manor, Magic School

Piper had started to cook as soon as she came home. Melinda was sitting at the couch and thinking about Sally. If she did the right thing. Taking someone’s magic was a terrible thing to do. It feels like your soul is been ripped out your body.

Wyatt orbed in.

Melinda: How did it go?

Wyatt: I think that Elly had no idea that her daughter was a capable of such things. She was starting to preach her about her behavior when I told her that I had to leave. Didn’t want to hear that.

Melinda: I will check up on her soon and start reversing the spell. I don’t want her to think of me, that I am controlling her or something.

Wyatt: You are not. You had to do what you had to do, to stop her for making a terrible mistake without turning back from it.

Melinda: I know, but somehow I can’t shake the feeling that we haven’t seen the last of her. She is trouble.

Sally’s House

Sally had taken a bath and then she had eaten something and went to bed. She had feeling awful and empty. She had cried herself in sleep. Her mother couldn’t take it anymore and needed some fresh air and sat down at the veranda.

She was staring at the stars and praying to the Goddess to help her daughter, then she heard someone coming towards her and looked down and saw a man figure walking in her garden.

She got up and was ready to attack if needed.

Elly: Who is there? She asked strongly.

Dash: Hi mom.

Elly: Dash, what are you doing here? She asked surprised.

Dash: News travels fast. I heard what happened to my little sister. We can’t let the Charmed Ones walk over us like that. Who is this Melinda Halliwell to decide about the powers of Sally? Sally does day in and out, hunting Demons. What is she going to do now? She is at the mercy of the Charmed Ones. Whenever they feel like it, they will reverse it. No way, not if I can help it.

Elly: What do you mean by that? What are you planning to do? She asked worried.

Dash: Don’t worry too much mom... All will be good and Sally will have her power in no time back, I promise! He said confident and hugged his mother.

Elly loved her son, but knew that even he was a good witch, he had always some darkness in his and his methods weren’t always the right ones. She was afraid he was getting himself in trouble.

Dash was hugging his mother, but his eyes were wide open and they were filled with darkness and hatred. Hatred against the Charmed Ones and they would pay for what they did to Sally.

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