Charmed Melinda Season 2

Jake the Almighty

Power of One

Episode 3
Jake the Almighty


Last week it was my birthday. Of course it was not a normal one. We had to fight a Giant. Again my raw powers vanquished a Demon that was unbeatable. I didn’t even feel like, I used my full power. Scary…

Jake was so sweet. De day after my birthday, I woke up with breakfast on bed. After that I had Jake as desert. After our breakfast, Chris orbed us to Central Park in New York. We walked for two hours and sat down by the water and talked about life and normal things. It was lovely. After the park, Chris orbed us to Eifel tower in Paris. We had lunch at a very small, but nice bistro. After we had eaten, Chris orbed us to our last stop. Hawaii. Can you believe it? It was awesome. When we arrived there was a woman waiting for us. After she had welcomed us, she served us all night. She brought food and drinks and danced for us. We watch the sun going down. When we were orbed back home, we fell in sleep, holding each other tight.
I love that guy, I really do.

Now I am even more proud of him. His lessons are over with Silvia. She has taught him everything she knows. I had a chat with her two days ago about it. She admits that it takes normally much longer, but that Jake is a quick learner and he seemed to be a sponge. He sucks in all knowledge just like that. He has also his natural own magic and a very strong will. So he is finally going to coroneted to a high priest. The first male high priest of the Witches of the First Order. She was so excited, I could tell and proud. Unfortunately I won’t see him till midnight at the coronation.

I will let you know how it went, my dear and trusty diary.

See ya..

Melinda was lying on her bed, looking at all the picture they had made on their day out. She was smiling at some memories, when a panicked Chris came in her room.

Melinda: Hey…..!! Privacy!

Chris: Sorry Mel. Casey is under attack by a dozen Demons.

Melinda: What? Well hurry orb us there!

Chris did as he was told and orbed them to the beach.


Casey loved walking on the beach early in the mornings and all the way in the end, where almost nobody came and was quit, she meditated to get her powers under control. Unfortunately, her daily routine was noticed by Demons that were shadowing her. They waited for her to be alone and that no one was around. Then they waited till she was sitting on the sand and meditating.

Now there were more than dozen Demons, surrounding Casey. They made just one mistake. Casey loved this place also, because here she had three of the four elements in case she would get attack.

When the Demons appeared in a circle around her, she slowly stood up. She closed her eyes and the sand around her started to move in a circle around her. It went so fast. Now it was like a tornado around her. Her eyes had turned into the color of the sand. She was breathing hard. The Demons started to attack her, but their hits didn’t get through the sand.

Kane: Stop attacking. Don’t waste your energy. Let’s wait and see how long our little witch can hold her shield up.

The Demons stood in a circle around her. Casey looked around her and knew she wouldn’t be able to hold it for long. She started to call for Chris in her mind.

Chris and Melinda orbed in, a bit away from the scene and Chris wanted to help her immediately, but was stopped by his little sister.

Chris: She is calling for me. I need to help her.

Melinda: I know, but just wait a bit longer. I want to see what she will do, when she is pushed to her limits. How far her powers go?

Chris: Why?

Melinda: It can be important for later and also if we want to help her control her powers, we need to know first, how far can she go?

Chris didn’t like it, but stayed with his sister.

Casey knew she couldn’t hold the sand tornado too long and called for another element, the water. The sky became darker and the sea became wilder. The gulfs were getting higher and higher. The Demons noticed it too and started to attack her again. Casey really had to focus to keep the sand tornado up, while she made the water come closer and closer to them, but it was too much. She couldn’t hold it all together. While she still had to tornado around her, she fell to her knees. The Demons started to advance their attacks on her.

Chris: Can we now help?

Melinda: Yes we can. Orb us on each side of her.

Chris nodded and did as he was told. Out of nowhere they orbed close to Casey. Melinda immediately held her hands up to freeze the scene. All Demons except Kane froze.

Chris: Casey. Let go. We are here.

Casey looked up thankful at Chris and then she passed out. The moment the she closed her eyes, all sand fell to the floor, leaving a vulnerable Casey lying on the sands.

Kane started to focus his energy balls at Casey, but Melinda stood before her now and blew them all up and Chris stood on the other side.

Kane: Why the hell are you protecting her? She is a danger for both sides. If she grew in her powers, she can destroy the world. She needs to die.

Melinda: Unless she learns to control her powers and use them for good. Then it would only be bad for you guys, she said smirking at the Demon.

Kane looked pissed off at Melinda. In the meantime Casey started to wake up and lifted her head. She saw Melinda standing in front of her. She couldn’t believe that she was keep getting rescued by such a small girl.

Kane: This is not over, he said and shimmered out.

Melinda: Chicken! Melinda shouted.

She turned around and bent over to help Casey up.

Casey: Thanks you guys. This was close one.

She looked up to Chris and then she gave him a face.

Casey: What took you so long? I have called like a thousand times for you.

Chris: Don’t remind me. I still have a migraine, he said teasing her.

Casey slapped him on his arm and they laughed.

Melinda: Actually it was my fault. We were here, the moment the Demons started to attack you and when you created the tornado thing around you.

Casey: What? Why did you wait so long to help?

Melinda: I wanted to see what you could do, when you were pushed to your limits. I wanted to know how far you are.

Casey: I could have been killed back there and you were watching how powerful I really am? She shrieked.

Melinda: Yep! Listen, you and I aren’t that different. We can call upon a power that’s beyond our regular powers. In the beginning I passed out every time. Sometimes they had to talk to me, so I would change back again. Otherwise I would have stayed raged and maybe destroyed the world by now. When I was watching you, I noticed that you started to lose a lot of energy, because you were holding back and focusing on not losing, that cost you almost your life. We have to teach you, how to let go, but still be in control. Do you understand what I am trying to say, she said looking at Casey?

Casey: Yeah, I think so. I have to go mental to become normal again.

Melinda: That’s also a way to describe it, but if it works for you…then yes you do. Go mental...

Chris: So, can I orb you somewhere or do anything for you?

Casey: No, I am fine. I don’t think that the Demons will come back anytime soon, so I will walk to the boulevard and get something to eat.

Chris: Ok then, well then I have go, because other charges are calling for me.

He was about to orb out, when Melinda grabbed him.

Melinda: Aren’t you forgetting something, she said. Like taking me home first! She said.

Chris: Sorry, it’s a bit crisis all over the place. Bye Casey, he said and grabbed Melinda and orbed out.


Kane was pacing around in his liar. He was thinking. He had read many books, about all the Demons that had tried to kill the Charmed Ones before him. He knew almost everything about them. He was the next generation. He had worshipped John the Source, but John had issues. Those made him loose the battle. Kane didn’t have any problems what so ever. The only thing he desired was power. A lot of it. Only he figured out, that having demonic powers, were different then collecting good powers. They were stronger, more pure. He also wanted badly to control the elements. It was a very rare and powerful gift. He had once tried to get the powers of Melinda. Her raw powers, but he was at the battle and he had seen her in her transformation. There was no way, which he was able to get close enough to get those powers. So his new target was Casey. Too bad that one of the Charmed Ones, was her charge.

Another demon walked into liar and told Kane some great interesting news. Jake the boyfriend of that little Witch Melinda, was coming to his full powers at midnight. Also on the same place where the huge battle took place last year. Where good won over bad. He was going to become a leader of the Witches of the First Order. That would probably also mean that the rest of the Charmed family would be there too, but what if he had some help from some friends, he met at John’s party last year. Some of them had, amazing powers which they could use. A plan started to rise in Kane and he smiled.

Magic School

Melinda had used a teleportation potion to check on her hubby. Unfortunately there was nobody there. They had already done all the preparations for the ritual at school, now they had to prepare at the woods. Melinda used another teleportation potion to send herself to the woods.


Melinda appeared in the center of the round open area. She looked around and there were a lot of people. They were cleaning the place up and chanting and placing crystals all over the place, but Melinda didn’t feel a lot of magic coming from the people or the crystals all around her. It was placed all over the open area, like mines. You had be careful where you stepped. She looked around and of course in the middle of the place, Silvia was busy creating the perfect circle she could for tonight.

Melinda walked over to her. Silvia looked up.

Silvia: Hey sweetie. If you are looking for Jake, he is somewhere in the woods, looking for burn wood with the kids. He will be back soon.

Melinda: Thanks for informing me, but I didn’t just came for him. I wanted to see what you guys were doing and if I could help, she said smiling.

In the woods the kids were enjoying themselves with Jake. They were playing hide and seek. Jake was the seeker and the kids were hiding. While he was walking around, he felt the energy around him change. There was some tension in the peaceful forest. Like any minute something could happen. He did not know why, but suddenly he became alert, only too late. He walked over to a tree, because he saw a shoe lying on the ground. When he walked over, he had to put his hands before his mouth. One of the kids were stabbed, killed and left behind like dirt. When Jake saw this he became raged.

Jake: Noooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! He shouted and started to cry.

He kneeled down to hold the small body of the boy. Then he remembered the other kids and quickly he got up to call for them. He yelled that the game was over and that they were in danger. That should let them come out of their hiding place, but none of them did. He started to run, without direction all over and one by one he found the little ones dead.

Melinda was talking to Silvia, when she grabbed her chest and started to cry. She needed to bend over or she was going to scream out of pain.

Silvia: Honey, what’s wrong? She asked worried.

Melinda: Jake. There is something with Jake. It feels like his heart is breaking in pieces. I need to find him, she said and run into the woods.

Silvia: Melinda wait, she called but Melinda was already running.

People saw her running and calling for Jake and started to panic. They all gathered around Silvia. She commanded them to go and help Melinda search for Jake. She warned them to be careful. A day like this, there could be danger lurking around. They had done of course all the protection spells they had also in the past, but better be save then to worry.

Jake heard Melinda her voice calling in the distance, but he just couldn’t speak. The tears were rolling down his face and he was gathering the little ones he found together at one place.

Melinda stopped for a moment and closed her eyes. She breathed slowly and focused on Jake. Then she heard someone crying in the distance. She quickly followed the sound of the crying, till she reached Jake. She held her hands up to her mouth, when she saw Jake holding the little ones and crying.

She started to cry too and walked slowly over to him and kneeled down by him.

Jake: They killed them Mel. All of them! He cried.

Melinda: Who did Jake? She asked while she was trying to get herself under control and not look at all the little bodies.

Before Jake could answer her question, they heard a woman screaming so hard, you could feel it to the bone.

Woman: No! No, no no, no no, no!! She cried and ran over to Jake and let herself fall on the ground and grabbed her daughter and held her close to her. No, please Goddess! NOOO!!! She cried.

Her pain was felt through the forest and it was not long before they all found their children. Parents were crying and holding each other. Jake was standing in the corner against a tree and was just watching the scene. He cried, but without sound. He was completely covered in blood of the little ones.

Slowly the parents got up and lifted their children and started to take them out of the forest.

Jake and Melinda walked behind them without speaking at all. Melinda was silently crying and time to time she looked over to Jake. His face was filled with anger and rage. She held his hand and tried like her mother always did, to send him some positive energy. She had no idea if it had worked.

Finally they had reached the open area again and they put all the little bodies in the circle and the families stood around it and everybody was crying.

Melinda: Wyatt, Chris??!! She called for her brothers.

Wyatt and Chris both orbed in. Wyatt was looking like he had just taken a shower and fresh, while Chris was covered in blood, because he had just saved an innocent, who was stabbed a few times.

Wyatt: Hey sis…he started. Till he looked around and noticed the suffering around him.

Chris: Oh my god. What happened here? He asked looking around in shock.

The Charmed Ones walked over to the circle and watch in horror all those small bodies. The parents crying.

Chris: What happened?

Melinda: Jake was in the forest, getting some burn wood and playing hide and seek. It was the little ones their turn to hide and when Jake started to search for them, he found the bodies.

Wyatt: That must have been awful for him. Where is Jake actually?

They all three looked around and couldn’t find him. Wyatt and Chris tried to sense him, but it looked like he had blocked them. He had disappeared.

Melinda: Oh, this is not good. He was raged and with his new found powers, I have no idea what he will do or how strong he actually is now! She said really getting worried.

Silvia: I do. We haven’t done the ritual yet, as it should be done at midnight, but after the training he got, he is pretty strong for a human Witch.

Melinda: Crap! Does he have the power to vanish also? She asked looking around.

Silvia: No he hasn’t, but he had the gift to sneak out. He has done it a lot. Whatever we do, we must find him before midnight...I am not sure if most of the witches will come again. It took me already a lot of convincing. After what happened last year, now it seems that everybody who hears the Witches of the First Order practically runs away. So it must be tonight.

Melinda: Don’t worry. We will find him.

Wyatt: But where?

Melinda: Well if I know my boyfriend, he has not the power to send himself to the Underworld. For that he still will need a teleportation potion, which he can only get from our house. So let’s check the Manor first. Otherwise we go to the Underworld and kick but, till we find him! Whatever happens, he must be back before midnight. He has worked so hard for this. This shouldn’t be the end of it, like this.

Silvia: I am sorry, but I have to go and try to calm down the people who lost their children, she said sadly.

Melinda looked towards the circle and quickly turned her face. Like Jake her blood started to boil with anger. How could they do this? They were just children.


Kane was pacing around and waiting for one of his minions. Then he heard footsteps and looked up. He wasn’t used to hear footsteps as normally all minions shimmered in. So he watched in amusement who was coming into the liar. Then there was Jake. His face was filled with anger. His eyes were red of the tears he had over the little ones. He was still covered in blood and was shaking all over.

Kane: Who the hell are you? He asked, not amused anymore. He became alert, when he felt the rage of the boy in his liar.

Jake: If you are waiting for your minions, they are dead. Now it is your turn! He said calmly.

Kane: What have I done to you? I have never seen you before, go away before I send you to the afterworld.

Jake: I am Jake the high priest of Witches of the First Order and the boyfriend of Melinda Halliwell, the Charmed One.

Kane: Ah, I see. My minions were indeed send to stop the coronation. Not to annoy you, but to annoy your girlfriend and the element girl. She is the one we want and I don’t mind screwing over everybody to get to her.

Jake: You will never have Casey. I won’t let you.

Kane: You are human, what can you possibly do to me?

Jake whispered some words and Kane was pushed backwards against the wall. He quickly got up and waved with his hand and used telekinesis to throw Jake against a wall. He also got up quickly and now they had a face off.

Kane: Well, well. The human boy has learned some tricks. So now what? You going to bind me and take my powers for yourself?

Jake: You are confusing me with Mia. I am nothing like her. I am not allowed to kill, but I am for sure allowed to cost you pain, as you have cost all those innocent children and their families. Tell me, what did you accomplish, by killing those kids? I really want to know.

Kane: Oh well, that was just fun. They were playing hide and seek and they were found.

Jake: You bastard! He shouted.

Lifted his right hand up and started to whisper old and dark words into his fist. He was so angry that rage was flowing through him. He couldn’t think straight anymore and the power had taking over.

He opened his hand and Kane flew again hard against the wall. This time he stayed in midair hanging like a painting. He was bound.

Jake was walking up to him, shouting and moaning with anger. He was shaken all over and his eyes were red. He looked almighty in a very scary way. He had now control over the whole body of Kane. He could simply break all his bones, just by squeezing his hand. He had learned that from Goddess Melinda. Not that she had teached him, but he had pay attention.

Out of nowhere Melinda appeared, right in front of him. Jake didn’t even notice at first. He was fixated at Kane and still shaking. Melinda looked at him and then at Kane, who was obviously in a lot of pain and really pissed off. She understood what Jake was doing and she needed to stop him.

Melinda: Jake! Jake! It’s me, Melinda. I am here. Hey, look at me! She shouted at him.

She grabbed his arm, to bring it down. That was the moment he looked at her.

Jake: Melinda, get out of here. This is MY FIGHT! He shouted at her. He killed all those children. They trusted me to protect them. Their parents trusted me with them in the woods. Now they are DEAD! He shouted again and started to cry.

His hand was still shaking and even when he spoke, he kept watching Kane.

Melinda: Jake, listen to me. Listen! This is not the way. If you do this, you will be just like Mia. A Witch who uses his powers as he please. Not by the Wiccan ways. You are a good person. You are a good Witch. Please don’t do this. I am begging you. Don’ t. Let him be. Come back with me to the woods. We have a ritual to finish. It has to be done tonight, to receive your full powers. Please, please come with me.

Jake looked for a second at Melinda. When he saw her face and the pain in her eyes, to see him like this, he started to cry again.

Melinda: It’s ok. Cry. Let it all out. It’s ok. It’s me. I love you, she said now also crying.

By these words, Jake’s hand went slowly down and when it was all down, Kane wasn’t bound anymore.

He got up and looked at the scene. Jake collapsed to the ground and Melinda was there for him and hugging him instantly. Kane saw his chance to kill at least one of the Charmed Ones and wanted to attack them, when Wyatt and Chris orbed in.

Kane: Where did you two come from? He asked surprised, having the rest of the Charmed Ones also in his liar.

Wyatt: When our sister did a lost love spell, she was brought here. We would be here also, but more of your minions decided to return and finish the job with the parents, only they didn’t count on us to be there.
So that leaves you.

Chris looked for a second to Melinda who was looking back and crying, while she was holding Jake.

He turned his head and looked angry at Kane. Without warning he orbed out and orbed back in right behind him and used his telekinesis powers to move him towards Wyatt, used his energy wave to blast him into oblivion. After the Demon was gone, they hurried over to Jake and Melinda and orbed them out to the woods.

Jake was still on the ground as was Melinda. Silvia hurried over to him and sat by him. Melinda got up and watched them. Silvia started to chant calming down spells and ordered someone to make some herbal tea and bring her some candles. People started to arrange things.

Silvia: Jake look at me. Look at me dammit! She raised her voice, which she almost never did.

Jake looked at her with red eyes. He wiped his tears and stared at her.

Silvia: Look around you. You see those people arranging the circle for your coronation? They have just lost their child, but still helping. You know why? Because, they still believe in you as a leader and still want you to get in your full powers. If they as a parent can be that strong, to put their hurt and pain aside and focus on the task. As a leader you must do the same. Being a Witch comes with pain. Pain you learn to live with along the way and all the good that you will do, will make a little bit up for it.

Now, get up! She commanded.

Jake got up and wiped his last remaining tears and looked determined at Silvia. He had heard clearly what she and Melinda had said to him. He looked around and the circle was ready. It was already late. One of the witches had taken the kids away with the truck to deal with the little bodies. He looked at Silvia and then hugged and thanked her.

Jake: I hope to be as wise and strong as you are, he had whispered at her.

Silvia: You already are. Believe in yourself, she had said back.

Then he turned around to face Melinda.

Jake: I am so happy that you are in my life. If you hadn’t talk to me back there and stopped me, things would have gone terribly wrong. Thank you, he said smiling.

After that, he went to the middle of the circle. Hugged one by one everybody and made his condolences.

He told them, that the Demon, who had done this, was vanquished. He knew it wouldn’t help that much, but at least they didn’t have to worry about that part anymore.

The ceremony started. Jake has changed his clothes into a white robe and stood in the middle of the circle barefoot. He was facing Silvia and Melinda. They were both looking proud and smiling.
Jake couldn’t help to smile himself. Then the ritual started. They chanted, threw herbs at Jake and walked around him, with white sage to cleanse him and make him pure to receive his powers from Silvia. It was funny to watch for Melinda. By them, they just had to chant some words, which would be enough. Human witches were forced to do these lengthy rituals.

After it was done, the group seemed pumped as they noticed the huge power switch in Jake. Melinda felt it lightly, but not more than usual. So she really wanted to be excited, but wasn’t. She was of course happy for him. He had become a high priest.

Silvia had explained earlier what that exactly meant for a human witch. He would be more like Melinda was she was raged, but then the calmer version of it. He could a lot of stuff she could do to, but in a less powerful way. He could draw also power from the earth. So Melinda was already planning some magical dates, so they could test out their powers…without disturbing the earth of course…

After the ceremony, the mood changed with everyone, because then the realization came back of the missing children sounds. Of the grief the families had to go through. Jake his heart broke, when he said his goodbyes and hugged some of the mothers. He could literally feel their heart being broken into pieces.

Jake: Is there nothing we can do for the little ones. This is so not fair. There must be away. Reverse time or something. I mean we have so many powerful people around us. You, he pointed at Melinda. Silvia. Your brothers. Casey. Your mother. There must be a way.

Wyatt: I don’t think that we can do anything. If we would be able to anything, then it would have presented itself by now. I am more concerned about how you guys are going to explain this to the cops.

Silvia: Well, there are some witch families, who never tell the government about their little ones. They educate themselves the Wiccan ways and most of them live in forests and as a coven most of their lives...

So if something like this happens, then we do a ritual and then burn the bodies. That’s at least how it has been done for many years.

The Charmed Ones looked at each other in shock. They never knew this. After hanging a bit longer, they all went to their homes.

Later that night, Jake and Melinda had made love and now he was sleeping. Melinda was still thinking about all that had happened today. She kept seeing the face of Jake, when rage had taken him over.

She tried to not worry about it, but couldn’t help herself. She wanted to reach for her diary to write about it, but when she moved, Jake woke up and turned around to look at Melinda and told her to go to sleep. It was already very late. Melinda smiled at him, kissed him, sighed silently, pushed her worries aside, kissed him and went to bed.

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