Charmed Melinda Season 2

Confused and Pissed


Power of one

Episode 7

Confused and Pissed

Previously on Melinda:

Bianca got promoted and wanted it to celebrate with Chris, but things went completely the other way around and they ended up with a fight. Chris got drunk because of it and ended up sleeping with Casey. When Bianca hears this, she go’s mental and attacks the Charmed Ones. Because of this Melinda confronts Casey and declared war, if she came near her family ever again.

05 September 2026

Casey was sitting on her bed and looked confused. What had just happen? Did Melinda declare war between them? That wasn’t fair. She didn’t do anything wrong. Well maybe she hadn’t had to sleep with Chris, but he wanted it so badly. This was all a mistake. If she got the chance to explain, maybe they would let her back and continue the training. Melinda had told her that they had taught her everything and that she could now do it on her own, but that wasn’t true. She needed Chris to train her more. She didn’t yet reach the power level she wanted. She had felt it the last time she turned all evil. Then suddenly people appeared in front of her and she quickly got up and held her hands up to attack.

Alpha: There is no need to attack. We have come in peace.

Casey: Who are you and what are you doing in my dorm? She asked pissed.

Alpha: My name is Alpha and I am an Avatar.

Casey: I heard about you and what you try to do to the Charmed Ones. They didn’t fall for it and I will not either.

Alpha: But you don’t know what we are offering? He said upset by Casey’s tone.

Casey: Listen, I have already enough on my mind. I don’t need more crap.

Alpha: If you allow me to explain, you will understand perfectly what we want.

Casey: Talk fast. I feel a migraine coming up.

Alpha: If you know who we are, then you must know what we are about. We have been trying for many years to create a world without Demons. To do that we needed to combine our strength with the most magical good beings. Throughout the years, we have collected quite a power, but till now we have been stopped every time by the Charmed Ones. Doing so, they have downsized us a lot by vanquishing our fellow Avatars. We always have said that we are a neutral party, choosing no sides. After many years of talking and thinking how we can succeed, we have finally come up with one solution.

There was a silence.

Casey: Well? Do tell, she said intrigued.

Alpha: The only way for us to succeed is by eliminating the Charmed Ones line.

Casey: Wait? You are serious about killing the Charmed Ones? But that wouldn’t work right?

Alpha: What do you mean? He asked confused.

Casey: Well the moment you kill the Charmed Ones, the next in line will rise, in this case probably the girls of Phoebe or Paige her children. You can’t kill them all, before they figure out it was you guys. Besides you also have to deal with a Matriarch and a Headmaster of Magic School, who has all the power around him in his students to go after you.

Alpha: Well when you say it like that, it seems indeed a challenge, but we truly believe that this is the only way. Otherwise we could stop existing, what’s the point then?

Casey: But that is you guys. After what just happened, I think Melinda just declared war against me. So if I become an avatar, I wouldn’t only have my own elemental powers, but also Avatar powers, right?

Alpha: That’s correct and believe me, you will be more than satisfied, and he grinned at her.

Casey: I have to think about this. I cannot decide right now.

Alpha: Of course. We will return exactly in 24 hours and hear your decision.

Before Casey could respond, they disappeared again, leaving a very confused Casey behind.

06 September 2026

Manor, kitchen

Melinda was walking around and mumbling to herself. Wyatt came into the kitchen and watched his little sister. She was still cursing, complaining and mumbling something he couldn’t hear.

Wyatt: Good morning Sis, he said cheerful.

Melinda turned around to look at him. She didn’t reply immediately, but just stared at him. Then she nodded more to herself then to him and continued with whatever she was doing.

Wyatt: What was that nod? He asked directly as he could literally feel her tension. It made him nervous.

Melinda: It was a nod meaning that this is a battle I have to do alone.

Wyatt: What are you talking about? Why are you so angry?

Melinda turned at him and looked pissed off.

Melinda: Oh nothing really. Bianca left us and turned evil. Chris is devastated and won’t speak or eat at all. He is just lying there, staring. Oh, we are also in war with Casey.

Wyatt: Ok the thing with Bianca was not cool, but I didn’t think you meant what you said about Casey. I mean, I get that you are angry at her, but is this not a bit Chris his own fault. He has been spending a lot of time with her and with the first fight he got with Bianca, about Casey he runs to her for comfort.

Melinda: So you are choosing her side? She asked getting all wind up.

Wyatt: I am not choosing any sides Mel. I am just saying. Maybe you should talk to Casey again. I know you are crazy strong, but good strong. You don’t lose yourself to the power. She will if she gets all powered up. She will destroy the whole city or worse.

Melinda: I knew the day she walked into our lives. From the very first day I had a bad feeling about her. I even pointed it out, but did anybody listen? Now we have a crazy elemental on our hands. God knows what she will do to piss me of more or to challenge me, she started to mumble to herself again and turned around to continue finishing making breakfast.

Wyatt knew that the conversation was over. Melinda didn’t want to hear what he had to say. He looked worried at his sister, who started with the dishes and still was ranting. There was one person who could talk sense into her. He took one bite and then orbed out.

Magic School, Manor

Piper was preparing her suitcase as Leo was taking her on holidays. Just the two of them. When Piper heard a noise, she looked up and sensed her son downstairs.

Piper: Wyatt we are upstairs, she yelled.

Wyatt walked up the stairs and knocked on the door.

Piper: Ah, good that you are here. I need urgently your butt.

Wyatt laughed and walked over to his mother and sat on the suitcase so she could close it.

Wyatt: How many suitcases did you already pack, he laughed.

Piper: Very funny, she said with a smirk.

She always did that when she went on holidays. She took almost every clothe she had with her. After the suitcase was closed, she breathed out and sat on the bed.

Piper: So what’s the matter? She asked her son.

Wyatt: Why should there be something? He asked innocently.

Piper just gave him a look that said enough. He looked at her for a moment and then started to tell her what had happened, the last couple of days. Piper gave him one shocked glance after another.

Piper: That doesn’t sound good at all, she said worried.

That moment Leo walked in with an empty suitcase. He smiled when he saw Wyatt.

Wyatt: Hey dad. How is it going?

Leo: Don’t ask, he said and smirked at his wife, who gave him a smartass look.

Piper: The holiday is postponed honey, she said and both men turned their heads towards her.

Leo: What? Why? He asked confused.

Piper told him what Wyatt had told, but the shorter and harsher version. Leo sat down.

Leo: Bianca evil. Melinda in war with Casey, he repeated.

He kept thinking how things got so bad so fast? Wyatt who sensed his father thoughts responded.

Wyatt: I know, before we knew things got out of hand so badly, now it seems that the Manor is a time bomb to go off. I love my brother dearly, but I believe he brought this down on himself. Only thing I am worried about is Mel and Casey. They are both powerful. They are both able to transform into this amazing power. I just wonder what happens when that happens. We have seen it before and that time Melinda was able to stop her, but with how she is acting I am not sure.

Piper: Because her powers are tied to her emotions. If she transforms and she is still raged, then she can be more dangerous than Casey. I need to talk to her. Need to be there for her before this go’s completely out of hand. I am so sorry Leo. I know how excited you were.

Leo: I was indeed, but I care more about my children then a holiday. Where ever we want to go and when, it is just an orb away…but you are right. Our children need us. You go help Melinda. I will go and see if I can find out more about Casey and her powers. Maybe there is a way to bind her or make sure she cannot transform like Melinda can.

Piper: So what are we waiting for? Orb away, she said grabbing her sons arm.

She quickly gave Leo a kiss in the air before she faded and was orbed out.

Beach, dock

Casey was sitting under the dock and staring at the ocean. She kept thinking about the Charmed Ones. About what Melinda said to her. Somewhere inside her, she knew that Melinda was just acting out of anger of what happened between Chris and Bianca. There was a great chance that she didn’t even mean what she said about the war and that if they talked it would be all fine. Then her mind thought of what would happen, is she did mean it and really wanted a war. Was she ready to go up against the Charmed Ones? Balthazar, The Source, Avatars, Elder Gideon, Zankou and the Ultimate Power tried it too, but all failed. Not to mention all the other thousands of Demons. Beside she kept thinking about what she said herself to the Avatars. Even if she managed to kill the Charmed Ones, they would rise again. Suddenly somewhere deep in her mind a small idea started to rise, but she didn’t dare to go there, yet!

Manor, Kitchen

When Piper orbed in with Wyatt, she looked shocked around at the kitchen. There was stuff everywhere. All the drawers were empty and Melinda was standing on a small stair so she could reach the highest cabinets. Wyatt signed to his mother and left so they could talk.

Piper: Hey honey? What you doing? She asked, while she knew the answer.

Her daughter was exactly like her. When she was pissed off, cleaning or cooking would take her mind of it, otherwise she would go crazy.

Melinda: What does it look like mom? Cleaning the kitchen. Those boys are driving me crazy. Will they ever think about helping with the cleaning, of course not! Why should they? I am stupid enough to keep doing it, she said annoyed.

Piper nodded more to herself. This was not going to be easy. She walked around the island and started to make some tea for them. She didn’t say a thing and didn’t look up to her daughter. After she had two mugs, she shrugged her throat and Melinda looked her way.

Piper: Come take a break for a moment. Let’s have some tea, she said smiling.

Melinda: Did Wyatt send you? Is this about Casey? She asked still annoyed.

Piper: Why don’t you come down and tell me all about it, she said gently.

Melinda was first reluctant, but then sat down and took her mug in her hand and stared at it. Piper watched her carefully till she lifted her head and looked teary at her mother.

Melinda: Mom, I think I started a war! She said all teary. I was so upset about Bianca, that I said things to Casey, which maybe indicated that she is not welcome anymore and I cannot find Bianca anywhere. I don’t know how to comfort my big brother. I sometimes wonder if I am really the next Matriarch in the line. I don’t think I am cut out for it, she said teary and insecure.

Piper: Melinda listen to me. When I first found out that I was a witch I was scared. Scared, that I would be evil and not me anymore. Sweetie, there is no evil bone in you. You are the most pure and good person I know. You have been helping people all your life. You have grown up, knowing that you are a witch. You are a Goddess and my daughter. I couldn’t be more proud of you then I am already.

I know your path is not easy and filled with loss and heartache. I wish I could stop it somehow, but I can’t. We are witches and we do what we can, but we cannot save everybody or control every situation. Everything happens with a reason, even if we don’t know what the reason is yet. Bianca leaving and you starting a war with Casey, there is a reason for it, I am sure of it. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You have saved the world more than I can count and more than in my Charming time.

Maybe you should just go and talk to Casey, so you two can work it out and then we will find Bianca and try to talk sense into her too. After all she is the soul mate of Chris, in every life. We have learned that now.

Melinda rolled with her eyes by that thought.

Melinda: God, I really hope not that I have to keep bringing those to back together, she said smiling.

Piper laughed too and they hugged and sat there for a little while. In the meantime Piper had closed her eyes and was sending calming emotions towards her daughter. Then they let go.

Melinda: Maybe is should go and talk to Casey, she said more sure of herself.

Piper nodded to her and watched how her daughter left the kitchen. Then she looked around and sighed. She really didn’t miss being Charmed. Dropping everything you are doing, fight constantly with Demons or being afraid to lose one of your siblings. Things were much calmer for her. She got up and started to finish what her daughter had started. Even if she didn’t live here, she had spent most of her life in this house and kitchen. She couldn’t leave it like this. Besides she had nothing else to do then to wait, till Melinda would return. She wasn’t planning on leaving, before she knew for sure that all was fine with her kids. That reminded her of Chris and before she started with the kitchen she walked upstairs and listened before she knocked on the door. She heard him crying and it broke her heart. She gently opened his door. He was sitting in a corner, in the dark crying. All of his stuff was broken and all over the place. She put the light on and looked at him as he looked up back at her. In an instant she was with him.

Piper: Oh, my poor baby, she said feeling his pain.

Chris hugged his mother tightly and cried loudly. His whole body was shaking. Piper cried too silently.

Like with Melinda, she started to send him calming feelings, feelings of that he would survive this and that he was strong. That thing would be alright. Slowly her son calmed down.

Casey’s Dorm

Casey was pacing around and was rubbing her forehead. She looked at the clock and the Avatars would be there any minute. She still hadn’t decided what to do. She kept thinking that it was impossible to take on the whole Charmed family to get rid of their line. That seemed like a suicide mission to her.

Then she heard knocking at her door and looked at it for a moment confused. Who could that be?

The Avatars could be here any minute. She quickly walked over so she could get rid of the person. She opened the door and was shocked to see Melinda standing there. First she wanted to close the door in her face, but something stopped her.

Casey: What do you want? She asked annoyed.

Melinda: Can I come in? She asked back.

Casey: No, rather not. If you have something to say, then say it.

Melinda: As you wish. I came to apologize for yesterday. When I saw my brother devastated and Bianca going nuts, something snapped in me. I shouldn’t said those things I said. So, I am sorry.

Casey: So, we are not in war? She asked suspicious.

Melinda: No, we are not. After coming home last night I thought about what I said to you and even if I think you could have say no to him, still it was his responsibility to talk it out with Bianca, instead of getting wasted and cheat.

That moment the Avatars shimmered in. Melinda looked at them surprised and they looked the same back at Melinda and Casey.

Alpha: Melinda, what a pleasant surprise to see you again. How have you been?

Melinda: Cut the crap Alpha. Don’t act like you care, The only thing you care is your precious Utopia.

Casey started to look really uncomfortable. Melinda looked from the Avatars to Casey and back.

Melinda: Casey, please tell me that you haven’t made some sort of deal with them? She asked now looking straight at her.

Alpha: We have indeed approached her.

Melinda: You shut up. Nobody asked you anything. Casey! She said more firmly.

Casey didn’t know how to respond.

Melinda: When did they approach you? She asked putting the puzzles together.

Casey: After you left last night, she said and looked at Melinda. After you declared war and called me things, they offered to join them.

Melinda: To do what?

Casey didn’t respond and the Avatars didn’t say a thing also.

Melinda looked from the one to the other and then she took a step and now was standing right in front of Casey.

Melinda: To do what, Casey? She asked again.

In meantime, she noticed movement around her and she looked sideways to see the Avatars surrounding them. They were going to attack her.

Melinda: I see. You want to destroy the Charmed Ones, so you can build your Utopia, but need a lot of power to do it. We won’t help you, so you want to tap into the power of Casey, right? She asked and looked at the three Avatars that had surrounded them in a circle.

Casey: Maybe I made a mistake. Melinda has apologized and I believe we can work it out ourselves. I don’t think that I want to join you anymore, she said insecure. She didn’t know what she wanted anymore.

Melinda: you heard the girl. Now leave before bad things happen.

Melinda looked around the faces of the Avatars and knew they were going to attack.

Melinda: Duck, she yelled at Casey and used her blowing power, to hit the Avatar standing behind Casey. He flew to the other side of the room, but got up. The Avatars were now shooting blue lightings towards Melinda. Melinda ducked, used her powers to defend herself.

Melinda: Wyatt!! She yelled.

Wyatt orbed in instantly and ducked right away. He got up and saw the Avatars now standing next to each other.

Melinda and Casey came standing next to Wyatt and it was three against three.

Alpha: It is time that Avatars took over. The time of the Charmed Ones is over! He shouted.

Before they could attack, Wyatt had shot them already energy waves with his hand. Casey was collecting air around the Avatars. Melinda froze the attack they shot at her. Now they were advancing on the avatars and one of them got hit by the blowing power and energy wave and was vanquished.

Alpha looked shocked at that scene.

Alpha: That is impossible. Without your potion, you cannot destroy us.

Casey: We can do better than that. She held her hand out and sends out all the air she had collected and the two remaining Avatars got hit hard.

Before anyone could do anything, they shimmered out.

Casey: Wow, that was a close one, she said and looked at her destroyed dorm.

Melinda: Have you completely lost your mind? She shouted at Casey. After I spoke to you, you didn’t even wait for everybody to calm down and talk things through. The Avatars showed themselves and let me guess they offered you power and what else? To destroy us?! And you took their offer? How could you be so stupid? She yelled harder.

Casey: You wanted a war? What was I supposed to? Wait for you to attack me? You made it sound like everything that happened lately was my entirely fault! She shouted back.

Melinda: It was! She shouted. They are after you now. Somehow someone stupid upstairs decided that we had to protect and train you and we did. What did we get back for? Only trouble and now a heartbroken brother. If that isn’t enough, you wanted to join the Avatars to get more powerful, so you could kill us?!

Wyatt: You wanted to join the Avatars, Wyatt asked shocked.

Both girls looked at him pissed. They had forgotten that he was there.

Casey: Ok, maybe I am no angel, but I don’t deserve this either. I didn’t ask for this. I did want to come to control my powers or even get rid of them. Thanks to you guys, I felt like I belonged and had a family I always could count on. How many times I was almost killed and every time I looked up, I saw you. You, Melinda! Protecting me. Risking your life for me. That meant so much for me. Even if I never said it to you, I am saying it now. Then I made a mistake and slept with Chris. I know it wasn’t right, but I couldn’t help myself. I know it is not an excuse, but it is the ugly truth. Spending so much time with him, made me care and like him a lot. I would never have told him or showed him, till he was standing wasted in front of my door. He started to say things and kiss me and touch me, somehow we had more drinks and lust took over. I know now it was a bad decision. But what hurt more was you charging in here. Almighty and all! Threatening me and using your power against me. Telling me stay away or it would be war.

Wyatt gave his sister a disapproving and disappointed look.

Melinda: Don’t give me that look, ok. I was pissed. I already apologized for it, or least was trying, before we got visitors. Look Casey, again I am sorry for what I said. I was rude and not completely fair. This is not me being bitching, but I understand where you are coming from and why it happened doesn’t really matter. The point is, you should have sent him home, back to Bianca right the moment you opened the door. You could have stopped it as you were sober. I think that part annoyed me, before you told exactly what happened and why. As I see it, we could both have handled the situation differently, but we didn’t. So, if it is ok with you, I undeclare hereby any war or fight, I have wanted to start, she said with a smile.

Casey couldn’t help to smile back.

Casey: So, how bad is it with Chris and Bianca, or am I not allowed to ask? She asked carefully.

Wyatt: Well, Chris is completely destroyed and won’t leave his room. He refuses to eat or speak.

The moment Bianca figured it out, she snapped. She used her power to kill Chris. Then we had to stop her. It became a huge misunderstanding and there was a fight. She lost and broke up with Chris and left.

Casey: Wow that is heavy! Is there anything I can do, to make it better again?

Melinda: Without trying to sound rude, I don’t think it is wise to come over for a while. If Chris wants to get any chance to get her back, you shouldn’t be around.

Wyatt: About him being your Whitelighter, we have come up with something, which the Elders agreed too …that from now on Caroline will be yours.

Melinda: Caroline? But I thought that she was just our whitelighter?

Wyatt: Of course not. She has many charges. Like dad had and we have. It is normal and I think this will work out the best. If Casey is in danger and Caroline senses it, she can inform us. So we can take action faster. Besides, I always had the idea that you two could get along. Caroline likes the idea too.

Caroline orbed in.

Caroline: Did you called honey? I kept hearing you say my name, got curious, she said smiling.

Wyatt: We were telling her the news, he said smiling back.

Caroline: Oh good. I was planning on doing that. How do you feel about it? She asked Casey.

Casey: I think that is a great idea, but what about my trainings?

Caroline: Believe me. I can train you like you never trained before, she said with a wink.

They all laughed and said their goodbyes. When they left, Casey looked around at her furniture which was completely destroyed. She sighed and started to clean up the place. Then she looked up. Like she felt something. She held her hands up to and was starting to charge up. Maybe the Avatars would return and force her to join her. Should she call out for Caroline? Then nothing happened and she shook her head. Then suddenly Bianca appeared right in front of her, which made Casey jump and scream. Before she could do anything, she was grabbed by Bianca and they both shimmered out.

Deep in the Underworld, an empty cave

Bianca shimmered in with Casey and threw her hard against the wall. Casey struggled to get up, till Bianca was standing in front of her. She looked up.

Casey: What do you want? You want to kill me?

Bianca: Oh honey, I can do so much more then kill you. I can strip you of your powers in a very painful way and then after you are human, I can keep you here and torture you till you are old and die here.

Nobody knows we are here. I cloaked the place. Even if someone would walk into this lair, they will not see us. You know, it has been handy living with the Charmed Ones. Learned a spell or two.

Casey: Listen, what happened was really not cool. I get that and I am truly sorry. But killing me won’t change anything. Chris still cheated on you. Would it be less badly if it was someone else? Or is it extra bad, because it is me?

Bianca: Stop talking, she yelled and slapped Casey in the face. The moment you walked in our lives, I knew you would be trouble. The way you were all over Chris and looking at him. Don’t you think I didn’t notice? Then suddenly you needed to be trained, as everybody is after you. Like you are so special and if it is not bad enough that Chris became your Whitelighter, he became also your trainer. He spends more time with you then me. When he came home, the only thing I heard was Casey this, Casey that. It made me sick in the stomach. I was already about to burst, then to find out that you two slept together. So yeah, it is because of you I am this raged. I will deal with Chris my own way, but you…you must suffer. Suffer like I am doing right now. Starting now, she said.

Before Casey could defend herself, Bianca had her hand in the chest of Casey. Casey screamed out and looked horrified.

Bianca: Don’t fight it. It will only make it harder. It will be over soon. Almost there, she said enjoying this moment. Then finally she took her hand out, that moment Casey past out.

Manor, Chris’s room

Piper had helped him to bed and when he had falling asleep. She had cleaned up the room and was now sitting on a chair, by his bed. She had falling asleep too. Suddenly she woke up of the screaming coming from Chris. He was holding his chest and he opened his eyes wide, seeing his mother looking worried at him.

Chris: Casey! She is in danger. She is no witch anymore.

Piper: What? How…why, Piper began but she was too surprised and didn’t know how to respond.

Chris got up and without waiting for his mother, he went downstairs. He heard talking coming from the kitchen and walked over there, with his mother right behind him. The group has just returned and was eating a sandwich. They stopped talking when a terrible looking Chris came into the room.

Wyatt: Hey bro, how are you feeling? You want a sandwich? He asked and held up his sandwich to give it to his brother.

Chris: Casey is in danger. She is not a witch anymore. I cannot sense her anywhere.

Wyatt: Whoa, wait. How do you know this?

Chris: I felt pain in my chest. A pain I remember as Bianca, sucking the power out of you. Then Casey was gone.

Caroline: But, we just got back from her dorm. We already fought of the Avatars?

Chris: The Avatars? What have they got to do with anything?

Melinda told him what happened last night between her and Casey. Then she told him what happened today, when she went over to apologize. They told him also that Caroline will be her new Whitelighter and that she had agreed.

Chris: What about Bianca? Did anybody hear from her?

Wyatt: No man. Sorry. She left and you know how hard it is to track a Phoenix. She can be right here, without us knowing it.

Chris: Ok, one girl at the time. First we must save Casey. She has no powers and is vulnerable.

Bianca: Sure. Choose Casey first again, she said and appeared.

She was sitting on one of the chairs of the island. Everybody jumped and stepped back from her.

Chris: Bianca. It is so good to see you, but Casey is in danger. She is powerless.

Bianca: I know, she said and was playing with her knife.

Melinda kept a sharp eye on her, in case she needed to freeze the room, as her mother did. Double freeze should stop her, before anyone would get hurt.

Chris: I know you do. I felt it. Come on Bianca. This is not Casey’s fault. I am the one who was gone all the time to save her. Then the training started. I got caught up in it. Then you made this beautiful dinner and I completely was an ass. I ruined a fine evening again talking about Casey. Then I was orbing around and suddenly a bar popped into my head and I was there. I started to drink. First I was angry at you, then angry at myself. Then I didn’t know who I was angry with. Before I knew it, I was wasted. The rest is a big hole of black. The only thing I remember is that I woke up next to Casey and I got the hell out of there. Terrified of what I had done. How I was going to explain this to you, but I didn’t got the chance. You know me so well, you knew it instantly, but bursted out in anger and attacked me. Then things got out of hand. If only we could talk? He said almost in tears.

The room was very quit. Everybody was looking at Bianca. You could tell that she was struggling, and then Chris knew he had lost. She had that look. A look between been confused and pissed, which made her very dangerous.

Chris: Bianca! Where is Casey? I know you have her. Where did you take her? Is she ok?

Bianca: You see this is what I mean. She will always stand between us. You are her whitelighter.

Caroline: Euhm, sorry to interfere but since today I have assigned to be her Whitelighter. I will also be her trainer. The only connection Chris has left with Casey is that he still has to protect her, but as a Charmed One. Only when all three of are needed. Otherwise Melinda or Wyatt will deal with it.

Bianca: You guys did that all for me? How charming of you all, she said sarcastically.

Piper: Bianca, that is not fair and you know it. Yes, Chris made a mistake. Didn’t we all at some point?

Our lives are complicated as it is. Sometimes things or people come on our path that changes everything you knew. You haven’t attempted not once to get closer to her. Nobody says that you have to be besties, but you could have tried. Melinda and she don’t get along either, but she tries. She understands that Casey is important and need to be protected. They have tried everything to make sure that Casey and Chris won’t have to spend time together. That Chris can see his errors in this whole matter and most importantly, you two come back together. You are destined to be together. You know that. In every life, you two keep finding each other. Like magnets. Be angry, fight with him. Yell at him, but don’t hurt Casey. This is his fault. He knows that and accepts that. You must now too. So you two can move on.

Bianca: Piper, I have always respected you and I don’t want to go up against you. I just…I am so angry. I cannot let go. I burns inside me. I have to hurt someone to get it out me! The knife in her hand was shaking.

Piper: There is another way and you know it.

Melinda: What are you talking about?

Piper: Like I have told you before, when Bianca moved in, I was not so keen about it. I tried to find any information I could about Phoenixes. What are their weaknesses? How can they be killed? Will they resurrect? There I found out, something special. When a Phoenix is killed by a supernatural, then she will be reborn, but her cycle will start again from zero. She will be a small girl again and grow into womanhood in months’ time, but will not remember anybody. If a Phoenix dies from killing herself willingly, then she will be reborn and will grow faster to her former form and will remember everything, but the burden she carries will be gone. By sacrificing herself, she redeems her soul, so when she returns, she feels no pain over it anymore. Bianca, you are a beautiful creature with an amazing gift, to redeem yourself in a very special way.

Bianca: Well thanks for the idea, but that is not going to happen. What is going to happen is, that I am going to kill Casey first, just to see you suffer over your precious Casey, then I am going to kill one by one all of you, till you stand alone Chris. Then I will come for you. Our love is over. Accept it. I did!

Before anyone could respond, she was gone again.

Chris: Great. How the hell we are going to find her now? She is more pissed than ever now.

Piper: Well you are lucky to have a Matriarch as a mom. I cast a little spell on her. Now we will be able to track her anywhere.

Chris: Mom, you are the greatest. Ok, let’s go guys. We have an innocent to save.

When nobody moved he looked around.

Caroline: Chris. I cannot imagine, what you must be feeling, but you are not her whitelighter anymore.

Besides, I think you being there, with the two girls that care about you is not a good idea. I really think you should sit this one out.

Chis: But…he started then looked around. Everybody seemed to agree with Caroline. He felt defeated and left the kitchen to go upstairs and lay in his bed again. His mother followed him silently and sat by him, while she held his hand and Chris was crying.

Melinda: Ok, we now what we have to do. Scry for her and when we have found her, knock out Bianca. Get Aunt Phoebe and use her telepathy power, to get in touch with Bianca’s power and get the powers back of Casey. Then we have to deal with Bianca, but our first priority is Casey. So, let’s go!


Bianca shimmered in and looked at Casey, who was chained and looked vulnerable.

Bianca: Can you believe that the asshole sensed you. Sensed that you lost your powers. He couldn’t get up fast enough of his bed to go and save you.

Bianca created a fireball in her hand and looked at it. She hadn’t done that for a long time and it felt powerful and good. The way it supposed to be. She was after all evil. Staying with the Charmed Ones had clouded her judgment and way of thinking. The way she supposed to feel and be.

Casey: Ok, don’t do hasty things, she said looking scared at the fireball.

Bianca smiled evilly and without any warning, she threw the fireball straight at Casey. That moment Melinda, Wyatt and Caroline orbed in.

Wyatt: Fireball! He called out and reverted towards Bianca, not to hit her, but to distract her.

They ran towards Casey and while Wyatt and Melinda were standing in front of her, Caroline orbed her out and in again, so she would be free again.

Bianca looked at all four them and smiled.

Bianca: As always the Charmed Ones to the rescue? No Chris?

Melinda: Like we told you. He is not her whitelighter or trainer or anything for that matter. We have agreed that if it comes to Casey and he is not really needed, then he will stay away.

Bianca: You think he is not needed here right now? Is Casey not in danger? She said almost sounding crazy.

She felt like she was having a meltdown. He must come. That’s the whole point! She yelled and started to cry. Then started to curse because she was crying.

Melinda felt terrible for her.

Melinda: Sweetie listen to me. I know you are hurt and I feel terrible for you. I love you like a sister. We grew up together. Please let stop this. Please let’s not fight.

Bianca: Then what? You going to ask me to give her powers back? Calling Phoebe again? Then have a cup tea together and talk things out?

Melinda: Come on Bianca. Work here with me.

Bianca: Work this, she said and threw a knife towards Melinda and shimmered out. Melinda heard about her famous move and froze and hard as she could the room and Wyatt shot towards the knife an energy wave.

Bianca shimmered in and fell on the ground. She was not unconscious, just hurt. Wyatt stood over Bianca and looked down on her sadly.

Wyatt: Bi, I really don’t want to fight you or hurt you. Please just let me heal Casey and we will leave you alone.

Bianca: Over my dead body that I help her. You should be thanking me. Now she has no powers anymore, nobody will chase her and you won’t have to protect her anymore, so why heal her?

Wyatt looked at Casey.

Wyatt: You have lost your powers. Do you want them back or not?

Casey: Hell yeah. I thought I wanted to be normal, but now without my powers, I feel empty and vulnerable.

Wyatt: You heard her Bianca. It is up to you, how this ends. The easy or hard way. Which one will it be?

Bianca: Fine you can give her powers back, but after that I want you all to leave and I never want to do anything with you people anymore.

Melinda: Bianca. We love you, don’t say that. I will never give up on you and that go’s for Chris too.

Bianca: Whatever, just do your thing and go away.

Wyatt: Well here go’s nothing, he said and looked at Melinda. There is no time to get Aunt Phoebe. We must do this now, before she changes her mind again.

Casey came closer and Wyatt touched Bianca and Casey and closed his eyes. He sensed the power rising in him. Then felt the power move towards Casey. When he didn’t sense anything anymore, he let go of both of them.

Wyatt: Did it work? He asked Casey a bit out of breath. This was the first time he did this. It made him dizzy.

Casey sucked in some air and created an air ball with it. She looked up smiling. Bianca made a face.

Wyatt grabbed Casey and Melinda and looked one more time at Bianca, who was still sitting on the ground, defeated and orbed out.

Manor, Living room

Chris was pacing the room while his mother was watching him. He had got up again, to wait downstairs for his siblings to return.

Piper: Honey, why don’t you sit down for a minute? You are making me nervous.

Chris: I can’t. Not until I know that everything is ok with Casey.

Piper: And your siblings, she added and looked at Chris.

Chris: Yeah, them too, he mumbled to his mother.

Then orbs started to appear and the gang orbed in. Chris walked straight to Casey and grabbed her by the shoulders.

Chris: Are you ok? He asked while holding her and looking at her. Did Bianca hurt you?

Casey was a bit confused about what had happened today. It had been a long day. So she just looked at him dull.

Melinda: Yes, all is fine. Bianca didn’t hurt her, just took her powers away, but Wyatt got them back.

Bianca told us, that she never want to see us again and have anything to do with us, she said and looked at her brother.

Chris looked at Melinda, letting the words process in his brains. Then nodded and let go of Casey.

Chris: I am glad that you are ok! Sorry that you got in trouble because of my actions. I see you around, he said and left the room without saying anything or looking at someone.

Casey: Well I think it is best if I just go now. Thank you for saving me, again.

Without waiting for a response she walked out the room and the Manor.

Melinda let herself fall on the couch, which made Piper laugh. Then Melinda bursted out in tears. Piper was there to hug her.

Melinda: We lost Bianca. She is evil now and don’t want to see us anymore! She cried out.

Piper: Give it time. These things are not solved in a day or two. Chris and Bianca need to work it out on their own time and way. You have done everything in your power to help, now there is nothing you can do anymore.

Melinda: I am just so confused and pissed about the whole thing. Can’t grab my mind around it.

Piper: I know sweetie. Love is never easy. How are things between you and Jake?

Melinda: Good I think. Haven’t seen him for days. Maybe I go and see him. Can use a bit of love myself at the moment.

Melinda got up to get a teleportation potion.

Wyatt: Eeuhm guys. I can orb you there if you want. Like to catch up with Dad a bit. Didn’t speak to him in days.

Piper: Well let’s go then.

Melinda: Wait. What about Chris. He will be all alone.

Wyatt: Maybe that is exactly what he needs. To be alone and deal with?

Melinda: Ok, let’s go she said.

They orbed out and in to the Magic School. After that they all went their own way.

Melinda walked into the training area, where Jake trained the new fresh Witches of Order.

She opened the door to see Jake kissing another girl. He looked up and that moment Melinda run away.

Jake run after her, but when he got to the door, she was gone.

Melinda run into one of the rooms and let herself fall on the ground, while she cried hard.

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