Charmed Melinda Season 2

Good old Phoenix


Power of one

Episode 6

Good old Phoenix

05 September 2026

Bianca was so happy. That morning she had woke up irritated, as the bed beside her was empty again. Now she was at her work and she got news that she is promoted to run the shop instead of waitressing.

She couldn’t believe it. A demon that lives among the humans, trying to be good. Working hard for her money and now promoted. She couldn’t wait till she could tell Chris.

Casey was training with Chris. After what had happened when she had turned evil and felt her real power inside her, she worked twice that hard to achieve that level of magic. She knew that she had a long way to go, but she was willing to try. She was even nice to Melinda. It was hard being mean to her, as Melinda had saved her life now a couple of times. She really hoped one day that they could be friends.

Bianca had finished her job as fast as she could. She wanted to get home early and cook for Chris to surprise him with this fantastic news. She went to get some groceries and got at the Manor. She walked up to the kitchen and saw Melinda standing there. She was making pasta from scratch. Bianca loved to watch Melinda cooking. As a demon, her mother did teach her how to defend herself, but no normal things. She had learned a lot from watching Melinda.

Melinda: Hey you, she said looking up to Bianca. What you got there? She asked curious.

Bianca: I have some excellent news, she cried out in joy. I got promoted! She shouted and both girls screamed, hugged each other and were laughing.

Melinda: Bi, that is fantastic. You deserve it. You have been working there for so long. Good for you...

Bianca: I couldn’t believe it at first. Then I realized, she wasn’t joking…me a Demon, got promoted in the normal world. How bizarre is that?

Melinda: this is really great. Did you tell Chris yet?

Bianca: No, I cannot find him and he doesn’t answer my calls, which means one thing. He is at Magic School training with Element girl…

Melinda: You really don’t like her, don’t you? She asked watching Bianca unpack the groceries.

Bianca: I think it is both ways. The first day I met her, she insulted me, then my clan and she was hitting on my boyfriend… yeah I don’t like her that much. Now it is even worse, she continued. Now she is taking over Chris completely. He has no time for me at all. When I see him, he only talks about her and her amazing gifts. I am sick of it…but tonight I am going to make sure that she won’t interrupt us.

Melinda: Ah, hence the groceries. You are going to cook for him.

Bianca: Yep. And because I cannot ask 5 persons to leave the Manor, so we have it for ourselves...I am going to make our room as romantic as possible with candles and everything, she said grinning and started to wash the vegetables.

Later that evening, Manor

Caroline and Wyatt were off. They had an evening planned somewhere in the world where they could orb too. Jake was working with the new members of the Witches of the Order. He had decided to take the First out of the title, as the only one who was left of the First order was Silvia. The students had to go through some tests, before they were selected as a member. It was nice seeing him with a purpose.

So Melinda was alone home, when Bianca came downstairs. She looked up and got up to walk over to Bianca.

Melinda: Wow, you look awesome. Chris is going to love this, she grinned at Bianca.

Bianca was wearing a sleeveless apricot colored, knee length dress with a slight V neckline.

She looked amazing. Melinda made her spin around and they both laughed and had a great time.

Melinda had teleported earlier in the afternoon, to Magic School to see how the training was going and to tell Chris to be home on time for dinner. He had looked at her in surprise, as she never just came to tell about dinner. She lied to him and told him, that it was something new, and it needed to be eaten warm, not warmed up by microwave. She did ask Casey too, but thank god she had other plans.

He had told her, that he would do his outmost best to be on time.

Bianca run upstairs to wait for Chris and Melinda hide her in the living room. Minutes past by and Chris still wasn’t there. Melinda looked in the hallway and the candles were beautifully set all the way upstairs, path to the room of Chris. On bed Bianca was waiting for him. Ten minutes past and there he was finally. Melinda hid herself when Chris called out for her. He shouted that he was going to fresh up and wanted to walk upstairs, when he noticed the candles. He looked annoyed at it.

Chris: Mel, there are candles burning on the stairs, are you paying attention to it? Don’t want the house to be on fire,’ he yelled. He didn’t get any response and looked around. Mel, where are you? He yelled.

In the end, he waved with his hand and orbed all the candles on the stairs on the table in the hallway.

He was tired of training all day and was hungry. He walked up the stairs and noticed that the candles were leading to his room. What the hell,’ he said. Nobody was home, there were candles all over the place.

He walked into his room to find Bianca sitting on the bed, with her beautiful dress. She got up and smiled brightly when she saw him. Chris stood by the door, looking confused at Bianca.

Bianca: Surprise, she said smiling and hugged him.

He just stood there looking at her. She noticed he was checking her out and made a swirl to show of her dress.

Bianca: Do you like it? She asked.

Chris: Yeah it looks great, he said surprised. Is everything ok? He asked carefully.

Bianca: Everything is perfect! She said brightly.

Chris past Bianca to get changed. Bianca sat on the bed while she was watching her love change.

Chris: So you lit all the candles? And a new dress? Are we celebrating something special? He said thinking and hoping he hadn’t forgotten anything important.

Bianca: Yep it is for something special, but that I tell you at dinner. Hope you are hungry? I made all your favorites,’ she said smiling big.

Chris: You cooked? He asked his eyes big.

Bianca: Yeah I did. Isn’t amazing? It was pretty fun too. Melinda helped, she said.

Chris changed and they walked downstairs. Chris felt a bit overwhelmed by all this. He seemed also a bit restless. Like he wanted to be somewhere else. They sat down at the table and Melinda run upstairs to her room. Bianca started to serve the food, while Chris was watching her every move. When she was done, she looked at him and started to take a bite of her food. Chris watched this carefully, before he started to eat too.

Chris: So, are you going to tell me what this is about?

He thought that she was doing this to apologize to him. She hadn’t been the nicest person, the last couple of weeks while he was working with Casey. He knew he was spending more time with Casey then with Bianca, but it was important that Casey was trained properly, as fast as she could, before she would be a danger for others and herself. He thought that Bianca understood that, but somehow she couldn’t handle it and they had fought a lot.

Bianca: I got promoted! She shouted happy. Can you believe it? Me! A Demon, she said smiling big.

Chris: That’s great Bianca. I am really happy for you. Shouldn’t I be the one who takes you out or something, he said.

Bianca: Oh, I don’t mind. I was so happy I just wanted to do something special and just for the two of us.

Chris: I see, he said and continued eating.

Bianca: is there something wrong? She asked bluntly and looked at Chris.

Chris: Well I thought you were doing all this, because of Casey. You have been irritated lately and I with the fights we had the last couple of times, that this was a makeup dinner.

Bianca: What? She asked shocked.

Chris: Listen, I know that I am spending a lot of time with her, but this is really important. The Elders gave me a special assignment to train her, as best as I could. She is really getting the hang of her powers,’ he said proud. ‘Soon she will not need any training anymore.

Bianca: Can we please not talk about Casey for one night. I got promoted Chris, this is about me,’ she said frustrated.

Chris: I know he defended. I am sorry, I didn’t want to upset you, but I really thought that was the reason for all of this. I mean I have never seen you in a dress like that or lit candles. So I am a bit surprised by the whole thing. Not used to it.

Bianca: So, what you are saying is that I am not romantic, is that it?’ She said getting angry. You know what. Screw this. Why don’t you go to Casey and see how romantic she is. As you two spending so much time together there must be a spark by now, she said pissed and got up. I am done with you. Have fun with your new girlfriend Casey! She yelled and walked upstairs crying.

Instead of going to their own room, she went to Melinda’s room. Melinda opened the door, to see a crying Bianca standing in front of her. She hurried her in her room and held Bianca, while she was crying.

Melinda: What happened? She asked worried.

Bianca: He is a jerk! All he can talk about and think about is Casey. I am so sick of it. I told him that he should be with her and that I am done with him. Then I ran upstairs, she said. Her tears were rolling from her face.

Melinda: Do you want me to talk to him or blow him up?

Bianca couldn’t help to smile a bit. After staying with Melinda for a while, she went downstairs to talk to Chris, but he wasn’t there. She called out for him, but he didn’t respond. The table was still not cleaned. With a sigh, she cleaned up the table and went upstairs to change into something easier to wear. After that she cleaned up all the candles she lay down on the couch, waiting for Chris to return.

06 September 2013

When Bianca woke up, she looked around and groaned. Sleeping on the couch didn’t do her good. She called out for Chris, then for Melinda and Wyatt, nobody responded. Caroline walked downstairs, looking sleepy.

Caroline: Hey you. Did you sleep on the couch? She asked surprised.

Bianca: I had a fight with Chris yesterday and when I came back downstairs, after I was calmed down, he was gone. Tried calling for him, but he don’t respond. So at this moment I am not sure if he is actually ignoring me or helping out someone.

Caroline: Hold on. I will get him for you.

Before Bianca could protest, she had orbed out.

Casey’s Dorm

Caroline orbs in and is shocked at the scene in front of her. There are clothes and booze all over the place and the worst part, Chris is lying in bed with Casey, probably naked, as she saw his boxers lying on the ground. She didn’t know what to do. If she didn’t get back soon, Bianca would freak out, but what would she say? Maybe that he was with a charge, till he could explain all of this. She was orbing away, when Chris woke up just that moment, to see a glimpse of Caroline, before she faded.

Chris got straight up and looked around confused. He grabbed his head, as he got up too quick and was dizzy. He looked around and then beside him and without thinking he got out of the bed. He looked down and realized that he was naked and grabbed his boxers and while he was dressing up, Casey woke up.

Casey: What’s the rush, hansom? She said smiling at him.

Chris: No, no, no….don’t call me that. I don’t exactly remember what really happened last night, but I am getting the picture here and this is bad. This is really bad.

Casey: Why? I am so much more fun than that stiff phoenix.

Chris: That is the next problem. Don’t you get it? Last night, she tried to do something nice. Something human and I blew her off and created a fight. If that is not enough, I know have also cheated on her. With you! The one person she can’t stand the most.

Casey: Yeah, about that. What’s her deal against me?

Chris: Well you two didn’t start of well and me spending more time with you then her, plus the fact she is still a Demon you really don’t want to piss off. So yeah, she hates you. This is bad. This is really bad, he repeated to himself.

Manor, Living room

Bianca was pacing the room and was getting angry by the minute.

Bianca: Caroline! Where the hell are you?! She shouted.

She heard footsteps coming down and saw a worried Melinda coming her way.

Melinda: Bi is there a reason that you are yelling so early in the morning for Caroline. If she didn’t come the first time, then she is maybe busy with a charge.

Bianca: Yeah I know. Your jerk brother Chris. She supposed to get him, as he didn’t come home and doesn’t return my calls.

Caroline orbed in looking worried. Bianca almost run to her and grabbed her by her shoulders. She was almost shaking her.

Bianca: Where is Chris? Why did it so long before you got back? Did something happen to him? Speak whitelighter! She yelled.

Caroline: I…i…she started then Chris orbed in.

Bianca: Oh thank god, you are ok! I thought something awful had happened to you, she said and hugged him.

Then she backed away from him and stared at him.

Bianca: you smell like alcohol. You look awful. You are telling that I have waited for you all night and been worried about you and you went drinking.

Then her eyes caught something on his neck. She turned her head a bit to the side, so she could see it better. He had a hickey on his neck.

Now she really backed away from him and looked around if she was the only one who understood what had happened. Then for a moment she looked at Melinda who looked worried, but not knowing what was going on. Then she looked at Caroline, who looked really uncomfortable and didn’t look back at Bianca. Then she turned back to Chris.

Bianca: You slept with someone last night, she said more as a statement then a question.

Chris looked absolutely defeated. That moment Wyatt came down, still looking sleepy. Then he saw everybody standing and thanks to his new powers, he got all those emotions from everybody and was almost overwhelmed.

Wyatt: What the hell is going on here? He asked while he walked to the group.

Melinda grabbed him and nodded her head that he had to be quite.

Chris: Yes, I did. He said finally looking at her. I have no idea how it happened. I can’t even remember it. Till I woke up this morning. Then I realized what happened and I left immediately to come here and tell you, he said almost in a whisper, as he saw the tears rising in Bianca’s eyes.

Bianca: Who was it? She asked perfectly calm.

Melinda and Wyatt instantly felt the change in her. The anger was taking over. Her demonic side was coming above. The hate she had held inside her for so long was about to burst.

Melinda: Bianca, calm down. I know that you are angry, but you energy, your aura is turning dark, if you understand what I am saying. Don’t let this take you over. Think about your promotion. You are going to run a café. You loved it. You can’t do that, if you turn.

Chris: Bianca, listen to me. I am truly sorry. I have no idea how it happened. I swear. It was never mine intention to hurt you like this.

Bianca: Who was it Chris? WHO!! She shouted.

Chris: It was…it was Casey, he whispered.

Bianca looked like she got slapped hard in the face. She backed away more from him, like he was a disease.

Bianca: Please don’t tell me this is true, she said and looked at Caroline.

Who looked at her with tears in her eyes and nodded.

Bianca starts crying and screams before she shimmers out and shimmers back in before Chris and put her hand in his chest and starts draining his powers. She is pulled back by Melinda, who used her telekinesis powers. Bianca looked outraged at Melinda.

Melinda walks quickly over to Chris as Wyatt. Both of them stood before Chris, who is hurt badly and looks at Bianca.

Bianca: So, I knew that this day would come and here it is. The day you would turn against me, because in the end, I am still a Demon.

Melinda: You are wrong Bianca. We love you and see you as one of us. You love Chris and have always done. In this time, the past and the future. He is your one. He made a very bad mistake. Almost unforgivable, but if you really love each other, you can get past this. Please. Don’t turn. Stay good. I am begging you. I really don’t want to fight you anymore then you want to fight us.

Bianca: Don’t get so cocky Mel, if I were you. Your mother went once up against me and I was quicker than her and she was good and fast. I think I can out beat you too if I wanted too. Don’t test me.

Melinda: Listen to me. I don’t want to fight. We don’t have to do this.

Bianca: You know maybe we should, as you are standing in front of my prey. If I don’t finish what I have started, then he will die. I am the only one, who can save him.

Melinda: That is not true actually. When you just moved in, Grams visited me and warned me about taking a Demon in. I tried to talk reason into the woman. Told her that it was not the first time one of us fell for a Demon. In the end she told me a valuable secret about Phoenix Demons. When you are killed, the powers that you have collected will be released, so in this case Chris his powers. So you see there are always ways.

Bianca: So we are really doing this, huh? Cool. I always wanted to test my strength against you and show you what a real fight is.

Chris: NO! Stop this. We are family. Nobody is fighting or hurting Bianca. I have hurt her enough. She doesn’t need more.

Bianca: You shut up. You have no say over me anymore. You and I are done. I told you to go to Casey and be with her and you did. So you made your choice and now I have made mine. I will kill you for this. For breaking my heart!

Melinda looked at Wyatt and they knew what to do. As they were very sensitive for others feelings and changes in energy, they felt a swift in the energy of Bianca, just before she wanted to shimmer out. That moment Melinda flickered with her hands and Bianca flew through the room. Bianca quickly got up and conjured some knifes and threw them at Melinda and Wyatt. Melinda just could freeze both knifes in a nick of time, right in front of her face. But she had no time to think, as Bianca conjured the next set of knifes and started running through the room, while she was throwing the knifes. The siblings were diving for knifes, while they tried to hit Bianca with their powers.

Wyatt: Caroline, orb Chris up there! He shouted. His girlfriend did as she was told.

Melinda: Bianca. Stop this. You can’t get to Chris anymore. He is in the heavens. Please, stop this, so we can talk and all take a breath.

An energy ball, hit Wyatt in his shoulder and they turned around and before she could do anything, Wyatt was hit with a knife in the same shoulder. He screamed out, while Bianca shimmered out again.

Melinda took the knife out, without thinking and called for Caroline. She orbed in and started to heal Wyatt, while Melinda was keeping watch.

She knew that Bianca was somewhere around. Waiting for the right moment to attack.

Melinda: I am Melinda Halliwell. I am the daughter of the Matriarch, Piper Halliwell. I am next in line to become the Matriarch. I am a Charmed One and most importantly I am a sister. You will not harm any of my brothers anymore Bianca. I am warning you for the last time. Stop this madness. Think. Breathe. Try to calm down! She shouted.

A knife came right for her, but she moved it, before it got to her. This was not going well. She needed to be like her mother. She had been feeling different for a while and she had a feeling her powers were growing again. She wanted to try something. Something her mother could do to. She closed her eyes. She started to focus on her breathing. After it had slowed down and she was almost in a meditation state, she didn’t even notice that Wyatt was healed again and now was protecting her, from getting hurt. Slowly she focused on Bianca and in the beginning, she felt nothing. Then slowly she saw a stray of black line, like dust and it went to the next room. Slowly she started to follow the straw and got into the dinner room. In the corner Bianca was standing with knifes, invincible waiting.

She was about to throw the knife, when Melinda used her blowing power and hit Bianca full from the front. They heard something hit the closet hard and then Bianca appeared unconscious.

Wyatt: Now what? He asked his little sister.

Melinda: Now we kill her, she said and looked at Bianca.

Wyatt: You’re not serious right? This is Bianca we are talking about. There must be another way to fix this. If I was just strong enough to tap into her powers and use it to heal Chris again.

Caroline: I think I know someone who can help. Will be right back, she said and orbed out. A minute or two later she orbed back in with Phoebe.

Melinda: Aunt Phoebe, she called out. What a nice surprise to see you.

Phoebe was still dressing up, so she hadn’t done her hair yet and it was all over the place.

Phoebe: Good to see you too, but what is going on? Caroline took me while I was making breakfast for the girls. I must look awful, she said and looked down at herself…

Melinda: you look fine and beautiful as always, she said.

Phoebe: Thanks sweetie, but really why am I here?

Melinda and Wyatt explained what had happened and why they needed her.

Phoebe: I get it, but why didn’t you go to your mother. She must have the power too, to reverse this.

Wyatt: If mom finds out that Bianca, tried to hurt us, no matter the reason she will let dad reverse the spell, which allows Bianca into Magic School. Please don’t tell her.

Phoebe thought for a moment and then nodded.

Phoebe: I get it. No problem. My lips are sealed.

Caroline orbed out to get Chris. When she orbed back in, Chris looked awful.

Phoebe: Wow, talk about a déjà vu. Weird seeing Chris with that wound again. Last time, it almost killed him.

Wyatt and Caroline gently put Chris on the ground, next to Bianca. Phoebe kneeled down and held the hand of Bianca and closed her eyes. She felt the power rise in her and soon she was connected with Bianca. When she felt her power going through her, she reached for Chris and put her hand in his chest. His chest started to glow and soon the wound was gone and Phoebe took her hand out.

Chris slowly opened his eyes and looked around. When he saw Bianca lying on the floor, he quickly got to his feet to check up on her. After checking up on her, he then looked around and was surprised to see everybody staring at him.

Chris: Aunt Phoebe. What are you doing here?

Phoebe: Saving you, she said smiling.

Chris then remembered what happened.

Bianca: Oh Bianca, he said defeated again. I am so sorry, he whispered to her, while he was holding her.

Slowly Bianca woke up and looked up to see a teary Chris looking down on her. She quickly got up and looked bewildered around her.

Chris: Bianca, it is ok. You hit your head.

Bianca: How did you get healed? She asked and looked around. What are you doing here? She asked bluntly to Phoebe.

Phoebe: Borrowing your powers to heal my cousin, she said back.

Bianca looked at Chris again and tears welled up in her eyes.

Bianca: You cheated on me with Casey. I will never forgive you for this and I cannot be with you anymore. I cannot be touched and held by you anymore, not without feeling dirty. I love you, but we cannot be together anymore, she said.

Without saying another word, she ran out of the Manor. Chris wanted to run after her, but got stopped by Phoebe.

Phoebe: Don’t. Give her some time.

Chris fell to the floor and held his hands in front of his face and started to cry so hard. It was heartbreaking. Melinda and Wyatt kneeled down and sat on the ground, while they were holding each other. Phoebe looked at them with tears in her eyes and took the hand of Caroline, who was crying too and they both orbed out.

That evening, Manor

Chris was lying on bed and was fallen asleep, because of all that crying. Wyatt went downstairs to find a note from Melinda, that she would be back soon.

Casey’s dorm

There was a knock on the door and Casey opened to find Melinda standing in front of her.

Casey: What do you want? She said looking at Melinda.

Melinda didn’t wait for an invitation and walked into the dorm, while she looked around.

Casey: Well, come in, she said sarcastically and closed the door.

Casey walked past Melinda and sat down on her bed.

Melinda: Listen to me carefully. I am going to say this once to you. From the day you have come to San Francisco, you have been nothing but trouble and I am sick of it. Enough is enough. You have no idea what your little pleasure has cost Chris. He has lost Bianca the love of his life. She almost turned evil and destroyed the Manor. From now on, I don’t want you near Chris or any of us. You came here to learn to control your powers. I believe you have learned everything you need to know, so now you can train on your own. Don’t expect any help anymore of the Charmed Ones. That door has closed for you.

Casey: So, let me get this straight. Your brother has a fight with his demon girlfriend and comes to me to cry out. He has a few too much drinks and start flirting with me and more and now all that is happened is my fault. Did you even know that I have asked him maybe ten times, if he was sure about this and he was more than sure. He told me, that he wanted me the moment he saw me. How beautiful I was and not as dull as Bianca. That I brought joy to his boring life. A purpose as he called it after we had done it twice.

Melinda: Enough! She said loudly. I don’t care what he has said to you. I am telling you to back away and leave him alone.

Casey: Or else? She asked challenging and got up to face Melinda.

Melinda: Or else I will kick your ass so badly, that you wouldn’t know how fast to get back in that buss and go back to the hole you came out from. Got that! She said and walked out the dorm.

Casey run after her and shouted after Melinda.

Casey: Hey Melinda! She yelled and Mel turned around to look at her. Nobody tells me what to do or not. If you want a war, you got one. I will destroy every one of you, one by one! She shouted.

Melinda flickered with her fingers and Casey flew back to her dorm room and hit the wall hard.

Melinda: You really don’t want that Casey. Leave us alone and we will leave you alone.

Casey: He is still my whitelighter. He has to come if I am in danger and believe me, getting in trouble is not so difficult…I think I can manage to piss of some Demons and when Chris comes to the rescue, then instead of me they will attack him…

Melinda: Oh, didn’t I tell you yet. You are getting another whitelighter. I have spoken with the Elders, just before I came here. Have a good life Casey.

Melinda didn’t wait for her response and left.


Wyatt: Where were you? I started to get worried. Jake called a few times, he had some time and wanted to hang out.

Melinda: I went to Casey. I told her to leave us all alone and we don’t want anything to do with her anymore. I also told her that she would be resigned to another whitelighter. She declared war to us.

If that is what she wants, then that’s what she will get.

Wyatt: I think we all need to calm down and think this through. I really don’t want a war. Let’s see how things will go the next couple of days and if Bianca returns, before we start a war, ok?

Melinda: Fine by me, but I am not so sure about the patience level of Casey, she said and walked away.

Wyatt stood in the middle of the living room and went with his hands through his hair. What a day.

His little brother lay on bed, heartbroken. His little sister was searching for a war. He just hoped things would get better in the couple of days. If not, then there was huge fight waiting for them. With this thought, he put all the lights out and went also upstairs.

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