Charmed Melinda Season 2

A new witch in Town


Raw power

Episode 16

A new Witch in town

Sally’s house

The doorbell rang and Sally walked to open it. Elly was in the kitchen. She opened it to find Melinda standing in front of the door.

Sally: Oh, it is you, she said and walked back into the living room leaving the front door open.

Melinda sighed and walked into the house.

Elly: Sally, who is at the door?

Sally: Our favorite Charmed One.

Dash was just about to walk down the stairs after freshen up, but stopped in his tracks when he heard that a Charmed One was in their house. He didn’t want one of them to see him. At least not yet.

Elly walked over to Melinda and greeted her. She offered tea and Melinda accepted.

Melinda walked over to Sally, while she waited for the tea.

Melinda: How are you doing? She asked gently.

Sally: Hollow, she answered bitterly back.

Elly came with the tea and sat down.

Melinda: Listen Sally, I understand that you must hate me, but you did this to yourself. You were so power crazy and becoming famous in the Magic world that you messed up big time. On the other hand I have to say that you did a great job, by killing hundreds of Demons in a very short time, nice job

Sally: Oh, are you expecting me to thank you for the compliment. I don’t think so.

Melinda: Listen, I didn’t come her to fight about who is right or wrong. I came here because I made a promise and I intent to keep it. I didn’t take your powers for fun or just because I could. It was the best thing to do at the moment, so you wouldn’t hurt yourself or others. What would have happened if you went mad, because of the powers inside, which weren’t destined for you, but stolen? What would do that to your coven? Did you even think about that? I checked your coven at Magic school and everything I read about you and the rest of you was good. You are powerful teleporters and that is great. You have indeed done a great deal of hunting down Demons. All that would mean nothing if you would have lost it. So, can you understand a bit why I did what I did?

Dash was listening intensely to Melinda. She was messing up his plans. She shouldn’t be this nice and kind. She was the bad guy. She had hurt his little sister and embarrassed her and their coven.

Melinda: I came here to give you back a bit of your powers, but before I do that I have a question. Can you only teleport yourself and others when you hold them or also items?

Sally: What do you mean? She asked now curious.

Melinda; Well, my brothers are half whitelighters and half witches. They can use their orbing powers to throw stuff with it.

Sally: I don’t know. I never tried.

Elly: I also never saw one of our coven members do something like that.

Melinda: Well, because we have a teleporter back at Magic School, who has learned to teleport other things then himself, without touching it. Just by willing it.

Sally: Really? That sounds cool and handy.

Melinda smiled. She knew if she offered something new to Sally, that things would go smoother.

Melinda: Ok, are you ready? She asked Sally and Sally nodded eagerly.

Melinda sat across Sally and their knees touched each other. Melinda bends over to the front and signed that Sally had to do the same. So their foreheads were touching.

Melinda: Now, close your eyes and breathe slowly. This can hurt a bit, but even if it hurt, don’t let go of the connection, ok?

Sally: Ok, I won’t.

Melinda closed her eyes and started to chant in whisper. You couldn’t hear it almost.

Sally suddenly felt like she was going to pass out. She felt dizzy and her head started to hurt. She wanted to stop, but she knew she couldn’t give up.

It took about ten minutes and Sally cried because it hurt that much. Melinda was sweating and felt warm. Then she was finished and slowly lifted her head. Sally did the same and looked at Melinda.

Sally: I can feel my powers in me, she said smiling. Not completely but I can feel them.

Melinda: Good. Next week I will come and restore another bit. This way you can get used to them again and appreciate them. When you have received your powers back completely, then we will continue our conversation of you going back to Magic School and learning to teleport also other things.

Elly: Do you think they would take Sally back?

Melinda: Sure, she said chipper. Look, she made a mistake and she is punished for it. That doesn’t mean that she is denied to go to school. I believe she is a good person. What she did was with good intentions even it was wrong. So there is hope for her and with a good training, she could become a very powerful teleporter.

Sally seemed pleased and smiled at her mother. Elly was happy that her daughter was smiling again.

The doorbell rang and Elly went to open it. Wyatt was standing in front of the door. Elly let him in, just when Melinda got up to leave.

Wyatt: Hey Sally, he said when he walked into the room. Sis, are you done…we have a serious problem and need to go, like now.

Melinda: Sure, let’s go. Till next time Sally. Be good, she said winking at her.

Sally smiled back and even walked Melinda out. She closed the door when Dash walked downstairs not looking pleased.

Sally: Oh dear, someone is grumpy. Guess who got her powers back? Well a bit of them then?

Dash: I heard your conversation and it seems that I was mistaken about this Melinda. She is nothing you told me she was. She seems actually nice and really wants to help you. How can I attack her now?

If she finds out that I attack her and that I am your brother, then they maybe take your powers completely.

Elly: They have no right to do that. It is not up to them.

Sally: They wouldn’t. She just wanted to teach me a lesson and believe me the lesson is learned.

Dash: You seem suddenly cheerful. An hour ago, you couldn’t stand Melinda.

Sally: Yeah I know, but now she explained herself and kept her promise, so who am I to judge her.

Dash looked at his happy sister and maybe he did come for nothing to San Francisco and all was fine?

Manor, Attic

Wyatt and Melinda orbed in. It was a full house. Everybody acted nervous.

Melinda: What is going on?

Chris: We are dealing with a Demon from the past, he said.

He looked at his mother, who was standing by the window. Piper was lost in thoughts.

Melinda: What Demon?

Chris: The water Demon. It seems the same as the one who killed Grandma Patty.

Melinda: But that should not be possible. I mean that Aunt Prue has vanquished it already, according to the history books. So, how can we be sure that we are dealing with the same Demon and not one of the next generations?

Piper: Because it is doing the same thing as it did then. Killing innocent children by luring them to the water.

Melinda: That may be, but unless someone can bring the dead Demons back, then it seems unlikely that we are dealing with the exact same Demon. Maybe we have a copycat Demon?

Her brothers looked at her, like she suddenly spoke Chinese.

Piper: I don’t care if it is the same one or another one. We have to help those children. I will not allow history repeating itself. Understood?! She asked and looked at her children.

All three just nodded. Their mother spoke never this harsh, unless she was very upset about something and when she did worry there was mostly a very good reason for it.

Melinda: Ok, what do we got so far? She asked.

Casey: Not much, only what we have told you.

Chris: Nathan contacted us and he is at the scene as they found this morning the second body of a young girl.

Melinda: That’s not good. Ok, let’s go to the scene then and see for ourselves.

Chris: Well, we cannot just show up there. It is full with police. We cannot risk that they find out that Nathan is informing us.

Piper: You just have to be smart about it. We have put Darryl so many times in tight spots..but that was the risk he was willing to take in the end for the greater good. Nathan was our enemy first and now he helps us and did several times now. It is great that he is on our side and that you guys want to protect him, but you need to be there right now. To see what other normal people would miss. Go, don’t worry about Nathan...he can handle it…

Her children did as they were asked and orbed out.

Piper: Caroline, go upstairs and see what the Elders can do or find out. Casey I need you here. As soon we find the demon, I will need you to attack it.

Casey: Me? How?

Piper: Well it is a water demon. So you can fight it with lightning or freeze it literally. Listen you are an elemental and so is the Demon. Only you can control them all, so use his weakness against him. That would be electricity…

Casey: What will we do, if my lighting won’t work?

Piper: We will deal with that, when it comes to it. For now, this is the plan, she said and turned her back to Casey to stare out of the window. She closed her eyes and could see her brave sister Prue fighting the water Demon, together with Sam. The father of Paige. How he saved her by giving up his own life.

Casey: I wouldn’t worry that much, she said while she looked at Piper.

Piper turned around to look at Casey, curiously.

Casey: What I mean is that I cannot imagine how it must felt for you to fight the Demon who killed your mother. But that was then. Back then, you guys just had your powers and it was just the three of you. We are now a whole group. Melinda has her raw powers. We have me and the boys are very strong too. Caroline is no Sam or Leo. We are a superstrong team. We will find a way to kick this demons ass.

Piper looked at her and then smiled.

Piper: I think you are right. You guys will defeat it. I am sure of it. Thanks for the pep talk, needed one.

Casey was completely happy with her herself, giving the Almighty Matriarch advise...

Lake Skylark

The Charmed Ones orbed in, behind some trees and came out of it. They watched from a distance to what was going on. There were police all over the place. A little body was carried away by the ambulance and they could see the parents devastated, shouting and crying to their child.

Nathan noticed them and they noticed him. He walked quickly towards them.

Nathan: What are you three doing here? I told Piper, I would inform you guys as soon as I know anything.

Melinda: You will never catch this guy, because it is a water Demon. It could be watching us right now, without anyone noticing.

Nathan: Ok, don’t really know what to do with this information, but thanks for informing me. Now go, before other cops ask questions.

Melinda: We are not going anywhere. This is a Demon from our past, with a deadly end for our grandmother. If he is serviced again, then it is our job to deal with it. We will wait till you all are done and gone, before we come closer.

Nathan wanted to say something then sighed and turned around to go back to the crime scene. An hour or so later, they were all done and left the scene. Now nobody was there anymore. All the children were send home again and the Lake was closed for the time being. This was perfect for the Charmed Ones to investigate.

They walked up the dike, looked at the water and Melinda starting to touch stuff, so maybe she could get a premonition. Suddenly she was sucked in to a vision.

Patty was on the dike and holding electricity cables, but got attacked and the water demon killed her from the inside out.

Then the images changed and Melinda watched her Aunt Prue fighting the Demon together with Sam.

Again the vision changed and now she was back to her own time and saw the two little victims getting killed by the water demon.

She came out of her premonition and looked around.

Wyatt: What did you see? He asked curious.

Melinda: I saw Patty and Prue, fighting the demon. Then I saw two little children getting killed by this water demon. It lured them with a call for help and the worst part is, that it makes it sound like it is someone you know who is in trouble.

Chris: Did you get a good look at the Demon?

Melinda: No sorry. It shows itself as someone you know, so it is hard to tell what’s his real look is.

Wyatt: So, now what? We wait till it attacks again?

Melinda: Well the lake is closed for now, so I won’t expect the attacks to continue here. I think it will move to another place, where there is water and people.

Chris: So, how the hell we are going to track this demon?

Melinda: Really no idea to be honest.

The Charmed Ones started to walk back of the dike, when they heard a splash. They quickly turned around and there was a young girl standing there. She was probably the same age as Melinda was.

Water demon: Are you three looking for me?

Melinda: Depends on who you are?

Water demon: Well, the last thing you three will see for sure, she said smiling.

She shoots out water wave from her hands, but Melinda froze the scene. The Water demon looked surprised at the water hanging in the air. She smiled and moved with her hands. The frozen water started to became a water ball, while it was still frozen. Melinda moved around the ball quickly and tried to blow her up. The moment her power hit the water demon, some parts of her body, splashed out, but then she became whole again.

Water demon: Your powers are useless against me. They will all just go through me.

Wyatt, shot his wave energy towards her, but she had been right. It was pointless.

In the meantime, the ball was done and even if was frozen, she managed to hit Melinda with it and then moved the ball towards Chris, who telekinetically tried to block it, but the ball still hit and then it went towards Wyatt, who was able to put his shield on, before it hit him.

Melinda and Chris quickly got up and were now standing next to each other again.

Water demon: Is there any more attacks you want to try, even it is pointless. I am not defeat able.

Melinda: We will see about that, she said to the water demon. To Wyatt she whispered to get Casey.

He orbed out and in seconds he orbed back in with Casey.

Casey: What is going on?

Melinda: Casey meet our water demon. You, meet our elemental.

Water demon: Elemental? That means you can control the elements. That is so cool. Show me something she said playful, like all of this was a game.

Casey: Sure, she said smiling. She closed her eyes for a second and shot lighting from her hands towards the water demon. It hit the demon and made her fall into the water.

Melinda looked happy, but then the water around them started to boil, like it was cooking and a bunch of water appeared on the dike and slowly it turned into the water demon again.

Water demon: That wasn’t nice of you.

Casey: Like I care. Now you leave the children alone or I will send every element there is towards you.

Water demon: I am not impressed, she said bored.

Casey: Step back guys, she said.

The Charmed Ones did as they were told, so Casey could transform, like Melinda could.

Casey was just about to change, when she suddenly screamed out in pain.

The Water demon was holding her hands up and she was making weird movements with it. The more she moved the more Casey screamed out in pain.

Water demon: I have met an Elemental before and I killed her with her own power. She thought just like you to use her powers to stop me. She didn’t realize one thing. An elemental carries all elements inside her. This means that the water that is observed in her body, I can control. This is what I am doing right now. There…she said and she made a spinning movement with her hand and Casey turned towards the Charmed Ones.

She looked like she was in great pain and was fighting it with everything she got. Then her hand lifted up and she started to create water balls in her hand.

Casey: Get out of here, she yelled at the Charmed Ones. I have no control over my body or powers.

Melinda refused to leave. Casey started to attack them with water balls. Quickly Melinda grabbed her brothers and automatically her shield came over all three of them. The water balls hit her shield, but without any effect.

Water demon, used Casey to attack them more, but when she saw she couldn’t touch them, she got annoyed and she slowly walked towards Casey and touched her softly. All around Casey water started to rise, till she was captured in a waterfall of water.

Chris: You leave her alone, he yelled seeing his girl getting attacked.

Then the Demon was gone and so was Casey.

Chris: Where the hell did they go? He shouted and looked around.

He closed his eyes and tried to focus on her, but couldn’t sense her. Wyatt grabbed him and his sister and they orbed back to the Manor.

Manor, Attic

They orbed in and Chris walked straight to the Book, not looking happy.

Piper: What happened? Where is Casey?

Wyatt and Melinda told their mother what had happened.

Piper: So we not dealing with the same water demon from back then?

Wyatt: Well, she uses the same tactic, but I don’t think it is the same. She was just a young girl.

Piper: How are we going to stop something that cannot be attacked?

Melinda: Well, we need electricity. When Casey attacked with her lightning, she got hit and didn’t like it at all.

Piper: OK, where the hell are we going to find enough electricity to kill this demon, without any of you getting killed in the process??

Melinda: That is the problem. We have no idea.

Piper: I think I am getting a migraine, she said sighing deeply

Melinda: I will get some pills and water for you mom.

Piper: That’s sweet honey. Thank you.

Manor Kitchen

Melinda was searching for the pills and was just about to grab a glass, when she heard a noise behind her. Quickly she turned around and saw a guy standing in the kitchen. Without asking questions, she used her blowing power.

The guy disappeared and appeared not far from her.

“Whoa, take it easy. I am here to help, he said looking at Melinda.

Melinda: Who are you? How did you get in and what do you want? She asked still holding her hands up.

Dash: My name is Dash. I am the brother of Sally. I am a telepath and have to ability to control electricity.

Melinda: Electricity…that is exactly what we need. Still, that doesn’t explain how you got her and how you know that we need someone who can control electricity?

Dash: What’s with all the questions love? I am one of the good guys. You remember Sally right? You were there this morning to restore some of her power. How do I know, because I was there. I was just coming down, when you left with your brother. You know did anybody ever told you that you are a beauty to watch?

Melinda: Ugh. How dare you! We don’t need your help. We can handle this just fine without your arrogance attitude.

Dash: Oh come on, don’t be like that. I really want to help.

Melinda: You haven’t answered my question, she said getting closer. She was now standing in front of him. He was gorgeous. She hadn’t felt like this for a while.

He was pretty tall and she was so tiny, but still she looked him straight in his eyes.

Dash: Ok, I will admit it. I was following you.

Melinda: Why? She asked.

Dash: Well, first I wanted revenge for my sister and the fact you had bound her. Then I heard you talking this morning with Sally and you were nothing, what they told me about you. You were kind and nice to my sister and really seemed genuine to help her. So I had to find out for myself, if you were good or bad. Then I watched your battle with that water demon and thought that you might actually need my help, if you want it or not and it was time that we met.

Melinda: Really? Why is that? She asked one eyebrow rose.

Dash: How can you ever fall in love with me, if you don’t know my existence? So I had no choice to show myself to you, he said smirking.

Melinda: You really think this will work don’t you? Well then I suggest that you follow me a bit more and you will see that I hate guys that are full of themselves.

Dash: Oh but love, I am not full of myself. I am just confident about what I am capable of. So are we going to stay here or kick some demon ass?

Melinda sighed and without saying anything she walked around him, towards the Attic. Dash followed her silently, while he was looking around him. They walked into the attic and all looked at them.

Wyatt: Who is that? He asked pointing at Dash.

Melinda: This is Dash. The brother of Sally the teleporter.

Chris: Well that is great, but if he is not going to teleport my girlfriend out of the hands of that little brat, then we have no use for him, he said annoyed. He didn’t even bother to look at Dash.

Melinda: Well, beside teleporting he is also able to control electricity.

Now everybody in the family looked at Dash.

Dash: Hi all, he said waving with a big smile.

Wyatt: If that is the case, then this changes things and we have a fighting chance.

Piper: Ok, time for a plan people.

Lake Skylark

Everyone orbed in. Piper came also, just in case.

Dash walked towards the water and put his hand in the water and closed his eyes. From the distance they could see the electricity coming out of his hand, into the water stream. Some fish started to come up, dead. Suddenly an annoyed water demon, appeared on the dike, she was on her hands and knees. She looked towards the group angrily and got up.

While she was walking towards them, something was happening with the water. It was become unstable and it looked like it was rising. Like she was creating a tsunami.

She walked over the sand towards the group. Leaving by every step a wet footprint behind.

Now she was not standing far from them. She did not look pleased.

Water demon: If you are here for your elemental. Her body can be found a bit further the lake. Sorry that she is dead do…she tried very hard but in the end, she lost from the water.

Melinda: Enough! We have listened enough to your arrogance. It is time we finish this.

Without warning she transformed into this Goddess. Dash looked mesmerized at her. He had never seen such a beauty. She was a Goddess.

In the meantime, Piper was raising her power too. Chris orbed out to search for Casey. Wyatt was ready to fight. They all surrounded the Demon and started to attack from all sides. Melinda got hit almost twice, but was saved by Dash both times.

The Demon put a good fight, but in the end, it got attacked from all sides and Dash gave the final blow and the Demon was vanquished.

Chris orbed back in looking in complete panic.

Chris: I cannot find her and sense her? Where is she!!! He yelled.

Melinda rose to the air, spinning around and had her eyes closed. Everybody was watching her. Wyatt was holding Chris by his shoulders for support. Chris looked desperately at his little sister. She was his only hope.

Melinda kept spinning and spinning higher in the air. She focused with all her been on Casey and her life energy. A white line spat out of her and it went directly towards the forest behind the Lake. Chris and Wyatt and seen the light and orbed out to follow it. Soon Casey was found. She was in a bad shape, but she lived. They all went home, happy that this was over.

Sally’s House

Sally opened the door to find Melinda standing there.

Sally: Hi. Euhm did I miss something. Aren’t we supposed to meet next week again?

Melinda: Yes we do, but this time I came for your brother.

Sally: Dash? Oh god, what did he do? Don’t I get my powers back anymore? She started to ramble in panic.

Melinda; Take a breath. This has nothing to do with you. Can I speak to him?

Dash: Ah, I thought I heard your lovely voice, he said coming downstairs.

Sally rolled with her eyes and got back to the living room.

Dash: What can I do for you love?

Melinda: First you can stop calling me Love, as I am not yours.

Dash: Oh well, you know how it goes. It is an expression, so you shouldn’t be worry about it too much. Unless you become my love of course…then it is proper to say it…

Melinda: What? Never mind. I came here to thank you for helping out.

Dash: And???? He said teasing…

Melinda sighed and rolled with her eyes. She couldn’t stand this guy.

Dash: Well I am waiting love. Got to go, you know. Places to be and see.

Melinda: And, thank you for saving my life.

Dash pointed out two fingers, to show her that he did it twice.

Melinda groaned and turned around to walk away.

Dash: Whoa! Where are you going?

Melinda: What now, she groaned and turned around.

Dash pointed to his cheek, with a big smile.

Dash: Saving you once, is a thank you. Saving you twice means a kiss on the cheek.

Melinda: Really? What would have happened if you had saved me thrice?

Dash: Oh that is simple my love. That would have cost you a dinner and do I love eating.

Melinda: God, you are so annoying. Thanks for helping and have a nice life.

Dash: Euhm…aren’t you forgetting something, he said and pointed at his cheek.

Melinda sighed deeply and knew that he would not leave her alone till she had done it. She walked over to him. He bend a bit down, as she was much smaller and she was planning to give him a very quick and soft kiss on his cheek, when he turned his face and their lips touched each other for a split second.

Melinda; Hey! You lied! She yelled.

Dash: I know you loved it love. See ya, he said and teleported out.

Melinda: Dash, you teleport your ass back here, right now. We are not done.

She waited and when nothing happened, she sighed and threw out a teleportation potion and disappeared to the Manor.

Manor, kitchen

Melinda: Urgh, I hate that guy. The arrogance, she complained.

Caroline: Hey there. I heard what happened. Sorry I had charges and couldn’t help out. What is this about you hating a guy? Which guy?

Melinda told about Dash.

Melinda: So, I really don’t mind if I never see his face again.

Caroline: It sounds like someone likes someone.

Melinda: Nonsense.

Melinda looked at Caroline and then turned her back to her, to get a drink. What would she know? Still she couldn’t help to think about what Caroline said…did she like him?

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