Charmed Melinda Season 2

Naughty Jake


Power of One

Episode 8

Naughty Jake

Previously on Melinda

Chris cheated on Bianca with Casey. Melinda pissed declared a war. The Avatars saw their chance and tried to lure Casey to their side, to be stopped by Melinda. Caroline is now the new Whitelighter of Casey, while Chris is slowly trying to pick up the pieces of his broken heart. Melinda sees Jake kissing another girl.

The doorbell rang. Wyatt walked over to open it. He was surprised to see Jake standing in front of their porch.

Wyatt: What do you doing here?

Jake: I need to speak with Melinda.

Wyatt: There is no way you are going to see her. Not after what you did to her.

Jake: It was an honest mistake. I am truly sorry for hurting her. That was the last thing what I wanted to do.

Wyatt: You should have thought of that, before you put your tongue in someone else her throat.

Jake looked for a moment defeated and troubled. His hand went to his jacket and he kept it there for a moment, and then looked up to Wyatt.

Jake: I am so sorry, but I have to see Melinda, he said with regret in his voice and took his hand out of his pocket and blew some powder right at Wyatt.

Wyatt: What the hell…he said before he fell down on the ground.

Jake walked inside and moved Wyatt, so he could close the door. He left him there on the ground, as the powder would not take long to wear out, so he needed to hurry and see Melinda. He run up the stairs and stormed into the room of Melinda.

Melinda was lying on bed and crying, she jumped up when her door swung open with force and she recognized the voice of Jake. She wiped her tears and got up.

Melinda: What the hell are you doing here? How did you get in? She shouted at him.

Jake: I need to talk to you. What you have seen is not what it seems.

Melinda: I don’t care what you were doing with her. Now leave my room, before I make you.

Jake looked at her for a moment, calculating if she really would attack him or not and made a step towards her. Melinda lifted her hands and looked very angry and hurt at him. She didn’t understand what he was trying to do. Did he really think this was the way to get her back?

Melinda getting pissed and flickered with her fingers slowly and Jake flew hard against the wall. He quickly got up and looked with a strange look at Melinda. Melinda came closer holding her hands up.

Jake held his hand up and whispered some old words, which made Melinda collapse to the ground. She was now on her knees and hands and bound.

Melinda: What did you do to me? She said between grinding teeth.

Jake: I knew you wouldn’t give me a chance to explain, so this is the only way I know to make sure that you don’t use your powers against me.

Melinda: I wouldn’t be so sure about that, she said angry and closed her eyes. In a few seconds she felt the power coming from the floor towards her and hit her hand. She changed instantly to this white Goddess. She looked up to Jake, smiling sarcastically and got up slowly, like she never was bound at all.

Jake: Melinda, listen to me. I was under some sort of love spell. The moment our lips were separated I felt like myself again and then I saw you. She did something to me and she admitted it. I send her away and told her that I cannot teach her anymore. As the Witches of the Order, we are only allowed to use our power for the good.

Melinda: Jake, I don’t care! I don’t want to hear any of your excuses. All I want is to be alone. Or you leave now by yourself or I will make you.

Jake: I don’t believe you mean that. You are saying because you are angry. Please let’s talk. Let’s do a truth spell or a lie detector. Anything to proof to you that I am still in love with you. It hurt me to see you hurt. Especially if I am the reason for your hurting.

Melinda: GET OUT! She shouted at him and without even moving, Jake had to take a few steps back from her. Like she was pushing him away from her, without even doing anything.

Jake: No! I am not leaving before you listen to me. What happened was not my fault dammit!

Melinda: I don’t care! Leave me alone.

Jake: I am truly sorry for what I am about to do.

Before Melinda could do anything he was standing in front of her and touched her forehead and whispered quickly some words and let go. He looked at Melinda, who was still in her transformed mode and there was wind through the whole room. Papers were flying around. She closed her eyes and changed back to herself. When she was normal again, she looked at Jake and gave him a bright smile.

Melinda got up and hugged Jake intensely. Then looked at him smiling.

Melinda: Did I already tell you today, how much I love you? She asked

Jake shook his head smiling.

Melinda: I love you so much! She said smirking.

Then she jumped up when an angry Wyatt came into the room. He grabbed Jake by his shirt. His face was now very close of Jake.

Wyatt: What the hell did you do to me?! He shouted. Didn’t I tell you to leave my sister alone!

Melinda flickered with her fingers and Wyatt flew into the hallway. He quickly got up.

Wyatt: What the hell Mel? Why did do that for? He asked pissed.

Melinda: I don’t like your tone against my Jake. Leave my sweetie alone or deal with me! She said challenging her brother.

Wyatt: This morning you hated him and didn’t want to see him never again. Now he is your sweetie?

Melinda: I don’t know what you are talking about, because I couldn’t imagine not seeing Jake. I would simply die. I can’t get him out of my head. No matter what I do, Jake comes up. That must be real love.

Wyatt: Did you forget that he put his tongue in another girl mouth!

Melinda: That is a lie! She shouted and flickered again with her fingers.

This time Wyatt was prepared and put up his shield. That moment Chris came out of his room.

Chris: What the hell is going on here?

Wyatt: I think Jake put Melinda under some spell. Not an hour ago, she was still crying and hated Jake. Now she doesn’t even remember that he kissed another girl.

Chris: You did what?! He shouted at Jake. After everything that happened with Bianca, didn’t you learn anything from it? He asked.

Jake: It was not my fault. I was under a spell, he defended himself. Besides, it doesn’t matter anymore as Melinda still loves me and wants me.

Melinda was hanging on him like a little girl who is in love. Smiling and kissing him…Jake pushed her gently away from him, but she kept coming back…

Chris: Jake, I don’t know what you did to my sister, but change her back to herself please?

Jake: No! We love each other and if this is the only way to make sure that it stays that way, then so be it.

Wyatt: Not on my watch! He waved with his hand and Jake was taken away.

Melinda: Jake?! Where did you orb him too? She asked getting closer to Wyatt.

Wyatt: Doesn’t matter. We need to fix you now, before you get out of control.

Melinda: Where did you orb him too? She asked again. She looked like she was about to explode.

Wyatt: I am not telling! He said stubbornly.

Melinda started again, using her blowing power on Wyatt and kept trying to blow him up, but Wyatt kept his shield on. Then she turned to Chris and wanted to blow him up, but he orbed out and in again. This time she used her telekinesis powers and Chris flew hard against one of the walls. He quickly got up and looked at his sister. Wyatt didn’t wait and released his energy wave, directly at Melinda, but she saw it coming and froze it in midair. She had turned completely red and closed her eyes. In an instant she was transformed to this Goddess.

In the attic the triquetra started to light up and the Book of Shadows was shaking on his standard.


Wyatt and Chris wanted to orb out, before she would lose it completely, but she held her hands up and somehow the brothers couldn’t orb anymore. They looked at each other and ran upstairs to the attic.

Melinda followed them slowly, while she was floating. Nobody was going to keep her away from Jake.

The boys arrived at the attic and the Book, but were shocked that the triquetra was lighting up. They had never seen it do that. Wyatt immediately understood what was happening. Melinda floated into the attic and was levitating in the air. She was looking terrifying. Both brothers knew what she was capable of and now she was pissed. She was more dangerous.

Wyatt: Melinda, stop attacking us, otherwise all of us will lose their powers.

Melinda: You are a liar. You lied about Jake, while should I believe a word you are saying.

Chris: Come on sis. It is us. Don’t do this.

Melinda: ENOUGH! She shouted and the whole house shook on his ground.

She lifted to fingers and pointed it at her brothers. Both looked stiffened and couldn’t move anymore. Then she pointed her fingers downwards and both brothers were brought to their knees and not able to move. She came closer and was now floating above them.

Melinda: It is time to get rid of you two and go solo, she said thinking and created two white energy balls.

She was holding them above the heads of her brothers. She looked like she completely lost it and was blinded by the spell of Jake. She was about to throw it, when the balls disappeared in her hands. She looked surprised at her hands and summoned new balls, but it didn’t appear. Before she could fight it, she was transforming back to her old self. The moment she started to change, the brothers were free from her grip. They got up and looked at her sister.

Melinda: What the hell just happened? She asked.

Wyatt: We lost our powers. We are not the Charmed Ones anymore.

Melinda: What? Is this another lie, like with Jake? She asked angry. You know what, don’t answer it. I am going to Magic School, look for Jake.

She looked around for a teleportation potion and focused on the school before she threw it on the floor. Nothing happened. She took another one and threw that one too, still nothing happened.

Melinda: Why are the stupid potions not working? She yelled at her brothers.

Chris: Because we don’t have any powers anymore. Maybe you should stay here. We need to figure out how we can fix this. If the Demons get news of this, we are toast.

Melinda: Who made you the boss around here? First you guys keep me from my love, then you made me lose my powers and now you want to keep me here as a prisoner? She looked crazed while she spoke.

Wyatt: Melinda, please pull yourself together. We need you.

Melinda: I don’t care. I need Jake and Jake needs me too. I am going to search for him.

Before the brothers could stop her, she walked out of the Attic.

Chris: Now what?

Wyatt: Ok, you go with her and try to bring her back here. I am going to find a way to get our powers back.


Eyes: There is something going up there, she said.

Creon: What do you sense?

Eyes: There is a power switch going on. The good has lessened.

Creon: Really? Maybe we should have a look then, don’t we?

Both of them shimmered out.

Streets of San Francisco

Melinda was stopping every person she saw on the street and asked if they knew Jake and even if they kept saying they didn’t know anything, she kept asking where they have seen hem the last time.

Chris kept his distance and watched his sister carefully. Now he had to get closer, because she was getting frustrated and acting more aggressive to innocent people.

Melinda: Where is he? She shouted to a young girl passing by and grabbed him. Where is he? Tell me! She yelled.

Chris run over and pulled Melinda from the girl. Who walked away hastily, looking back if she was getting followed.

Melinda: Let go of me Chris! What the hell are you doing here anyway, she said wrestling to get away from him, but he had her in his grip.

Chris: Calm down. Calm down dammit! He yelled at her.

Melinda slowly calmed down. She stopped fighting Chris and let out a deep breath.

Chris: Listen, I am here to help you search, ok. We will find Jake, but you cannot attack innocent people anymore. Deal?

Melinda: Fine. Now will you let me go? She asked.

Chris let her go and Melinda started to walk further and Chris followed her silently.

Manor, attic

Wyatt: Caroline! Caroline. Can you hear me? Caroline! He yelled.

Orbs started to appear and Caroline was standing in front of him.

Wyatt: Thank god! You heard my call, he said smiling and hugging his girlfriend.

Caroline: No, I didn’t. I wanted to come sooner, but another witch was getting attacked by a group of Demons, I couldn’t get away. What happened to your powers? I cannot sense you anymore. Neither the other ones. What happened?

Wyatt explained what was going on.

Caroline: What can I do? Shall I check with the Elders?

Wyatt: No. Go the Magic School and get my mother. In case we need protection against Demons.

Then go and search for my dad and Silvia. Tell them to come too. We need to fix this before Demons notice something is going on.

Caroline nodded and orbed out.

Outside the Manor, Eyes and Creon were watching the Manor.

Creon: What do you sense?

Eyes: Like this is not the home of the Charmed Ones. I feel no magic at all. I sense that the Eldest is home. Up in the attic.

Creon: This would mean that the crystals they placed are not working either and we could get in.

Eyes: I guess so. You wanna have some fun? She asked looking evilly at Creon, who smiled the same way back at her.

Both of them walked up the stairs slowly, just in case they would get hit by the shield. They walked up the last part and were standing in front of the door. Nothing happened. They smiled brightly and shimmered into the hallway.

Eyes: The home of the Charmed Ones. I expected to be witchier. This looks so old stuff.

Creon: Who cares how it looks. We are in the Manor. Too bad they Nexus aren’t here anymore.

Eyes: We still have powerless Charmed One in the Attic, plus more importantly the Book of Shadows.

Again they smiled and shimmered out.

Streets of San Francisco

Chris: Melinda, this way we are never going to find him. We need to go back and ask Wyatt where he orbed him. We also need to get out powers back. We are vulnerable right now and need to stick together.

Melinda: Who cares about powers. They only thing that matters is that I love Jake and want to be with him.

Chris: Wouldn’t you find him faster, if you could do a locator spell and use a teleportation potion to get to him. I orb you even if you want.

Melinda: That sounds not bad actually. This is indeed pointless. Let’s get back and talk to Wyatt. I need to be with Jake. It feels like I cannot breathe without him. My chest is hearting.

Chris: I know the feeling. I miss Bianca exactly the way you described it, but I also know that Jake is not going anywhere. If we don’t get our powers back fast and the Demons attack, we are in big trouble.

You wouldn’t want Jake mourning about your death, because you were powerless to fight back?

This seemed to do the trick. She looked at her brother and started to walk fast back towards the manor, Chris right behind her.

Manor, attic

Wyatt was standing in front of the window, staring outside. The pages of the Book were blank. Scrying didn’t work either. All he could do was wait for his siblings and his parents.

Creon: Well well, so this the famous attic, where all the magic happens?

Wyatt slowly turned around and not far away by the book, the two Demons were standing there and looking pleased with themselves.

Wyatt: What do you want? He asked firmly.

He was afraid that this could happen, but wasn’t afraid of the Demons.

Creon: it seems that you have lost your powers. So with the Charmed Ones down, we have come to take over this Manor and all his energy. Of course as a bonus we will be the ones who have killed the Charmed Ones. Better bonus then that I cannot think of.

Wyatt: You should know that it is never easy to kill a Charmed One and this time is no different.

Creon: Brave till the end huh? Good for you. Now it is time to die.

The moment he said that orbs appeared at the end of the room. Showing Caroline, Piper, Silvia and Leo.

Caroline: Hey! Get away from my boyfriend. Demons, she shouted and lifted her hands.

Both demons were smashed against the wall in orbs. When they appeared Piper walked up to them and blew them up, before they could shimmer out.

Wyatt: That was a close one. Thanks for coming.

After they all hugged, Wyatt told exactly what happened. Silvia was shaking her head while she listened. She couldn’t believe that Jake would abuse his power as an Elder and the knowledge he gained with that responsibility.

Piper: Don’t worry honey. We will fix this, ok?! First we have to find your brother and sister.

Chris: No need for that. We are here! He said walking in the attic.

Melinda walked right behind him, ignoring everybody and went straight to Wyatt. She grabbed him by his shirt.

Melinda: Where is Jake? Where did you send my love? My everything. Tell me. Don’t you see I am in pain? Every second I am not with him, it aches. I need him. So where is he?

Leo: I think you should tell, as we will need Jake to reserve the spell. I think the spell is getting worse, now he is gone. She has no powers anymore, but still could be dangerous. She will do whatever it takes to get to Jake.

Melinda: You heard the man. Spill it.

Wyatt: I send him to top of San Francisco Bridge. Was the first thing that came to my mind?

Caroline: I will get him.

She orbed out and Melinda started to walk out the attic.

Piper: Honey, where are you going? It is better if you stayed here. Jake will be here shortly.

Melinda: That’s why I have to get to my room. He cannot see me like this. I am dirty. I need to change into something nice.

Melinda was almost by the door, when Piper froze her. Leo walked over to her.

Leo: What are you doing? Let her change. Otherwise she will be madder.

Piper: It will not matter soon. As soon as he gets here, he can reverse it and all will be fine.

Caroline and Jake orbed in wrestling.

Caroline: I am just trying to help, dammit! She said letting go Jake.

Jake looked angry at everybody, then at Melinda.

Jake: Is Melinda frozen? He asked walking over to her. Did she turn evil?

Piper: No Jake. She is human. She lost her powers, like her brothers. There is no Charmed Ones anymore, thanks to you.

Jake: What do you mean? I didn’t do that.

Wyatt: Actually you did. The moment I send you away, she turned against us and we had to defend ourselves against her. That meant we had to use our powers against each other. That’s when we lost our powers, but she is still under your spell.

Jake: That’s why she didn’t come? I kept waiting for her up there. I knew she would find me, so I didn’t bother to use magic to get out of there. I couldn’t have chosen a better place to talk to her.

Silvia: Jake.

Jake looked surprised. He hadn’t seen her behind Leo. She gave him a look, which made him feel terrible and brought his eyes to the ground of shame. Melinda unfroze. She screamed his name and hugged Jake. Jake pushed her gently away, looking worried. Melinda looked around and saw Silvia coming forward.

Silvia: Reverse the spell immediately. After that, you say goodbye to your coven members and I will take the Elder role back to me, with the powers that comes with it, meaning it will be taken from you. After that I don’t want to see you again.

Jake looked at Silvia, with tears in his eyes. He had lost everything.

Melinda: NO! You can’t do that. Please. This is not his fault. I love him. I cannot live without him, she said and started to collapse and cry.

Piper cried too. Leo looked disturbed and her brothers looked at her with pain. They knew she was torn this last days and this day didn’t make it better for sure.

Jake held his hand over Melinda and whispered some old words, while his mouth was trembling and he was crying. Then slowly he lifted his hand and the spell was reversed.

Melinda looked up with teary eyes at Jake and then to the rest of her family. She slowly got up.

Melinda: Why Jake? Why? She cried out and run out of the attic. Her mother was right behind her.

Jake looked up at everybody.

Jake: I am so sorry. I never meant for all this to happen. I just wanted her to believe me that I was under a spell of this girl. I didn’t do anything wrong and still love Melinda dearly. I am truly sorry.

He walked out of the attic crying. Silvia almost collapsed of sadness. Leo had to catch her and helped her sit down. The boys were just standing there, not knowing what to do now.

Melinda’s bedroom

Melinda let her fall on the bed and she started to cry really hard and loud. Her mother stormed into the room and was right by her daughter. Melinda clamped herself to her mother and cried, till she couldn’t anymore.

At least a half hour had passed and slowly Melinda had stopped crying. She looked up at her mother and saw that she had cried too.

Melinda: Why did he put a spell on me? She whispered.

Piper: I think that he wanted so desperately prove that he was under a spell and that he still loved you. You didn’t want to talk to him. So in his mind this was the only way. Unfortunately it didn’t work out quite the way he hoped for, because of your brothers, who were trying to protect you. Did you know that Wyatt was attacked this afternoon? Just before you came in. If we didn’t get there in time, he would have been dead.

Melinda: Oh my god. We need to get out powers back and fast.

Piper: That’s my girl, she said proudly.

Piper knew all too well, that this was hard on her daughter, but she needed to do this. She needed to learn to make hard choices. She had pain because of the loss of her love, but her responsibility as a Witch came always first. Piper had to make these decisions herself in the past. It was never easy.

She followed her daughter back to the attic. Silvia had left back to Magic School, to help Jake to pack.

Her brothers got up when she walked into the room.

Melinda: I am so sorry you guys, for what I have put you through today. I guess I wasn’t really myself today.

Chris: Well, I am not sure if it matters, but your weirdness made me go outside today. Chasing you around and walking did me good. I feel a bit better. Bit more ready to deal with daily thing again.

Wyatt: For me it was a long day, but I am happy that you are you again, because crazy in love Melinda is creepy, he said laughing.

Melinda: Thanks both of you. Are you ok? She asked her brother.

Wyatt: Yeah I am fine. My powerful girlfriend and mother came to the rescue, so all is good.

Chris: So next time, even if we have to tie one another up, no one is leaving. We stick together.

Piper and Leo were smiling, because the Book of Shadows started to light up again, while their kids were chitchatting and bonding again.

Melinda: Sorry that I used my powers on you guys.

Wyatt: Me too.

Chris: Me too, he said and lifted his hands for a group hug.

When they hugged, light started to shine upon them and the room shakes. When it was done, they looked at each other. Chris and Wyatt orbed out and in and Melinda moved with her hand the chair moved from his place. They had their powers back and they just talked.

After they all had cleaned up and eaten, Piper and Leo wanted to back to the school, when Melinda got up.

Melinda: I am coming too. I need to speak with Jake. If he is still there?

Chris: Why?

Melinda: I want to believe him that he was under a spell and this was all a mistake. I love him and I am not intending to let that go so easily. Not after all the crap he had to put up with me. I am a Charmed One. One day we are chasing Demons. One they were are under a spell. So it is not easy for him too. I should give him a chance to prove himself.

She got up and held the hand of her mother.

Magic School

Melinda said her goodbyes to her parents and run over to the room where he and Silvia stayed. She run into the room and saw Silvia sitting on the couch, crying silently.

Melinda: Where is Jake? I need to speak to him before he leaves.

Silvia started to cry really hard and Melinda sat down with her and held her.

Silvia: He is bound now. He has no powers and no memory of ever being a Witch. He doesn’t even know that his name is Jake.

Melinda: What? Wait! How is that possible?

Silvia: we have many ways of binding someone. He begged me to take all his powers. He couldn’t trust himself anymore, now he has lost everything. Then he asked for a whitelighter to make him forget who he is. After today they have granted his wish and I don’t know where he is.

Melinda got up and called for Caroline.

Caroline appeared immediately.

Caroline: You called, she said smiling which disappeared immediately when she looked at Melinda.

Melinda was shaking completely of shock and anger.

Melinda: I want you to go upstairs and let the Elders tell me where Jake is. I am not losing him again.

Caroline: I just heard about the deal. I will go and ask, but wouldn’t get your hopes up. When this kind of thing is done, even if you find him, no spell will make him remember. No kiss like in the movies.

Melinda started to lose hope, she collapsed on the floor. She had lost him. Jake was gone and would never come back. Caroline and Silvia came sitting by her and held her, while they let Melinda cry.

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