Charmed Melinda Season 2

Happy Birthday 2.0


Power of One

Episode 2

Happy Birthday 2.0

15th July 2026

Melinda was very excited. She was becoming nineteen years old today. Jake had been secretive all week about it. Every time she asked him about it, he changed the subject. She hated it. The worst part was that he changed the subject in to Casey. The new super witch. Melinda felt weird about it. It felt like, the power thing that Casey was struggling about, she had gone through that last year with her own raw powers. She understood exactly how Casey must feel, but no matter how she turned it in her head, for Melinda it was clear that Casey was a danger. Not only for the world, but also for herself.

She got up to fresh up. She had two outfits for today. One for through the day and the other one for the evening, when they would have dinner. Her mother was coming and cooking, so didn’t have to worry about food at all. She went in the hallway when she heard Bianca shout at Chris.

Chris: Bianca you are being unreasonable. How am I supposed to ignore the call?

Bianca: I don’t know, but you go up there and tell them that they assign someone else to that witch.

Chris: Bianca, come on.

Bianca didn’t wait and walked out of their room, slamming the door. She looked sideways when she saw Melinda standing there.

Bianca: Hey! Birthday girl. Happy birthday! She said smiling and hugged Melinda. I see you tonight ok. I have to work.

Melinda: Sure. Thanks. Have a great day, she shouted after Bianca.

Melinda knocked on the door of her brother, who opened the door. He was only in his jeans.

Chris: Hey Mel. Happy birthday sis, he said and hugged his sister.

After he let go, he started to search for a t-shirt. Melinda was standing beside him and pulled one out of the closed and handed to him. He looked at her and smiled and put the shirt on.

Chris: Thanks, he said smiling.

Melinda: I heard you fight with Bianca. What’s going on?

Chris: She has something against Casey and the Elders of course had to go and make her my charge.

Now Casey is calling me and I have to go. She didn’t like that much, so she left angry.

Chris looked in the mirror and after approving his look, he kissed his little sister and looked at her.

Chris: You enjoy your day with Jake. Don’t worry about me or Bianca. I am really sorry sis, I have to go, she is calling again and it sounds urgent.

Before Melinda could respond, he orbed out to help Casey.

Downtown Ally

Casey was ducking for an energy ball which came her way. She didn’t have enough time to call upon air around her and attack with it. There were three demons which were attacking her at the same time. She was cornered and tried to avoid all attacks by ducking, jumping. One of the Demons hit her in her shoulder, which made her fall. Now they were standing above her. When suddenly all three of them were moved from their place. She looked around to see Chris standing there. He had used his telekinesis powers. He ran over to Casey and before the Demons could recover and attack again, he orbed her out.


Melinda had washed her face and got dressed. She wondered where Jack was. She thought that he would bring her breakfast on bed, but he was no show. He didn’t respond to her call either. She didn’t want to worry too much about it. She was just downstairs when Chris orbed in with Casey.

Chris: Incoming, he shouted.

Melinda automatically held her hands up, ready to blow up anything that shimmered in.

One Demon shimmered in and Melinda used her blowing power, but he didn’t vanquish. He just stepped a few steps back, but recovered quickly. Melinda didn’t wait, but started to blow him, over and over again. Suddenly behind Melinda another one appeared, but Casey saw him shimmer. Casey looked around and saw a vase with flowers.

Casey: Water ball!! She yelled and held her hand up. The flowers fell and in an instant the water came out of it in a ball form and went directly to the Demon. When it hit the Demon, she called; Stay!

Whatever the demon tried, the water ball kept around his face till he finally was drown by it!! The Demon died, but didn’t vanquish, which was new. He was just lying there. Melinda kept in the meantime blowing the Demon up, so he had no chance to attack. She kept doing it till he was gone.

Chris: Wow that was a close one. This one didn’t vanquish, he said pointing at the Demon.

Melinda turned around and flickered with her fingers, to vanquish the Demon.

Casey: It’s not over yet. There was another.

The moment she spoke all three of them flew somewhere in the hallway. All three were hit by an energy ball. Melinda and Casey were out. Chris tried to get up, but was hurt too. He looked up and a huge Demon was standing above him and smiling.

Giant: You may be strong enough to kill my minions, but not strong enough for me. I have no problem with you Charmed Ones. All I want is her and I am gone.

Chris: Well we may be not strong enough for you, but we hell are smarter.

He orbed out and orbed right next to Casey and orbed out, back next to Melinda and orbed out the Manor. Giant was looking around of what just happened. He didn’t know that the boy could orb that fast.

Giant: You know this is a pretty nice house. I think I make myself home, till they return. He started laugh and walked into the living room. First, how the hell do I shot this alarm?

Wyatt and Caroline orbed in.

Wyatt: You don’t! We do! He said and Giant turned around.

Caroline: Whoa. That is one huge Demon, she said. She had no active powers then healing.

Wyatt: Stay behind me, he commanded to Caroline.

She looked at him stubborn and stood right next to him and didn’t move. Wyatt looked at her and knew there was no point arguing. She wasn’t going to move.

The Giant started to smile and without any warning, he started to run right at them. The moment he did that, Caroline stepped behind Wyatt.

Wyatt held his hands up. The energy wave hit the Giant, which flew back to the other side of the room. He quickly got up and his smile became bigger.

Giant: A challenge. Nice. You have power boy, but still not enough to vanquish me.

Wyatt just looked at him calmly. The Giant started to run again. This time Wyatt didn’t do a thing. He just waited. The moment the Giant reached them and was about to hit Wyatt on the face, he let his shield up, with Caroline in it too. The hand of the Giant bounced back and again he flew over the room.

He got up and shook his head. He looked at his hand and then at Wyatt.

Wyatt was the calm himself. Not afraid at all and Caroline looked at him amazed. This was a different Wyatt.

Giant: Nice trick, he said shaking his hand, which hurt. It’s been a while I felt pain. Like I said, I like the challenge. We will meet again, young Witch and my lady.

Giant Shimmered out. Wyatt let his force field down. He turned around immediately and looked at Caroline.

Wyatt: Are you ok?

Caroline: I am more than ok. You were amazing. You were so calm. I have never seen you like this. What happened? She asked looking at him.

Wyatt: I needed to protect you. My energy wave is my strongest attack. It didn’t hurt him a bit. This is the first time ever, that something like that happened. He is strong. I knew I couldn’t beat him. So the only other strong thing I had against him was my force field. If that hadn’t worked, well then I knew you would orb me out in an instant, so….

Caroline: We could have orbed out together.

Wyatt: No. A Demon with that strength could have gone through the protection around the Book of Shadows. I needed to be sure, that we were the ones who were still here, instead of him.

Caroline: I think that something already happened here. Look there is blood.

Wyatt closed his eyes instantly and Caroline did the same. Both of them opened it the same time and said at the same moment: Magic School. First they went upstairs to get the book and the both of them orbed out.

Half minute later, Jake walked into the Manor. He had gone early in the morning to arrange everything. He had been calling for Chris, as he was going to help orb them all over, but he didn’t respond to any of them. So he got worried and returned to the Manor. He came in and looked around at the mess and saw blood on the floor. He called through the house, if somebody was there, but got no response. He stood there thinking and closed his eyes, to see if he could sense his girl. He had learned some old magic and said some words in an old language and opened his eyes again.

Jake: She is at Magic School, he said to himself.

He quickly got upstairs to get a teleportation potion.

Magic School

Melinda, Casey and Chris were groaning. When they had arrived at Magic School, everybody was in class, so nobody was in the Great Hall. So using his last strength, Chris had passed out the moment, they had orbed in. Now they were sitting up and looking around.

Melinda: What happened? She groaned.

Casey: Better question, where are we?

Wyatt: This is Magic School for good witches. Evil cannot enter.

Casey: Good to know that I am not evil, she said looking sarcastically at Melinda.

Melinda: Well I am happy for you, but we got bigger problems.

Wyatt: You mean the huge arrogant Demon that was at the Manor?

Melinda: Yep, that’s the one.

The doors of the Hall opened and Piper walked in.

Piper: I knew I sensed you all here.

She walked over to her daughter and hugged her tight.

Piper: Happy birthday sweetie. My little girl has become a woman. I love you.

Melinda: Thank you mom, but it seems we have to cancel the birthday party.

Jake: What? Why? He asked also walking in.

Melinda: Jake? What are you doing here?

Jake: I came home to take you out, but the house was a mess, and no one was here. So using my magic, I sensed you guys.

Chris: You can sense? That’s cool man! He said and gave him a bright smile.

Jake: Thanks, but seriously, what is going on? He asked concerned.

Chris: We have come across with a Demon we never faced before and I am not sure if we are even able to vanquish him. He calls himself the Giant. We didn’t even got a chance. He hit us all three and this two were out and I was just able to orb them out.

Wyatt: Well, you must have orbed out, seconds before we orbed in. I fought the Giant and I have to say, that my most powerful power, my energy wave didn’t hurt him a bit. He didn’t expect my force field, which kept him away. Actually he loved it. He said that it had been a while that he had felt pain and he enjoyed it and told me that our fight was not over yet, basically and that he would be back. Only not just to fight me, he wants Casey too.

Casey: Why all this Demons are after me?

Melinda: I have told you this the first time we met. They want your powers or make you evil, so you can use it against us.

Casey: Well I can’t help that you think I will be evil. Being here seems no proof to you.

Melinda: Nobody asked you to come, she said annoyed. It seems trouble follows you everywhere. Now my whole day is ruined, because of it.

Casey: Hey, I was fine on my own, but your brother keeps finding me.

Chris: No, you keep calling me.

Casey: What the hell does that mean? I didn’t call for you.

Chris: Maybe you are not even aware that you are doing it?

Casey: And what the hell does that mean?

Chris: That I am your Whitelighter. I am the one who is hearing your calls, so it seems that we are stuck with each other.

Casey: Great, just what I need. A Whitelighter, who has a jealous Phoenix girlfriend, who hates my guts. This is going to be very interesting.

Piper: So is this going to be a habit? She asked Melinda, breaking the conversation of the others.

Melinda: I am not sure if I understand what you mean?

Piper: Well, when you became eighteen, I was kidnapped. Now it is your birthday again, and now we have an unbeatable Demon on our hands.

Melinda: No mom. We do. I would love for you to start prepare for tonight.

Piper: So I am good for the cooking huh, she said teasing her daughter. How am I going to cook, while you guys are maybe fighting a Demon in the next room?

Melinda: Mom!

Piper: Ok. ok...I get it…I will go and make you a fabulous dinner sweetie. She kissed her and smiled at the rest and walked out of the Hall.

Wyatt: So what are we going to do?

Caroline: Simple. What you guys always do. First find out what kind of Demon it is and what we can do to vanquish him.

Wyatt: Did I tell you today that I love you.

Caroline: Yes, a couple of times actually, but don’t mind hearing again, she said smiling.

Chris: Gross. Let’s find more about this Demon, shall we?

Melinda: Maybe one of you should get dad. You know to speed up things.

Casey: Hey Mel, Happy birthday. Sorry for today.

Melinda: Thanks and I am sorry too. I am cranky and shouldn’t have said that to you. You want to come tonight to the party.

Casey: I am not leaving your side till this Demon is gone. So yep I love to come to the party, she said smiling at her and walked away to some pile of books.

Melinda sighed and Jake walked over to her and kissed her.

Jake: I had a whole plan for us today. Everything is ruined, he said sad.

Melinda: If we still are alive tomorrow, then we are going to do all the things that you had planned, ok?

Jake: Deal, he said and kissed her again.

Very deep in the Underworld

Giant shimmered in and sat down at his self-made throne of bones of humans. He looked at his hand. It was red and it itched. He was fascinated by it and kept staring at his hand. He liked the boy. He was brave and stood his ground against him. No one ever was able to survive a direct attack.

He was only bumped that the Whitelighter was able to grab Casey before he could. He was already wondering what she was able to do. If she would be a challenge? He didn’t care about her powers.

He just wanted a challenge. It had been a while and he wanted to fight someone who was worthy of him.

Magic School

Leo had come and helped out finding anything on the Giant. Finally it was Casey who found something about him. She gave the book to Leo. Leo read the page quickly, so he could tell everybody what was in it.

Leo: Ok. Well basically it comes to this. The Giant is an ancient Demon. Probably even older and powerful than the Source. He lives in the deepest parts of the underworld and has thousands of minions. He never surface or kills anybody. He has been alive for so long, killing people started to bore him and it seems that he lives a good life down there. The only thing with him is that once in a hundred years, he surfaces to find him a challenge.

Melinda: I don’t like the sound of that. What kind of challenge? She asked raising her eyebrows.

Leo: Well, he search for the most powerful being on the planet and challenges that person.

Chris: So that means you Mel.

Melinda: What? Why me?

Chris: Well you can become a Goddess maybe?.

Melinda: Crap. Just what I need. Ok, i don’t want to sound like a diva, but it is my birthday and till now, it sucks. So I want this over with, so we can get on with our day. First let’s go home and eat something and change. Then we go Demon hunting. Thanks dad for your help and I see you tonight.

They all orbed out to the manor.

Very deep in the Underworld

Giant, clicked with his fingers and four minions appeared instantly in front of him.

Giant: I want you to go to the Manor and get the boy Wyatt or Casey. I will fight one of them. Go now.

Minion: Of course my liege, but we can’t pass the crystals around the house. We are not as strong as you are your greatness.

Giant waved with his hand and looked satisfied.

Giant: Now you can. Go get them.


They all orbed in the hallway.

Melinda: I am going to make us some breakfast.

Caroline and Jake: No, you’re not.

Jake: You relax in the living room and let us worry about food, ok.

Melinda: Hmmmm….ok, she said smiling and went to sit on the couch.

Chris went to the Elders to inform them about the situation. Wyatt followed the rest to the kitchen. Casey joined Melinda to the couch and sit down next to her. The Demons shimmered in and observed. Two of them were in the kitchen, including the boy Witch. The girl was with the other one and an easy target. They shimmered out and back in, right behind the couch. Before the girls could do anything, they were shimmered out to the liar of the Giant.

It took the rest a small twenty minutes to make the breakfast and Wyatt went to the living room to let them know that breakfast was almost done, when he noticed they weren’t there. He closed his eyes to sense his sister, but he couldn’t.

Wyatt: Chris!! Can you come here please?

Chris orbed in and Caroline came out of the kitchen to see what was going on.

Chris: What? What’s up?

Wyatt: Can you sense Casey?

Chris: Casey? Why is she gone?

Wyatt: Would I ask if she wasn’t? He asked annoyed.

Chris gave him a face and closed his eyes to sense her. He opened his eyes again and looked worried at his brother.

Wyatt: Dammit!

Caroline: Now what? The Giant must have taken them, but we have no clue how to find his liar.

Wyatt: Dammit! He shouted. Magic school, he said and orbed out. The others followed.

Very deep in the Underworld

Melinda and Casey were shimmered in by the Demons in the liar of the Giant. He was sitting at his throne and watching in excitement. The girls were trying to get loose, but the Demons were holding them tight. While they were held, they were pushed forward and made to bow to the Giant.

Minion: We have brought you the girl Casey, your Greatness. Unfortunately it was not possible to get the boy, but we were able to get his sister.

Giant: She will do. Now leave us.

The minions let go of the girls and walked away from the liar, but Melinda turned around and started to blow them up, before they could defend themselves. The Giant laughed hard and applaused.

Melinda turned to face him and looked at him annoyed.

Giant: Welcome to my home. I have not brought you here to kill you, well not yet. I want to fight you, element girl. If you are able to hurt me in any way, then you will win and I will let you both go. If I win, well then you are both dead, that simple. So are you ready little girl, he said looking at Casey.

Melinda stepped forward, so she was standing completely in front of Casey. Giant looked amused and got up.

Giants: What’s the meaning of this, little witch? I challenged her, not you.

Melinda: Well, if you must know. It is my job to protect her from creeps like you. I am a Charmed One, that’s what I do. So if you want her, you have to go through me.

Giant: Hahahahaha. You are so small, I can squeeze you with two fingers.

Melinda: Sounds painful, she said challenging the Giant.

Casey looked amazed at Melinda. This was the second time, she stood before her, to protect her.

She admired her courage, even if she was a small thing.

Giant came closer to Melinda, who held her hands up to freeze him, but when that didn’t work, she tried her telekinesis powers, but that didn’t work either. The Giant closed in on her and she quickly tried to blow him up. This worked. Not the way she hoped, but it made the Giant take a step back, every time she tried to blow him up,

Giant: I hope that’s not all you have, because at some point I will be immune for it and then you will be dead.

Melinda: I know. You want more? Then that’s exactly what you can get.

She quickly closed her eyes, so she could call upon her raw power. Casey and the Giant looked at her surprised. Both of them could feel the power change. The Giant understood what was going on and he didn’t want her to get a chance to change. He quickly mover her way, but this time Casey came standing in front of Melinda. This made the Giant stop for a second and looked at Casey and then at Melinda.

Casey: Leave her alone! She yelled and there were torches all around them. She quickly held her hands up and called for the fire. She made it a circle around her and she walked a step towards the Giant.

Out of nowhere she started to shoot fire balls from the center of the circle towards the Giant. He held his hands up to protect his face. He backed a way, till he was almost at his throne again. Then Melinda screamed out and when Casey turned around, she was just in time to witness the transformation from Melinda to this Goddess. Her eyes and hair was white. She had a different dress on. There was a constant wind around her.

Melinda: Enough!

She looked at Casey for a moment and waved with her hand, sending her away from the cave. Then she looked at the Giant. He was not amused anymore, but pretty angry. He looked at her, when his eyes started to become huge. His hands went to his head and he started out to scream. He tried to look at Melinda.

Melinda was floating in the air and was whispering some words, he didn’t hear. It felt like thousands of needles were pricking in his head at the same time. He yelled and walked around with his hands on his head.

Giant: Stop this! Stop this! He yelled.

Melinda stopped whispering and so the pain stopped. She moved with her finger and he flew hard against his throne and broke it, when he fell against it. She lifted her finger in the air and made him levitate. Giant threw with his hands, energy balls at her, but it deflected it against her invisible shield.

She didn’t even pay attention to it. She let him fall again and started to blow him up. This he felt. He was stuck to the ground and couldn’t move. He was getting crumbled to the ground, by her blowing power.

Giant: This is not possible, he mumbled under the blowing. You cannot beat me. Nobody can!

Again he yelled out, when he was get hit by hit, fast after each other. Then she stopped and looked at him. He wasn’t moving. She knew he wasn’t dead yet. Suddenly he opened his eyes and tried to reach for her, but she quickly held her right hand flat and crushed him into the ground. She kept pushing her hand down and made him crush too.

Melinda: Enough. You have lost your challenge. You will never challenge another person anymore.

She closed her eyes and made her other hand flat too. She held both her hands above him, crushing him double hard. She was taking control over his complete body and started to make a fist with both her hands, The Giant started to scream out in pain. While she made a fist, his bones were breaking one by one. When finally she had both her hands in a fist, the Giant was just lying there, not able to move.

The she opened them both at the same time and he blew up with a huge sound. The whole cave crumbled.

Magic School

Wyatt: We have to find them people. They can be dead by now! he shouted to no one.

Leo: Don’t speak like that. We will find her. This is Melinda we are talking about. She can take care of herself.

Wyatt: Well I am still worried…I just...

Then Casey appeared, still with a circle of fire around her. She looked confused around and slowly the fire disappeared around her.

Wyatt: Casey. You’re back. Where is Melinda? What happened?

Casey: Whoa. Easy there wonder boy. I am not sure what happened. We were in the cave of the Giant.

He told us, that he wanted a challenge and wanted to fight me. Then your little brave sister jumped in front of me and started to fight the Giant. Her Charmed powers weren’t enough, so I am not sure what was happening with her, but she started to power up and change. The Giant wasn’t planning on, letting her change….so I stepped up and used the fire around me to defend Melinda, while she did her thing. Then I turned around and saw her changing into this…Goddess or something and then I was here.

Jake: She must have sent you here to protect you. she tends to do that, when she is in her raw power state.

Caroline: Can you remember anything that can help us to find her.

Casey: I am sorry, but it was a big cave. Not much to go on too.

Chris: Ok, we must find her, like now. Maybe call for a lost witch or sister?

Wyatt: Sure. Anything to get her back.

Jake: No need. She is coming.

Chris: What? How do you…

Melinda appeared and looked around. Then she slowly floated to the ground and closed her eyes. Jake and her brothers were standing close to catch, if she would faint. She opened her eyes, was a bit dizzy but didn’t faint. She looked around and smiled.

Wyatt: Hey you. You didn’t faint. Someone is getting stronger.

Chris: What happened?

Melinda: Well, let’s say the Giant has lost the challenge and will not be challenging anybody soon.

Leo: That’s my girl, he said smiling and they all smiled.

Melinda: So, who wants to party? She asked smiling brightly?

They all cheered. They decided to celebrate the party at Magic School, as Piper had been cooking all day, even she knew what was going on. She knew her daughter would come back and then she deserved a nice dinner and fun.

Fun they had, till very late in the night. She got lovely presents and enjoyed her evening with her loved ones. She even had fun with Casey. Who knew, maybe they could be friends in the end. Time would tell.

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