Charmed Melinda Season 2

Old Souls

Raw power

Episode 17

Old Soul

Sally’s House

Melinda: So, how do you feel? She asked looking at Sally.

Sally looked at her seriously, and then closed her eyes and teleported out and back in, right behind her.

Melinda turned around to look at her. She couldn’t help smile at Sally, who was grinning from one ear to another.

Sally: Thanks for everything. Lesson learned for sure, she said.

Melinda: One more thing before you teleport out. Later today a student from the Magic School will come by to give you your schedule and how you can get in and out. That kind of stuff. Listen carefully and have fun at school.

Sally: Do you think that some people will be still angry at me?

Melinda: I think so, but the only thing you can do is, when they say something about is, sorry. If they won’t accept it, then that is their problem. Don’t worry about it too much. It will be all fine, she said smiling at Sally.

Sally: Thanks Melinda. You are really nice. Now, I have to go, she said and gone she was.

Melinda sighed and smiled. She was happy that her task was done here. Now she needed to do one more thing. She walked upstairs and she knew which room Dashes was. She knocked and without waiting she walked into his room. He wasn’t there. She turned around to leave his room, when he was standing in front of her. Half naked. He had just a small towel around him. His body was muscled and he looked down at her, smiling.

Dash: You know if you wanted to watch me dry, while I am completely nude, then you just could have asked love, he said smiling brightly at her.

Melinda: I didn’t come here to watch you dry, she said but couldn’t keep her eyes of his tall and muscled body.

Dash: Well you are about too, as I am not going to stand her wet and all waiting for you to tell, so love due tell what you want?

Melinda: Well, she said and shrugged her throat. Tonight we are all going out and I wanted to know if you would want to come too? She said not looking at him.

Dash came closer and Melinda was turning red. She could feel his body heat and she wanted to jump him right there and then. No, what was wrong with her. Keep your distance Melinda, she kept saying but now she was staring at his eyes.

Dash: Are you asking me out, he asked very gently, but with seriousness in it.

Melinda: Well….euhm…yeah….i mean yes.

Dash: Date it is, he said smiling brightly. So, are you ready to watch the show he asked and grabbed his towel.

Melinda turned around just in time, when he pulled it away from his body. She turned completely red as she knew that he was standing there completely naked, probably with a big arrogant mile…Without looking or saying goodbye she left.

Manor, living room

Melinda walked in looking annoyed. The rest of the gang looked at her.

Wyatt: What’s up sis? You don’t look happy.

Melinda: Remind me again why I asked Dash to come along.

Caroline: Because you didn’t want to be the fifth wheel and because you like him.

Melinda: I do not like Dash, thank you, she said and sat down giving Caroline a face.

Chris: Ok, we have figured out where we want to eat, now we have to figure out which club is the coolest.

Wyatt: We have to keep an eye on our budget.

Melinda: Said the oldest and wisest of us all, she grinned.

Wyatt threw a pillow at her, but couldn’t help to smile.

Caroline: Ok, this is what we will do. We pay for the food, but we orb in into the club. From there we just be careful with how many rounds we order drinks.

Casey: I agree and besides, I don’t care about the drinks or anything, just want some kind of fun and would love to dance with my hubby here.

Chris: Dancing? He asked worried…

They all laughed and kept making plans for later.

Later that night

They were all ready but waiting for Dash, who was ten minutes late. They were going to lose their reservation at the restaurant. Melinda suggested that they left and she would wait for him.

Melinda looked into the mirror. She was wearing a tight red dress, with fitting shoes to go with it.

She looked hot. Suddenly she shrieked when a wounded Dash teleported in.

Dash: Incoming, he yelled.

Melinda: What?! She yelled back and held her hands up automatically.

Several demons appeared close to Dash and he lashed out with his electricity power.

Melinda: Hey! She yelled to the Demons. Leave my date alone, she said angry and started to use her blowing powers.

The Demons realizing where they were and who she was, they shimmered out.

Melinda: Dammit! She said when she missed the last demon that shimmered out.

Quickly she ran over to Dash. Who was bleeding pretty badly?

Dash: Hi ya love. You look stunning he said giving her a smile.

Melinda gave him a face and then helped him up to the couch.

Melinda: Stay here, I will get something for the bleeding.

Dash: Can’t one of your brothers heal me? Or are they already left? He asked looking around.

Melinda: Well you are almost a half hour late and we didn’t want to miss the table, so they left.

Dash: Ah, and you waited for me. Splendid, he said smirking. Aaauw, bloody hell, he yelled.

Melinda: Oh sorry, did that hurt? She asked and pushed the bandage harder on his wound.

After she cleaned up Dash and put bandage on his wound, she sat next to him and looking at him.

Melinda: So, are you going to tell me who those Demons were?

Dash: If I knew I would tell you. Listen it is quite simple actually. In the Witch world, you guys are the most famous and powerful ones as the Charmed Ones. But beside you guys there is a top ten list of powerful witches or covens, the Demons want to get rid of too. Our coven is on that list, mostly thanks to Sally. If she would stop Demon hunting day in and out, then things would be much easier for our coven. So, what you saw was just a random attack. I was helping out an innocent, before I came here when the Demons recognized me and started to attack me, instead of the innocent.

Melinda: But you have no idea which Demons?

Dash: I think they all want us dead. It’s like we have a mark or something they can smell. It is all very boring. So, are we going to eat, because I am famished.

Without waiting for answer, he got up and started to walk towards the front door.

Melinda; Are you planning to go like that? She said pointing at the torn shirt.

Dash: Oh bleemy. I’ll be back. Give a sec.

He teleported out and back in with a new shirt in his hand. He smiled at Melinda and started to take his shirt off. Melinda wished she could turn her back, because seeing his muscled body like that, so close to her, made her want to jump him. He changed quickly and looked into the mirror for his hair. Then looked at her smiling brightly.

Dash: Let’s go! He said and held out his hand to Melinda. She took it and without any warning she was teleported out and back in, right at the corner of the restaurant.

Melinda: How did you know, where we were going to eat? She asked surprised.

Dash: Just sensed your sibling’s essence. That is one of my other specialties.

Without waiting for an answer, he started walking towards the restaurant. As he hadn’t let go of Melinda yet, he dragged her gently towards the restaurant.


When they walked in, they saw the gang immediately. They sat down and didn’t had to wait for their food as the group had ordered already. They were all laughing and eating, but Melinda was restless, so was Wyatt.

Dash: Are you ok my love, he asked Melinda.

The group stopped laughing and looked at Melinda. She looked at Wyatt and then closed her eyes.

Dash: Uhm, what is she doing?

Casey: That is a good question. What’s up Mel?

Melinda: I sense evil around us.

Caroline; What? You mean here in the restaurant or evil somewhere else.

Wyatt: I sense it too. It looks like it is coming from around us.

The group looked around and it seemed like all normal people who were eating, laughing, talking, and drinking. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Melinda flickered with her fingers and the whole restaurant froze. She unfroze the room and looked around.

Dash: All good my love?

Melinda: First, I am not your love. Secondly, I think all is fine…but I have a very bad feeling that I cannot place?

Caroline: Like a premonition?

Melinda; Yeah, like one who wants to show itself to me, but somehow it is blocked or so. I can’t explain it. I just know something terrible is about to happen.

Chris: Maybe we should go, he suggested.

Melinda: No. I will leave so you guys can go have fun. I need to go and check the book. Maybe I go to Magic School to talk to mom.

Casey: If you go, we go too.

Melinda: No you guys. You all have worked really hard and saved money for this night. Look at you all. You are all beautiful. Don’t mind me and don’t feel sad for me. Have fun, dance and drink.

Dash: Do you want me to give you a lift? He said winking at her.

Melinda: Sure, why not. Have fun you guys, she said smiling. She pulled some money and gave it to a reluctant Wyatt and then left.

She looked back and smiled brightly to the group and then she was outside.

Dash and Melinda went into an alley and there they teleported out to the Manor. They appeared in the living room. Melinda looked around, but couldn’t find anything out of the ordinary. She still felt like something was wrong, but what?

She told Dash, that she would go and change, in case they had to fight a Demon and she didn’t want to ruin her dress. Dash watched her go upstairs and even it didn’t show, she hated it that she had to go home and not have fun. He loved how responsible she was and did what she had to do.

Suddenly he heard a scream from upstairs and he ran up to see what was going on. He ran into the attic and looked at Melinda.

Dash: What happened? He asked looking around.

Melinda: The book. The book is gone, she said pointing at the empty place, where the book was.

Dash: How is that possible? Isn’t the book protected against evil?

Melinda: Yes it is and Chris took a sweep around the house, spelling it so nothing bad can enter.

Dash: So, maybe it is still in the house in one of the rooms? Let me have a quick look.

He teleported out and Melinda could hear him teleport back in and out, from room to room. Finally he teleported back in the attic, looking grim.

Dash: Do you want me to get the gang?

Melinda; I don’t know. I am still trying to figure out how this could happen. No Demon can enter this house. No human who wants to do us harm, can enter…so where did the book go.

Quickly she grabbed a teleportation potion and grabbed the hand of Dash, before she threw it on the ground.

Magic School

Leo was working at the dinner table and Piper was organizing the picture albums. She almost jumped into the air when Melinda stormed into the Manor.

Piper: Hey honey. Aren’t you supposed to on your night out? Who is he?

Melinda: Yes I am supposed to be having fun, but in the restaurant I suddenly felt something weird. I couldn’t place it. Then I went home, leaving the group to have fun, when I found out that I was right. The book is missing! She almost shouted in panic. Oh, this is Dash by the way. He is a teleporter.

Dash: And hopefully soon your son in law, he said giving Piper a huge smile.

Melinda: Oh, he also thinks that he is very funny, but he is not and he is also not from England, but lived there a long time and has taken some of their way of speaking. Can we get back to the book?

Piper: Nice to meet you Dash. Welcome. Now about the book. Wasn’t it lying around the house somewhere?

Melinda: No, it wasn’t. We have made a rule; if someone uses the book they put it back as soon as they are done with it. We are all out, so no one needs the book right now. We checked the whole house, nothing.

Leo: Did you do the protection spells around the house, like you usually do?

Chris: Yes, Chris did them a couple of days ago. Next week it is the turn of Casey.

Piper: You guys really created a system didn’t you? I wish we came up with that back then. That would have saved us a lot of trouble, she said smiling.

Leo: So the house is protected. No demon can enter. No human who wants to do harm can get in. That is indeed strange. Did you call Nathan?

Melinda: Seriously dad? What am I supposed to say to him? Our Witch book is missing. Can you help search with a couple of policemen?

Leo: Sorry, was just a suggestion. He is a cop, maybe he can see by looking around, what happened.

Piper: Don’t worry honey. It will be all right.

Melinda: No mom. If a Demon has gotten the book, that means he can use all the spells in it against us.

Piper: Listen. In my time, the book has been stolen a couple of times. Even once by your Aunt Paige, when she just found out about her heritage. Boy what was I pissed, she said smiling. Anyway. What I trying to say is, we figured out that the book does not divine us or who and what we are. It is a piece of us to help and guide us. Without the book it is not the end of the Charmed Ones.

Melinda: I know that, but that book has been in our family since Melinda Warren. I will not go down in history of the famous Charmed trio, who lost the book. Worse, not able to locate it when we supposed to be the strongest one.

Piper looked at her daughter for a while and Melinda knew she was cooking up something, so she waited patiently.

Piper: Why is the rest of the gang not here to help? She asked.

Melinda looked uncomfortable as she knew that Dash was sitting and listening with a big interest.

She also knew that she couldn’t lie to her mother.

Melinda: They hadn’t had fun in a while and it has been a hard year, so they deserved it.

Piper: Yes, you are right about one thing. It has been a hard year. Last two years actually, but mostly for you than for the boys. You found out about your raw power and didn’t know how to deal with it. You had to learn the hard way. You know you are destined to become the Matriarch and also found out that you are the strongest witch alive as we speak. Therefore many powerful beings have come after you or the world. Your brothers helped but you were in the end that had to fight the big battle, alone to save us all. Over and over again. If somebody deserves a night out, what the hell a week or a month, it is you my darling. Look at your Aunt Prue. She devoted her life to the Charmed Ones and being a Witch and look where it got her. To her death, too early. So, don’t become like her. There is a whole world out there to be discovered then just San Francisco.

Melinda tried really hard not to cry, but couldn’t help herself. Then Piper was hugging her. When she let go, she took Melinda by the face and looked deep in her hazel brown eyes.

Piper: You listen to me. You deserve every happiness there is in this world. Don’t ever forget that.

Melinda nodded and smiled. Piper smiled back.

Piper: Now about the book problem. I have been thinking. I think you should go back to the Manor. You are the strongest witch like I said. You should be able to find the answer. Just don’t look with your eyes but with your inner magic.

Melinda nodded and kissed her mother and father, before she grabbed the hand of Dash.

Dash: It was truly an honor to meet you Piper Halliwell. I grew up with stories about you and your sisters. So this is awesome, he said with a huge smile on his face.

Piper: Thank you, she said and couldn’t help to smile too.

Then they teleported out back to the Manor.

Manor, Living room

Dash: So now what? He asked looking at Melinda.

Suddenly the gang orbed in.

Melinda: What are you guys doing here? You supposed to have fun! She asked.

Wyatt: Well, we felt guilty letting you go like that. So we came to help. We figured how faster we deal with the problem, how faster we can go back to our fun night. So what are we dealing with?

Melinda: With a thief, she said annoyed. Someone took the Book of Shadows.

Chris: What?! You are kidding right? He asked worried.

Melinda: Do I look like am I kidding, she said.

Wyatt: Ok, we need to find the book fast. If the Demons have it, we are screwed.

Melinda: I know that. I already went to Mom to see if she could help.

Caroline: And? Can she? She must. She is the Matriarch.

Melinda: Well, she thinks I can.

Wyatt: How?

Melinda: Well you know mom. She didn’t tell me directly what I need to do, but I think I understood it.

It has all to do, with me being the strongest witch alive and being a Charmed One. Also with becoming the new Matriarch. So I will need some candles and incense, she said.

Chris and Casey ran upstairs to get what Melinda needed. Caroline and Wyatt cleared the living room.

A bit later, Melinda was sitting in a circle of candles. Three incenses were burning around her. The rest of the group were sitting on the couch and watching her.

Melinda had seen her mother do this so many times. She closed her eyes and focused just on her breathing. For a couple of minutes she sat perfectly still and was breathing in and out. Slowly the sounds around her disappeared and she knew that she was ready to receive whatever this meditation was going to show her.

Then she heard a door open. She opened her eyes, because the rest of the group should be in the living room with her, so who came in? She looked around and she was still in the manor, but the gang was gone. It felt like a dream or a premonition. A young girl around the seventeen or eighteen walked slowly into the house.

Girl: Hello? She called out. The front door was open. Hello is there anybody, she called out.

Then she slowly walked through the hallway into the living room. She passed pictures and stared at them. Some she touched. Melinda called out for her, but it seemed that she didn’t hear her.

The girl kept walking around through the house. Suddenly she started to cry when she touched some very old pictures of Piper, Phoebe and Prue. She went with her hand over it and then walked upstairs. She directly walked over to Wyatt’s room. She stood there looking around and again she started to cry.

This was weird and Melinda didn’t know what to think of it. The girl then walked to the attic. When she walked in and saw the book, she ran over to it. She stood in front of it and was looking at it, with big eyes.

Girl: Oh my Goddess, the book is so thick, she said and went with her hand over it. Slowly she opened it and started to flip through the pages. With some she started to cry again. Then she picked up the book and went downstairs and left the house. Melinda followed her.

The girl, traveled to the other site of the city. She was living in a small dorm and did not look, she was rich. There she sat and started to read the book.

Like if she was pulled by someone, Melinda went backwards in a very fast tempo. Before she knew it, she was again in her own living room. She looked around and the whole gang was sitting and watching her carefully.

Melinda: I know where the book is, she said and the others started to sigh of relief. It was a young girl from our age. She has walked through the whole house. She cried a few times when she looked at some pictures and went in your room, she said to Wyatt. There she cried again. The weird thing was, when she was standing in front of the book, she said something strange. She said that the book had become so big.

Chris: Do you think she knows us?

Melinda: I don’t know. There was something about her what looked so familiar.

Casey: Well what are we waiting for, let’s find this girl and get our book back.

Melinda: ok, without sounding rude, I think this is something for the Charmed Ones to do.

Casey: Even better. So I can be sure not to mess up my dress, she said.

Wyatt and Chris stood up and stood close by Melinda. Then they were gone.

Dash: Well, this turned out not the way I thought it would be, so I am off, he said bored.

Caroline: Aren’t you going to wait for Melinda?

Dash: Don’t you worry, I’ll be back, he said smirking and gone he was.

Girls Dorm

The Charmed Ones orbed in which made the girl scream out in fear. She got up, holding the book close to her.

Melinda: Hi there. I believe you have something that belongs to us, she said gently.

Girl: No, this is mine. I am sure of it. I can remember it. This belongs to me, she said and kept the book closer to her chest.

Melinda: Why would you think that this book is yours? You came in our house and took it with you.

Girl: I know. I was drawn to that house and I kept dreaming the weirdest dreams about witches and Demons and I needed to find out what was going on. I saw myself using this book over and over again.

Melinda: Are you a Witch? There is something about you I cannot place.

Girl: I haven’t seen any of you before. Even not in my dreams.

Melinda: Ok, this is going to take some time I believe. I am not sure what is going on with you, but we can help.

Girl: I know. That’s why I came to that house. Then there was nobody and the door was open.

Melinda: So, you could just walk up the stairs? Didn’t feel anything weird? Like a force field that stops you from entering the Manor.

Girl: No, not really. I just walked right into the Manor. Then there were some pictures and stuff that reminded me of the things I had done in that house…I don’t know…since two months this is happening to me and I think I am going crazy.

Wyatt: Let’s start with your name?

Girl: My name is Prudence Halliwell, but they call me Prue.

The Charmed Ones looked like, they saw a ghost.

Melinda: There must be a mistake. That cannot be your name.

Prue: Well it is I think. I have a feeling that in the past my name was different, but I simply cannot remember…weird isn’t it.

Chris: OK, we need to take her to the Manor. Then we have to get Mom and Dad.

His siblings nodded in agreement.

Melinda: Prue, we would like to take you back to the Manor. There we would like you to meet someone, maybe then things will get clearer. For you and for us.

Prue: Fine by me, but this book is mine and stays with me, she said determined.

Melinda: No problem. Just give us your hand and hold tight.

Prue did as she was told and gone they were.

Manor, Living room

They all orbed in. Prue had to sit down for a minute.

Prue: What the hell was that? She asked.

Wyatt; It is called Orbing. That’s what we whitelighters do.

Melinda: Chris get Mom and Dad, like NOW!

Caroline: What is going on? Who is she? That is our book she said to Prue.

Prue looked a bit scared with everybody around her and staring at her.

Magic School

Chris: Mom, Dad? Where are you?

Leo: We are in the kitchen.

Chris ran to the kitchen and he was still a bit confused.

Chris: Mom. You need to come with me NOW. There is something very strange going on, which I cannot explain. We need you and we need you too dad. Your wisdom can come in handy.

Piper: That doesn’t sounds good at all. Should I worry?

Chris: Euhm….i am not sure…yes I guess.

Piper and Leo exchanged a look and then took their sons hand and orbed out.

Manor, Living room

Piper and Leo orbed in together with Chris. The looked and saw a girl sitting with the book in her hands.

Prue: Piper. Oh thank god. Someone familiar. Leo, good to see you. I missed you guys, she said with tears in her eyes and hugged Piper.

Piper looked surprised and sort of hugged her back.

Piper: Who are you? She asked looking deeply at the girls eyes.

Prue: It is me. Prudence. You know the Charmed Ones. The oldest sister. God you have aged. Which year am i? Is this the future? I wonder how I look. Where is Phoebe? Don’t tell me she got back to Cole. I really don’t trust him at all.

Piper: Ok stop, she said shocked.

Piper looked at the girl and she looked back.

Piper: Prue? She asked, her voice trembling. Is that really you?

Prue: Of course. Who else?

Piper started to cry. Her sister had returned. She didn’t know how or why, but she was standing in front of her. Piper was sure of it. Then it was too much for her and she fainted.

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