Charmed Melinda Season 2

The top ten list


Raw Power

Episode 19

The Top Ten List

Manor, attic

Melinda: How long can it take to write down ten names on a piece of paper. And why can’t he write it down here? She asked annoyed.

Wyatt: Patience. Maybe some of the people on that list don’t want our help? Maybe they have to ask permission before they can write the name?

Melinda: Those are too many maybes. We need that list. Don’t you understand? We are the Charmed Ones and the strongest witches of them all. Still there are other powerful good witches out there, fighting the good versus evil fight. Maybe if we can find those ten and then combine all of our powers, we can attack the underworld and get rid of the Demons, once and for all. At least for the next decade till they regroup again.

Wyatt: Don’t get a head of ourselves. Let’s wait first for the list and then see how we deal with it.

Melinda: Fine, but if Dash isn’t here in five minutes, then I am summoning his teleporting ass.

Wyatt: You really like him don’t you? He is very different then Jake, more loosen up.

Melinda: He is arrogant and very annoying. He has no idea of danger, even search for it I think.

Dash: Ah I hear all nice things about me. Thanks love for those kind words, he said smirking.

Wyatt couldn’t help smirking too, when Melinda turned around to see Dash standing there. She looked to Wyatt.

Melinda: You knew that he was standing there, didn’t you. Urghhh. You see, now you are becoming a bad habit for my brother, she said looking at Dash.

Now everybody in the kitchen was laughing, except Melinda.

Dash: Listen if you are just going to insult me love, then I will make my leave. With the list, he said and looked challengingly at her.

Melinda rolled with her eyes and looked at him.

Melinda: I am sorry that I have insulted you and hurt you in any way, she said with a sigh.

Dash: Ow, how beautiful that sounded. Now the final touch, he said and leaned over, so his cheek came close to her face.

Again she rolled with her eyes and gave him a kiss on his cheek. He gave her his brightest smile. He handed over the list and Melinda started to look at it eagerly.

Her face impression changed and Wyatt came standing by her, so he could see the list too.

Melinda: OK, this is the plan, she said.

Piper, Leo, Wyatt, Caroline, Chris, Casey and Dash were all looking at her.

Melinda: The Demons want to get rid of these names on this list. If that happens, then the balance between good and evil can be very disrupted and be very bad for the good side. It is our job to make sure this does not happen.

Casey: Not that I want to be a smartass, but you just found out about this list. Till now you didn’t even know that there was a list.

Melinda: That is true, but I knew that sometimes some witches of covens were targeted specifically. Now I know that there is a list, I need to do something and fast. My gut is saying to me, that we are in war and need to be prepared.

Casey: So…if…

Melinda: Casey, not now. If you have doubts or don’t agree about the way I do things…there is the door. I have no time to answer stupid mind questions, while lives are at stake. So, whoever is not with me….leave!

Nobody moved ore spoke.

Melinda: Ok then. We have to be smart about this. There are some names on this list, which seem pretty old. Without insulting you mom, but I was thinking that maybe you and Aunt Phoebe and Paige can check those and try to convince them to come to Magic School? Wyatt and Caroline, I want you two at the School. If or when people start to come, I need you two to guide them. Make sure they are comfortable and understand why they are there. Chris, there are a few here, which are not from the US. As a whitelighter you speak any language when needed. Please check this one’s out and see if you can convince them. Casey and I will go to the rest.

Casey: Really? Not that I mind, but why me?

Melinda: Because you and I can transform. If the people are scared and think that we are not strong enough. Then we can show them what we are made off.

Casey: Ah, give a bit of a show, she said smirking. Like the way you think…

Melinda: Guys…we are the good guys, but try anything to convince this people on the list. We need them all if we want to win…

Leo: Honey…you know evil never goes away completely. Without the one the other one cannot be…

Melinda: I know that dad, but if we win this war …then I believe that for the next decade we don’t have to worry about Demons and stuff. They will need years and years to recover from the war. Maybe when I have children and they will be grown up, we will see our first Demon again…how good would that be?

Leo: Let’s hope so. That would be awesome…

Piper: You know, I wonder why never came up with that plan. It is a very good plan, she said to her daughter.

Melinda couldn’t help to smile at her mother’s words.

Dash: What about me?

Melinda: You did your part. Now go to your coven en start convincing them to come? You know your way to Magic School. Bring them there. Let’s go people. We have a war to win.


It was pretty crowded at the Demons meeting. They sensed something was up and gathered.

Xonax stood in the middle. He was an older upper level Demon. They weren’t many left, thanks to the Charmed Ones. He looked around at the Demons and held his hand, so he could speak.

Xonax: We are here, because we all sensed that something big is going to happen soon. I think the Charmed Ones have found out about our list of covens we want dead. I believe they are trying to gather them all together, so they can attack us. This we cannot allow to happen. If that kind of good power comes together, then it power will be too much for us to handle. Therefore we have to make sure that we attack now. Even if they are ready. Make groups and attack all of the covens at once. This way the Charmed Ones will never be able to gather them all.

Demon: Isn’t that suicide? We are talking about the ten strongest good covens. Don’t even begin about the Charmed Ones or the Witches of the First Order. With their new leader, they seem to be untouchable.

Xonax: I know you are all afraid, but we are all that is left. Soon there will be no evil anymore, only good if we give up. If you want your generation to live, you have to fight. If you are too afraid then leave now.

Xonax looked around, but nobody left. He smiled brightly to the Demons. He knew with their dedication they would overcome this battle.


Melinda and Casey teleported in, right when Jake was in the middle as it seemed an important ritual. He looked up surprised when he saw Melinda and Casey, but finished his ritual. Afterwards, he walked up to them, not looking pleased.

Jake: How did you get through the barrier? He asked directly at Melinda.

Melinda: Well look who is a good mood? Hello Jake.

Jake: You didn’t answer my question Melinda, he whispered.

Melinda: I have no idea what you are talking about. What barrier? Did you feel anything? she asked Casey.

Casey shook her head that she didn’t.

Jake closed his eyes and said some words. Suddenly a shield appeared around them. He opened his eyes and looked at both of them.

Jake: Weird, he said. It should keep anybody out. Good or bad.

Melinda: Forget about the shield. We have bigger problems and need your help.

Jake: What kind of help? He asked coolly.

Jake couldn’t believe that Melinda was acting so cool. Like after they broke up, they kept seeing each other. Like nothing had happened.

Melinda sensed the change in him.

Melinda: Listen Jake. Sorry that I came here barging in, like we are still talking to each other, but this is not about you or me. This is about good vs evil.

She took the piece of paper out of her pocket and showed it to Jake. He read the names on the list and looked at Melinda.

Jake: What is this?

Melinda: This is the list of the covens the Demons want to kill. This way good will fate slowly and evil can take over. To stop this we made a plan. We are trying to gather everybody on this list. This way we are together and when we attack, we are in great numbers of good. We can overcome the demons. This way we won’t have to worry about Demons for a long time. Can you imagine that you can live in peace? No attacks. No evil. Just good.

Jake: It seems a bit far stretched, don’t you think? No more Demons. That seems impossible.

Melinda: Listen to me. Once my mother and her sister tried this too with the Avatars, but it didn’t work out, because the Avatars kept controlling everything. The Demons were never dead, they were stuck and couldn’t do anything anymore. We can defeat them all. There are not many left. All upper level Demons we have killed, except one or two. We need to take action, before the next generation rises.

Jake: I simply don’t think this will work, he said not looking at her.

Melinda: The Jake I knew would have fought. He would have done anything to have piece.

Jake: A man can change when he loses the love of his life, he said bluntly.

Melinda: You didn’t lose me, I am still here. We broke up. It happens. Get over it. A man would, but only a boy would act like this.

Jake looked at her with big eyes, but Melinda didn’t wait for his response and turned to Casey.

Melinda: Let’s go. We are wasting our energy here. Good luck Jake, with everything.

She threw a teleportation potion on the ground and they were gone, leaving a confused Jake behind.

Suddenly out of nowhere, Demons started to appear and attack.

Manor, Living room

Melinda and Casey teleported in the living room. Everybody was already back. Melinda looked at their faces and they didn’t seem to be happy.

Melinda: What’s wrong?

Piper: Sorry honey. We did our outmost best, but it seems that nobody wants to come. I also send Phoebe and Paige home.

Melinda: What? Why?

Leo: Well some of the covens are afraid to leave their homes, where they think they are the strongest.

Wyatt: The ones we talked think they are stronger by themselves.

Caroline: The one I talked to thought it was a very bad idea. Too put all that good at one place. That many would die in this battle, bla bla bla...

The whole family was watching Melinda. She looked first worried, then angry and then worried again.

Melinda: I don’t understand. Don’t they want a Demon free life? We almost have them all. If you go down to the Underworld, it can take hours before you spot a Demon, as they are almost none left.

Leo: There cannot be good without the bad. How will people know that they are doing good if they don’t know that it is bad?

Melinda: If there is only good, then people don’t have to do bad things dad. I know you guys I am on an impossible mission, but I know this is going to work. I just know it.

Dash appeared. He was bleeding.

Dash: We are under attack. There are Demons all over the place.

Melinda: OMG. Ok everybody. Let’s go.

Out of nowhere Jake appeared too. He was hurt badly.

Jake: We are under attack. I left my people he cried out.

Melinda: Ok group, split up. Wyatt and Casey and mom you go with Dash. The rest come with me. Dad stay here. Prepare some bandages and stuff for the wounded at Magic School. Bring all survivors there, she commanded.


Melinda, Chris, Caroline orbed in the woods. Almost immediately they were attack by flying fire balls. Caroline orbed out and orbed back in by the wounded and brought them to Magic School, while Melinda and Chris fought the Demons. Soon the Demons were getting vanquished and shimmered out afraid. Chris orbed them to Magic School.

Leo and students were running around, helping everybody. Melinda ran over to Jake who was getting attended by Leo.

Caroline: Hold on, let me heal him.

She held out her hands and healed Jake. He looked much better again.

Melinda: Where are Wyatt and the rest?

Leo: They didn’t come back yet, he said worried.

Melinda: Ok. Caroline, you stay here and heal everybody. Jake come with me. We have to help another coven in danger.

Before Jake could respond she grabbed his arm and threw out the teleportation potion.

They arrived at the house of Dash. Everybody was fighting. It was a madhouse. People were teleporting in and out. The Demons did the same but by shimmering. Fire and energy balls were flying all over the place. Then Melinda saw Wyatt and Casey, standing in front of her mother, who seemed to be wounded and was sitting on the ground. She looked like she was in great pain. Seeing that, Melinda snapped.

Somehow Jake sensed the change in her and backed just in time away from her, because Melinda bolted her hands and transformed instantly.

Melinda: ENOUGH! She shouted.

Everybody stopped for a second and looked at Melinda. She flickered with her hands and a whole bunch of Demons were vanquished at once.

Melinda: Leave my family alone! She said and the whole ground shook.

The Demons looked afraid and shimmered out quickly.

Melinda changed back and run over to her mother.

Wyatt: Thank sis. We were outnumbered.

Melinda: No problem. Mom, are you ok? We are going to fix you, don’t you worry. Dash! She yelled.

Dash came running and looked horrible. He was bleeding all over.

Wyatt: Heal him and Mom. Then we bring everybody to Magic School. Dash, tell your people that they are coming with us. No discussion. Understood?

Dash nodded, while Wyatt healed him.

Dash: Cheers mate. That feels a lot better. I will do what you want love, he nodded at Melinda and ran over to his people.

Wyatt healed his mother and everybody went to Magic School.

Magic School, Great Hall

They all appeared by the door. Caroline came running over looking exhausted.

Caroline: I don’t think I can heal anymore. I feel drained, she said sadly.

Melinda: No problem. Chris and Wyatt can do it. You go up there and tell them what is going on. We need whitelighters or Elders who are ready to heal people when we are battling. We need whitelighters who can bring the wounded back here for healing and then back to the battlefield.

Caroline nodded and orbed out.

Chris: Don’t you think it is weird, that the day we are trying to get them together, Demons started to attack the covens.

Melinda: I think they sensed that something was going on. I would have attacked too if I would be a Demon. It is smart to attack, before everybody combines their powers.

Suddenly forty people arrived in the Great hall. It was the African voodoo coven. They had injured men too. Wyatt and the rest hurried over to them. Not long after that all the covens started to come, after they were attacked. It was a full house and they were having space shortage. People were getting anxious and restless.

Leo had an idea and took Melinda separate for a moment.

Leo: I think it is wise if you speak to them soon. Close your eyes, he said and think of a huge room.

Melinda did as she was asked and out of nowhere, two doors appeared. They walked in and looked around at the huge room.

Leo: When you need it, the school provides it, if it thinks you are worthy enough.

Melinda: How cool is that…

It took them about a half hour, before they got everybody in the room. The covens were sitting by their own group and looked around at the rest. Melinda walked up the stage and looked around.

Melinda: Thank you all for being here, she started.

‘Because of you we were almost dead, someone said. Right after you left, we were attacked.

Melinda: Listen, we had nothing to do with that. We didn’t even know that there would be an attack.

We found out ourselves not long ago, when the first wounded let us know about the attacks.

‘When are we able to get back to our homes? Someone else asked.

Suddenly they all started to speak talk at the same time. Some were shouting at Melinda and some were shouting at other covens.

Melinda: You guys. Listen. Hello. Guys….

Her family looked at her and at the group. If this went wrong then things could get very ugly.

Melinda stepped to the front of the stage and looked around. She looked around and begged if they could just listen to her, but nobody seem to see her or care enough to listen.

Melinda: ENOUGH! She shouted like earlier and in seconds she transformed to this Goddess.

Everybody stopped fighting and shouting and looked at her.

Melinda: Sit down and be quit, she commanded. The whole room shook.

People first looked around and slowly most of them sat down. There were a few stubborn ones, who refused to sit down.

‘So, because you can change into that, we have to obey, someone said angrily.

Melinda moved slowly her hand and moved slightly a finger. The person just looked at her like he was frozen. A very small bit of blood started to come out of his mouth. Then Melinda released him. The whole room could hear him breathe in relief.

Melinda: I don’t want to hurt anybody, but I will if I have to. Now are you all going to behave and listen or do I have to let you all feel, what he just felt? Your choice, she said looking at the room.

Everybody sat down and looked at her a bit scared. Melinda changed back to herself again.

Melinda: If anybody has anything to say, save it for a later period. Now is not the time to argue. We have a war to win.

‘You have a war to win, not us.

Melinda: If you don’t like it, there is the door. If you want to stay, shut up and let me speak without interrupting me every five seconds. I know you guys are afraid and think that at home you are stronger, with your own people, well guess what…today proofed that you are not. Till now I never heard that there was a list with names on it. Now I know, I cannot let the Demons attack you. They have us all on this list, because they are afraid of us and our power. They want us dead and today they almost managed that. All this time we have fought as many Demons as we can. Killed almost all high level Demons. Still there is a group that is leftover, which need to be dealt with. When that is happened, then I can assure you that for the next decade we don’t have to worry about Demons and battles. We can live all happily and practice our magic in piece.

‘It is easy for you to say. You are the Charmed Ones. You are protected.

Melinda: Protected? Are you mad? We get attacked all the time. More than I can count. We maybe the Charmed Ones, but that doesn’t mean that our lives are more precious than yours. We are all the same. We are all good witches who want to help people and do their magic in piece. But don’t think for a second, that because we are the Charmed Ones, that we are untouchable. They can hurt us as good as they can you. Do you have any idea, how many loved ones we have lost on this never ending battle?

It is time that it stops.

‘How are you planning to do that? Someone asked.

Melinda: I have a plan. Sort off. Depending on what everybody’s powers are. First we need to figure that out. When we have done that, we can combine people so you always have a backup. Then we start the training. When we all feel like we are ready, then we strike. Believe me, I am not planning to go in their blindly...

‘How long are we expected to stay here? What will happen to our home till then? Our gardens?

Melinda: Whatever is been broken, it can be replaced and after this battle, you have will plenty of time to do that. For now, your only focus should be the training and the battle ahead.

‘Where will we sleep and get food?

Leo: Nobody has to worry about that. We will have room for everybody and food more than you can imagine. You all will be taken care off. To do that, I have to ask you guys to stay all here in this room. This way I can guide you coven for coven to your places.

Melinda: Rest up well. Tomorrow the training will start and I won’t go softly on anybody.

She didn’t wait for any response and got off the stage and left the room. Dash following her.

Dash: Hey wait up, he said to Melinda.

Melinda stopped and turned around to face Dash.

Melinda: What is it? I am tired and I have a lot of planning to do.

Dash: No love, you don’t. You want all those people to follow you, than you must give them the right example, am I right or not? You told them to rest and you should do the same. You took care of my coven. Let me take care of you tonight, he said and looked at her hopefully.

Jake had come out of the room, to talk to Melinda when he saw Dash and Melinda talking.

Dash: Listen love. I am not going to hide it. I like you. I like you a lot actually. Somehow I can’t seem to get you out of my mind. I want to spend some time with you, before we go in battle and god knows what happens. Can you do that? Spend some time with me tonight. I really don’t want to be with my coven, but I also don’t want to be alone.

Melinda: Sure, no problem. I can use the company too, she said smiling.

Dash got a huge grin on his face and took Melinda by the arm and teleported out with her.

Bombay, India

Melinda: Where are we?

Dash: In India. Before we chill out, I thought a good Indian meal would be very nice, don’t you think.

Melinda couldn’t help to laugh. First she was very annoyed with Dash and the way he did things, but now she really liked him a lot. When she saw Jake, she thought that she would feel anything, but nothing then friendship. An ally to work with. With Dash, it was different. He kept her sharp and she loved his English accent. She hoped that it would not end between her and Jake like it did.


Demons started to return. Some wounded, some angry.

Xonax: What happened? Where is the rest?

Demon: The Charmed Ones helped out some covens. Now they are all gone. We cannot find one of the persons on that list.

Xonax: The Charmed Ones must have them under their protection. Listen, everybody. Our mission has changed. Instead of focusing on the list, I want all of you to focus on the Charmed Ones. I don’t care which of the three. As long as their bond is broken. When that happens, the rest of the covens will be afraid and will not go through with whatever they are planning. That is our only option or this battle will be our last and there will be no more Demons left.

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