Charmed Melinda Season 2


Power of One

Episode 4

01 Aug 2026

Melinda was running. She ducked for a fire ball and then a water ball, almost hit her, she quickly froze it and then blew it up. She looked up to Casey, who was starting to levitate. Casey spread her arms and was calling for the air around her. Melinda quickly run around her in circles and tried to blow her up, while Casey had to deflect it. It kept going on for hours and both girls were beat. They sat across each other and their knees touched and both of them held their hands up. While they were holding hands, both of them started to breath at the same time. Slowly they opened their eyes and were back at Magic School.

Casey: Wow! That was intense! She shouted cheerfully.

Melinda: I am beat, she panted.

Leo: So you girls had a whole training just now? He asked confused.

Jake had found a room, where they could and destroy as much as they wanted, without actually doing any harm. He had enchanted the room. Now the moment someone would lose a battle in training, they would be brought back. If they decided to come back themselves, then they had to meditate and touch each other, to do so. It was not possible to kill. After that, he had thought the girls, how to connect and fight each other mentally. Both girls, had been training really hard to learn how to do it.

After Jake had explained to Leo how the room worked, Leo looked at him impressed.

Leo: You did all this by yourself? He asked admiring Jake.

Jake: Yeah, I did. To be honest, I was thinking a while about a room like this, more to control Melinda’s raw power, but after she got it under control, I didn’t think about it anymore, till Casey came along and Melinda needed a training area.

Leo: Well I love it. So they are actually fighting in their minds…

Jake: Yes, but will feel for them, as real as it can be, he said smiling brightly.

Leo: Fascinating. I needed a room like this, back when the Charmed Ones, got into their powers.

Jake: We can keep it for the next generation, he said smiling.

Leo: I thought that you guys were the next generation, he said smiling back.

Jake: I mean my next generation, not yours…my sons or daughters.

Leo: Got it, he said and smirked.

Jake: So ladies, who is hungry?

Both girls lifted their hands eagerly, which made Jake smile. They all left the room, so they could get something to eat. Jake suggested a nice bistro in the city. They could use a teleportation potion to get there. The girls loved the idea.

Downtown Bistro

Both girls were enjoying the sun, while Jake was ordering their food. While they were eaten, they talked about new ways to attack each other and about defending possibilities in a fight. After that, the girls had decided, that tonight it should be a night without magic, just fun! So they decided to go to a disco.

Dance a bit and have fun. Jake loved the idea. He had never been to a disco before and now he would go with his girlfriend. He got up to go and pay for the food. The girls were talking about what they would wear, when a poor looking young boy approached the table. Melinda turned around her head when a waiter, tried to send the boy away, because he looked dirty and homeless.

Melinda: Hey! Leave that kid alone. He is not doing any harm.

The waiter ignored her, and was about to take the boy by his arm, when Melinda froze the scene took the boy, who unfroze en quickly she unfroze the scene. The waiter looked surprised when the boy wasn’t there anymore but now standing by Melinda.

Waiter: What the hell? How did he got there so fast?

Melinda: Magic, she said challenging him. I am a powerful witch and I used my powers. So if you don’t want to feel my wrath, leave this kid alone and bring him some food, my treat.

Waiter looked at her for a moment and shook his head, thinking that there are really a lot of crazy people in the world. He thought it was a shame that such a lovely girl, was so disturbed. He left to get some food for the kid. People around them started to applaus. At that moment Jake came back and sat down.

Jake: What’s going on? Who’s the kid? He asked looking at him.

Melinda told him what happened and Jake smiled. He loved his girl so much. She was so good, that she couldn’t help herself to help anybody in need. The boy ate and Melinda made sure that he got a bit freshened up in the bathroom with Jake. The boy came back alone, while Jake was paying for the food of the kid.

Casey: Hey kid, what’s your name by the way?

He looked at both of them and suddenly an evil smile cam over him. he grabbed one arm of Casey and the other of Melinda.

Kid: Call me your worst nightmare, he smirked and closed his eyes.

Both girls fell instantly from their chair on the ground. The kid walked away from the scene. People started to surround the girls and Jake couldn’t do anything. He had seen the little kid touch them and that they passed out. He quickly run to the toilet and called out for Wyatt.

Jake: Wyatt!!! I need you NOW!! He shouted.

Wyatt appeared, looking very sleepy. He has his shorts and shirt on. He looked around to Jake.

Jake: What the hell are you wearing? he asked looking at Wyatt.

Wyatt: I was sleeping, ok?? I was up all night, fighting off voodoomasters in Africa to save my charge from been sacrificed.

Jake: Never mind. We have huge problems. The girls are been touched by some kid and now are lying on the ground, surrounded with people. They even called for an ambulance.

Wyatt: Crap! There is nothing we can do here. We orb them out when they arrive at the hospital.

Do you think you can do some old magic to change their identities, just for a little while?

Jake: I don’t think so, not with just some words. I will need some things for that.

Wyatt: Crap! Caroline! He yelled.

Instantly his girlfriend orbed in. She laughed when she saw Wyatt.

Wyatt: Very funny, but I believe we have a more important problem at hand, he said while the ambulance arrived.

Caroline: For whom is that ambulance, she asked alert.

Jake: For Mel and Casey.

Jake quickly explained what had happened. Caroline was watching in the meantime the girls. She quickly closed her eyes and orbed quickly the wallet of both girls out of the purses, before anyone looked inside for their names. Both of them were carried in the ambulance and the ambulance drove away.

Wyatt: Nice thinking, but what now?

Caroline: Don’t worry about it. I am your Whitelighter and it is my job to protect you guys. So let me do my job, she said and orbed out before Wyatt could respond.

Wyatt: What’s up with her, you think? He asked confused.

Jake: Let’s get out of here, he said and Wyatt orbed them out to the Manor.

Manor, Other world

Melinda woke up in her own room. She looked around dazed and realized she was home.

‘That little brat’ she thought to herself. What did he too her?

Melinda: Casey, she whispered.

He had touched her too. she quickly got up and walked downstairs.

Melinda: Wyatt! Chris! Anybody! She called out, while she was running down the stairs.

Then Piper showed up around the corner and stood at the bottom of the stairs looking angry at her daughter.

Piper: How many times, I have told you not to run down like that!

Melinda: Mom? What are you doing here? Have you seen Wyatt and Chris? She asked.

Piper: Whoa! What the hell are you talking about? Who is Wyatt and Chris and what do you mean with, what am I doing her? she asked confused.

Leo walked in from the kitchen at the sound of commotion.

Leo: Hey you two, what is going on? He asked carefully.

Piper: I am not sure. Honey is everything alright? She asked looking confused.

Melinda: No, everything is not alright. One minute I am having a lunch with Casey and Jake and then the next minute I am home. There was this kid, who touched me and Casey and I think it did something to us, she explained.

Leo: Who is Jake? Leo asked?

Melinda: Seriously dad! Is that all you heard? She asked annoyed. Never mind. I am going to the attic to check on the Book of Shadows for this kid.

Piper: Book of Shadows? She asked confused.

Melinda: Oh don’t tell me you two too? she said looking at her confused parents.

She was just about to go upstairs, when Casey came downstairs, still looking sleepy. Melinda looked at her surprised, till she was all the way down.

Casey: What? Why are you staring at me like that? She asked annoyed.

Melinda: Did you sleep here?

Casey: Of course I did. Where else would I sleep? You are acting weird! And why are you dressed already?

Piper: She is having some episode this morning.

Melinda looked around at everybody, who was staring at her and groaned. She walked upstairs to the attic, without saying a word. Her parents and Casey followed her. Melinda walked into the attic and stared at it, with her mouth open. Her parents and Casey were now also in the attic, looking at Melinda.

Melinda: Where is the book and the potion table. Where is all the stuff? she asked more confused.

Piper: Honey, don’t you remember that we painted it with the four of us, so it can be your bedroom, because you like to write a lot and with the lightning, is this the perfect place. Your sister will get your room, as it is bigger of course.

Melinda: My what?! She shrieked.

Casey: Euhm….Hello! Me! Your sister!

Melinda: Ok, i don’t know what kind of sick mindgame this is, but I need to get out this. This is all not real.

Piper: Sweetie, maybe you need to sit down a bit, while we call a doctor.

Melinda: I am fine mother. I need to go?

Leo: Where are you going this early in the morning, young lady? He asked firmly.

Melinda: To figure out what is going on?

Casey: I am coming with you!

Melinda: No, you’re not! She said firmly.

Casey: I don’t care. I am coming!

She quickly run off the attic, to change and Melinda stood there. She was rubbing her forehead. She felt a migraine coming up. She looked at her worried parents.

Melinda: I love you guys. All will be fine. Don’t worry. I am fine. Really, she said with a bright smile.

The room is starting to look very nice. Isn’t it? She asked.

Without waiting for their response, she walked out of the attic feeling all alone. Till, she almost shrieked, when Casey showed up from her room. She was completely dressed and ready to go.

She looked hopeful at Melinda and she could do nothing else but sigh and nod that she had to follow her.

They got into the car and Melinda started to write to the woods.

Casey: Ok, so just to be clear. I don’t mind going along and play this episode side along with you, but can you at least think what is going on? She asked curious with big eyes looking at her sister. Melinda looked at her for a moment. She rolled with her eyes and sighed.

Melinda: Where we come from, we are both very powerful witches. I was training you with Jake my boyfriend, how to control your powers.

Casey: Cool! I have powers, she said giggling. What kind of powers? She asked eager.

Melinda: You were able to control the Elements. All four of them, but not for long. Some point it looks like the power is taking over you. So we were training you. Then we went for a lunch and a kid showed up. He looked dirty and hungry. The waiter wanted to send him away, but we stopped it and Jake was getting some food for the kid, when he touched us both and we woke up here. In reality, we are not sisters. Actually we are just starting to like each other a bit. Let’s say understand each other a bit.

I am a Charmed One. Together with my brothers, Wyatt and Chris. Our whole heritage is magical.

Casey: Ok, I can dig that story, she said shaking her head. Letting the story in.

Melinda sighed and drove out of the city to the woods.

Casey: Where are we going? She asked looking around.

Melinda: To the woods. I hope that they are there and Jake also.

Casey: Who?

Melinda: Sisters of the First Order.

Casey: That sounds mysterious. I like it already. Love the way your mind can make up this kind of stories and actually believe it. So cool, she said and smiled brightly.

Melinda looked at Casey. She was so different than the one from her time. That one, had a nasty mouth and was cocky. This version was sweet, innocent and a believer. She actually started to like this version of Casey. She never had sisters. She always grew up with boys around her. She didn’t know better. It was different to have a sister. Even for a little while. Still she would never give up her brothers over Casey.

The arrived at the woods.

Manor, Present

Jake and Wyatt orbed in, while Chris and Bianca came out of the kitchen. They had just breakfast.

Chris smile disappeared, when he looked at the faces of Wyatt and Jake.

Chris: What’s wrong? He asked.

Bianca and Chris listened, while Jake was telling what had happened. Bianca looked in thoughts.

Bianca: If I were you, I would double the protection around the house. We don’t know how long they will be gone and that means, till that time no Power of Three.

Chris: I well get on that right now, he said and walked away.

Jake: I am going to Magic School to see what I can find out.

Wyatt: I am going upstairs to the Book of Shadows.

Bianca: I would love to help, but this is a Casey problem and I don’t do Casey issues.

Wyatt: Bianca. Now is not the time to hold a grudge. We need any help we can get.

Bianca: Fine! What can I do?

Wyatt: Go down there and see what you can find out.

Bianca: Fine! But then I need to change, she said and walked away too.

She was wearing a colorful outfit, which was not fit for the Underworld.

Woods, Other world

Melinda and Casey arrived at the woods. Melinda parked as close as she could by the open area.

When they walked into the open area, Casey stopped walking and looked around.

Casey: Wow! I never knew about this place. It is a complete circle. How cool, she said getting excited.

So, when will me meet de witches? She asked curious.

Melinda: Don’t know. I am not even sure, if they are here. If they even exist in this world?

Casey: Why did you come here then?

Melinda: Because, they are human Witches. Maybe the Demon who did this, made all the magical creatures disappear, but maybe he didn’t think of the human ones.

Casey: That’s actually very clever.

Melinda smiled at her sister and walked towards some trees. Silvia her cabin was not far from here.

She walked straight to the cabin, because she had been there a few times. She knocked on the door and Silvia opened.

Melinda: Oh thank god. You are here. You can’t believe how happy I am to see you Silvia, she said smiling. Is Jake here too? She asked looking inside.

Silvia: Dear child. Slow down. Have we met? You look familiar.

Melinda: Yes, we have met. I know that you are the Higpriestreses of the Witches of the First Order.

You helped me get in touch with my raw power. You are living at this moment at Magic School.

Silvia looks surprised at Melinda.

Silvia: Come in, she said politely.

The girls did as they were told. They sat down and Silvia went to the small kitchen she had, to make herbal tea. Nobody spoke, till she was ready making tea. She gave the girls their tea and sat across of them.

Silvia: So tell me, how you know about the First Order, she asked bluntly to Melinda.

Casey: Wait a minute. Are you saying that you are actually a Witch and all she is saying is true? She asked in complete shock.

Silvia: I don’t know about releasing powers or Magic School, but about the First Order, she is right.

Melinda: So, where is the rest of the clan? Where is Mia?

Silvia: You know Mia? She asked surprised.

Melinda: I am Melinda Halliwell. Daughter of Piper Halliwell, the Matriarch. I am the next in line of being a Matriarch and I am a Charmed one who possesses the raw power of her ancestors, she said proudly.

Silvia: Well, that is a mouth full. Did you say a Charmed One?

Melinda: Yes, she said hopeful.

Silvia got up and picked up a book that was lying around. She started to flicker the pages and it seemed she was searching for something.

Silvia: The Charmed Ones Legends. Three sisters will rise as the Charmed Ones and save the world from evil, she said. You are saying you are one of them?

Melinda: Yes and no. This book must be very old, as my mother and her sisters were the Charmed Ones. My two brothers and I, are the next generation of the Charmed Ones. I need your help!

The next half hour, she told her everything about how she knew the First Order. How she knew Mia and about their battle last year. Silvia was listening with huge eyes. After that, she continued about how Casey came into town and how every Demon are after her powers as she have a rare power.

Silvia listened like Casey intensely and when she was finished, she got up.

Silvia: I believe you, she said.

Casey: You do? She asked completely in shock.

Silvia: I am real and the Witches of the First Order are true. If she is not magical, she would never heard of the Charmed Ones or us, let alone find my protected cabin. The only way that you must have been able to past through the protection is, if you are powerful and good Witches. Otherwise you wouldn’t be here. Both of you, she said and looked at Casey. Did you use any of your powers in this world?

Melinda: No, didn’t needed it them yet. She lifted her hand to blow up the tea cup on the table, but nothing happened. You try, she said to Casey.

Casey did exactly what her sister did.

Melinda: What are you doing? You can’t blow things up. You can control the Elements, so let’s say focus on the tea. That is water, so you should be able to control it. Close your eyes and focus on the tea. Will it to get out of the cup. Will it. See it with your minds eye and then just do it.

Casey nodded and looked for a moment at the teawater and then closed her eyes. She started to get rimples on her forehead, but nothing happened.

Casey: Nope. Don’t feel a thing, she said.

Silvia: No worries. We will awaken the powers in you. It is in your blood. A Demon can cast a spell and let you think that your powers are gone and that you are normal, but if it is inside you, then it can come out. It shouldn’t matter what world you in.


The kid, was sitting on his throne and had his eyes closed. He was surrounded by minions. He finally opened his eyes and was smiling. That moment a minion shimmered in and bowed.

Minion: Master, if we want to attack the brothers of the Witch, then this is our chance. They are all divided and easy targets.

Kid: Good! I like that. You go do that. I have my own battle to fight. It seems that Melinda is stronger than I thought. Somehow she is not affected by my little spell. She has almost Casey convinced too. She is trying restore everything as it was, as we speak. I have to stop her, till we have dealt with her brothers.

He started to laugh and his minions laughed with him. After that he shimmered out to the world he had created. Leaving the minion, to take charge in killing Wyatt and Chris.

Manor, present

Chris was just about to finish with the crystals. He was working as fast as he could, as the house was unprotected, as long as not all crystals, were lying around in a circle form.

Suddenly he flew hard against the wall. He quickly got up and looked around. There were standing Demons, in his front yard. They didn’t seem to care, that other people would be able to see them.

Chris: That wasn’t so nice! He said smirking at the Demons.

Caroline orbed in right next to him.

Chris: What are you doing here? He asked surprised.

Caroline: I just brought Mel en Cas back from the hospital. They are on the couch and I am your Whitelighter, remember? I sensed you were in danger and came to help?

Chris: How can you help? You don’t have active powers.

Minion: Excuse us, but can we get on with it?

Chris: If you want a fight that is fine, but not here. In the woods, he said as he saw people passing and looking strangely at the Demons.

Minion: Here is just fine, he said and created a fireball in his hand. The passing people stopped and looked shocked at the scene.

Chris: Caroline!! Humans, he said giving her a hint.

Caroline: On it, she said and waved with her hands and orbed them a couple blocks away from where they were.

Chris: Nice. Now it is time to kick some ass, he said. Crystals. Circle, he yelled.

The Crystals, surrounded the Demons. They didn’t seem too happy about it. One of them tried to kick one of the crystals away, but got hit by an energy field.

Caroline: Magic School, she called and they were orbed to Magic school.

Chris and Caroline followed.

Manor, Attic

Wyatt was still looking through the book, not having a clue that his brother was just attacked by Demons. While he was reading, he suddenly felt a lot of anger and something demonic. He looked around the room. He knew that he was not alone. Someone was watching him.

He stood now in front of the Book and was breathing heavily and he had his hands up, for just in case.

Then it hit him. he needed to calm down. relax his muscles and just sense. He closed his eyes for a second and suddenly, it looked like the whole room changed. He suddenly felt the energy and thought of the Demons. He had no clue what was happening, but it was powerful.

He now could clearly see the Demons, even in their invisible way. he lifted his hand and a shock wave of energy came out of it and hit the Demon hard, before he could move away. He appeared just before he got vanquished. Suddenly the room started to fill with Demons.

Wyatt: Chris???? He yelled, while he took a step back and looked at the horde of Demons.

Automaticely he made his shield come up. When Chris didn’t respond, he knew he couldn ‘t kill all the Demons, one by one. The only way was to kill them at the same time. He needed to devert his attack into separate energylines, so he could hit them all at once. He had no idea, if he could do it. He thought of what Melinda always did, in situations like that.

Wyatt: I am Wyatt Halliwell A Second blessed child and a Charmed One. My name, have brought fear through the whole magical community. Are you seriously want to go up against me? He said arrogantly.

The Demons started to throw fireballs at him, while Wyatt closed his eyes and focused on his energy waves. He focused on splitting the energy to every single finger and let it out through each finger, directed at the Demons. His hand started to shine and the Demons started to attack harder. Out of nowhere, ten lighting like shock waves flew through the room and hit the Demons that were in the room. All then were blasted into oblivion. When the remaining three Demons saw that, they wanted to shimmer out, but Wyatt was too quick for them and hit the last three also and they were all gone.

He stood there for a moment and waited for another attack. Nothing happened and he lowered his force field and looked at his hands. This was the first time, he did something like that. It felt awesome. He felt different. Like was more aware of everything around him. Like it was a power he had once he was a kid, and forgot because he had grew up.

Woods, Other world

Silvia had gathered some candles, salt, stones, herbs, athame and a book. She asked the girls to follow her. They did as they were told, but it had become night by now and Casey really didn’t like the idea of walking through scary woods. She stopped walking. Melinda stopped also and looked at her.

Melinda: What’s wrong? She asked and looked annoyed.

Casey: Mel, I love you. You are my sister and I kinda dig the whole fantasy thing, you have going on of being a Witch. Me being a Witch. I thought, just to go along to find out how far this fantasy go’s. Now it seems, that it is maybe not a fantasy, but in some weird way, reality.

Melinda: Casey, listen to me. I know that you are scared and to be honest, me too. What I do know is, when Silvia has done the ritual and we know exactly who we are again, then you will feel much better and powerful again. Believe me, that you are one kick ass girl and can defend yourself, pretty good where we come from.

Casey: Really? Hmmm…well I came here to go along with this fantasy/reality thing of yours, so I have to stay in role and be the curious and brave sister. So…….Euhm… what?

Silvia: Now we go to the open area in the woods. Where Melinda received her raw power of her ancestors. There is the magic it strongest, because of the leylines.

Melinda: Leylines? she asked curious.

Silvia: Leylines, are ancient lines. When a magical person, come’s by one, then the magic they practice close to the line, will be multiplied and stronger than normally.

After that, she didn’t speak anymore and just walked through the forest, without any light. The girls followed her closely. After a little while they reached the open area. The walked to the middle and Silvia, started to create a circle. Then she asked the girls to step in. Melinda did as she was told, but Casey looked terrified.

Silvia: We don’t have much time. The person who put you here, wouldn’t want you to get your powers back, so we have to hurry.

Melinda: Hey sis. Come on. This can be our adventure together. As the most powerful good sister Witches, working together to kick some Demon ass, she said smiling brightly.

Casey looked at her sister for a moment and smiled back.

Casey: I think I can live being a powerful witch. Every demon, afraid of our names, she giggled.

Silvia: Good. Get in the circle, so we can start.

Magic School

Chris: Who send you? Where is my sister and Casey? He demanded.

The Demons looked at him arrogantly and laughed hard.

Minion: You are not getting a word of us, he said getting closer to the energyfield. When we get out of here, we are going to kill everybody in this school.

Before Chris could respond, he was blown up. Chris looked behind him and his mother was standing there, with both hands in the air.

Piper: I am sorry. I just heard what he said and it made me pissed. Don’t mind me.

Chris: Mom. Good that you are here. Can you do me favour? Can you blow his leg up and this ones arm. Maybe if they lose some limps, they are willing to talk.

Piper: Sure honey. Why not? I haven’t anything special to do anyway?

Chris: You heard the lady. She is just about to blow up your limps and when she is done with that, I am going to call for your private parts. That should be fun. So talk. Who is behind this and where the hell is my sister? He yelled again.

Piper: Wait a minute. What do you mean with, where is your sister?

She turned around to the Demons and held her hands up. Without warning, she started to blow their arms up and looked pissed.

Piper: I am a Matriarch. You really don’t want to piss me off. Where is my daughter!! She shouted.

Minion: In a another world. The kid is behind it. Please let us go. We were just following orders.

Piper looking pissed, flickered with her fingers and they were all blown away.

Piper: You go find about this Kid with the Elders, she commanded to Caroline. And you go to the Manor and get your brother and get your sister back. I have told you that I wouldn’t interfere with your Charmed problems, but if she is not back by midnight. I will get involved. Got that? She said and walked out of the room.

Chris sighed deeply. His mother could be very scary if she wanted to be. You really don’t want to piss her off. He orbed out to the Manor.

Woods, Other world

The girls were sitting on the ground and were knees against each other and they were holding hands.

Silvia had instructed them to focus on their breathing. It had to be exact the same and they had be become one, to make the spell really work.

Silvia had began with the ritual. She called out for the Guardians and Goddess to protect the circle and called for the elements to aid them in their spell.

She started to chant a language, both girls didn’t understand. It started to become windy and Casey started to get scared, but Melinda was holding her tight and smiled at her, while she kept breathing. She winked at her sister and Casey nodded and smiled back. She looked suddenly more determent then before. Silvia was throwing herbs over them and water. She let smoke pas their faces. She threw sand over the girls. After she had cleansed them with all the elements, she started the second part of the spell.

The wind became harder and it started to rain. Silvia yelled with all her strength to the sky her spell. The earth under them started to shake lightly and the girls, started to feel something. Both their eyes started to become huge and they had to hold each other tight, to not fall backwards.

Silvia was watching the girls, receive their powers, when she felt evil and turned around. The Kid, was standing not far away from the circle and looking at what was happening.

Kid: You had to go and try to bring their powers back. You couldn’t just say no, did you? He asked Silvia.

Silvia: How can a small child as you already be so evil?

Kid: I am the next generation of evil. My parents are both very powerful high level demons. So I am pretty strong, he bragged smiling.

The ground started to crack under him and he looked up to see Silvia standing with her hands wide.

She was chanting something silently and a huge wind came from her arms and went directly to the Kid. He had no time to react or shimmer out and got hit hard. he flew a few hundred meters away.

Silvia turned around to see how far the girls were. Their eyes were still huge and both were glowing.

They were almost ready. Suddenly she felt a sharp pain in her shoulder and was thrown forward and fell almost on Casey. She was hit by a fireball. The Kid created another one, but this was one huge. Silvia stood perfectly still and watched him. He smiled and threw the ball her way. She stood sharp and called ‘deflecta’ and held her hand up to deflect it. She did deflect it, but it still made her make a few steps back, because of its strength. The Kid used this opportunity to attack her from different sides with fire balls. She tried to deflect them all , but her energy was running out. She had used most of it to create the spell and deflect that huge fire ball. Now he was standing closer and Silvia was on her knees. She tried to get up, while he started to create another huge fire ball. He was grinning and looking down at Silvia. She closed her eyes, as she was waiting for the attack. She only hoped the girls would be save.

The Kid threw his fire ball, but it didn’t hit Silvia, but it went to Casey and became a turning cirlc of flames. Melinda held her hands up and blew him away from the circle.

Casey: Are you ok? She asked Silvia.

Silvia: Now I am. Go, kick some Demon ass, but be careful. He is powerful.

Melinda and Casey remembered everything again, so also that they were not sister anymore.

Melinda: Hey sis, what do you say? We power-up and kick some Demon ass.

Casey: Power-up?

Melinda: Yep. You got all the elements at your disposal. Try to call for them at the same time. Let them in at the same time. I think that is the key for your transformation, she said smiling.

Casey: OK, I will give it a shot, she said and closed her eyes.

Melinda closed her eyes to and kneeled down to touch the ground. She called for her raw power. Suddenly she started to change and her hair and eyes were white. Her dress was changed and was flying all around her, like her hair.

Casey and Silvia looked for a moment in awe, and then something happened to her. She called for all four element at the same time and started to transform. Water started to form around her from the ground and it seemed to go up like a waterfall, but then the other way up. Then it went a bit down, till her breast. Around the water wind started to circle around her. Like a tornado it turned around the water and her like a ring shape, a circle kept turning around of fire, with rocks of earth in it, which didn’t seem the burn inside the fire.

The Kid got up and looked at both girls. He looked confused for a moment. Both of them had changed. Both were levitating in the air. He started to wave with his hand, but it didn’t work. He threw fire balls, but they went directly into the circle.

Casey smiled and started to shoot her own fire balls, filled with rocks. The Kid threw counter fire balls to deflect the other ones. This time, Melinda started to whisper some old words, and he started to cry out in pain. He grabbed his ears and started to yell out. Melinda lifted a finger and he was lifted into the air.

Casey made four balls of water and wind and sent them out to the Kid. For his arms and legs. Now he couldn’t shimmer out or do anything, then hang in midair, stuck.

Kid: You can kill me, but we are with many. We children are the next generation and we are coming for you, he said and his eyes turned into fire and he attacked the girls with it.

Casey called immediately for it, otherwise it would have hit Melinda right in the face, as she was standing, closes and wouldn’t have enough time to react.

Melinda: Nice, she said to Casey and Casey smiled back at her.

Casey: Enough, she said. She started to create a huge fire ball, the one he had made while he was attacking Silvia. Casey had seen that, even while she was changing.

The fire ball was hanging in the air and Melinda looked at Casey approving and Casey move a finger and the fire ball went straigt to the Kid and he was gone.

Immediately their surroundings changed and they were back in the Manor. Wyatt and Chris were talking about options, when the girls woke up.

Wyatt: Hey you are back. What happened?

Melinda: We vanquished that little brat and we were back.

Chris: Caroline? He called.

She orbed in and was glad that the girls were back and she orbed out again to tell it to Piper, who was complete stressed out.

Chris: So, where were you two? He asked curious.

Melinda told them the whole story and how they were sisters and through Silvia, they found got their powers back again and how both of them went on full force to vanquish the kid.

Melinda: You did it Casey. You now know how to transform and use your powers. You don’t need any teaching anymore.

Casey: Yeah..she said a bit sad. Listen, I have to go. It has been a crazy day and I need some air.

Melinda: Sure, she said. See you around.

Melinda liked it for a moment to have a sister, but now she was back with her brothers, she was more happy than ever.

End of Prescott street

Casey was walking down the street, thinking of what had happened. she was proud and excited, that she had learned to control her powers and she too had enjoyed, having a sister. This day, made her realize only more, that she was alone and without family. Out of nowhere, it started to rain and she knew, she was doing it, but she didn’t care.

Manor, Melinda’s room,

I know that the rain is caused by Casey and somehow i felt it. Casey desperately wanted a family. Somewhere to belong. If they weren’t with the six of them, she would have considered taking in her in. It would at least make it easier to protect her. She only hoped, that the lonely feelings that Casey had, wouldn’t turn into rage and she would become friends with the wrong side. Then they really would have a fight on their hands.

Earlier this evening at dinner, Wyatt announced his new power, called Extrasensory perception. Meaning, that his senses are sharpened. Feeling presences for example. Emotions. He is very proud of it, so let’s see how that works out.

I don’t think, things are going very well between Chris and Bianca. She is almost never home. She never helps us with any magical problem, at least not the Casey ones. Today she went to the Underworld, so that is something right. She came right back, when she heard that the kid was killed by the Charmed Ones.

It was fun to have a sister, but I still prefer my two weird brothers any day.

Tomorrow I need to visit Magic School. I heard my mom, got very worried when she heard I had dissapeaered. Show her that I am alright.

Well, it was a long day and I am beat….going to sleep now…

See ya dear Diary

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