Charmed Melinda Season 2

Storm is arriving


Power of One

Episode 9

Storm is arriving

Previously on Melinda

Jake is gone. He doesn’t remember who he was, leaving Melinda devastated. Chris is finally himself again and ready to be a whitelighter/charmed one again.

Magic School, Great Hall

Gary was looking annoyed at Melinda, while he kept picking up the books from the floor. He was the new librarian and Melinda wasn’t making it easy for him, at his first day. He had to duck, otherwise he would get hit by another book that flew through the area.

Melinda was mumbling and complaining softly, while she picked another book, that could help her find Jake, but when she figured that it was not the book she needed, she threw it behind her, without even looking.

Leo was standing by the big doors watching the scene with concern. Piper came standing by him.

She looked how the books flew through the room and then looked at her stressed daughter.

Piper: How is she doing?

Leo: Nothing has changed. She has been days in this room, searching through every book to find Jake.

Piper: Shall I go and talk to her?

Leo: I tried that already, she won’t listen to reason at the moment. She is pissed at everybody, but I think mostly at herself.

Piper: Well you keep an eye on her, if it is getting out of hands, let me please know.

Leo: no worries honey, I will.

Melinda: AHA! I think I found it, she said to herself very loudly.

Gary let out a sigh. He was relieved that she found what she was looking for. Because this is his first day and Melinda being a Charmed One, he didn’t know how to say to her, that she should stop throwing books around.

Melinda was still looking in the book, while she past her dad.

Leo: Honey, do you think it is wise to search for Jake?

Melinda: What do you mean dad? He is out there, with no idea who he really is. That we belong together. Destined to be together. So, yes I think it is very wise to search for him. At least I am doing something, as nobody else seems to care about him.

Leo wanted to comment on that, but decided not to. He knew when he should not mess with a pissed off Charmed One/Goddess.

San Francisco Park

Wyatt was standing close to Casey to protect her with his shield, but it wasn’t working well. His shield was to protect against magical attacks, but not against the elements. Chris, Wyatt and Casey were no stuck in the shield and it was becoming very hot. They couldn’t see anything, then only fire around the whole shield. They were fighting a Firestarter and he was using his powers so intensely that they had to stay in the shield.

Wyatt: I am not sure how long I can keep this up, he said sweating like a maniac.

Chris: I am going to orb us out otherwise we will be cooked in this shield.

Casey: Yeah, yes. Let’s orb…because this was not a good idea.

Wyatt: Well it is holding the fire, isn’t. I just didn’t think it would be so hot, if a fire stayed constantly on it.

Chris: Let’s not fight please. Ok, everybody ready?

They nodded with anxiety.

They orbed out to the manor, leaving a pissed of Firestarter in an open field. He shimmered out to the Underworld.


Vallerick: Did you kill them?

Fire: No, they orbed out when it became too hot for them.

Vallerick: Doesn’t matter. The first step is made. Now you go rest, as you are needed later again.

Bring me Earth, he commanded at Fire.

Manor, hallway

The brothers orbed in with Casey. All three of them went straight to the kitchen, to get a drink.

Chris: That was a close on or we would have been sis-kebab.

Casey: I thought he was actually pretty cool. Did you see how he was in control of his fire? He could send different waves of fire.

Wyatt: Well it is great that you are a fan, but believe me when I say that he is very dangerous.

Casey: You worry too much. Did you not notice, I control all four elements. I can always hit him back with a bunch of water or protect myself by lifting some earth.

Chris: Still I would be careful if I were you. You have received your powers not long ago. He is a born Firestarter and had his whole life to perfect his powers.

Wyatt: Maybe it is wise for you to hang out here a bit, just to make sure that he doesn’t return.

Casey: But the house is protected by magic.

Chris: That is correct. Demons cannot enter, but fire can. As you see all around you, this house has a lot of wood. It will be burned in minutes to the ground.

Casey: Fine, I will stay but only if you feed me, she said and sat down at the bar in the kitchen.

Wyatt: Deal. Let me check if Mel is home and if she is hungry too. You guys start fixing something together.

Without waiting for answer he left the kitchen. This was the first time that Chris and Casey were alone, since he had slept with her. There was an awkward silence for a moment.

Casey: So, how have you been? Haven’t really seen you lately? She asked carefully.

Chris: I am good. It is just weird been single again. As long as I know I have been with Bianca. It seems our destiny to be together. Now I am without her, I thought I would be hopeless and wouldn’t be able to do anything. I have to admit I will free and I can do whatever I want without having to explain myself.

So yeah, it has two sides...

Casey: Well I am glad that you feel better, she said smiling and Chris smiled back.

Meantime Wyatt went to the attic, as he heard Melinda mumbling. He walked into the attic to find a exploded attic. All over the place were candles, herbs. Melinda was sitting in the middle of a circle and had books around her, while she was making notes.

Wyatt: Hey sis, what you doing?

Melinda: Searching for the perfect spell or ritual to find Jake, she said without looking.

Wyatt: Are you hungry? We just have been attacked by a Firestarter in the middle of the park.

Melinda: Oh that is great, she mumbled.

Wyatt: So you are not hungry? He asked.

Melinda: Wyatt, I am busy. If I am hungry, I know how to find the kitchen. Now if you don’t mind.

Wyatt: Sure sis, whatever you want.

He walked out the attic. When he arrived at the kitchen, Chris had made some sandwiches and fresh orange juice. When Chris asked for Melinda, Wyatt just rolled with his eyes.

Half hour later, they had eaten and cleaned up. They went to the living room to see if there was a movie on television. They had almost reached the hallway, when the whole house started to shake.

Chris: Earthquake! He yelled.

From the attic they heard Melinda curse and walk downstairs.

Melinda: What the hell is going on? I am trying to concentrate here! She shouted.

Casey: Guys, this doesn’t feel like an earthquake. I can feel someone using his powers.

Wyatt: What do you mean?

Casey: I don’t know…I just know who ever is doing this is standing outside.

Quickly the Charmed Ones walked towards the front door and opened it. There they saw a girl standing with her hands flat open and she was moving them. With every move she made, the whole house shaked. Not only by the Halliwells, but the whole street was shaking.

The moment they walked outside, the demon moved with her hands and created Earth balls which she send towards the Charmed Ones, but Melinda held her hands up to blow them up. Some people started to come outside to see what was going on. Melinda quickly closed her eyes and focused on the street. She flickered with her hands and froze the whole area.

Casey: Nice one! She winked at Melinda. Now it is my turn, she said and went down the stairs.

She had a face of with the demon and lifted her hands to create fire. She wanted to try if she could aim like the Fire starter she had met. She shot a few fire balls towards the Earth Demon, which the demon blocked. While she was blocking, Casey quickly run up to her and kicked her right in the stomach. The Demon girl fell backwards. Quickly Casey created a new Fire ball, but just before she wanted to throw it, the Earth demon got swallowed by the earth.

Wyatt: Hey, where did she go?

Casey: Ssst. I am trying to sense her.

Suddenly she felt where the Demon was hiding and with a great movement she lifted the earth up and between the dirt, the Demon was hiding. Quickly Casey focused on her Air power and tried to create a tornado around the demon, but was too slow. She was on her feet again.

She smiled and was again swallowed by the earth. Casey tried to sense her again, but she was gone. Right at that moment the whole street started to unfreeze again. So the Charmed Ones ran quickly inside, so no one would see them.

Melinda went towards the staircase, when she was stopped by Wyatt.

Wyatt: Where are you going? Didn’t you just witness the attack? Maybe we should investigate?

Melinda: You guys do what you think you should do. I really don’t care. I am trying to find a way to track Jake and that is much more important at the moment.

Without waiting for a response she quickly ran up the stairs. She knew she was been unreasonable, but she didn’t care at the moment. Her Jake was out there and she needed to find him.


Vallerick: Why did you return so quickly?

Earth: I was getting attacked by the Charmed Ones and the element girl. Also humans were coming outside to see what was going on. If the witch didn’t freeze the area, both sides would be exposed now.

Vallerick: You have done enough for now. Get Air here.

Earth did as she was told.

Manor, Living room

Casey: Didn’t you find it weird that we first got attacked by fire and then by earth?

Chris: Now you mention it. What does it mean?

Caroline orbed in.

Caroline: Hey guys, sorry I was planning to come earlier to give you a message, but somehow today it is crazy with the demons. It is like they are everywhere, attacking a lot of powerful witches.

Wyatt: So we keep getting attacked by the elements. Other witches are getting attacked. It feels like something is coming, but what?

Caroline: I heard one of the Elders say: The storm is arriving. I didn’t get what he meant, but it sounded important enough to tell you guys. How is Mel doing?

Chris: Still the same.

Suddenly the windows opened with a brute force. It was becoming very windy outside.

Casey: Oh come on. Can’t we have a break for moment?

Chris: Why? Do you sense something?

Casey: She walked towards the window and moved the curtains, so they could see the weather outside. Trees were bending, things were flying through the air.

Wyatt changed the channel to the news and they were talking about, very strange weather changes in San Francisco today.

Wyatt: Something very strange is happening here. We had fire, earth and now wind. So what’s next…water??

Caroline: I will go up and check, she said and orbed out.

Casey: So now what? We wait till we get attacked by another element?

Chris: I guess so. We have no clue who is behind this attack. I also wonder why the Demons don’t attack at the same time…but one by one. There must be a reason for it.

Casey: I think they are just showing off. Showing that I am not the only one with Element powers.

Wyatt: Still why attack us one by one?

Casey: Be glad. When I fight I have to change from element in my brain before I can attack or defend.

If those four came together and attacked us, I wouldn’t stand a chance, as they are four separate persons, who can shimmer in and out and they have control over their powers, since they were born.

Wyatt: Maybe it is time we checked the Book and get Melinda. In case things get out of hands.

Chris: Well good luck with that, but I am not going near Mel at the moment.

Wyatt sighed and went upstairs to check the book. He walked in the attic at a moment when Melinda was trying to locate Jake.

She had made three huge circles around her. She hadn’t noticed Wyatt standing by the door watching her. The outmost circle was from salt. The middle one from candles and the first one of rose leaves.

She had a map in front of her as the BOS. She had her eyes closed and was chanting with picture of Jake in her hands:

‘My love

Wherever you be

Through time and space

Take my heart

Nearer to thee’

Nothing happened.

Melinda: Dammit! She yelled and started to flick to the Book of Shadows for another spell.

Wyatt: Hey sis, sorry for bothering you, but we need the book. We are dealing with some very nasty demons and need to figure out who they are.

Melinda: Sorry can’t do. I need to find the right spell or at least spells which I can combine.

Wyatt: Ok, enough is enough.

Melinda looked at him surprised, not expecting an outburst from her normally so calm brother.

Wyatt: We have been walking on egg shelves all week because of you and we have let you be. I am sorry for what happened to Jake. If you are destined to be together, you will find a way to find him.

Now, you must be a Charmed One. We are under attack and you don’t even care. This is not you.

I think if Jake saw you like this, he wouldn’t even know who you are. Look at yourself. You are a mess. You smell and look what you have done with the attic. I want you freshened up in a half hour downstairs with the book, you got that! He shouted at her and without waiting for answer he walked out of the attic again.

When he came downstairs, Chris and Casey were standing below at the stairs.

Casey: Nice one! You think that it will help? She said.

Wyatt: You heard that?

Casey: I think the whole neighborhood heard you.

Wyatt: Well good because if this doesn’t help, I will put personally a spell on her to forget Jake till this is solved.

Chris just looked surprised at his brother. This was not the Wyatt he knew. Normally he was used that Melinda took charge in things, but it was nice to see his brother taking charge and act as the oldest.

Casey went upstairs to check up on Melinda, while Chris was making something to eat for his little sister. Wyatt paced through the living room. He hated it to shout to his siblings.

Manor, Bathroom

Casey walked towards the sounds she heard in the bathroom. She listened by the door and heard Melinda cry. She knocked on the door and opened it to find Melinda sitting with a towel around her, on the ground. She was crying loudly. Normally she and Melinda weren’t really good friends. Now all that was not important. Melinda had saved her many times and now it was the job of Casey to comfort Melinda. She sat down with her and Melinda leaned with her head at the shoulders of Casey. They stayed there like for ten minutes, before Casey slowly got up. Melinda looked at her and saw that she had been crying too.

Casey: Let’s get you cleaned up, before Wyatt explodes downstairs.

Melinda wiped her tears and nose and got up.

Melinda: He was really angry with me,’ she said hoarsely.

Casey: No, he is not mad. He feels terrible that he shouted at you, but to be honest it helped, didn’t it.

It got you out of the attic. Listen Mel, I cannot tell you what to do or not, but I don’t think it is healthy what you are doing. Of course I understand that you want Jake back, but at what cost. Do you care about Jake more than your brothers and been a Charmed One. You have responsibilities, which sucks but it is what it is. Your brothers need you badly. We are dealing with something we haven’t dealt with yet.

Melinda looked at the mirror and was shocked to see how awful she looked. She wiped the remaining tears away and looked again in the mirror. She told herself to get a grip.

Melinda: Ok, I am going to take a shower and will be down as soon as possible.

Casey: That is great Mel. I will let Wyatt know.


Vallerick: What did you accomplish Air?

Air: I am sorry, I tried but they didn’t even come out the Manor.

Vallerick: You are useless! Bring me Water, NOW! He shouted.

Air went away and called out for Water.

Water: you called my liege.

Vallerick: I don’t care if you have to drown everybody in San Francisco, but I want the Charmed Ones dead, right now and I want you to bring me the Element girl. You got that?

Water: Yes, she said and shimmered out.

Manor, Living room

Casey came downstairs after she had cleaned up the attic, announcing that Melinda was coming shortly. Chris came out of the kitchen with some sandwiches for his little sister. Not long after that Melinda came downstairs. Wyatt stood up instantly and walked over to her, so he could give her a hug.

Wyatt: I am so sorry that I yelled at you, he said with concern.

Melinda: No problem. I deserved it and actually needed it, so no worries at all.

Chris: I made you some food, he said smiling and gave her the plate.

Melinda: Bless you that is very sweet.

Melinda sat down and they all looked at her.

Melinda: Before we go on investigate mode, I would like to say that I am sorry for my behavior the last week. I don’t know what came over me, but I am back and ready to kick some demon ass.

Wyatt: Good, because we have our hands full on this one.

Melinda: What do you mean? She asked curious.

Wyatt explained what had happened and that they were waiting for water to attack.

Melinda: So if I am correct there are four separate persons. Each of them controls one of the Elements.

If they are send by the same demon, who doesn’t say that they will attack us all together. It seems that they are testing us at the moment. To see how far they can go, what our counterattack will be.

Wyatt: We know, that’s what we have been trying to figure out.

Chris: It must take a while before someone would be able to get all four demons together with their own elemental power…why all the trouble if he can get just one person, who possesses all four of them.

Suddenly they heard a weird sound coming from the kitchen. All of them walked over to the kitchen to see water all over the floor. Suddenly they heard more noises and walked back to the hallway. Now the water was coming down the stairs.

Casey quickly ran to the front door and there was the water demon. She was standing just before the crystals and moving her hands. Melinda came standing by Casey and flickered with her hands, which made Water flew to the street. She got up angry and lifted her hands to make it rain really hard.

Casey closed her eyes and made the storm stop. She opened her eyes and looked confidant to the water demon. The Demon looked surprised that Casey was powerful enough to stop the storm.

Melinda: Who are you and who you are working for? What do you want?

Water: It is not my job to ask questions, just to follow orders.

Melinda: What are your orders? She asked.

Water: Simple. To kill the Charmed Ones and bring back the Elemental girl to Vallerick.

The moment she had spoken, she had regretted it. She had mentioned the name of her boss.

Melinda whispering: Casey go inside and tell the boys. I will keep her busy.

Water: Where does she think she is going?

Melinda: Who cares? You have much bigger problems. Me! She yelled and flickered with her fingers to blow her up. Water hid behind the wall and then quickly threw a string of water towards Melinda. Melinda froze it in mid-air to the surprise of the water demon.

Melinda: Seriously? Do you actually think that some water will stop me?

Water smiled evilly and shimmered out.

Melinda quickly ran inside. She had a pretty good idea what Water was about to do. She was getting her buddies.

Melinda: Ok, guys. We don’t have time to look this demon up. I think Water just went to get the rest of her buddies. We have to go now!

Wyatt: Go where? We are the strongest here.

Melinda: No, we must go to the woods. If we stay here, then there will be no more a Manor, when they are done with it and we will be exposed to the whole neighborhood that we are witches. We must find a place where we can fight, without worrying about exposure and losing our house.

Chris: Very clever, sis. Let’s go.

Wyatt had the book in his hands and grabbed Melinda, while Chris grabbed Casey and all of them orbed out.


They orbed in at the open area. Wyatt quickly searched through the book if he could find anything about Vallerick and even if the information was not in it, somehow it added itself. He found the page and read it out loud. Vallerick was not strong of himself. What made him scary was that he was huge and looked really scary. He was also very good in recruiting demon gangs.

Melinda: So he hired four people who control an element to take us out and get Casey. Did he really think that would work?

Fire: Why don’t you find out for yourself?

The Charmed Ones turned around to see the four Demons standing next to each other. It was not so difficult to separate them. They had all a fitting color hair for their element.

Casey stood next to Melinda.

Melinda whispering: Whatever they use against you, use a counter attack against that element.

Earth against air, fire against water. In meantime we will try to vanquish them.

The moment Melinda was finished, the demons started to attack.

Everything went very fast. The ground was one moment shaking and pieces of earth were flying around. Some of them were covered with fire. It was windy and wet at the same time. When Melinda looked around, she saw her brother’s orb in and out to attack the demons. While the Demons tried to hit them every time they orbed in. Fire was going after Casey, but it seemed she stood standing and was defending herself perfectly. Till now she hadn’t frozen anything, so without thinking further, she flickered with her fingers to freeze the whole scene. Only the attacks of the Demons were frozen. They looked surprised at what was happening. Suddenly she heard Air scream and was vanquished by an energy wave of Wyatt.

Fire: You killed Air! He yelled at Wyatt.

He was about to send fire towards Wyatt when Melinda hit him with her blowing power from behind. He tried to turn around, but didn’t got the chance, Melinda kept getting closer and kept using her powers. Earth wanted to attack Melinda, but Casey suddenly appeared and attacked with a bunch of fire balls. Earth tried to dodge them, but got hit and was vanquished. Fire was now on his knees and was screaming out. Water tried to get to him, but got distracted by the constant attacks from Chris and Wyatt. Then Water heard a big scream and fire was gone. Casey closed her eyes and waited for the right moment and behind Water a piece of earth came up and hit Water hard on the back of its head and Wyatt gave the final blow with his energy wave attack.

The Charmed Ones looked at each other. They had done it. Vallerick appeared suddenly behind them.

He was huge and very ugly, which gave him a very scary face.

Melinda: Seriously.

Melinda flickered with her fingers and he was frozen.

Melinda: Casey, go ahead! This is your vanquish.

Casey stood before Vallerick and looked at him, she closed her eyes and made ball with her hands and fire started to appear in it. It was surrounded with very small pieces of earth and wind was around it.

Casey: Unfreeze him!

Melinda flickered with her fingers again and he was unfrozen.

Casey: Hi! She said smiling at Vallerick.

Vallerick looked surprised at Casey and then at the ball she had in her hands.

Casey: Bye! She said and threw the ball towards Vallerick.

Vallerick: Nooooooooo! He screamed, before he was vanquished.

Chris: Nice job Casey! He said smiling at her.

They all orbed out to the Manor.

Manor, living room

The moment they orbed in, Melinda went upstairs without saying another word. They looked at her while she walked up the stairs, but didn’t say anything to stop her.


When she walked into the attic, everything was cleaned up. She sat down by the table with the map and crystal. The crystal was lying before her and started to cry, when she thought of Jake. A drop of a tear fell upon the crystal and suddenly it started to move out of his own, over the map.

Melinda looked surprised at it, but didn’t do anything. Just watched. It swirled for a while over the map and suddenly stopped.

Living room

Chris: I still wonder what the Elders meant by “The storm is arriving”.

Wyatt: Well whatever it is, it doesn’t sound good at all, he said with concern.

Casey: Maybe one of you should go up there to check what they are talking about? She suggested.

Wyatt: Maybe I will. I would like to be prepared for whatever this storm may be.

Melinda ran into the living room.

Melinda: I found him. I found Jake! She said with a huge grin!

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