Charmed Melinda Season 2

The Final attack


Raw Power

Episode 20

The final attack

It had been days, that all the covens had arrived at Magic school and they were getting restless. Everybody had written down all their abilities. Melinda, Wyatt and Piper were trying to partner everybody up from another coven. This way each person was working with someone from another coven.

Melinda had her reasons for doing It like this. When they gathered together a few days ago, Melinda could clearly sense the tension between de covens. Instead of seeing each other as equals, they saw each other of rivals. Who is a stronger witch or coven. If they were going to do this war, then they had to be as one and not divided by emotions.

After days working they had finally managed to match everybody up. They were all gathered again in the great hall and Melinda gave first a speech about why she was matching people up.

Melinda: I understand that you must feel uneasy working with someone you don’t know when you are battling, but in this case it could actually work. The Demons don’t know that we are matching up people, so they are probably thinking that we will attack coven after coven. They will assemble their demons and powers in a way, so they can attack a certain coven. This way, they will be all confused as everybody is all over the place instead standing together as one coven. This way we can minimize the casualties. About casualties, I am not going to lie. Some of you won’t make it. I will not be able to prevent that. My mother will call out two names, which are matched with each other. Till the battle, that person will be your roommate. Get to know each other as you will be spending a lot of time together, the next couple of days. After lunch the training will start. Thank you, she said and stepped of the stage and Piper got up.

It took about a hour to combine people, before they all left to their new rooms the School had provided and to get to know their new roommates. Casey ran after Melinda to talk to her.

Casey: Hey, you guys forgot me. I am not matched with anyone.

Melinda: Yes you are. With me, she said looking straight at Casey.

Casey: With you? Why?

Melinda: Listen, you and I have a hate and love relation, right? I still think you can be a huge danger when you transform, but I also know that you have trained really hard to get it under control and therefore I respect you for it. I know that Wyatt is pretty strong, but he is no match when we transform. So, you and I will go first in battle. We will walk in front and transform and battle before the war has actually began. The more Demons you and I can vanquish in our Goddess mode, the easier the battle will be.

Casey: Thank you Melinda. It sound strange, but I really appreciate your approval. I know that you thought I was a danger. I thought it myself. Now I am glad that I am part of a family and doing good with my powers.

Melinda: Good. So, do we start the training also in the afternoon? I want us to be transform instantly and back, whenever we want and without costing us too much energy.

Casey: I know I cannot stay too long transformed, it drains me.

Melinda: It may seem that I have endless power, but believe me I get drained too. So to do us both a favor, let’s train…

Casey walked away and Melinda went to the Manor at Magic School. She went to her room and lay down. She was beat. Dealing with so many people was hard. Planning a war was even more exhausting. Then someone knocked on the door.

Piper walked in.

Piper: Hey you. How you doing?

Melinda: I am tired, she moaned.

Piper: I know, but I want you to know that I am proud of you. You are doing something which will make history in a big time. I always thought that me and my sisters had done that, but this, this is big. This is something that can change a lot of things for a whole lot of people.

Melinda: Thanks mom for believing in me. I am not sure if everybody feels that way.

Piper: I am sure that you will guide them to the right path. You are smart and bright girl with powers those covens cannot even comprehend to understand. They have just seen you transform. They have not seen you battle.

Melinda: Hey you gave me just an idea. I am going to show them what we are made of and that we are able to win this war…thanks mom.

Piper: Well I am glad that I could help, but I came as we have another problem that needs to be solved fast.

Melinda: What’s that?

Piper: The language barrier. We have people from Africa, Spain, Iceland, Turkish gypsies. Name it. Not all of them speak English. Or at least nor properly. This can be difficult when they start with the training.

Melinda: How the hell are we going to solve that problem?

Piper: I have an idea, so don’t worry about it. I just wanted to inform you about it…You rest up and I see you in a bit. Leo is already creating traningsarea within the school. If you need anything, just let him know.

Piper bend a bit to kiss her daughter on the forehead. She gave her a smile and left the room.

Melinda lay down and was staring at the sealing. It didn’t took long before she fell a sleep.

Mama. Mama. We are home, a little girl yelled, when she ran into the Manor.

Melinda came out of the kitchen and bend down to her level and hugged her tightly. Right after her, Dash walked in with a baby in his hand.

Dash: Hey honey, can you help with Leo here, so I can grab the groceries.

Melinda: Sure, she said and took over the baby and gave Dash a kiss.

Melinda woke up and looked around dazed. What the hell was that. A dream? A vision? She couldn’t tell. What she did know is that she also had the power of dream premonition. Did she just saw her future? She got up a bit confused and went downstairs. She quickly ate something and then walked over to the Great Hall. People were just finished with their lunch and were ready to train. She walked over to her parents and her brother Wyatt.

Melinda: Hey guys, what’s up?

Piper: Well we had just lunch and the Elders paid us a visit.

Melinda: Let me guess, to tell me that I was making a mistake?

Wyatt: Actually they thought what you did was brilliant and they offered any help they could give, so we asked them for help. Now everybody understand each other.

Melinda: They did? That is awesome. But how does it work. They suddenly can speak English?

Leo: Well, actually they are still speaking their own language, but somehow the other person who is listening, will hear it in English. Don’t ask me exactly how, but that is what it does.

Melinda: That works for me.

Piper: They also promised us that they would have a legion on whitelighters, who would battle too, as the cupids. The Whitelighters will mostly bring wounded people back or heal them right there.

Melinda: Excellent. One problem solved. Let’s start gathering everybody in the training area. It is show time. Where are Casey and Chris?

Chris immediately orbed in with Casey, who was still holding a spoon in her hand.

Casey: Hey, I was eating, she complained and then looked around. Oh, hey guys. What’s up?

Melinda: sorry for the interruption. You can finish first if you want?

Casey: No, I’m good. So, what’s the plan?

Melinda: I am thinking to give those covens first a show. Are you up for it?

Casey: Sure, let’s do this, she said smiling.

Training room

It took almost a half hour, before everybody sat down. Leo explained how the training room worked and that there were several rooms to train. He assured that the people in the middle of the circle could use any power they wanted, it wouldn’t go out the circle as it was spelled. Too prove it, he asked Wyatt to shoot his energy wave at Piper, who was sitting in the audience. She looked very calmly at Wyatt and nodded that it was ok. Wyatt did as he was told, and it looked like his powers hit some short of shield, but it didn’t bounce back to Wyatt. Now nobody had to get worry that they would get hurt outside the circle.

Melinda and Casey stepped into the huge circle in the middle. People started to talk and were excited about what was going to happen. Melinda looked around the room and then at Casey.

Melinda: I want from each coven your strongest team member to come down into the circle.

It took a couple of minutes but now Melinda and Casey were surrounded with witches. Some looked eager to attack and some looked very nervous.

Melinda: Attack us with whatever you got, we will only defend and not attack for now. Then we will change the position and we will attack so you can protect. All clear?

They all nodded and Leo rang the bell. Melinda and Casey looked at each other, smiled and transformed together at once. The Witches looked surprised but then started to attack with whatever they got. Some had really awesome power, but no matter what they kept trying, it didn’t seem that they hit the girls once. After five minutes the bell rang again and the witches looked tired. Melinda and Casey had used their energy too, but they didn’t show it that easily.

Melinda: Did you see what happened? All of you attacked like a madmen and now you have used most of your energy and have to go back in the ring again to defend. How are you going to do that, if you are tired and not focused? You have to remember this and try to focus on your energy. Divide it as you don’t know how long the battle will take? It can be over just like that or it can be the longest battle you have ever battled. The next minutes we are going to attack you guys. Be prepared for anything from any direction. Don’t think we will go soft on you. Are you guys ready?

Some witches looked really scared and some looked very excited to experience a fight with the famous Charmed One. Soon the all witches looked in horror, when Melinda and Casey unleashed all they got to the witches. Some stopped fighting and ran out of the circle, even if they were send back by their coven leaders. When the bell rang, they looked all horrified and totally exhausted. Melinda and Casey changed back to themselves and now others could also see that they were tired too.

Melinda: What have we learned the last ten minutes? Always keep an eye on your energy and always suspect the unsuspected in a battle. Even if you think you know your enemy, they still can surprise you with attacks. So, now it is time for your guys. I want from two different covens, one person to come down.

The first training day was more testing each other and especially for Melinda to see most of the powers that could help them with the battle ahead. Melinda and Casey would be on the first rank in the battle. Right after them, she wanted her brothers and family. Then the strongest witches and at last the weakest. So the powers were divided and the attacks could keep going on. She really thought after the first day, that there was really a good possibility that they could win.

Day 2 training

After the breakfast, Leo came with a list of groups that were send to a different training room. This way everybody could keep training. It was a madhouse at Magic School. In meantime the school was in his exam period. Leo couldn’t stop those as the parents expected their children at home for the holidays and hopefully with good results. They didn’t care that there was a huge battle ahead.


Xonax had created groups, depending on the coven. He had days Demons send to the covens to find nobody there. So, he knew that they were on the protection of the Charmed Ones. He wished he knew where they were hiding them. That would make things much easier.

Just as the Charmed Ones, the Demons were training too. Xonax knew that the Charmed Ones weren’t known for their patience, so expected an attack any moment.

Magic School, Manor

Melinda was resting in her own room. People had no idea how difficult it was to keep it look like she was fully confident and strong. She knew that her plan could work, but she was afraid that they wouldn’t have enough time to prepare or that they people that were matched wouldn’t get along. She worried about the casualties that would follow because of this battle. She knew that everybody chose to fight on their own free will, but still it was hard for her to think that some would not make it.

She tried to sleep, but it didn’t want to come. In the end she just stared at the sealing. She still found it amazing how her Dad created this replica right in the school. So weird to walk around at the halls and find the same door as their own Manor in the normal world. Everything they owned in the real house, it was replicated also into this Manor. That was so awesome. Her dad was so cool For a human he was a great head master of the school. He was creating training and sleeping areas for all the visitors. All the students were doing great. Mom looked very happy. You could notice she was getting older, but she was still the Matriarch of the family. Then there was Jake. The love of her life. It wasn’t easy to have him around that much again. She thought that she was completely over him, but it seemed that there was still something there.

Dash teleported in without knocking. Melinda got up quickly and looked angry at him. Since her dream vision she hadn’t seen him. She had spended the night with him, but that was just lying against him, with clothes on. She had fallen like that in sleep. In the morning he was gone and then she had that dream and till that time she hadn’t seen him at all.

Melinda: I could have been naked or doing something private, she complained standing in front of him.

Dash: Too bad, that you aren’t, he joked smiling.

Melinda couldn’t stay with him angry for more than five minutes and that annoyed her too.

Melinda: Where have you been? What do you want?

Dash: Well look who is cheerful this afternoon. What happened love? He asked completely ignoring her questions.

Melinda: Nothing happened. You were just gone, she said now sitting on her bed and looking angry.

I woke up and you were gone. No note, nothing. I haven’t seen you almost a whole day and now you just pop in and I have to be all be like happy and cheerful?

Dash: Of course…

Melinda: You know, you may think that it is normal to spend a night with a girl and then just disappear, but I can assure that it is not normal at all.

Dash: Ok love. I got it. My bad. Won’t happen again. Scouts honor, he said holding his hand up.

Now, can I get a hug? He said smiling brightly.

Melinda resisted for a moment and then hugged him. It felt so warm and safe. He put his arms around her and hugged her tightly. He was most of the time a ass, but he could really be nice and kind. He just didn’t like the show it that much. He let her go and they sat down. Then they lay down, while holding each other closely.

Dash: It must be hard being you, I guess. All those people looking up to you and also that bloke Jake is here. The ex, he said with a voice. But don’t worry love, I am here and I will support you all the way and will fight right beside you. I just wanted you to know that! He said suddenly serious.

Melinda looked at him for a quick moment and smiled, before she let her head rest on his chest again.

She must have fallen asleep. When she woke up, she opened her eyes and she was still lying on Dash. She lifted her head and he was awake and staring at the sealing.

Melinda: You stayed, she said smiling.

Dash: Of course. You mad it very clear that you didn’t like if I went away, so I stayed. I want to make you happy, don’t you know that by now?

Melinda smiled and she gently kissed him and he kissed her back. First slowly and then more intense. They slowly started to make out, when someone knocked on the door. They both groaned and stopped what they were doing. Melinda got up and opened the door to see Wyatt standing by the door.

Wyatt: We have a problem. Demons are attacking humans on several places at the same time.

Melinda: Send whitelighters to help those people and orb them to safety. We have no time to deal with this at the moment.

Wyatt: They are still innocents? We have to help them.

Melinda: Fine. Go with Chris, but come back as soon as possible. I cannot leave the School. I have to stay here to make sure that all goes well with the training and everything else.

Wyatt: Ok clear. We will come back soon.

He closed the door and Melinda sat down, looking worried.

Dash: What’s wrong love?

Melinda: I think the Demons are trying to lure us out. Not sure why, but I think they know that we are preparing for war and maybe they are tired of waiting. In that case, it can be that Wyatt and Chris are in danger.

Dash: I don’t think so. Your brother Wyatt doesn’t seem to be strong, but there was a time when the whole Demon community was afraid by the mention of his name. Then you came along and you were not expected and therefore suddenly more special and powerful. Still your brother is pretty powerful and what I have seen from Chris is that he is a clever fighter. So, I am not worried about those too. I am worried about you. You need to be strong. After this fight, I am going to whatever I can to make sure that you smile every day. Every minute of the day. I like you. I like you a lot. I mean it.

Melinda looked at him not knowing what was happening, but she didn’t had to think about it much, because her lips touched his and all was good.

After they kissed, he teleported her out, without warning.

They teleported in and saw Wyatt and Chris fighting a dozen of Demons. Melinda looked quickly around and they were surrounded.

Melinda: Teleport me right next to them, she demanded.

Dash looked at her.

Dash: I am not sure if I can do that? He wondered himself.

Melinda: Focus. I trust you, she said holding his hand.

Dash closed his eyes and Melinda was gone and appeared right next to her brothers. She touched them both and their protection shield came up immediately. They looked at her surprised and thankful. All around them, people were disappearing. Dash was teleporting them out.

The Charmed Ones started to attack the Demons, till they were all vanquished.

Chris: Thanks sis. We really needed you. How did you know?

Melinda: Actually it was Dash. I think he wanted me to show why we were doing what we are doing.

Dash: Good, it worked then? He asked smiling brightly. For a moment I thought you forgot who you were? You didn’t want to help your brothers because you felt obligated to stay at school as some kind of sergeant. Which you are not. So, go kick some demon ass, while I hold the force at the School, of course with the help from the Matriarch, he said smiling.

He took a few steps, kissed her intensely right in front of her brothers, who looked away. Then he let go of her, winked at her and teleported out.

Her brothers were staring at a Melinda who her eyes were sparkling.

Wyatt: Euhm…Mel? We have to go.

Melinda: What? Right! Let’s go, she said still smiling.

They orbed out to another part of the city to fight another group of Demons. Again they vanquished a whole bunch of them, except one. That one Melinda froze, but not his head.

Melinda: Why are you attacking all this people in such large groups. Is this a trap for us? She asked.

Demon: Your days are counted witch. All also for the rest of your kind. Soon you will all be wiped out and we will take over this miserable world.

Chris: Really? Let me guess. You are assembling a army to attack the ten covens on the list? You think luring us into the city, you will have the advantage and can attack as much as witches as we are busy dealing with you? You forgot something very important. We are already aware of your plan and as we speak, all over the city your fellow Demons are being vanquished, harshly if you ask me.

Demon looked scared by this comment, then he gathered himself and looked arrogant at the Charmed Ones.

Demon: I wonder, how many from your kind are killed in the meantime?

Melinda: Ok enough. He is not going to talk and we don’t have time for this nonsense.

Without warning she flickered with her hands and the Demon was vanquished.

Wyatt: You really have to work on your patience sis. He may had some information. Chris here was bluffing pretty good.

Melinda: No, there is no need. Chris bluffed maybe, but he was actually answering his own question.

They are trying to distract us, but I am not sure why? They are planning something and it doesn’t feel good at all.

Wyatt: What do you mean?

Melinda: I think I was right and should have stayed at Magic School. We have to go there right now.

Magic School

They orbed in and had to duck immediately for a heat wave that flew over them.

Demons had found a way to enter the Magic School and were attacking the covens. All over the place, witches and Demons were vanquished. Some were wounded. Melinda saw her mother and Casey standing close to each other and fighting of Demons. Her dad was in a bad position, but suddenly Wyatt appeared and orbed him out, before he could get hit.

She started to flicker with her fingers and blew as much as Demons off as she could. She reached her mother and Casey.

Piper: Thank god you are here.

Melinda: What happened? She yelled between blowing up demons?

They stole a whitelighter power and orbed as a huge army into the school. We were just finished with training and dinner for the day. We were all about to call it a day, when they came in.

Melinda: Ok, we need to transform all three of us. We need to end this quickly before we lose before we started, she yelled.

Piper: I cannot transform just like you. I need to call for the Matriarch power.

Melinda: Casey and I will protect you till you do.

Piper: I don’t think I can. I already used a lot of my power. I don’t think I have enough.

Melinda: No worries mom. We will orb you to safety.

Melinda: Wyatt!! She yelled.

Instantly he was with her and she told him to orb mom to their Manor. Wyatt told her that Dad was there too. Everybody who is wounded was brought there. Leo’s orders.

Chris was fighting off Demons and orbing the wounded out.

Now Piper was gone, both girls looked at each other and with a nod, both of them transformed.

Casey immediately used the element air to create a tornado under her, so she was lifted up. Melinda did the same, but hers was more wind then real air..

Xonax: Kill them. Kill them all, he was shouting and shooting multiple fire balls at the same time.

Melinda went towards him and lifted her hand, which made him fly hard against a wall. While he was flying, he shot another round of fire balls towards Melinda. She was floating perfectly still and just looked at it. The wind around her, became wilder and somehow deflected the fire balls right back at him. The moment he hit the wall, he got hit with all five of his own balls. He screamed loudly and with a big bang, he was vanquished.

Now the last higher level Demon was killed by Melinda. The Demons started to get scared. Still they kept fighting. It took at least another hour, before all Demons were dead.

Everybody cheered and looked happy. They were tired and wounded, but they had won. Good had won.

It seemed that a few hadn’t made it. Almost ninety nine percent of the covens had made it, there were a lot wounded, but nothing that couldn’t be healed.

Melinda and Casey ran over to Chris, who looked tired. He orbed them to their own Manor.


They orbed in and it was a full house. All over the place were people. They started to clap when they saw the Charmed Ones. Even her own father and mother were applauding and smiling proudly.

Melinda walked quickly over to her parents

Melinda: Are you guys ok?

Leo: we are fine honey. Caroline brought a whole bunch of whitelighters who are healing everybody.

Piper: You did good sweetheart and I am not talking just to Melinda, she said now to Casey.

Piper came closer and hugged Casey tightly.

Piper: We thought you were trouble, but it seems you were an angel brought to us, she said softly to Casey. You are now a part of this family and I think you are going to make my son Chris a very happy man, she said now loudly so everybody could hear.

Casey smiled shyly and tried not to cry. She felt humbled and honored that the Matriarch said that she was part of the family.

Melinda smirked at her.

Caroline: So, the battle is over. We won. No more war?

Melinda: I am not completely sure to be honest. When we left the city there were still Demons attacking people…So, I think the only way to check is, is to go to the underground and after that check the city.

Wyatt, Chris, Melinda, Casey and Caroline orbed to the Underworld and indeed, there were still Demons lurking around. After they spend hours searching for Demons, they were sure that they had killed the last of them.

Then they orbed out to the Manor, to cry for evil. This way, they could be sure that all evil was gone for good. After scrying they found out that there was actually a whole bunch of Demons alive. They separated in two groups and selected the locations to fight the remaining Demons. It took them almost all night and they were completely exhausted.

Manor, living room

Chris: I cannot believe that it is really over. No more Demons. Living a normal life. So weird.

Melinda: I keep wondering, what if we missed some Demons.

Wyatt: Do we really have to worry about a few Demons?

Melinda: A few Demons can create another Demons or hurt innocents. We have to be sure. If I am going to live a normal life, I want to be sure.

Wyatt: I don’t think that it ever be normal. We are after all Charmed.

Melinda: Don’t remind me, she said groaning.

They orbed out to Magic School.

Magic School

They orbed in and it looked like, if there had not been a battle at all. All cleaned up and it was very quit.

Chris: Where is everybody?

Caroline: This can’t be right. Shall I orb upstairs?

Suddenly they heard footsteps and saw Leo coming.

Leo: Good, you are here! He said to Melinda. Come with me.

Melinda and the group followed Leo to the great training area. When they walked in, the room looked different. Festive. Table’s all over the place. There was music. Melinda looked surprised at her dad and then walked into the room.

Music stopped and everybody started to applaud for her.

Melinda looked first surprised at her dad and her brothers, then to the crowd. She became shy, but smiled brightly to everybody.

Leo, gently pushed forwards so she would go up the stage with him.

Now they were standing on the stage and looking at the cheering crowd.

Leo: My dear Melinda. You weren’t planned or expected to be born at all. We thought we would have to sons and that’s it. Then a miracle happened and you were born. Then we found out that you had quite some powers. Soon you had surpassed us all with your gifts. Since you were little you helped people. Now you are a woman, you have done amazing things. We are truly blessed and so proud, he said with tears in his eyes.

Melinda started to cry too and hugged her dad. Then he stepped away so she could say something.

Melinda: Euhm…first of all thank for your this feast. This is amazing. Before I say something, I want to call some people to the stage. Wyatt, Chris, Casey and Caroline. Would you pleasecome up the stage?

They did as they were told and smiled at the people who were cheering.

Melinda: My dad said a lot of lovely things about me, thank you for that. But it is not just me who did amazing things. My brothers and two amazing woman, has stand by me and fought with me side by side. No matter how dangerous it was. Together we have overcome a lot. First I want to thank my brothers, Wyatt and Chris. Both of them are kind, powerful, resourceful, caring men. I love them dearly and I am proud to be their sister and fight side by side with them. Then Caroline and Casey. Both of you came later in our lives, but you are already part of this family. I cannot imagine it without you two. Caroline, you were an Elder and gave that up to be our Whitelighter and fell in love with my sweet brother Wyatt. I know you two are meant for each other and it makes me so happy to see you so in love and happy. No matter what, you have been since the very first moment a good friend and whitelighter and I love you dearly. Casey, when you came in town. I didn’t trust you. I thought that you were going to be our next big bad. Till we got to know you better. Even we weren’t always eye to eye, we were strong enough to put our differences to the side for the greater good and fought next to each other in battles. You have grown so much and I am sorry if I ever made you feel bad about yourself. You are a good person and you make my brother Chris happy. I never seen him smiling that much and loving life and you. Like my mother said before, you are now a part of this family! Thank you for all your help.

Without this people around me, I wouldn’t and couldn’t be the person I am today.

They all hugged Melinda tightly and were laughing and smiling. Finally they let go of her and Melinda smiled at the crowd.

Melinda: I also want to thank the whole magical community for believing in the Charmed Ones all these years. First my mother with her sisters and now me and my brothers. From now on we don’t have to worry about battles and Demons anymore. We are free and you don’t have to only thank us for it, but yourselves too. Without your help, we couldn’t win this war. From the bottom of my heart, thank you everybody and blessed be! She yelled happily.

Now everybody screamed, shouted and cheered. They went nuts and music started again. Everybody was hugging each other and The Charmed family stood in a circle around Melinda and hugged her.

Melinda: No air. No air, she said softly.

They let go of her and laughed. Dash came over and kissed her intensely in front of everybody.

He let go of her and looked her straight in the eyes.

Dash: I love you, Melinda Prudence Halliwell, he said smiling brightly. Will you marry me? He asked and opened a small box in front of her.

Melinda’s heart stopped for a second and she looked at him.

It became quit in the hall and everybody looked at her. Jake who was not really celebrating, but standing more in the corner in the back, came now closer.

Jake was a bit panicking. Now he heard someone else say it to Melinda, that he loved her. Jake realized that he also still loved her badly. He also knew that Melinda still had feelings for him. She had to and he had to stop this before it was too late. He took a few steps till he was closer to the stage.

Melinda: Yes, she said softly. I love you too and yes I want to marry you, she said now loudly.

Everybody cheered, while a shaking Dash was trying to put the ring on her finger. Melinda couldn’t help to smile at his attempts.

Dash: Bloody hell, I am shaking like a leaf, he said.

Finally he managed it and looked at her smiling and before she could even smile, he grabbed her and held her tight, while he kissed her.

Jake slowly backed away from the stage. Clearly you could see the hurt in his face. He was too late. He had found the one person who made him feel whole and now she was taken by someone else. He left the hall and went to his dorm to gather his stuff.

In the hall, everybody was congratulating the couple. Piper was crying of happiness, while Leo was holding her. Wyatt and Chris couldn’t believe that their younger sister, was marrying before them. Wyatt thought that she was too young to marry at age nineteen, but he could clearly see that he was making her happy and a lot of people married young this days. He was happy for her.

That night the celebrations went on the whole night. It was daylight when Dash and Melinda went to the real Manor.

Melinda’s room

They were beat and now sitting on the bed.

Melinda: Ok, are we seriously going to do this? She asked softly. We never even been on a real date?

Dash: That’s not true, love. We had many dates in the woods. In the Manor. In the Underworld.

Melinda: Those are no dates, she said smiling.

Dash: For me it was. I was spending time with you. Battling side by side with you. You are the most amazing person I have ever met. I can’t imaging how dreadful life would be without you in it. So, impulsive as I am, I wanted to make sure that you are mine and I am yours. The best way to do that, is by getting married and build together a life and have fun.

Melinda: I like the sound of that, she said touching softly his face.

Dash: Euhm love, I am not sure if you are expecting me to perform right now, but to be honest I am really beat. Can we lay close next to each other and sleep in each others arms, he asked.

Melinda: I think that is a excellent idea.

Both of them took their clothes of and looked at each other, kissed and lay in bed. They lay close to each other and Melinda never felt this great. She was exhausted but truly happy. Dash was exactly the guy she needed. He challenged her all the time. Was funny in his weird way and he really cared about her and wasn’t ashamed of showing it to everybody. She held him closer and closed her eyes.

For the first time she was going to fall a sleep, knowing that when she would wake up, the world would be a better place to live in.

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