Charmed Melinda Season 2

Kiss a normal life goodbye


Raw power

Episode 22

Kiss a normal life goodbye

Previously on Melinda:

After the great battle between good and evil, good had won. Dash asked Melinda to marry her and she said yes. Then she came up with the idea that her brothers should get married too. While the brothers where dealing with the idea of marriage, Jake went missing. Melinda and Dash were forced to find him, before he could do harm to others or himself. Then Chris got missing and Jake was the one who had kidnapped Chris. After a battle between Jake and Melinda, Chris was free and The Charmed Ones finally got married.


Magic School, Manor

Piper: Today the kids are coming back. This is a disaster. What are we going to do? They have no clue in what kind of situation they are getting themselves into. Also I cannot believe that you won’t do anything to help.

Leo: That’s not it. Listen, Jake has gone completely mad. He is planning to expose them as witches. God knows what he has told the police. Nathan is in huge trouble because of it. They are now connecting all the weird crimes to our children and think that Nathan was a part of it all. Jake must have cast a spell or something, as the police is behaving very strangely.

Piper: We should warn our children. If they find out that we know what is going to happen and we didn’t do anything, how will they forgive us?

Leo: If they got caught, then they have to deal with it. They are the Charmed Ones. You got caught and had to deal with it in your own way. If it is meant to be that the world knows about the Charmed Ones, then so be it. We cannot interfere in this. Our children are clever. They were exposed before and Melinda fixed that. Have faith. Let them handle this. I know you are the Matriarch, but this is how it supposed to be.

Piper: I know. I know. I hate it.

Leo: I know. Don’t worry. Trust our children.

Manor, Hallway

The Charmed Ones, with their partners orbed in as a group, right in the middle of the hallway. All their luggage with them. They all were laughing and it seemed they had enjoyed themselves in Hawaii.

Wyatt: There is no place like home, he said looking around smiling.

Then his smile disappeared and he looked around worried.

Wyatt: We are not alone, he said suddenly.

Before the others could do anything, they were surrounded with cops and guns.

Casey: Whoa. Easy there.

Melinda: What is the meaning of this! She demanded.

Cop: Shut up witch. Nobody asked you anything,

Melinda: Did you just called me a witch? She asked surprised.

Cop: Yes I did. Your boyfriend Jake told us all about you and your freak brothers. What you can do and now we all have seen it with our own eyes. How you all just appeared in the middle of the hallway. We got it on tape too.

Melinda: Ok, enough, she said and flickered with her hands to freeze the room.

Nothing happened. She flickered again, but nobody froze.

Cop: Did you just tried to use your powers on us? He laughed. Forgot to tell. Your friend Jake gave us all this amulets with protection against any magic. You can’t harm us. Now get them, he yelled.

Wyatt and Caroline, quickly grabbed the rest and orbed out to the Attic.

Caroline: Oh my god. We are exposed. Why did nobody tell us? I am going up there to ask how we can fix this.

Wyatt: No. They won’t help. They didn’t when the previous Charmed Ones were exposed. We need to go to Magic School and figure out what to do.

Chris: I grab the box with all our witch stuff. Grab as much as you can, what they can’t use against us.

Everybody grabbed something and of course the book and they already heard the cops coming towards the attic. Quickly they locked the door of the attic and Melinda made up a spell, to make sure that nobody but the Charmed Ones would be able to open the door.

They orbed out to Magic School.

They orbed in the Great Hall and it was crowded with people. All over the place there were parents with their children and Leo was talking to them together with his wife. Piper turned around when she sensed her children and quickly walked up to them. She hugged them all and looked at them worried.

Melinda: Mom, what the hell is going on?

Piper: Jake is going on. He lost it completely. He has been all over the television. He is talking about witches and Demons and that they are real. He uses some old language spells when he speaks, so people get spelled and somehow from that moment, it’s like they can smell us or sense us. They attack witches all over the city and world I guess. His message has gone viral and also his spell. Witches all over the world are coming here for sanctuary.

Chris: He seems to be doing more than that. He is giving them some kind of amulets which deflect all kinds of magic. So, we can’t attack them or defend ourselves against attacks.

Casey: Seems like we are trapped. But, Jake is not stupid. He will know that everybody is hiding here. He knows how he can get in. What if he shows the cops and people the way in? What then?

Piper: That is not possible. No human can come here, unless Leo allows them. He is still the head of this school and knows a lot of ways to protect it all this time. I wouldn’t worry about that and if Jake wants to come here with bad intentions, he will not be able to enter. Leo has strengthen the protection several times, so we are save here for now.

Melinda: Why nobody warned us immediately when this started?

Piper: We wanted to, but destiny and all, we weren’t the ones who supposed to interfere In this situation and you guys as the Charmed Ones, are supposed t figure out how to save the witches and they are all now literally depending on you.

An elder orbed in.

Elder: Good you are all here.

Melinda: Is there anything you Elders can do?

Elder: Always direct, aren’t we Melinda?

Melinda: Listen, we didn’t get rid of the Demons from this world, to get exposed and live in greater fear then we lived ever before.

Elder: I know it is not fair. This is not something we wanted for you to come back to from your honeymoon. Unfortunately Jake seems completely lost his way. He has done terrible things the last couple of days.

Melinda: I don’t understand. He is powerful with old magic, but I am more powerful. He should know that I would be able to reverse all of this. Why still do it?

Elder: You don’t know, he said worried. There is no Witches of the First Order anymore. All gone. The whole coven vanquished by Jake. Right after he sucked all the magic from each member. He seemed to be focused specially on you and your family. That other witches get hurt, he doesn’t care and seems like a bonus for him.

Melinda: I cannot believe that we are talking about the same Jake I once knew.

Dash: Believe it love. He has gone mad and won’t stop till he has hurt you enough or worse kills you.

Melinda: So what? We sit here and wait till it blows away? God knows what they are doing right now in our house. The Manor lasted so long and I won’t let it get destroyed by cops and Jake. Dash, take me home. I am going to deal with those cops right now, she said determined.

Dash, grabbed Melinda and teleported her home. The cops immediately were alert and surrounded them

Cop: Look who is back. We found some interesting things in this house. You all going to burn as witches.

Melinda: Shut your mouth. Without us, you wouldn’t be here. You have no idea with who you are dealing with and you are so over your head. You think that amulet you are wearing can stop me?

If you do, then you are really mistaking.

All cops loaded their guns and pointed it at Melinda.

Melinda: You can shoot the guns if you want, but he is teleported us out of here, before you pull the trigger and if that doesn’t work, I cannot maybe freeze you guys, but I can still freeze the bullets.

Cops: How do you plan to stop us all? You are so small and fragile, he laughed.

Melinda: Like this, she said and without warning, she transformed into this Goddess. Dash, get out here now.

Dash teleported out instantly and Melinda was now floating in the hallway. The cops started to shoot at her, but all the bullets bounced back, before touching her. The cops had to duck for their own bullets.

Melinda lifted her hand and closed her eyes. A light started to appear in her hand and she started to swirl her hand in circles and chanted a language the cops didn’t understand. They were looking at her in horror. Hearing about witches and seeing one working magic, was completely something else. Without saying a word, Melinda closed her hand and all amulets were pulled from the cops necks. They flew right in the hand of Melinda.

She stopped floating and walked towards the cop who was giving her a hard time and laughed at her.

Melinda: Are you scared now? Do you still think I am small and fragile? She asked with a voice of iron.

You stupid humans. Our family has giving their lives for the humans. How many of our kind died, trying to save this world, from evil and Demons. This is the thanks we get?! She yelled at the cop.

Cop: Please don’t hurt me. I have children, he begged her still lying on the ground.

Melinda: I want you and your buddies out of my house and I don’t want to see any of your cop friends here again. The next time, I will show you what real magic can do and believe me. I can make all your worst memories come true and let you relive it over and over again. Till your last breath. So be warned and tell your cop buddies. Now get the hell out of my house.

The cops didn’t know how fast they had to get out of the house. Melinda called for her brothers.

They orbed in and looked around.

Melinda: We don’t have to worry about cops anymore. The only problem we have is Jake. If we stop him, than we can reverse all his mess. Till that time we have to be careful. We don’t know who has a amulet and who doesn’t. Who knows about us and who doesn’t. Don’t trust anybody and be careful.

I am going to find Nathan and see what he knows. Dash, can you take me to the policestation?

Dash looked worried, but took Melinda to the station.

Police Station

They teleported right in the middle of the office. All cops jumped up, looking scared. They pulled their guns. Melinda lifted her hands.

Melinda; I wouldn’t try that if I were you. Your cop friends who were in the house, can tell you all about it when they come here. Now, where is Nathan?

The chief came out of his office and looked angry.

Chief: You got nerve showing your face here witch. We should kill you right here and now.

Melinda: You can try, but believe me when I tell you that you will lose and everybody in this room, will die right here and now. Don’t think for a second that your amulets will save you.

Chief: What do you want?

Melinda: I came here to collect Nathan. Where is he?

Chief: He is in jail. Awaiting his punishment for helping all of you.

Melinda: Thanks, she said smiling. You all have a nice day now, she said.

Dash and Melinda teleported out and back in the prison. Right in the cell of Nathan. Without saying a word, they grabbed him and teleported him out to the Manor.


They teleported in and a frightened Nathan looked around.

Nathan: What have you done? Bring me back right now. If they know that I am gone, then I am a dead man.

Melinda: It seemed to me, that you were already a dead man.

Nathan: The whole world has gone crazy. I cannot believe that Jake is the cause of all of this. He seemed so gentle.

Melinda: What happened?

Nathan: One day he walked into the station and wanted to speak with me and the chief. Then he started to tell about witches and stuff and before the chief could send him away, he put a spell on him, which made the chief believe every word he was saying. After that I was put in jail.

Melinda: We have to stop this. Before it get worse, but it is not going to be easy. This is a worldwide thing now.

Dash: Didn’t you had something similar like this going on before? You did change it back then, can’t you do the same?

Melinda: Nathan tried to expose us once, working with the Source, but I was then able to fix it. I am not sure how to fix this. I don’t know with what kind of forces we deal. I don’t know what kind of effect it will be, if we reverse everything?

Chris: We have to go to the past and change what was. We have to stop Jake, before he goes to the police and starts all of this.

Wyatt: That is dangerous. If we go back, then we have to go back further, before he kills his own coven.

Caroline: Well, I know this. We can’t go back together. That is too much risk, that one of us changes the history. The only thing we can do, is send one of us back and the only person who fits that shoe is Melinda. She is the only one who is strong enough to handle the old magic of Jake.

Melinda: Going to the past, will not help. There is too much risk. Too much lives depending on it.

There must be another way. Caroline, Casey and Dash. Don’t get me wrong, but this is something me and my brothers have to do.

Dash: I get it. It’s a Charmed thing, only you three can solve. I am learning, he smiled.

Melinda: You are the best.

Casey: Be careful. Just got married and don’t want to be a widow already, she said to Chris and kissed him.

Caroline: I hate this, but please be careful. I am a call away, she said to Wyatt.

Wyatt, Chris and Melinda held hands and looked at their loved ones.

Melinda; Boys, orb us to the Elders.

Wyatt and Chris orbed instantly out to the Heavens.


They orbed in and some Elders looked surprised to see Melinda also with the brothers.

Odin the Elder walked over to them and looked angry.

Odin: What is she doing here?

Melinda: Listen, we have no time for formalities. Our whole magical community is in danger. Who cares I am here? I am here to help.

Odin: What can we do? He said now calmer.

Melinda: You have to get the cleaners. They are obligated to clean this mess up, as magic has created it.

Elders: We have no control over the Cleaners. Nobody knows how to summon them. Where they stay? Who created them?

Chris: How is that possible? They couldn’t appear out of thin air and also with such a great power to change what was.

Melinda: Ok, then tell us who can give us that information.

Odin: I am not sure if there is such a person?

Melinda: Who created the Elders? Who created all of this? Who made the Avatars? There must be answers somewhere.

Odin: Even if you would find the cleaners, they wouldn’t help. Your family made it very clear they didn’t want to do have anything with them. So, they will never appear to you anymore. The trick your parents used to expose magic, will not work in this case as it is already exposed. The only solution we can think of is killing Jake. Hopefully with his death, all the magic he has done, will be reversed.

Melinda: No! Nobody is killing Jake. Because he lost it, doesn’t mean he has to die. I can bind him, when I have stopped this first. Let’s go guys. I think I know who we have to talk too.

Wyatt: Where are we going?

Melinda: To Magic School.

The boys orbed out, before Odin could stop them.

Magic School

It was still crazy at the school. The charmed Ones searched for Leo and finally found him at the Manor. He was taking a small break with Piper, before he continued helping everybody.

Melinda: Dad, we need you, like now.

Leo: What is it? What’s going on?

Melinda: We need you to send us to the Council.

Leo: The Council? Why? They don’t like to be disturbed like that.

Melinda: I don’t care what they like or not. This is about magic. All Magic, including theirs.

Now, can you help us or not?

Leo: To speak to the Council, I have to be there too and speak on your behalf.

Melinda: No. I will speak to them. I think I made a pretty good impression the last time I dealt with them. I just need you to send us there. If you want to come, that is fine.

Piper: I think I like to come too, she said firmly.

Melinda: Well, let’s go then.

Her parents got up and now they were all standing in a circle in the middle of the room and Leo started to chant Latin words to send them to the Council.

The Council

They all appeared, when the four heads were talking to each other.

Aramis: What are you doing here? You are not allowed to enter this sacret place just whenever want to.

Melinda: I know that we are not supposed to come here, but this is urgent. Very urgent which involves yourselves actually.

Aidar: What do you mean by that?

Melinda: Well it is very simple. Jake is a good witch, who cannot handle a break up and has gone mad because of it. He is still good, but lost his way. You would think that by now you or the cleaners would have taken action, but you haven’t. Magic is exposed and witches are being killed or tortured as we speak all over the world.

Aramis: You don’t have to tell us what is going on. We know perfectly well what is happening.

You came her once, showing off how powerful you were. More powerful than us. Now you come her asking for our help and telling us things we already know. What do you want Melinda?

Melinda: Well, I want the cleaners. Only it seems that nobody is able to summon them and they can come and go as they please. So, I need you to summon them. You must have the power to do it?

Aidar: Why should we do that for you?

Melinda: Well that’s the thing. You are not doing it for me, but for yourselves as I said. It is simple. If all witches are being executed, then there will be no more good witches. No more Demons. Only hateful people who turn evil on each other. When all magic is gone from this world, then first the Elders, then the Avatars, then maybe some other high power, will fade away as they are not needed anymore. Finally at last, you four will be goners, as there is no magic to be watched over anymore. No more Charmed One, who helps you out, again and again. I mean, did we get a thank you note from you guys, when we got rid of all the Demons? We made the world a better place to live in? This is the thanks we get? Saving the world from demons, to get exposed and burned at the stake? Is this how you guys watch over Magic. Is this what this Council is about?

The four heads looked at each other for a moment then all four of them closed their eyes. An cleaner appeared. Piper looked surprised as it was the same one, she had dealt with, all those years ago and he hadn’t aged a bit. He was still wearing those white suits and looking grumpy.

Cleaner: You have summoned us great Council, he said and then looked disgusted at the Charmed Ones.

Aramis: Yes, we have. We have a task for you.

Cleaner: We don’t do task. We clean all magic which is exposed.

Melinda: Really? Why is the world going to hell right now then? Why haven’t you clean it by now?

Cleaner: I don’t have to answer any of your questions. We wanted to help you, like we did with Piper, but it seems you have the same genes as you mother. Stubborn. Now you come and ask our help, when you can’t handle the situation.

Melinda: Aren’t you supposed to be neutral?

Cleaner: Once we were, but we figured out that our neutral state is not always helping things along. We have decided to choose who we help or not. Your powers have may grown, but so is ours.

Melinda: So, you rather vanish into thin air, then to help us?

Cleaner: Why should we vanish? There is always some magical cleaning to do.

Melinda: Really? What are you planning to clean, if all witches have been killed and there is no magic to clean up anymore? Did you think about that?

Cleaner: If that is destined to happen, then so mote it be.

Aramis: That is nonsense. You have the power to end this madness. Why wouldn’t you help magic?

Before the Cleaner could respond, he got hit by the blowing power of Melinda and fell on the ground. Melinda quickly run over to him and grabbed his head.

Three times three,

Make him see, make him see

All witches in the world, send your pain

Let him feel all of it, till he becomes insane.

She let go of him and he backed away from her.

Cleaner: What have you done to me?

Melinda: I spelled you. Now, you will feel all the pain that is been caused to witches and feel the pain of every witch that is been killed right now. Maybe that changes your mind.

Cleaner: Your spells won’t work on me. I am immune to it.

Melinda: Is that so? She said and got up.

The Cleaner got up too. Suddenly he bend over and started to scream out. He fell back on the ground and was now screaming like a mad man.

Cleaner: Help me. I am burning. I feel like dying. Please help me. Stop this you witch! Help! He shouted.

The four heads and the rest all looked at Melinda. Nobody dared to interfere. They also knew by now when Melinda was like this, you better stay out of her way. She would do anything to stop this mess.

Melinda: So, now you feel what the witches are feeling. It ain’t pretty isn’t it?

Cleaner: Please stop. Help me. Please.

Melinda: When I asked you for help, you refused. Give me one good reason, why I should release you?

Why I shouldn’t let you suffer like you let the world suffer?

The other cleaner appeared, feeling the pain of his compagnon.

Cleaner 2: What is going on here? You! He said looking at Melinda. Release him this instantly.

Melinda: Or what? You are going to erase me? You don’t have the balls to do it? You see, your friend over there, will not hold much longer. If you go, I will let you summon again by them and then do the same to you.

Cleaner: No! Please. I am burning. Oh god, I am burning. Stop it. Help!

Melinda: Are you going to help us. Are you going to change what was? Bring back the Witches of the First Order? Make everybody forget about Magic and amulets. Undo what Jake has done.

Cleaner 2: We can’t. We can’t bring back the dead who has gone that long. We can make all the humans in the world forget, but we can’t stop Jake. He is too powerful for us. Like you. The only person who can stop him is you.

Melinda: You have to explain to me one thing. When you clean magic up? How does it work? You can actually turn back time and make everybody relive their day, except the magic part?

Cleaner 2: That is correct.

Melinda: But all magical people, will remember what has happened? Witches that have been burned, will they be alive again?

Cleaner 2: We are not sure exactly. This is huge and had effect on the whole world. Lot of witches have been murdered in the last couple of days. We don’t have the power to bring them all back.

Melinda: But you can?

Cleaner 2: Well, if we change a humans past, maybe then they never meet the witch and this way the witch stays alive, but I cannot assure you anything. Like I said, this is big.

Wyatt: How can we summon you and know that you will do what we want, when Melinda has released him and you disappear.

Cleaner 2: You will know, when you look outside and things are settled down again. Now release him.

Melinda: I release you, she said closing her eyes.

Cleaner got up immediately, not looking happy.

Melinda: Now, before you go last warning. You know in what I can transform too. You know how powerful I am. You think that I am the only one who can stop Jake. So, don’t try to screw me over, because if you do, I will find you and I will vanquish your two sorry asses to oblivion. You got that! She said firmly. Now go, do you job. Leave Jake to me.

Melinda turned around to the Council and looked at them smiling.

Melinda: I know you don’t like me, but still I want to thank you for your help.

Aramis: Blessed Be, Melinda Warren Halliwell, may your ancestors be with you.

Before the group could say anything or do anything, they were back at Magic School

Melinda called out for her Uncle Coop. Coop appeared like every cupid did, in a light of a red heart.

His was very bride, as he was now the head of the cupids.

Coop: Hey everybody. Things aren’t going so well I believe. How can I help?

Melinda: We need your ring. I need to go back to the past and fix a mistake.

Coop: What kind of mistake are we talking about?

Melinda: When Jake had kidnapped Chris and wanted to take his orbing powers away, I look into the eyes of Jake and I some darkness in him. We lost him. He will never be the Jake we knew. He has turned evil. With his power, that can be very dangerous combination. I fought him that day, but spared him thinking that his coven can heal him and help him get over me.

Dash and Caroline walked over the group and listened at what was going on.

Melinda: Therefore I need the ring back. I need to go to the time that he held Chris hostage. I need to do what I should have done right there and then, kill Jake.

Wyatt: No sis. We can’t let you do that. You don’t kill people. We don’t do that.

Melinda: I know that Wyatt, but what choice do we have. I am open to suggestions. You can’t stop him. No one here can stop him, so it has to be me. I have to kill Jake, because he loves me. It sucks, but what is happening is more important then, how I would feel killing Jake. Witches are being killed as we speak all over the world. Hunted and burned to death. This has to stop and it can only if I prevent this ever happening.

Dash: I agree with Melinda. This has to stop or the life we knew will be over. We will have to stay here forever, as the normal world wouldn’t be save for us anymore. Witches and innocent people accused of Witchcraft will be killed. We have to undo this. Now! Only we don’t have to kill him. We can bind him, like you said before, right?

Melinda looked at Dash and gave him a smile. He really listened to her.

Coop: I understand, but you know how the ring works. It may not bring you to the right moment you want. Your mother knows that well enough, when she fought the Ultimate Battle and went back to the past to change the future. It took her a few loops, but she got it done, he winked at Piper, who smiled back by the taught.

Dash: I am going with you, he said determined.

Leo looked smiling at his wife, like he was watching a deja-vu of their own adventure.

Melinda held his hand and took the ring of Cupid.

Melinda: Ready? She asked Dash.

Dash: Ready, he said and looked at her.

Melinda closed her eyes and thought of Jake. Both of them disappeared in a red heart.


Melinda and Dash, appeared just outside the woods and looked at where they were. This was wrong. This was not the place Melinda wanted to go.

Dash: Where are we? He asked looking at Melinda.

Melinda: In the past. The women you see are the Witches of the First order. At some point they become evil and wanted to take my powers. I had to do what I had to do. This is the moment that Jake and I declared our love for each other. Right before I summon my raw power, for the first time completely.

They were helping me to control it. We have to move on.

Again she closed her eyes and they were taken away. This time, they ended up in the Manor, in the living room. They heard Melinda talking to Jake.

Dash listened how Melinda broke up with Jake and what her reasons were. They could hear the devastation in the voice of Jake and then him leaving. Then they listened how Melinda cried.

Dash looked at Melinda and she looked sad. She closed her eyes again and this time they were at the right place.

They watched Melinda standing over Jake and looked angry at him.

Melinda from the past: Is this what you wanted? Fight me? Test who is stronger? Make my happy day a nightmare. Ruin Chris his life, not to mention the life of his future bride Casey. You should be ashamed of who you have become Jake. I loved the guy I had met. The guy full life and joy and wanting to do good. Look at you now. Crumbling and begging to stop the agony you are feeling. I could crush you like a bug if I wanted, but I believe that you can overcome this. You are a good person. A leader and your coven need you. Focus on them. Find healing in that. Wyatt, get Chris, she commanded.

Wyatt did as he was told and in seconds he was back with his little brother.

Melinda from now, knew that she was about to send Jake to his coven. They came out of their hiding place.

Melinda now: Stop! She yelled.

Everybody looked surprised at Melinda and Dash.

Melinda now: I am from the future. Don’t send him to his coven for healing. If you do that, she said walking towards herself, than he will do horrible things to his coven and all the witches in the world.

This has to end here and now.

Dash from the past walked over to himself and looked at himself.

Dash: Damn, I really am handsome, aren’t I, he smirked and his future self smiled too.

Melinda now: Seriously?

Dash: Sorry, continue.

Melinda now: Melinda, listen to me. I know you still think he can change and is a good person, but I have seen what he will do, in a couple of days. He will expose all witches. He will created amulets, that alerts people of witches close by. They are killed as we speak all over the world. We are hiding at Magic School. This will be all his doing, she said pointing at Jake.

Melinda past started to speak in a old language and Jake was again crumbling all over the floor. He muttered a spell also in an old language, but Melinda waved it away if it was nothing. She walked over to Melinda from now. Without speaking, she lifted her hand and held it against the forehead of Melinda from now. She saw that everything Melinda told was true. She really thought that he could change. He could be good again. Full of life and magic. She was wrong. He was a monster and needed to be stopped. She started to raise and wanted to float towards Jake, but Melinda from now stopped her.

Melinda now: No. This is something I have to do. This is happening in my time and I came to stop it. So you need to back off.

Melinda from the past looked at Melinda and then at Jake. She whispered some words and he was released again. The she turned back to herself and stood by her brothers and Dash.

Jake stood up looking at Melinda from now. He straightened up his back.

Jake: So, it has come to this, huh? You killing me. I thought that you didn’t kill humans. That it was against your Charmed rules?

Melinda: After what I have seen, what you will do, you are nothing else then another Demon to me, who wants to harm the world and in this case all Witches, so yeah, I have no problem vanquishing your sorry pathetic ass. Look at you. Because he can’t get over a girl, he takes it out on the world. Really mature. Really a way for you to show how much you love me. That you are willing to kill anybody to get me, but this will stop right here and now.

Jake: We will see about that, he said and said some words, which made Melinda fell on her hands and feet. She was bound. He had done it again.

Melinda tried to get up, but couldn’t. Melinda from the past and her brothers wanted to help her, but Dash from the future stopped them.

Dash: NO! She is fine. She has to do this. Period! No interfering’s, no matter what. Understood. We don’t want to mess up the future.

The group backed away and watched the fight.

Melinda started to laugh, while Jake was standing close by.

Jake: Do you think you can get out this bounding spell. This is stronger than the ones from the past.

Melinda just kept smiling.

Jake: Stop laughing, he shouted and pushed her more to the ground.

Melinda groaned, but kept laughing.

Melinda: You still don’t get it, don’t you? From the moment this fight started you lost it and died, you just don’t accept it yet.

Jake: It seems that you are have delusions. You are on the ground, eating dirt. Also let’s see if you can handle this one.

Again he said some words, and suddenly scratches started to appear on the back of Melinda. Her shirt was ripped. Like some invisible animal was attacking her.

Melinda: Enough!

Melinda transformed just like that and stood up, looking directly at Jake. Wind seemed to came out of and pushed Jake at least a meter away from her. He quickly got up and looked pissed. He held his hand up, but Melinda flickered faster with hers and he flew a few meters and hit his back, hard against the wood of the barn. He tried to get up, but was now coughing.

Jake: Is that all you got? He said coughing.

Melinda floated towards him and she held her hand up and he was pushed to the ground. She remembered suddenly Katrina. She had done this to her too. She closed her finger very slowly and Jake screamed out in pain. He was trying to role on the ground, but he was so pushed, he couldn’t move, he almost couldn’t breathe.

Melinda; I am Melinda Warren Halliwell. I am the next in line of the Matriarchs. My mother is Piper Halliwell. I have all my ancestors in me. I am all the good there is in this world and I will do whatever it takes to save it. Even if it means killing you.

Melinda closed her eyes and suddenly everybody was moved to the coven of the Witches of the First Order from this time. The coven looked frightened, when they saw two Melinda’s, one normal and the other one changed into a goddess. Two dashes.

Jackie: What is going on?

Melinda: I wanted you all to be witness of this. I am Melinda from a few days in the future. Tomorrow all of you would be dead, by the hands of Jake and he would have taken over your powers and expose witches all over the world. Many have been killed already, because he made some amulets to find witches. He will do horrible things. I wanted you to be all here to see his punishment for yourselves. He will need you all after it, to heal.

She looked at Jake, who was still pushed towards the ground. She closed her hand more and more and Jake became very pile and he was in very much pain, but pushed so hard to the ground, that he couldn’t even move. Blood started to come out of his mouth and he looked at Melinda. She knelt down towards him and with her free hand, she touched Jakes head.

Melinda: You could have been a token of good, but you have and will abuse your magic. You will turn your back on your coven. I can kill you right her and now. I just have to close my hand and it is over. But now I think of it, I think killing you would make me feel bad and sad and I don’t think you have any right to make me feel that way. So, instead of killing you I will do something else. I bind you Jake, for doing harm to yourself or others.

Jake looked at her horrified, but couldn’t do anything.

Melinda: I bind you Jake, for doing harm to yourself or others. . I bind you Jake, for doing harm to yourself or others, she said and closed her eyes.

A white string came out Melinda, right from her heart. She moved her hand and she made Jake sit down, like a puppet. He had his eyes closed and was crying. The white string started to circle around him, till he was completely covered with it. At that point she released him. He had his eyes closed and his head down towards the ground. Slowly the string went back to the heart of Melinda.

Melinda: Jake the leader of the Witches of the First Order, is no more. He is now an ordinary human and will never ever be able to perform any kind of Magic.

She released him and he looked up to her, crying.

Jake: You should have killed me. I have been a witch all my life. I don’t know to be someone else.

Melinda: You have given a second chance, one you don’t deserve. I would take it and try to make amends. My work here is done. We can return to our future.

Melinda past: Thank you for coming. Nice to see myself in Goddess mode and in action. Cool.

Melinda now: See ya guys and enjoy the wedding. It is going to be awesome, she said smiling and grabbed Dash and closed her eyes.

Magic School

They appeared not far from Coop.

Coop: And did you find him?

The Cleaners appeared.

Cleaner: What have you done? He asked annoyed at Melinda.

Melinda: What do you mean?

Cleaner: You went back to the past and have bound Jake, but nothing has changed. It even made it worse.

Melinda: How is that possible?

Cleaner: You don’t know but Jackie has taken over the coven and is now finishing the revenge of Jake.

Chris: Why? She is one of the good ones.

Cleaner: She is in love with Jake and is expecting a baby. She and Jake had a moment.

Melinda: So, all I did was pointless?

Cleaner: Yes and no. Yes, because Jackie with all her hormones, Is a walking bomb who is learning to use the old magic, Jake was using. No, because she is not strong enough as him. So the damage she is doing is limited then Jake’s. She has exposed witches, using one of their members to use magic in public. She is now working on the amulets to give to the police. The only way for us to stop her is by making her disappear along with Jake.

Melinda: Disappear? You mean kill them?

Cleaner: No, just vanish.

Melinda: I am not sure if I like the sound of that. She is pregnant for god’s sake. Maybe we can talk sense into her, before we make people disappear.

Cleaner: It is your call. Therefore we came to you first. It seems you are calling the shots and if you want to give it a try, be our guest. We will be close by.

They disappeared. The group looked worried. Things at school had changed too. People started to disappear, back to their lives as they were not attacked yet. At least they had saved a whole bunch of Witches from a horrible death.

Melinda: I am tired and hungry. I need some food, before I make some serious decisions.

Piper: You know what. I will go with you to the Manor and made some dinner for you kids. Leo, I assume you stay here to help out the people that won’t disappear yet?

Leo nodded and gave his wife a kiss.

Manor, kitchen

The group appeared and started to hang out in the kitchen, when Piper started to cook some dinner for them. Melinda told Dash, that she would freshen up and would be back in five minutes. He gave her a kiss and told her to hurry back soon.

Melinda walked towards the stairs. She was about to go upstairs when she stopped walking and sensed a presence behind her. She turned around immediately and faced an angry Jackie.

Jackie: Do you have any idea what you have done? You have made a real mistake by binding him. The whole coven is shocked by your actions. You supposed to be good. How can you bind him? He is broken and devastated. I don’t think he wants to live anymore. If he dies, then you have his blood on your hands.

Melinda: You are pregnant. I can sense the little one in your belly.

Jackie looked surprised at Wyatt and then held her hands before her stomach, like she was trying to protect it.

Jackie: I am magical and our son will be magical. Jake will not be able to handle not been able to teach his son the magic and the ways of the Witches of the Order.

Melinda: I am sorry, but I cannot help you with that. Maybe in time if I see that Jake has changed and become again the person I knew. Then we can talk about it, but otherwise it will not happen. I am actually still surprised that you two were a thing. I mean he was trying so hard to get me back, that I cannot imagine him doing something like that.

Jackie: Not that it is your business, but we had a thing once. I was going to tell him after your wedding that I was pregnant, but then he became weird and I decided to wait with telling him.

Melinda: Why don’t you tell him now? Maybe that is exactly what he needs to move on and accept a normal life.

Jackie: Turn him back, she demanded Melinda.

Wyatt: Something is wrong. Melinda is in danger.

The group rang quickly out of the kitchen and the group stood still not far away from Jackie and Melinda. They watched the face off between the two.

Melinda: No, she said firmly. I am sorry Jackie. You simply have to live with the situation as it is. Like I said, you should tell him that you are pregnant. I know for sure that will lighten his life up. You should go now, before we end up fighting. The only way, he will be able to use magic is when I die, till that time, he will remain a human without any magic. You should go now, before we end up fighting I wouldn’t want to hurt the baby or you. So, let it go and leave.

Jackie: NO! You turn him back right now, she yelled and pulled out a gun.

Melinda: Seriously? A gun? Like that is going to stop me?

Without saying anything, she fired the gun and immediately Piper and Melinda flickered with their fingers to freeze the bullet, but nothing happened. She tried to divert it with telekinesis, but that didn’t work either. Dash teleport out, but before he teleport it in, the bullet hit Melinda right in the stomach.

Dash teleported in, looking horrified.

Melinda looked at Dash and then down. She was hit in her stomach. Both her brothers hurried over to her, to heal her, but it didn’t work. Jackie was watching the scene and smirking.

Piper: What did you do to her? She yelled at Jackie and ran over to her daughter.

Jackie: Oh, Jake showed me some old spells. No magic can pull that bullet out. Hope you make it to the hospital on time. I also learned where to shoot someone, so they bleed out fast, before the doctors can even start the operation. Good luck.

Wyatt orbed instantly Melinda to the nearest hospital. He orbed into the alley next by and ran with Melinda into the ER.

Wyatt: Help. Someone!. My sister got shot. She is bleeding badly.

The nurses and doctors took her over and brought her to a examination room with Wyatt right behind her. The doctor checked the wound and told the nurses that they had to operate right away. Every minute counted as she lost a lot of blood in the meantime.

The rest of the family arrived and went over to a worried Wyatt.

Leo: What did the doctor say? He asked worried.

Wyatt: The doctor was very worried and wanted to operate immediately. She has lost a lot of blood.

I am going to kill Jake. He may not be able to use magic anymore, but he sure knows how to convince others to do his bidding.

Chris: First things first. Melinda needs to be better. Then we will get the son of a bitch.

Hours past. Dash was devastated. He couldn’t think of losing her, not when he just married her and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

Finally the doctor came to the waiting area. He looked concerned.

Dash: Doctor. How is she?

Doctor: Her situation is very critical. She is been hit right in her stomach, which made a whole. We closed it, but it can open by movement before it is healed and if she then eats, all the food will go through the whole into her body, killing her. We have no idea at the moment how she will be in the next two days. As it looks now, I would prepare for the worst and say goodbye. I am sorry, he said and walked away.

Piper: NO! This is not happening. You are not telling me that my daughter is going to die! We are the freaking Charmed Ones. There must be a magical way. Something we can do, to reverse the magical damage Jackie and Jake has done.

Dash thought that he would pass out any moment. Was he really going to lose Melinda? There had to be a way. Anything to save her.

To be continued….

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