Charmed Melinda Season 2

Good girls go bad


Power of one

Episode 5

Good girls go bad

300 years ago

Patience was running through the forest. She was chased by men. She was panting and searching for a hiding place. Someone had found out that she was a witch and had told the village people. Now they wanted to burn her on the stake. They were closing in on her. Before she could do anything, they had surrounded her. She stood in de middle and looked around at the men.

Patience: You all should be ashamed. How many times did I not tend your wife, William? Or you Jason? How many times I have helped your son with his illness. Now because of a rumor, you are chasing me like an animal.

Jason: You are nothing but a filthy Witch and I am sorry that I have ever let you touch my son.

Patience looked at him for a moment and then quickly she kneeled down on the ground and touched with both hands the earth and closed her eyes. Before the men could grab her, the earth under the men started to shake. They all looked confused and shocked at Patience.

William: Stop this you filthy Witch.

He wanted to hit her but he got swallowed up by the earth. He just fell in a hole and one by one the others started to fall too. Patience opened her eyes and all the men were gone. In the distant, she could hear the women scream, as the men appeared out of the ground in the town square. The people, who were walking there, couldn’t believe what they saw.

After the men realized where they were, they started to shout and run again into the forest. Patience started to run too. Quickly she got to her hide out and she knew that she wouldn’t be able to run forever, so she lifted her hands and called for the element earth to open a hole in her house. She threw all her Wiccan equipment and her Book of Shadows in it and before she closed the hole she held her hands above it.

Patience: I leave my heritage here on this holy place. I will be dead soon, but not gone forever. As soon as someone will find this book and read the first spell in the book, I will return, she said closing her eyes and she closed the hole and this time she didn’t run.

She made a cup of herbal tea, to numb the pain she was about to feel and waited, till the men reached her. They didn’t dare to attack her straight on and waited first to see if she was going to do something first. She didn’t and she drank her cup tea and got up. She walked over to the men and they didn’t dare to touch her, so they let her pass and walked close behind her, back to the village.

Everybody came out to see Patience getting burned at the stake. Some of them were screaming “Burn Witch”. She laughed at the ignorance of this people.

They started to burn the woods around her and Patience closed her eyes, when she was sucked into a vision:

She saw a young girl walking through the forest and her name was Casey. She was practicing her powers and that she would be the one who would find the book. She saw that this Casey not only would find the book, but that they were related. She saw that Casey possessed all four elements at the same time and her eyes became huge. She could control the elements too, but only earth and wind.

Patience: You fools! You can burn me, but I have seen the future. I will return and I will make this world pay for this unfair action. I helped almost all of you and this is your repayment. You all will get what you deserve, she said smiling evilly, while the flames reached her.

Patience refused to scream in the beginning, but the flames started to reach her face and now she couldn’t hold it anymore and screamed out in pain.

Present, Manor

Melinda woke up screaming while Chris and Wyatt were holding her and trying to calm her down.

She sat up straight and was covered in sweat. Wyatt took a string of hair from her face and looked concerned at his sister.

Chris: Are you ok? You were screaming.

Melinda: I was? She asked confused.

Both her brothers nodded and looked at her carefully.

Wyatt: What did you see? He asked sensing her confusing.

Melinda: Stop that! She said looking at Wyatt.

Chris: We really have to make the potion that my previous self had used, when Aunt Phoebe got her telepathy powers. I don’t need you to sense everything I feel, he said giving his big brother a face.

Wyatt: I know. Mom and dad are already working on it.

Chris: So what did you see? He asked curious.

Melinda told them about Patience and what she had been through.

Wyatt: Wait a minute. So you are telling me, that this Patience has visions too and in your dream she got sucked into one and you saw her vision?

Melinda: Yep, don’t ask me how. It felt like I was experiencing the vision like I was having one.

Wyatt: Maybe your dreaming premonition powers are growing?

Melinda: I hope not. I just don’t understand why I had to see this?

Chris: I think because of Casey. You said that in Patience vision, she saw Casey finding the book. Maybe you are meant to stop Casey for finding it.

Melinda: So now what? I am supposed to keep an eye on her 24/7?

Wyatt: Not sure. Unfortunately we haven’t seen when this will be happening, so maybe I should go and check with the Elders?

Chris: Maybe it is wise if I go, considering your relationship lately with them?

Wyatt nodded and Chris orbed out to the Heavens.


Casey was walking around in the circle open area. She was looking around and every time she closed her eyes, she saw what had happened in the other world. How she had been sisters with Melinda and how they both transformed into Goddesses.

For the first she had felt complete. Her powers felt right. The way it should be. She needed get in touch with that power again. She remembered Silvia talking about leylines and that if you used magic on one of those lines, your magic would be increased.

Maybe if she meditated here, instead of the beach, she would get faster result. She sat down in the middle of the area and closed her eyes. It was midnight. She breathed in and out, to relax all her muscles. She listened to the wind and other sounds around her. She tried the next half hour to meditate and call up for the power. Nothing happened. She tried not to get frustrated. She opened her eyes, looked around. Got up for a moment, stretch and sat down again. She closed her eyes and tried to focus again.

Casey. Casey, she heard in the wind and opened her eyes and looked around. She could swear that she heard a woman call her name. Maybe it was time to go, but there it was again. ‘Casey, Casey’.

She got up and looked around, from which direction the sound came from. She walked a bit and then stopped and looked at the grass. Again she heard her name in the wind and from within the earth. She kneeled down and touched the area, where the sound came from.

‘Dig me’, she heard. ‘Find me’, she heard a woman saying. In trance and not knowing why, she started to dig and kept digging till she found a book. She sat down and looked at it. This was weird. She flipped through some pages and saw that it was a Book of Shadows. It looked very old. She wanted to know from who it was, so she went back to the first page of the book. There was spell and she started to chant:

‘’When the words of this spell are spoken

Then I will be again awoken.

The witch and I will reunite

And a good girl will turn bad tonight.”

Casey: That was a weird spell, she said out loud to herself, while she checked the book.

Suddenly black smoke started to arise from the page and Casey dropped the book in a reaction, but it didn’t help. The smoke entered her and her eyes became huge.


Chris had been back without any information. The Elders didn’t know about Patience.

Chris: Ah! He said and grabbed his chest.

Wyatt: What’s wrong? He asked concerned.

Chris: There is something terribly wrong with Casey, he said with pain.

Melinda: Well let’s go then! She said firmly and grabbed Chris.

They orbed to Casey.


They orbed in the middle of the area and looked around. A bit further Casey was holding with her hands her head and was screaming. They quickly rushed over calling her name, but she didn’t respond and kept screaming. When they reached her, Chris wanted to touch her, but he was stopped by Wyatt.

Wyatt: Don’t! Don’t you see the black smoke around her?

Melinda: What is happening to her? She asked looking at Casey and then she saw the book.

Melinda quickly picked up the book and read the first spell and showed it to the brothers. Wyatt was reading though it, to see if he could find anything to stop Casey.

Wyatt: We have to hurry. I am sensing a lot of rage coming from whatever is taking her over.

Melinda: Patience. She is taking her over. This is the book she is not supposed to find, remember.

Wyatt: Damn. That means we are too late.

Casey stopped screaming and now she was laughing. First softly, but then louder. She was rolling on the ground while she was laughing. The Charmed Ones looked at her, not really knowing what to do now. This was different.

Casey/Patience: I am back. She cheered. My spell worked. Those fools. Did they really think they could burn me like that? I will have my revenge! She said and then looked up.

She hadn’t noticed the Charmed Ones till now, so she looked a bit surprised.

Casey/Patience: Who are you and what are you doing here?

Melinda: I guess you are Patience. The witch who was burned 300 years ago.

Casey/Patience: What? How do you know that? She asked shocked.

Melinda: I had a premonition about you taking over Casey.

Casey/Patience: Premonition? So you are witch?

Melinda: We all are? We are the Charmed Ones.

Casey/Patience: What? That is not possible. Those are stories. Legends.

Chris: Wow. We are even known back then.

Casey/Patience: It doesn’t matter who you are. If you have come to stop me, then you are mistaken.

This witch and I are one now. Nothing can separate us, not without killing her.

Melinda looked at her for a moment and flickered with her fingers and made Casey’s body fly a bit from them away. Casey got up and looked angry at Melinda:

Melinda: You get out of her now or this is going to very painful for you.

Casey/Patience: Really. I feel that this girl has potential and a lot a great power. She is an Elemental, just like me. Only difference is that she controls all four elements and I just did two, so I am very curious to find out how it feels to control them all four at the same time. Combined with old magic, let’s see who will feel pain.

She held her hands in front of her with the fingers down and smiled for a moment and then lifted only her fingers up. This made the earth move and pieces of it came rising high from the ground and surrounded the Charmed Ones. They were trapped in a wall of Earth around them. Melinda flickered with her hands and some of the earth blew up. Wyatt held both his siblings and wanted to orb out, but didn’t work either. They heard Casey/Patience laughing from the other side.

Casey/Patience: I told you. I possess old magic, you young ones can’t comprehend.

Melinda: Really? She said challenging.

She kneeled down and grabbed the earth. She closed her eyes and called for her raw power. She felt it coming to her. Straight from the earth and reached Melinda. She lifted her head up and started to transform.

Casey/Patience: What are you so quit in there. Are you still alive or is the oxygen already run down on you? She asked playfully and giggling.

She looked shocked when the earth wall, started to glow white lights and with a huge burst if flew into pieces. Casey/Patience was thrown backwards and looked shocked at Melinda.

Casey/Patience: Who are you? She asked to Melinda.

Melinda: I am your worst nightmare, she said with an iron voice and made the ground shake.

Casey/Patience: I see now. I am getting the information from Casey that you are the strongest being alive and she wants you to kick my ass. Yes. I can hear her in me, but she has no control over her body or actions, even if she believes she does.

Melinda: I ask you one more time politely to get out of her or feel my wrath.

Casey/ Patience: Everything you do will only hurt Casey/ I am just a spirit needing a host.

Melinda: I warned you, she said icily and lifted her hand and made Casey/Patience levitate.

She was struggling to get free, but nothing worked and she looked pissed at Melinda. Who was whispering a very old language, she thought that she recognized but before she could focus, she started to scream like crazy. While she was stuck in the air, she was attacked by all kinds of insects. Wasps, cockroaches, worms and a lot of red ants. Her hands were tight spread in the air, so she couldn’t itch or push them away.

Casey/Patience: They are not real. They are not real, she screamed.

Suddenly, like she was bursting like a volcano, fire started to surround her completely. She was burning the insect on her. When she felt like they were all gone, she looked up to Melinda sweating, but smiling. Melinda smiled back.

Melinda: That was a nice escape from insects, who aren’t really there, but all in your head.

I wonder what you will do next? She said and moved with her hand and made her hanging tighter in the air, so she couldn’t move at all anymore.

Again, she said some old words and this time Casey/Patience looked horrified at her. She recognized the language and it was older then herself. How did this girl possess that language and such a power?

She stopped thinking, the moment she felt something crawl under her skin. It looked like they were everywhere and all of them would burst any moment. She looked angry at Melinda.

Casey/Patience: Stop this! Stop it! Stop it! She shouted

Melinda: I don’t think it is wise to burn yourself from the inside. Your body can maybe take it, but I wonder about your organs. You can try if you want, but if I were you I would let them burst. She flickered with her fingers and all over the body of Casey/Patience it started to burst and a lot of little spiders came out of her. She screamed out into the sky and a huge wind like a tornado came from the sky and went directly to Casey/Patience. She opened her eyes and saw the spiders flew off her body and she started to smile. More started to burst and she raised more wind around her. Suddenly the wind was gone. She looked confused around.

Melinda: Did you think a bit wind can save you? Did you think you are the only one who can control the elements? I am Melinda Halliwell. Twice blessed daughter of Piper Halliwell, The Matriarch. Next in line to become the next Matriarch and a Charmed One. I possess the raw power of all my ancestors and get my strength from the earth energy all around me. Do you really think you can beat me with some old magic? My magic go’s far before your time. You can give your best shot, but believe me it will be your last.

Casey/Patience: You wouldn’t dare to kill this girl!

Melinda: Why not? She is nothing but a pain in the ass from the moment she made her intro in San Francisco. She is a danger to the good and the evil, only she doesn’t want to admit that and that’s makes her more dangerous. So I don’t mind vanquishing her sorry ass!

Wyatt: Melinda!

Melinda: I know what I am doing. Don’t interfere again, she said telepathically to both her brothers.

Wyatt and Chris stepped away from her and watched from a distance to the fight. Chris looked in awe at his sister. He had seen it a couple of times now, but still couldn’t believe sometimes that it was his sister out there. Looking like a Goddess.

Melinda: Get out of her or I will kill you both! She said firmly and the earth shook again.

Without moving a muscle she pushed Casey/Patience away from her.

Casey/Patience: I had enough of your games. You want to see real power. I show you real power.

She made from her hands fists and held them next to her and closed her eyes. She called for all four elements and wanted to transform, as Casey was desperately trying to learn.

Casey/Patience: I am going to destroy you!! She shouted out and screamed out in the air.

Wind started to rise and looked like all the wind in the air, was coming her way. The earth started to shake and Melinda levitated calmly in the air, watching her carefully. She knew that she was transforming, but didn’t stop her. If she wanted a fight, she could get one. This would be also a good lesson for the real Casey inside.

The screaming stopped and Casey was transformed. Water started to form around her from the ground and it seemed to go up like a waterfall, but then the other way up. Then it went a bit down, till her breast. Around the water wind started to circle around her. Like a tornado it turned around the water and her like a ring shape, a circle kept turning around of fire, with rocks of earth in it, which didn’t seem the burn inside the fire.

Magic school, Great Hall

Leo: Everybody calm down. Stop running and hold on to something.

Student: Leo, what is going on? Are we under attack? He yelled in panic.

The rest of the students looked at him scared, when Piper walked in.

Piper: No. We are not under attack. Melinda is fighting Casey and they are both transformed into something amazing and very powerful.

Leo quickly walked over to his desk. This morning he had got a magic sphere, which allowed him to watch battles of his children. This as a learning process for the students. So they could see how things go in the real world and how sometimes things always don’t go the way you would think….

He got back and explained what it was. Everybody stood around it, because it was so small.

Leo said some words, and the image started to show itself. They could the skies were dark and there was a tornado like wind rising. The ground was shaking. One of the students moved with his hand and the ball became ten times its size and they now all could see clearly the girls, in the light Melinda had created. Now they could clearly see both girls transformed and could hear every word they were saying.


Casey/Patience: Wow, this girl has a lot of power, she said with her own and Casey’s voice. Now let’s see what she can do.

Quickly she moved with her hands, throwing a bunch of fire balls with rocks in it towards Melinda.

She didn’t even blink. She slowly held her hand up and the balls hit some sort of invisible shield.

Casey/Patience swirled and was carried by air in the sky and she was floating right in front of Melinda.

They had a face off.

Casey/Patience: Are you enjoying yourself like I do? I feel so young and powerful again. Now I just have to finish you and your pathetic brothers of yours, so I can get my revenge on the ones, who burned me for no reason.

Melinda: They burned you because you were a wicked Witch. It serves you right.

Casey/Patience: How dare you to judge me. You have no idea, who I am.

Melinda: Yes I do. You are nothing but a hungry low class Witch, who tries to gain powers from others as you are not strong enough yourself.

Casey/Patience: I am here, aren’t I? Do you have any idea, how powerful you must be, to create a spell like that?

Melinda: Honey, we are the Charmed Ones. Probably the spell you have cast comes from one of our ancestors. So don’t talk about yourself like you are something. Like a said, you are nothing but an ordinary Witch. Now get out of Casey! She screamed and punched Casey/Patience hard in her face.

Casey/Patience fell to the ground hard and lay there for a moment. It was not just a punch. It was like all her ancestors were punching at the same time with her, so it multiplied the punch a lot. Casey/Patience mumbled something while she got up. She looked pissed at Melinda, who looked cocky back.

The moment she got up, Melinda was floating in front of her and flickered with her hands, making her fly a few meters from her. Again Casey/Patience got up and she charged up and was glowing again. She was bleeding, but smiling evilly.

Casey/Patience: I am so going to enjoy this, she said and sat down on the ground with her hands flat on the ground.

She whispered some words and out of nowhere, the ground grabbed Melinda. She looked shocked at the ground and there were two shape hands grabbing her, but it was all rock and earth.

She raised her energy which made the hands let go. She looked down, how the hands were letting her go.

Casey/Patience looked surprised and was about to lift her hands to attack, but Melinda was quicker and flickered with her hands and using her multiplied blowing power, Casey/Patience flew from where she was and fell hard backwards. Melinda levitated towards her and kept alert. Casey/Patience was bleeding and looked angry at Melinda.

Casey/Patience: So you want to play dirty. Well I can play that game too! She yelled and raised her hands and build a wall around her from the earth around her.

Melinda looked surprised that she build it around herself and not around Melinda. She used her blowing power and a piece of a wall broke, but the whole closed again immediately.

Suddenly she heard Casey/Patience laughing and wind started to go into the open area of the wall.

More wind started to come towards the walls and Casey/Patience started to laugh louder.

The wind started to look like a tornado within the walls she had created and it turned black.

Suddenly with an evil laughter, the walls around Casey/Patience broke and she was now levitating on the top of the tornado. She looked down at Melinda and her brothers and was smiling proudly.

Casey/Patience: I knew I had foreseen the right witch for the job. You would think that the transformation was her limit, but it seems that if you make Casey bleed, she gets really pissed off and suddenly her power rises above the skies and this is the result. A tornado of hatred, she has kept all this time in her. Thanks to me she was able to release it. Now you all will suffer! She said and stopped smiling.

Melinda levitated to her level and they had a faceoff. Without waiting Melinda whispered some words and flickered with her fingers. A scratch appeared on the face of Casey/Patience and she touched her own blood and looked at her angry.

Casey/Patience: You filthy Witch! She yelled and came fast with the tornado towards Melinda.

Melinda closed her eyes and the wind around her, seemed to go faster and when Casey/Patience reached her, there was a force field around Melinda, which you couldn’t see. The tornado tried to break through, but it didn’t seem to be powerful enough to do that.

Melinda looked down and saw all the grass dying instantly when the tornado passed it. Casey/Patience stopped attacking her and looked at where Melinda was looking. When she saw the results of the tornado, she started to smile even more.

Casey/Patience: Interesting. She said smiling and looked at Melinda for a moment and turned around with her tornado and while she was looking down at the forest, she started to go through it and the trees started to die and fall all over the place.

Melinda looked shocked at the woods where she always came. Almost everything was destroyed in seconds. That tornado was pure evil and destroyed everything in his path.

Casey/Patience looked around at her creation and laughed from above the tornado and looked at the city ahead of her. Without warning she started to go towards the city. Melinda quickly floated to her brothers.

Melinda: She is going to the city. We have to stop her before she reaches it, she said and disappeared into thin air.

Casey/Patience had almost reached the city, when Melinda appeared in front of her. She looked surprised at Melinda.

Melinda: Enough! Casey, I know you are in there. You don’t want this. Think off all the training we have done and all the good we have done till now. Do you want to lose that, just like that?

You know you can’t turn back, if you kill those innocent people, who have nothing to do with this.

Come on Casey. Fight! She yelled.

Casey/Patience was laughing and Melinda floated so fast towards her, that before she could react, Melinda grabbed her by her forehead and send all the good magic she had into the body of Casey.

Casey/Patience her eyes became huge and she grabbed the arm of Melinda and this time Patience was sending her own dark energy towards Melinda.

Melinda looked at her with her white eyes and the water under them became uneasy as both energies were fighting against each other. Wyatt and Chris were looking from a distance with awe of what was happening. They had never seen Melinda fight so hard to win…normally when she changed, she almost instantly won the fight…but Casey was giving her a hard time and Wyatt realized in that moment, that no matter how strong he would become, he would never be stronger than his little sister.

In the past this would have hurt his ego a lot, but now watching her fight it, made him proud.

Melinda was still holding her and ignoring the black energy that was coming her way. She kept sending good images and good periods that they helped each other and people. She showed her the world. The parks, animals, smiling and playing children. Every image she could think of that was good.

Casey/Patience wasn’t sending her any images, only her evil energy. She sustained for a long period. She pushed her body to make the evil energy stronger and this Melinda noticed.

Melinda: Patience, I am giving you a final warning to get out her freely. Don’t force me…

Casey/Patience started to laugh with an evil look and Melinda shook her head and closed her eyes.

Suddenly she opened them and they were huge and white and looked like, she was looking right through Casey/Patience. She grabbed with her other free hand, the hand of Casey who was holding her and sending her evil energy. Casey/Patience looked surprised and now she tried to pull her hand back, but didn’t work. Melinda was holding her pretty tight and looked at her firmly. Before Casey/Patience could do anything, Melinda let out an intense scream and the light around started to get bigger and bigger. It looked like a small sun. It took over both girls.

Both brothers were holding their hands in front of them, so they could see what was going on. A very strong wind started to rise and the sea became very violent and the whole earth seemed to shake. They had trouble trying to stand and had to hold each other.

The light started to disappear slowly and they were still hanging in the air, but this time, Casey was back to herself anymore and Melinda was still transformed. She looked tired and Casey was barely breathing.

‘A passed evil made the switch

And turned this good girl in a bad witch

Now the roles have turned

The evil is released and it will be burned’

Casey/Patience looked horrified and her mouth opened and black smoke came out of it. The smoke turned into a spirit and while Melinda was holding Casey, it was floating in the air. It came with some speed towards Casey and Melinda, when Melinda tapped into the powers of Casey and called for her fire element. Without waiting she created a fire ball and threw it right at Patience. Her spirit burned in the air, while she was screaming. Then with a huge bang, she was gone.

Melinda looked for a moment around her to make sure that Patience was gone and looked then at Casey to make sure she was fine. Suddenly she felt very tired and closed her eyes and started to fall down to the water. She had let go of Casey and both of them were falling down fast, when they were picked up by some orbs. They were put down at the side of the river and both brothers tried to wake up the girls.

It didn’t work, so they both tried healing and that seemed to work. Slowly both girls opened their eyes and as they were facing each other, they were staring at each other, while they were opening their eyes.

Casey suddenly sat straight up and looked around confused. She felt her own body and looked at the brothers.

Casey: She is gone. I am me again, she said and looked at Melinda. You saved me! Again.

Melinda: Well, don’t mention it. You didn’t kill anybody, which is important.

Casey: I almost killed you. I could feel the hate towards you and I don’t know if they were mine own feelings or hers.

Casey started to cry.

Melinda: Don’t cry. Everything is ok now. It is over. Let’s go to the Manor.

Casey: No, I can’t! I am evil. That’s why she chose me.

Melinda: You are not evil. You are evil, if you want to be evil. It is not something you born with. You make your own choices.

Casey: How can you say that? I am evil. I killed my own boyfriend, just because he was kissing someone else. The worst part is that I enjoyed it very much when it happened.

Melinda: We all have lost someone dear, one way or the other. We all have dealed with not able to save an innocent, she tried…

Casey: NO! This is different. You never deliberately killed someone. She cried harder and stood up.

There is nothing good in me, she said and let her fall on the ground again.

Melinda: No you are not. Stop saying that. How long you are going to punish yourself for something you had no control over. You didn’t know you had powers back then and it was unfortunate that you had to find out like that, but that doesn’t make you evil instantly. About the enjoying part…you are a teenager, who finds out that you have powers. I think with the cheating and everything…it felt right at the moment…but now you are older and wiser, you realize that someone has died. Guilt catches up with you. So don’t worry about it too much, ok.

Chris: Remember what we have told you. Only good witches can enter the Magic School or the Manor.

So far as I can remember, you are still able to go to those places, so for me you are as good as it gets…

Wyatt: I agree. We don’t see you as Evil, maybe a danger for yourself, as Melinda has tried to point it out a few times and I think now I understand what she kept trying to explain. If she wasn’t here to stop you, your rage would have destroyed the whole city and who knows what more…

Casey looked side wards to Melinda who was looking at her and smiled.

Melinda: Guys, I don’t know about you, but I am starving…this magic using is making me hungry.

Let’s go to the Manor and have some food. Casey you are coming too and I don’t want to hear any excuse or a no. You are also staying over the night. So you can have a nice good sleep, without any disturbances. Deal?

Casey laughed and nodded. They got up and the Chris orbed them all to the Manor.

Magic School, Great Hall

The Magic sphere became black as the fight was over. The kids all started to talk about what happened and the transformation and which attack they loved most. Piper and Leo looked at them smiling.

Leo: I am so proud of our daughter, he said smiling at Piper.

Piper: Me too. She is so strong. I cannot imagine having that much power in me…sometimes this Matriarch power is already too much too handle. I am constantly afraid that I am going to Casey/Patience like, if I get to angry. She is controlling her raw power with ease.

Leo: Well that may seem like that, but believe me that it costs a lot of energy to maintain that kind of power for such a time. I am simply proud.

Piper: We did well, didn’t we? All those worries all those years that they would become evil or something really bad would happen, but they are awesome! She said grinning.

Leo grinned too and looked horny at his wife.

Piper: Leoooo…..


In the Manor, things were slow. The day was starting as they all had eaten and freshen up.

As there was no space anywhere, as the house was full. She asked if Casey would sleep in her room. She had a huge bed and space enough. First Casey was reluctant, but in the end, she was so tired. The moment the girls lay down, both of them were sleeping.

If you watched them like that, you wouldn’t imagine that they had just a few hours ago, a huge battle against each other. Nobody knew what was going to happen, but while Wyatt was watching them from the doorway, he wondered if they would be able to keep Casey good and that his little sister didn’t had to go through such a fight like this anymore.

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