Charmed Melinda Season 2

Tripple wedding and evil within


Raw Power

Episode 21

Triple wedding and evil within

Manor, bedroom

Dash: Can you believe it love. We are getting married. I still can’t believe it.

Melinda: Believe it mister. If you are getting cold feet, I will really be pissed off. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to arrange a wedding, this short? Why did you want to get married that fast?

Dash: Don’t know. Just want to. Can’t happen soon enough, he said smiling brightly.

Melinda: it is so weird. I am the youngest and getting married already. I always thought that Wyatt would be the one who would get married. He is really the family type of guy. Chis I always thought that he would stay a bachelor with a girlfriend here and there, you know.

Dash: Why aren’t they getting married then? A marriage can be dreadful if you are not happy, but it can also be something beautiful. Building a live with someone is magic of itself.

Melinda: You are absolutely right.

Melinda got up and left the room with Dash right behind her.

Dash: Where are we going love?

Melinda: You’ll see.

She went to the kitchen, because there was where everybody hangs most of the time. Wyatt, Caroline, Chris and Casey were sitting and talking about the wedding.

Wyatt: There comes the bride and groom, he said smiling.

Melinda: Good morning everybody, she said cheerful. What you all doing?

Chris: Talking. About life and your wedding of course.

Melinda: About life? What do you mean?

Chris: Well, now we don’t have Demons to fight anymore and we are not called by our charges, it is a bit boring. I have no idea what to do with my day.

Wyatt: Same here for me and for Caroline. She was a whitelighter, but she is not. So what is she?

Casey: Don’t worry about me. I am fine. No issues. I don’t mind the quit and that nobody is trying to kill me to get my powers. I dig the whole doing nothing, she said smiling brightly.

Melinda: Guys, I have an idea, she said with big bright eyes. This will take your mind of doing nothing.

Caroline: What is it Mel? Something with the wedding? Did we forget something? She said panicking as she was the wedding planner.

Melinda: I think you guys should get married too, she said smiling and looking at everybody.

Wyatt almost choked in his coffee and Casey stood up suddenly looking bewildered.

Casey: You want us to do what? She said loudly. Did she hit her head or lost her mind somewhere between the teleporting with you? She asked Dash.

Dash: Don’t look at me. This is all she, he said pointing at Melinda.

Melinda: Chicken, she said looking at Dash.

Dash: Hey, I don’t want to go up against them. It is too early for that. I didn’t even have a cuppa yet.

Melinda: Well go have your tea then. Guys, I am serious. Just listen to me.

The group was looking at her frightened and shocked.

Melinda: I always thought that you guys would marry first. I know you didn’t have much luck in love, because of our destiny crap. But now Wyatt, you found this amazing woman. She is your soul mate and even a blind man can see that! And you Chris. You spend your whole life loving Bianca. Somehow you were drawn to Casey and when I now look at you, I cannot imagine you seeing with anybody else. You complete each other. Of course you wait and get married later, but why wait. You love each other. You guys live together already. You already look like you guys are married, so why not make it official. Then we can have a triple wedding. Which make the bond between all of us stronger. It will help with all the costs that we are making for this wedding. Can you imagine, us three coming down the stairs, while our men are waiting for us downstairs, looking handsome and all.

Caroline: You can’t possibly expect an answer right now, do you? She asked panicking a bit.

Melinda: Of course not. End of the day would be good, but don’t wait too long. The wedding is in a couple of days and if you guys do this, then we have a lot of arrangements to make.

Dash was making a cup tea, when Melinda pulled him away from the kitchen, so the others could talk.

Dash: Hey, I still hadn’t my cuppa, he complained.

Melinda: You can have me as breakfast. How does that sound? She said smirking.

Dash: That sounds much better than tea, he said and grabbed Melinda

He was about to teleport, when the doorbell rang.

Melinda let go of Dash, who sighed but followed Melinda to the door.

She opened it to find a young girl standing in front of the door. She knew she recognized her from somewhere, but couldn’t think of where? Then she remembered her as one of the Witches of the First Order.

Jackie: Hi Melinda. I hope I am not disturbing you, but I need your help.

Melinda: Come on in, she said. Dash, can you get the others please if you would?

Dash: Sure thing love, he said and wanted to teleport.

Melinda: Uh, no teleporting. You can walk to the kitchen. We have to minimize our use of it, so we can get use to normal life.

Dash: Got it, he said smiling and walked to the kitchen.

Melinda walked towards the living room and let her sit down. Melinda sat on the table and looked at her. She actually didn’t expect something like this to happen anymore, as there were no Demons anymore.

Jackie: Are you sure I am not interrupting anything? I suppose you have a millions things to arrange? I just didn’t know where else to go to.

Dash: The rest is not in the house, he said and sat down next to Melinda. So what is the trouble?

Jackie: Jake is missing.

Melinda looked a bit surprised. She hadn’t thought of Jake at all the last days.

Dash: By missing you mean, gone with his stuff or suddenly disappeared?

Jackie: I mean suddenly missing. After the party, he was disturbed and restless. Very angry.

He spent hours, in his tent talking to himself. Sometimes he was shouting. He looked very depressed.

Melinda: What did he yell? Did you hear?

Jackie: Well mostly your names, she said pointing at Melinda and Dash. He really hates you, she said looking at Dash and heard him shout that he wanted to do the creepiest things to you and he wasn’t nice about you too. He called you names and stuff. It was terrible to listen too.

Melinda: Why? What did we do to him?

Dash: Getting married, he sighed. He still loves you and him seeing me asking you in front of everybody and you saying yes, must have triggered jealousy and that turned into hatred towards us.

Melinda looked sad and then finally at Jackie.

Melinda: When did you see him last?

Jackie: Two days ago. After our daily morning ritual, he said he was going for a walk and never came back. The only thing that is missing is the Book of Shadows of the coven. His own, is still in his tent. I think that or something is happened to him or he is preparing himself to do something terrible to you guys. So, I thought maybe you guys can magically find him. He seems to block us, but you guys can go just through it, like you did before and you didn’t even know there was a protection shield on.

Melinda: We will, I promise. Don’t worry. We will find him and bring him home.

Jackie: Thank you so much and again sorry for bothering with this.

Melinda: You did the right thing to come to us.

After Melinda let Jackie out, Dash took her in his arms and looked at her smiling.

Dash: I guess there will be no breakfast for me anymore?

Melinda: Sorry babe. Duty calls. Have a cup of tea, she said smirking while Dash groaned.

Dash left to the kitchen en Melinda went upstairs to the attic. She walked over to the Book of Shadows and stared at it. It was so old. So powerful. She couldn’t wait to teach her children to be witches and still have a normal life. A life they had fought hard for.

Melinda sighed and opened the book. She hadn’t expected to use the book this fast again, but she needed to track down Jake. She had nothing of him anymore, otherwise she could have used that to scry for him.

Caroline orbed in.

Caroline: Did you see Wyatt? He and Chris both disappeared and not responding to my call. I know he can hear me and that he is fine. I can sense it, but why doesn’t he respond. What if I would be in danger, right now? She complained.

Melinda: This is exactly what I mean. What you just said. You can sense if he is fine or not. That is a true love connection.

Caroline: Come on Mel, stop with that weird ideas of yours. Do you see Wyatt asking me?

He always has been witch fighting. Now he has to learn to be normal. We cannot start with marriage then. We have to take it step by step.

Melinda: Nonsense. You should give Wyatt more credit than that. He can surprise you of what he is capable of when he set his mind to it.

Caroline: Enough about me. Why are you looking in the book? Are we Demon hunting?

Melinda: No, we are searching Jake. It seems that he is not doing so well. Me marrying Dash, hit him pretty hard and it seems that he is lost it and took the coven Grimoire and left. Leaving all his personal stuff. It has been days.

Caroline: Do you actually think that Jake would ruin your wedding?

Melinda: I am not sure and I am not going to wait for it either. I need to find him and talk to him. Calm his mind again. If he is raged and with all the magic he possesses, he can be a danger. Not only to me, but also to others.

Caroline: Unbelievable, she said shocked. Well he is a leader and he should be traceable right?

Melinda: I don’t know, let’s find out, she said and took the book to the potion table.

Magic School, Manor

Piper was sitting on the couch and was looking through some old pictures. She was all teary when Leo came in.

Leo: Hey you. What you doing?

Piper wiped her tears and put the pictures away. She looked up to her husband and smiled.

Piper: Our little girl is getting married. I am so proud. Proud of our children. What they have become. We did well, didn’t we, she said smiling.

Leo sat down and hugged his wife.

Leo: We sure did, he said holding her tight.

Casey walked into the Manor.

Casey: Calling for duty, she called out.

Piper and Leo let go of each other to look at Casey.

Piper: So, are you ready for your bridesmaids dress? She said smiling.

Casey: Sure, she said smiling.

Manor, Attic

It had been an hour. Melinda and Caroline were both bumped that nothing seems to work.

He had cloaked himself probably with every cloaking spell there is and Jake was good in cloaking his people for danger. Melinda really needed to see him and talk sense into him, before he did something stupid, he couldn’t get back from.

Dash walked in with some drinks and sandwiches. Melinda looked up and looked surprised.

Melinda: You made sandwiches? She asked.

Dash: Of course not love. I don’t cook. You know that. I thought you guys would be hungry and thirsty, so I let my mom make it and teleported it here, he said with a bright smile.

Melinda gave him a face and he gave one back. Caroline couldn’t help smile. While they ate, they talked about all the things they had done to find him. Dash took a huge bite and listened carefully.

Dash: If you want I can try, he said calmly.

Melinda: I thought of that, but I am not sure if that is a good idea. You know with him hating you and all.

Dash: I know, but I wouldn’t like appear right in front of him. Nearby. To check the location.

Caroline: How are you going to find him, if he has cloaked himself?

Dash: Well, it quite simple actually. There are a few levels of teleporting. Take my sister Sally. She can teleport if she thinks of a place or person. She cannot teleport stuff. That is the second level. The last level is that you get so powerful, that you can teleport to anybody or any place, how hidden or protected it is. This takes years of experience and practice. I think I reached that level by now and I could give it a try.

Melinda: I am not sure. I don’t want anything happen to you and especially not by the hand of Jake. He may be my ex and it didn’t end well at all, but we still understood that we had to work together from time to time and that it would be best if we acted normal to each other. I guess I was terribly wrong about him. I never knew that he could have so much hatred in him. I always thought that he was a token of good. I am sorry. You don’t want to know this, she said smiling dryly to Dash and Caroline.

Dash took Melinda by her hands and looked deep in her eyes.

Dash: I love you and want to be with you forever. If you feel like you want to talk about Jake or other exes or whatever you want to talk about, I am listening. I am here and not going anywhere or get frightened by anyone, to leave you, he said firmly.

Melinda felt humbled and loved by his words. She kissed him and then gave him a bright smile.

Melinda: You should go and try. I know you will be careful. Also I want to say that I love you even more for trying to help, while you know how he feels about you and that he is my crazy ex.

Dash: No worries love. I got this.

He took a whole chunk of his sandwich and then a huge sip of his soda. Looked satisfied and teleport it out. Leaving a smiling and dreamy Melinda behind with Caroline.

Caroline: You guys are so good together. I am so happy for you Melinda.

Melinda: Thank you. I am sorry that I surprised you guys like that this morning, but now we are talking about it. If he would ask you, what would you say?

Caroline: I would say yes in a heartbeat, she confessed.

Melinda: You would? Really? Well why wait?

Caroline: I don’t know exactly. Let’s try one more time if we can find him, before we give up the magical way and try other ways.

Melinda got an idea and got up to get her cell phone. Caroline looked at her, waiting for what was going to happen.

Melinda: Nathan? Hi, it is Melinda. How are you?

Nathan: Good, actually. Didn’t hear from you guys for a while. I was going to call you, as I think something demonic is going on.

Melinda: What do you mean? She asked surprised. She didn’t expect this when she called.

Nathan: Well, the last week or so, I have almost nothing to do. You know I handle the weird cases. (Witchy and demonic ones) he whispered. Only nothing is happening anymore. I think something big is going to happen, he said really worried.

Melinda: You may need to search for another job soon, she said seriously.

Nathan: What?

Melinda: Sorry, Nathan. With everything going on, I completely forgot to tell you about what happened. We had a huge final battle with the last remaining Demons. We won. There are no more Demons in the Underworld or above. We can all live free and happy.

Nathan: Are you serious? No more Demons. So, there is no evil in the world anymore.

Melinda: Only the evil, what was already inside the humans. Emotions, she said. We as witches can do a lot, but that we cannot help. If someone feels bad or want to hurt someone, that doesn’t mean that a Demon is whispering that in someone ears. If is inside that person. So, no evil is gone from the world, but it will be a lot of better place, without the Demons. Peace fuller, she said smiling. Oh, and I am getting married, she said chipper.

Nathan: What? Really? Wow, I am really behind with things, don’t i?

Melinda: No, it is my fault. I should have told you sooner. Well you can always come to the wedding. It is at Magic School?

Nathan: Sure, I love too, he said happy.

Melinda: Oh, there is one more thing. I need your help. Finding Jake.

Nathan: Your boyfriend? Why?

Melinda: He is not mine boyfriend anymore. I am marrying Dash. We broke up a while ago. That is not the point. The point is that he didn’t take well the news off my wedding. His people told us, that he was in his tent, ranting about doing harm to Dash or me or the wedding. I don’t know. He just isn’t at a right place right now. Worst part is that he took the coven Grimoire and left everything else what was his. Even his own Book of Shadows behind. He cloaked himself, so he cannot be found magically. Now I was thinking. If I tell you were his coven stays. I mean in which wood then you can check if there are camera’s around the forest to the road, so maybe we can spot him. Maybe he took a bus or taxi somewhere? I don’t know. I just know that we need to find him, before the wedding. I cannot handle something going wrong on my day.

Nathan: Got it. Send to my phone a picture of his face. A recent one and I will see what I can do for you.

Melinda: Thank you Nathan. I appreciate it.

She hangs him up and looked at Caroline.

Caroline: That was very smart of you. Maybe this way we can point his location. Now enough about Jake. We have wedding stuff to do, she said smirking.

Manor, Hallway

Later that day

Caroline and Melinda orbed in, their hands full with bags. They had been shopping. Suddenly they smelled food and looked around. Leo was watching TV and Casey was putting food on the table. They heard Piper call for Casey from the kitchen.

Caroline: Hey guys? What is going on?

Leo and Casey looked alarmed. Leo quickly walked over to them, saying that they had to orb out. This is a surprise dinner for Melinda and Dash.

Melinda giggled about the secrecy and gave all her bags to Caroline and walked quickly outside, instructing Caroline to get Dash.

Ten minutes later, Caroline orbed into the kitchen.

Caroline: Hi Piper, what you doing?

Piper: Fine. Almost done with cooking. Is Melinda home yet?

Caroline: No, she is with Dash, but I think they can come any minute now.

Piper: Oh, can you help me then. I would like it to be finished before they are here.

Five minutes later, the food was ready and table was done, when Melinda and Dash walked into the Manor.

Leo greeted them and gave Melinda a wink, without Piper seeing it.

Melinda: Dad, what a lovely surprise. What you doing here?

Piper: Hey sweetheart, she said walking towards the hallway.

Melinda: Mom, you look beautiful. What is going on? She asked looking at her parents

Casey came downstairs, after she had changed and Caroline came to the hallway too.

Piper: Well, Surprise! She cheered and showed her the table with all kinds of food that Melinda loved.

Piper had even managed to make some English meals that Dash liked. He looked very pleased and happy.

Piper: So, now all we need are the boys. Where are they? Haven’t seen them all day.

Casey: I don’t think you will see them today. They are not responding.

Piper: What? Nonsense. Wyatt! Chris! She called out.

No response.

Piper: Wyatt Matthew Halliwell. Orb your but to the Manor, right now! She called out.

Still no response.

Piper: You don’t think something happened to them? They knew about this dinner and how important it was for me, to have you all here.

Caroline: Nothing happened to them. Well, that is not completely true. Something happened this morning, which took us all by surprise and since then, they are no responding. I think they are afraid or something. It must be a men thing.

Leo: I am not quit following. What happened this morning?

Casey: Well, your daughter had a great idea, she said with sarcasm in her tone and gave Melinda a face. She thought that it would be great, if we all got married at the same time. That we already live together, fight together, that it would make us stronger and it would save cost for the wedding.

Piper and Leo looked at each other for a moment and then to Melinda.

Piper: Honey. You cannot force people to get married. Even not for the reasons you gave them. I understand that you are in the clouds and very happy and want to share that, but your brothers will get marry when they are ready. It is not something you just decide. It is a feeling. They know it when the time is right, just like you did.

Melinda: I know, she mumbled. I now realize that my idea put pressure on their relation and I will try to fix it. I am sorry you guys. It was an impulsive thing and stupid.

Caroline: It was not stupid. It came from a place of love. You want to see your brothers happy and that is understandable. So, no worries. About the boys, they will show up eventually. They have to eat, don’t they?

Piper: Indeed, she said smiling, knowing how much those two could eat. Let’s eat and toast to a beautiful wedding for my precious daughter.

They had a great time and after her parents were gone and things were cleaned, they sat all in the living room. They were about to go to bed, when they heard a vase break.

Wyatt: It is just me. Just an accident, he called out.

Caroline: Wyatt?

Wyatt walked in the living room, looking like a mess. He looked drunk. He couldn’t stand on his feet and had to lean to the wall.

Wyatt: Caroline. I went to the other side of the world and back and I had a few drinks, he spoke with a thick tongue, but I have decided. Melinda is right. I LOVE YOU! He yelled, probably not even noticing it.

He tried to walk over to Caroline, when she stood up and helped him to the couch. He looked at her with a huge grin on his face. Nobody had ever seen him like that.

Wyatt: All my life, I was chosen. I had a duty. I was charmed. No time for girls. Had to fight Demons. Then you came and you were like an angel when I saw you the first time. I knew that I wanted to be with you right then and there.

The room was quit and watching intrigued of what was going on.

Wyatt: I loved you from that moment and I will love you forever. No matter what happens.

I…..wait what was I saying?

He looked around dazed, looking at the rest like if he was noticing them for the first time.

Wyatt: Hey guys, he said waving and smiling

Caroline: You were saying? She said and turned his face towards her.

Wyatt Touched her face, smiling.

Wyatt: Caroline, he whispered. I love you so much, that it hurts sometime. Sometimes I am so afraid that I will disappoint you and that you would leave me. All alone. I don’t think I can handle that, he said now all teary. I don’t want to be alone. I don’t want to be Charmed if it means that I will lose you. I went to the other side of the world. I searched all day and found what I needed. Then I got it polished and made especially for you.

He searched his pockets with his tongue out. He was holding something in his hand. He tried to sit down on the ground, but he fell. Dash, quickly helped him to the right position as he understood what was going to happen. He stood behind him, so Wyatt wouldn’t fall over.

Caroline was crying and looking at Wyatt.

Wyatt: I love you. I love you so so so so so much. I want to be the rest of my life with you. Forever! He yelled waving his hands in the air, almost hitting Dash, without even noticing it.

Will you marry me? Will you be mine forever and ever and we live happy after ever, he said with a huge grin on his face and held out a ring, right in front of Caroline.

It had a huge diamond stone on it. Caroline was crying and looking at the ring.

Caroline: Yes! Yes, I would, she said.

Wyatt, with the help of Dash, was able to put the ring on.

The hands of Wyatt were shaking so badly and he was crying and Caroline was crying. They hugged and kissed and Melinda and Casey were crying too. Even Dash was touched by this scene. It was pretty romantic. He respected Wyatt, but now even more.

After ten minutes, Wyatt had falling asleep on the couch. The excitement and the alcohol had done his job. Everybody went to bed and Caroline moved the other couch toward Wyatt and slept downstairs in his arms.

Melinda’s bedroom

Melinda was still emotional about Wyatt. His insecurity and his bravery to ask Caroline was breathtaking. She was happy for her brother Wyatt, but now she couldn’t sleep because she was worrying about Chris. Nobody had heard from him yet.

Next morning everybody woke up and was sitting in the kitchen. Casey looked down, which was understandable. Chris was still no show.

After breakfast, Wyatt and Caroline went off to Magic School to bring the good news and now more arrangements had to be made. Piper and Leo were thrilled with the news and Piper told her that she would take all the duties as the wedding planner, so Caroline could focus on her wedding. Caroline stayed with Piper and Wyatt orbed out to the Manor to let Melinda know that he would search for his brother.

Manor, Kitchen

Wyatt orbed in, while Melinda was checking which wedding cake she wanted.

Wyatt: Hey sis. We told the news to mom and dad and they were thrilled. I just wanted to say, that I am going to search for Chris. I need him as my best men. We have a lot to do, before all is arranged. Also I wanted to thank you. I was walking around with the idea of marriage, after the battle, but Dash beat me to it. Then I got scared and when you started to suggest to get married, I just froze and only wanted to run as fast as I could. After having the ring and a few drinks, I finally found the courage and now something amazing is going to happen. I am getting married and all thanks to you, so thank you, he said kissing his sister on her forehead.

Melinda gave him a bright smile and he orbed out with a wink.

Empty small Warehouse, somewhere in San Francisco.

Chris closed his eyes and tried to orb, for the billions time. It didn’t work. He wrestled to get out of the robes he was tight in, but nothing worked. He was too weakened, after not eating and drinking for more than a day.

Jake, walked over to him and looked down at Chris.

Jake: Good morning. How are we feeling today? It seems that nobody cares that you are missing. It has been more than a day and nobody came looking for you.

Chris: Jake, listen to me. This is not you. Let me go, please!

Jake: NO! You are not going anywhere. You are my wedding present, he said with a sinister tone in his voice.

Chris: What are you going to do to me?

Jake: Oh, not much. First I am going to torture you with old magic, till you want to die yourself. Then I am going to help you out, by killing you and then I am going to send you to Melinda on her wedding day.

Chris: Jake. Come on. We are friends. We fought side by side. We lived under the same roof. I understand that you are hurt and feel betrayed by Melinda, but things are the way they are. Who knows if is it true love between you Melinda? You have to lose each other first to know that you cannot live without each other. Look at my mom and dad. You know their history. How many times did mom not lose dad? She was patient and her patience was rewarded. Who knows? What I know is that you can’t go back to being good anymore, if you kill me or anybody in that matter. Stop this, before it is too late.

Jake: It is already too late! She is getting married in 48 hours. After all I have done, she will never want me back. She has made her choice and now she has to live with it. Too shame you won’t be around to see it. Now enough talk. I don’t want to hear a word from you. I need to work and prepare.

Chris looked how Jake walked away from him and immediately he tried to get loose. Still couldn’t do it. Then he got an idea and closed his eyes. He sat perfectly still and didn’t think about his hunger and thirst. He focused with all his might on Wyatt and sending it out to him. He knew his brother was now more sensitive, because of his new power. Maybe that would work, even Jake had protected the place.

San Francisco

Wyatt orbed from one place to another in the city, where his brother could be, but nothing. He was really getting annoyed. He was just about to give up when he thought he heard something. He closed his eyes and focused on the voice. He could swear he heard his brother whispering for help. He opened his eyes and knew that Chris was in danger. He orbed to the Manor.

Manor, kitchen

Wyatt orbed in, when Dash was doing the dishes and Melinda was cleaning up. They were talking about living at the Manor or somewhere else, as the Charmed Ones didn’t need to be constantly under one roof after all and if they would have children, it would be nice to have their own place.

Wyatt: I found Chris I think. It’s like he is trying to call for me, but is magically blocked.

Melinda: The only person who could do such a thing is Jake. With old magic. That would mean that Jake has Chris.

Wyatt: Why would he? Chris has done nothing to him. Not that I am saying you did.

Melinda: I have no idea, why he would want Chris, but if he has him then Chris is real danger. With the rage Jake has at the moment, he is capable of doing anything. So we have to find him, like yesterday. Do you think you can come as close as possible to the signal you are getting from him?

Wyatt: I can try. Dash, are you coming?

Dash: Sure mate. I wasn’t sure if I should interfere, as this is a family matter.

Wyatt: You are family. You are marrying a very precious person to me and Chris, so you are family.

Dash: Good then. Let’s go. If your plan doesn’t work, we can try teleporting. I’ll explain on the way.

They orbed out and back in not far from the warehouse.

Wyatt: It should be somewhere here, he said pointing at some warehouses.

Dash: Hold on. I can check that for you.

He teleported out and you could hear him teleport in and out buildings. Suddenly they heard him scream and he fell backwards not far from Melinda and Wyatt.

Dash: Bullocks! He complained. That one is spelled love. Can’t get in or get close.

Slowly they walked towards the warehouse. As soon as they reached the barrier, they bounced back and wasn’t able to move on. Melinda flickered with her hands and Wyatt used his energy wave, but they couldn’t get through it.

Wyatt: I can sense him. He is in there for sure and is hurt! He called out.

Melinda: Jake! JAKE! She called out.

A door opened and Jake came out of it. He looked horrible, like he hadn’t slept for days and done magic, he shouldn’t have.

Jake: Well, well. Look who is here. The love of my life. Oh, look…he is here too. He is like a bee isn’t he. Can’t let go of the honey.

Melinda: Jake, what is going on? Why are you doing this? Because I am getting married? Is that it? You were the one who was going with that slut.

Jake: You know as well as I do, that I was under a spell. Still you couldn’t forgive me. You made me suffer for something I had no control over and now you are going to suffer. Good luck breaking the shield, while I kill off Chris. Of course, I will take first his orbing power from him. Funny, I found a spell, which can take it actually away from a white lighter, permanently.

It is a very dark spell and it was fun preparing it. So, good luck. See you all in hell.

He turned around to go back inside.

Melinda: NO! You can’t do this! Jake! She called out.

He didn’t respond and kept walking back to the warehouse. Melinda couldn’t let this happen.

Even it meant hurting Jake. She had to save her brother. It would destroy him, not able to orb anymore.

She yelled and transformed in the Goddess. Jake stopped and turned around to see what she would do.

Melinda looked at him fiercely and slowly walked to the shield and touched it. She didn’t fly like normally, but stood still. She closed her eyes and finally let go. She smiled at Jake.

Melinda: You think this can stop me? Her voice sounded like iron. You will leave my brother alone, even it means killing you Jake.

Jake who was amused, looked now very serious.

Jake: We shall see about that. You may have old magic, but so have i. Come and get me, he said challenging Melinda.

Melinda bends to the ground and held her hands to the earth. She kept looking at Jake. Suddenly the whole ground shook under them. Even Jake had trouble standing. She was breaking the earth under the shield away and just like that, a piece broke in a way, which made the circle broke, so the shield.

Jake looked surprised. He whispered some old words and threw them towards Melinda. She just waved it away, like it was nothing. Jake looked horrified. That was one of his strongest, attacking spell. Now Melinda whispered some words and Jake grabbed his stomach and fell on the ground, begging her to stop. She slowly walked towards him. Wyatt and Dash behind her. They were very quit and didn’t dare to interfere. Dash was just watching his future wife, making a very powerful witch, crumble and beg, with just some words.

Melinda was standing over Jake and looked angry at him.

Melinda: Is this what you wanted? Fight me? Test who is stronger? Make my happy day a nightmare. Ruin Chris his life, not to mention the life of his future bride Casey. You should be ashamed of who you have become Jake. I loved the guy I had met. The guy full life and joy and wanting to do good. Look at you now. Crumbling and begging to stop the agony you are feeling. I could crush you like a bug if I wanted, but I believe that you can overcome this. You are a good person. A leader and your coven need you. Focus on them. Find healing in that.

Wyatt, get Chris, she commanded.

Wyatt did as he was told and in seconds he was back with his little brother.

Melinda: It’s over Jake. Let it go. For your own sake, because I will tell you this. Maybe we were lovers once. Then we became friends. Now we are enemies. I don’t want to see you or any of your coven members ever again. If I see you or one of them, I will vanquish your coven in a heartbeat. I don’t care about the consequences. You got that. Nobody messes with my family.

She closed her eyes and the agony stopped. Jake got up and looked angry, embarrassed, and emotional at the same time.

Melinda: Farewell Jake, she said and whirled with her hand and Jake was gone.

Dash: Whoa. What just happened?

Melinda: I send him to his coven. He will need them to heal.

She closed her eyes and turned back to herself again. She turned around and walked over to Chris and hugged him.

Melinda: You ok?

Chris: Yes. Thanks to you guys. Let’s go home.

Manor, living room

Casey was pacing around and Caroline was watching her.

Casey: How long can it take to find him and get him, she said annoyed.

Caroline: If they are fighting against Jake in full mode, then it can take a while. I know one thing. It doesn’t matter if it takes all night, they will not come back without Chris.

Casey: Why didn’t they want to me go. I could have helped.

Caroline: You would have been too emotional. How weird it may sound, they are used to save each other. That’s their thing and that makes them so strong. The bound they have to do whatever it takes for each other. Even if you are powerful, some things only the Charmed Ones can do. I had to learn to accept that too.

Orbs started to appear and when they appeared in the room, Casey jumped Chris.

Chris: Easy. Easy. Hurt all over. Starving also by the way.

Caroline: I will make some food, while you freshen up.

Casey walked with Chris upstairs to help him. Wyatt, Melinda and Dash, sat down.

Wyatt: Poor Jake. Somehow I feel bad for him.

Melinda: I know. I feel the same, but he is now out of our lives. I have better things to look for.

Dash: I am still amazed about how you changed completely. Like you were a different person. You didn’t even move a muscle and he was crawling on the ground. Remind me not too piss you off.

Melinda and Wyatt couldn’t help to laugh. It had been a long few days and it was almost time to get married.

Melinda: Tomorrow around this time, we are on our honeymoon, she said smiling.

Wyatt: Yes, I know. It is so weird, but great.

Dash: I think we should go all go to bed, if we want to look fresh and good tomorrow.

Room Chris

Casey: I was scared out of my mind. You and Wyatt were gone. Then Wyatt came back alone very drunk and proposed to Caroline in a very emotional way. Then you were still gone and I didn’t know what to think.

Chris listened to his girlfriend and he could see that she was really worried about him.

Chris: I am sorry that I let you go through that. I was working on something when I got ambushed by Jake. Not expecting him to attack me of course. He was actually planning to take my orbing powers and then kill me off on the wedding as a present for Melinda.

Casey: That is horrible. Well let’s hope I don’t see Jake ever again. If I do, I will show him. The bastard, she said angrily.

Chris: Hey, there is no need for that. All is good. I am home and with you again. That’s all that matters. There is one more thing I need to talk about. I know the way Wyatt and me handled the proposition of Melinda, poorly. You must think that I ran away, but actually it brought to an idea. When I got captured, I was on my way back to you. I wanted to ask you something.

Casey: What is it? She asked calmly.

Suddenly Chris went on his knees and Casey looked at him with huge eyes. She held a hand for her mouth.

Chris: When I met you, you were one fierce Elemental. We thought that you were the enemy, but then I got to know you and I found out, how an amazing person you are. After Bianca I never thought I would love again, but there you were. Standing beside me. Being there for me. No matter what. I fell for you. Hard. Like Melinda said, you make me feel alive. You make feel like I want to fight and do anything to make you happy and the world a better place for our future.

It took me a bit time, but I found a sorcerer who made this special ring for you. It is not spelled or anything, but it is magical. Dear Casey, would you do me the honor and marry me?

He held out a ring, with a stone in the middle, which was divided in four pieces. In each part of the stone, you could see one of the four elements. You couldn’t just see them, but they were moving inside. Casey looked at it, hypnotized. Then she looked at Chris with tears in her eyes.

Casey: Yes. Yes. I want to marry you, she called out.

Chris put the ring on her finger and they kissed intensely.

Chris: Come let’s tell the others, he said smiling brightly.

They both ran downstairs, where the gang was just closing up the doors and windows to go to bed.

Casey: I am getting married, she yelled happy.

Caroline and Melinda: What? Really?

Both girls hugged Casey and she showed them the ring and all looked mesmerized at it. How the fire moved and the air in the ring. It was something else. The men congratulated Chris. Now, nobody was able to sleep anymore. There were like a billion things to do.

Wyatt orbed out to Magic School to see if their parents were awake and they were. He got them and brought them to the Manor, where they told the good news. Piper and Leo were delighted that all her children were getting married.

Then Piper started to call some magical beings to help them out. She didn’t care it was middle of the night. They had a triple wedding to plan.

Magic School

Everybody was running around and making sure everything was ready on time. Grams and Patty were there too to help out. The whole Charmed family slowly started to arrive.

Melinda, Caroline and Casey were all trying out their dresses, while Phoebe, Patty and Sally were helping out. Paige was handling all the kids and that they would behave. Leo, Henry and coop were helping out the boys into their suits. Even it was a very hectic day and moment, everybody seemed calm and happy.

Then it was finally time. The complete magical community was there and the whole Charmed family. The Great Hall was expended magically and decorated in white. It looked truly magical.

The boys were standing in a row waiting for the girls. Then the three brides came into the hall and everybody watched how beautiful they looked in their dresses. After the vows and the marriage ritual, they moved the party to another area of the school, which was decorated festively.

It was truly a day to remember. Piper was very emotional and hugged her children several times. They danced and laughed. All was as it supposed be.

At some point Melinda was standing in a corner watching everybody. She felt so blessed. She knew that there were times that she wished to have a normal life. No more Demon fighting and her wish came true. She found the love of her life. Her brothers were happy. There were no more Demons. They could finally start their lives as normal people, with special gifts. Melinda couldn’t help to smile.

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