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A Charmed Christmas gift


Raw power

Episode 18

A Charmed Christmas gift

Previously on Melinda

The gang had saved up money to go a night out. Melinda didn’t want to be the fifth wheel, so she had invited Dash to come along. Then she suddenly felt that something was terribly wrong and went home to find the Book of Shadows missing. After a magical search she founds this young girl, who claims to be Prudence Halliwell. One of the Charmed Ones.

Leo: I think she is coming by, he said relieved.

Piper opened her eyes and realized she was lying on the floor of the hallway. Everybody was standing around her.

Piper; What happened, she said grumpy.

Then she looked around and saw the girl standing, still with the Book of Shadows in her hands, looking worried at her. She remembered again. It was Prue. She slowly got up.

Piper; Prue. Welcome back. We need to catch up, she said smiling. Let’s go to our house.

Melinda; Wait a minute. You cannot seriously believe that this is Aunt Prue.

Prue: Aunt? I am not an aunt.

Melinda; What I was saying is, that one minute she doesn’t know who she is and what is going on and the other moment, she seems as clear as crystal, is that not a bit odd? Besides, this is not possible people. Even if she was reincarnated, then she would start all over again. Not as a young girl.

Leo: Maybe she has. She has your age. So it can be that Prue is reincarnated into this young girl and somehow her past memories are coming back to her, when she recognizes things, like the book, piper, the Manor.

Prue: OK, guys this is all fun and all, but you all need to leave. We need to deal with Shax, before he comes back again for a second attack. Remember. The last one almost killed us.

Piper looked at her and started to cry, by the memory as the second attack, did kill Prue.

Melinda: Listen lady, this is now our house. Me, Wyatt, Chris are the children of Piper. This is Caroline our whitelighter and the girlfriend of Wyatt. This is Casey, an elemental. She was a treat first, but is now a good friend and part of the family. Also the girlfriend of Chris.

Dash teleported in, which made everybody jump.

Dash: Hi ya all. Hey you are all back. Good on ya, he said smiling brightly.

Prue: And who is he.

Melinda: He is an annoying sort of teleporting friend.

Dash: Friend? Oh no no no.

Dash moved closer to Melinda and put his arm around her and gave Prue a huge smile.

Dash: I am the future husband of this lovely girl here, he said with a grin.

Melinda gave him a face and they all laughed, even Prue.

Melinda; Dream on and get your hand of me, she said pushing him away. We have a serious issue here.

Piper: Ok. I will take Prue with me to Magic School and talk to her. Don’t worry, if she is evil she cannot enter the school. If she is not then I am taking her to the Manor and find out what I can. Till then there is nothing you guys can do, so please just go have fun. You all look so pretty and handsome. I am so proud of you all, she said and hugged the gang. Leo joined too.

Prue watched curiously. This was all weird for her. Piper old and having grown up children.

Piper walked over to Prue and Leo. She took gently the book from Prue and gave it to Melinda. Prue was about to say something, but she trusted Piper and let it happen. Then Piper threw out a teleportation potion and gone they were.

The group left behind all confused. Melinda send Dash away, as this was a family matter which didn’t concern him. After she promised to go out with him again, without the rest. Melinda promised.

Chris: I am so confused. I have no idea how this is possible? Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

Wyatt: It can be both I think. She still thinks she is Charmed and it will be hard for her to hear that there is nothing left for her here. Poor Mom, he said shaking his head.

Casey: Now what? Are we staying or leaving to save some of this evening?

Wyatt; There is no point of staying here. This can take a while and like you said, it would be a waste of money we saved for this evening, if we didn’t have fun, right. So, let’s go to the club and dance.

Melinda: You guys go. I am going to Magic School. Whatever they have to discuss I want to be there and hear it. The good and the bad. I need to know if she is the real deal or not and what my mother thinks, but my instincts.

Wyatt; What are they saying?

Melinda: I believe that she is who she claims to be, but there is something underneath it. I can’t put my finger on it, but there is something about her. I just need to know. So you go and have fun.

Without waiting she threw the teleportation potion on the ground. She had grabbed one quickly without anybody noticing.

Casey: Are we going out or what?

Wyatt: Yeah, let’s go he said, but it didn’t feel right to him. He was the oldest and should deal with this kind of things, like his Aunt Prue did in the past and after she died, his mom did. Lately it seemed that Melinda was taking all the responsibility, while he was out and having fun with Caroline or when he was gone. It wasn’t fair for her. Especially after all the battles she had. She deserved to go out tonight.

With sadness in his heart, he orbed to group out to the club.

Magic School, Manor

Prue didn’t know where to look. She was amazed by Magic School, but more mesmerized that the Manor was in the school. Everything looked exactly the same. They walked in to find Melinda standing in the hallway.

Piper: Melinda? What are you doing here?

Leo walked in and looked also surprised at his daughter.

Melinda: I came to hear every word she has to say.

Piper: I think it is best, if I talk to her first.

Melinda: I am sorry mom, I cannot do that. I love you and I trust you completely, but I am now the Charmed One. The next in line to become the Matriarch. The strongest witch alive. If this can affect the Charmed line, then I need to know that. So I am not leaving.

Prue: I cannot believe that you are the strongest witch that walks the earth. You are so tiny and fragile.

Melinda: Who you are calling tiny and fragile? You have no idea what I am capable off.

Prue: I bet, I can kick your smartass easily.

Melinda: Is that I challenge Auntie Prue, she said lifting her hands.

Before Prue could react or use her powers, Melinda flickered with her fingers and Prue flew almost outside the Manor. Quickly she got up and smiled brightly.

Prue: That was nice. She has your powers.

Melinda: Oh no, I have all three powers the Charmed Ones, just like Melinda Warren. I also have all my ancestors inside me. I also have developed a protection shield when I touch both of my brothers.

Prue: But if you have all those powers, what have the two boys then.

Piper: Ok, too much at once. We have to go back to the past, before we should tell her about the future. Paige! She called out.

Paige orbed in, smiling brightly.

Paige: Piper. I missed you. I was surprised you called. Most of the times it means trouble. So what is going on? Are we going to kick some Demon ass, like old times? It has been a while. Next generation taking over and all. Hey Melinda, you look great.

Piper: Paige. Get Phoebe. We need her immediately.

Paige: Okidoki, she said and orbed out.

Piper guided Prue to the living room. Leo had made tea in the meantime and brought it to the living room. That moment Paige orbed in with Paige.

Phoebe: You really look awesome. Must be that orbing in the clouds. So not fair, she said smiling to Paige, while catching up.

Prue: Oh my god. Phoebe. Wow you have aged great. You almost look the same as I remember.

Without waiting, she hugged Phoebe.

Phoebe: Oh….Ok…she said hugging her sort of back. This is great, but what is going on?

Prue let go of her and looked at her.

Prue: Don’t you recognize me? It’s me Prue! She said smiling brightly.

Phoebe: What? What is going on? Is this some kind of joke? Ok, I need to sit down, she said.

Paige was just staring at Prue, like she was seeing a ghost for the first time.

They all sat down and they looked from one to the another.

Prue: Who are you? She asked Paige.

Paige: I am….euhm…she looked at Piper.

Piper: Ok. Let’s start from the beginning. What is the last thing you remember?

Prue: Trapped. Like I was inside of this girl and couldn’t get out. Suddenly I was free, but not completely. First I had nightmares and I didn’t understand what was going on or what was real.

Then I clearly started to remember things and used my power for the first time. It was freaky to use it again. I don’t know…then I finally came to the Manor.

Piper: Back at the other Manor, you said some things from the past. What is the last thing you remember from that time?

Prue: I remember Shax. We were saving a doctor. I can’t remember his name. Then Shax attacked us. I remember calling for Phoebe a couple of times, but didn’t get any response and the rest is all black.

Everybody looked grimm. Piper and Phoebe exchanged a look and Piper took a deep breath.

Piper: You don’t remember anything else, because you died? I was wounded badly. Leo was only able to save you me. It was a terrible time. I was angry at magic and didn’t want to be a Charmed One anymore. Then a miracle happened. We learned the reason of your death. Why it was so soon. Like mom once said, one door closes and the other one opens. We found out that Mom and Sam, her whitelighter had a daughter. A fourth one. Back then it was not allowed to have a witch and a whitelighter to have children, so they gave her up for adaption. The day of your funeral, we met Paige, but didn’t know who she was, till Phoebe received a premonition and found out that Shax was after her. While we tried to save her, we found out who she really is and together we vanquished Shax and then the Source. A couple of times actually. Paige saved me. Saved the Charmed Ones. So, we were Charmed again and we fought our battles. Got married and got children. The next generation took over. Now we are older and almost don’t battle at all.

Prue: So, this is then the Melinda you saw, when we went to the future?

Piper: Yes. First I had two boys, before she came.

Prue: So, we are not Charmed anymore. That is a bummer.

Piper: It is a blessing and if you are really back, then for you it is a miracle. You can live your life finally without the responsibility of being the oldest or being Charmed anymore.

Melinda: Ok, this is all great and all, but she was Charmed and died. Almost like 30 years ago. Now she is back in this girl. What happened to the soul of this girl? She said that she felt trapped. With other words by the original soul of this girl. Who did it? Why nobody knew about this? Why now? Does nobody care about all of this? I mean I can understand that it must be amazing for you to have her back. But like I said, why now? If she was trapped all this time, what triggered her escape?

Leo: Those are good questions Melinda. I just don’t think it is that simple. That girl you are talking about is probably still in there, confused and scared and not understanding what is happening to her. We all know how it feels, when a Demon or something takes us over. So it is a difficult situation.

Prue: How is Cole? Is he changed now he is a father?

Phoebe: Actually, we vanquished him two years after …well after you died. I met finally my true love in a cupid.

Paige: And I married a mortal, who accepts us as we are completely.

Prue: Good for all of you. You all turned out fantastic.

Melinda: Still the question remains, what to do with you and how you got here?


The doorbell rang and Wyatt went to open it. After they arrived at the club, nobody actually seemed to be in the mood to have fun. So they went home to await news from Melinda. There was a woman standing in front of him, in her thirties. She looked confused.

Woman: I am looking for Penny, Piper, Phoebe and Prue, she said.

The rest of the gang came to look too.

Wyatt: I am sorry, but who are you?

Woman: My name is Patty Halliwell. I believe this is my home.

Wyatt: That is not possible. Patty Halliwell died, many years ago.

Patty: That is not true. I was working that day and heard about the victims by the water.

I went to look and it was a Demon. I fought it. .

Wyatt: Ok, after that. What happened? Did you win?

Patty: I can’t remember, she said frustrated.

Wyatt: Please come in, he said confused.

He was about to close the door, when he saw another woman coming up the stairs. They all watched who it was. She was a bit older. In her fifties.

Woman: Who are you and what are you doing in my house? She demanded by the door. Where are my daughter Patty and my grandchildren?

Wyatt: Grams? Is that you?

Grams: Of course it is, you idiot. Men. Now let me in.

She walked in and stared at a group of surprised young people who she didn’t know.

Grams: Who the hell are you people?

Chris: Grams. If this is you, Wyatt and I are the children of Piper. This is Caroline our whitelighter and this is Casey the Elemental. Oh and this is Patty, I think?

Grams: What are you talking about? That is not Patty and Piper is still young.

Wyatt: Ok, enough, he shouted.

Before anyone could say anything, he grabbed Patty and Grams and orbed them to Magic School.

Magic School Manor, Living room

He orbed in and everybody looked surprised.

Leo: Wyatt, what are you doing here and who are those?

Wyatt: Apparently, Patty and Penny.

Piper got up with her hand in front of her mouth.

Piper: Mom? Grams?

Patty: Piper? Oh my god. You have grown. How is this possible?

Melinda: Good question, she said getting annoyed by the minute.

Why was nobody trying to find out what the source was of this nonsense? Dead people didn’t get resurrected in other bodies, after years.

All women sat down.

Grams: Well I need a drink.

Piper: What is the last thing you remember?

Grams: I was making a binding potion for you girls. Then I went to the attic to talk to your mother’s spirit, she said looking at the new Patty. Then I went downstairs and I felt a sharp pain in my chest. The rest is blank.

Patty: I remember fighting a water demon and for me too is the rest blank.

Piper, Phoebe and Prue were crying silently, by all this painful memories that were locked away for years, as they kept speaking to the spirits of their loved ones.

Piper: This isn’t right, she said wiping of her tears. You all shouldn’t be here. You shouldn’t have to go through this. You have lived your lives and died. Melinda is right. This is not a miracle, but someone is trying to make us vulnerable by sending our loved ones back to live. Torture them and us. We have to find out who this and we need to do it right now. Paige, get everybody with magic, NOW!

Paige orbed out without saying a word and Wyatt went to the Manor to get the rest.

Manor, living room

It was a full house. It was late, so most of the young ones were in pajamas. Piper quickly introduced everybody and explained what was going on. Most kids were looking impressed at Grams. They had grown up with Halliwell stories of Grams and Patty and then the Charmed Ones of course.

Piper: Somebody is targeting us. Want to hurt us in a way I cannot begin to explain. Our whole magical line is in danger. We need to find this Demon or whatever it is, right now. To do that we need a lot of magic. I will focus on finding the person. All I need is to lend your magical energy to power up the spell.

The children had moved the furniture to the side of the room. Piper, Prue, Patty and Penny were standing in a circle in the middle. As they were brought back by the same person or Demon, Piper needed that connection. The rest of the group stood around them, holding hands and looking focused.

Piper: Now everybody close their eyes. Focus. See your magical energy going out of your body, into mine. See it with your mind eye and will it. Send as much as you can. You three, focus to find the person who did this to you.

All did as they were told. While Piper focused she felt the power of everyone coming in waves towards her. She couldn’t believe how much power came from the little ones. But most of it came from Wyatt and Melinda.

Piper started to whisper in old Gaelic language some words and it felt if she flew out of her body and flew out of the Manor. She flew over the city of San Francisco towards the woods. She realized she was flying exactly over a powerful leyline. There she saw group of 6 people, cloaked in black clothing. Speaking a language she recognized as the dead language. The sort, older demons would use. Like the Triad could. It didn’t look good. She saw pictures hanging over the fire, but they didn’t burn, like they were spelled. She saw Prue, her mother and her Grams pictures. Now they were hanging one up of her Father. This had to stop. Like she was pulled back, she went fast back over the city and through the Manor, into her body again.

When she opened her eyes, the group watched her carefully. Leo was standing right by her, in case she would get dizzy. She loved him for his caring nature. Always the thoughtful one.

Piper: I didn’t see their faces, but it is a group of six and they in a circle with fire in their midst. Above it there were pictures hanging of you three and they were hanging just one up of Dad.

Patty: Victor?

The doorbell rang and Piper closed her eyes. She knew who it was and this was very painful for her.

Wyatt went to open and they heard a men’s voice. He said he was Victor Bennet and Wyatt let him in.

After the quick introductions, he sat down confused of what was going on.

Paige orbed the children all back and left too, after talking to Piper. This was not her battle, as this was something before her. Piper understood it and gone she was.

Piper: Now, who is ready to kick some ass, she said.

Melinda, Wyatt, Chris, Caroline, Casey, Patty, Penny, Leo, Phoebe, Prue and Piper held hands, so they could orb to the location.


The Charmed Family orbed in not far from the group. Ready to attack.

The group looked first surprised and then started to laugh. They were all wearing their hoods. One by one they took it off. It was a bunch of old people. They looked at the group and an older woman stepped forward towards Piper and Phoebe.

Older woman: You probably don’t recognize me or the others. Why should you? You didn’t care back then, why would you care now?

Piper: Listen lady, I have no idea what you are talking about and why you are doing this?

Older woman: Is it becoming painful to get your loved ones back from the dead? Good. Now you can feel to have them back again and then loose them all over again. She looked to one of the persons of the group and before Piper could react, one of the older ones, ripped the picture of Victor in pieces. Victor’s body fell to the ground.

Older woman: That was your dad isn’t. Poor thing, he came back healthy and well, to die so fast again. Who shall we kill off now? Your grams, your mother or precious sister.

Piper: Stop this, right now! The whole ground shook. Tell me who you are? She demanded.

Older woman: My name is not important. What’s important is that all of us have lost a loved one, on the hands of the Charmed Ones. Because they were too late or didn’t care enough. We found ourselves a Demon who made us powerful, in exchange for some younger family members, but it was all worth it. We are now powerful. Now it is time to let you feel the same pain.

The one grabbed the picture of Grams.

Grams: Blessed be. I love you, she could manage to say, before her picture was ripped in pieces.

Piper flickered with her hands and made the older woman fall hard on the ground a bit further of her. The older woman groaned and was bleeding on the side of her head. The group rushed to her and helped her up. The one by the fire grabbed Patty’s picture…Piper saw it too late, he ripped the picture and was then frozen, still holding the two pieces. Piper turned back and saw her mother fall to the ground. Prue looked at her in complete horror. She was the only one left. Now the whole group stepped forward and started to attack the old people. They put up a huge fight, but soon they were all fallen. Piper was able to save the picture of Prue.


Piper was devastated by all this events. They all were. Nobody said anything. Phoebe got up to get some candles to burn them for the loss of their loved ones, again. Piper couldn’t believe that those people had held a grudge so long and even learned magic to harm them. It was mind blowing for her.

Prue sat across Piper and looked at her with teary eyes. Piper looked back. She was tired and was glad, this time she could save her sister.

Prue: Piper, Phoebe. Both of you. Listen to me. I am so glad that I was able to return and see you guys. See what you have become and see your children. I am so proud of both of you, but Melinda is right. I was glad that I was back. I couldn’t care what that meant. I was back. We were back. But then you Melinda, doubted my presence. I thought about it and if I were the Charmed Ones, I would have done the same. The more I thought about it, I realized that I don’t belong here. Not anymore. My time has passed. I am glad that those people held a grudge and did what they did.

Piper and Phoebe were crying and couldn’t look at the young Prue.

Prue: Melinda was right about another thing. This girl. She didn’t deserve this. She has her own life and own destiny to live, whatever that be for her. It is not fair to take her life over, because we can. I am still a witch and an innocent comes always first. This girl is an innocent. Piper, you need to rip that photo.

Piper was shaking her head and crying uncontrollable. Everybody was in tears. Melinda couldn’t see through her tears. This must be so painful for her mother and Aunt. To lose their sister all over again.

Prue: Piper. You know it is the right thing to do. Don’t worry about me, there is nothing I can’t handle, remember? She winked and Piper cried louder. Phoebe was crying silently. She was afraid to say a word, afraid of losing it.

Piper finally looked at her older sister. She nodded finally and with shaking hand, she took the picture in one hand. She looked at it and then hugged her sister. Phoebe joined them too and now really everybody in the room was crying.

Piper: I love you Prue, she said.

Prue: I love you too. Both of you. I am so proud of you. Blessed be, she said looking to everybody in the room.

Piper closed her teary eyes and without looking, she ripped the picture in two. That moment the girl before them fell down on the ground. Piper and Phoebe were holding each other and crying really intensely. Caroline brought the girl back to her place and made sure she remembered none of this. She did the same with the other innocents.

Phoebe was picked up by Coop. She looked devastated by all of this. With a sad wave of goodbye she was taken in a heart shape.

It took Piper a while, before she was able to speak again. These were some painful moments for her.

After she had some cup of tea. It was time to go home. Christmas was coming and they had to decorate the whole house. After hugging her children, they left to their own Manor.

The group stayed behind, flabbergasted about the happenings. Caroline orbed back in in the hallway.

Caroline: Hey there is envelope lying on the table.

She walked with it to the living room and opened it.

Caroline: There is money in it and a note from Leo.

You guys spend all your money for a night out, but got interrupted by magic. We believe that you guys deserve a night out. Here is something small from us for you guys.

Caroline: That is so sweet.

Melinda: You know what guys. We have two days before Christmas. I think we should stay in and decorate the house tonight. Have fun tomorrow night and then the day after, celebrate Christmas.

Chris: I think that is great idea.

Magic School, Manor

Piper used a spell to decorate the house instantly. She knew Leo didn’t approve it, but she always argued that they didn’t have the body or energy to decorate the entire house, like they used too. This was the fastest way.

They sat down at the couch, Leo his arm around Piper.

Leo: Boy, what a day.

Piper: You can say that again. You know what. It did hurt to lose them all over again, but on the other hand it was the best Christmas gift ever. I was able to speak to my sister again. After all those years. That is a simply a blessing, she said smiling.

Leo gave her a kiss on the cheek and smiled at his wife.

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