Run For Your Destiny

Chapter 11

Spider was Paul, my previous executioner.

But it didn’t make sense. Why would he be in the maze? Why would have been send here?

He came on his own choice. A shiver run down my spine.

This idea made sense. He remembered me, I felt it from the beginning. Then why…

A gasp escaped my lips. He wanted me back. He said so himself many times in the past. In his creepy mind, I was his toy, his property. And a toy don’t get away from its master. He came to get me back.

No way I was ever going down there again! My mind rejected this idea with nausea. The only way to escape was to run far, very far from him. This had to be the solution! It was so simple!

I stood up with the determination to run out of here and far from Spider, in a place he will never be able to find me. A place far from this insane camp or maze or anybody. A place there will be only me, nothing else and nobody.


My heart missed a beat when I heard this strident sound. I had no idea what it was, but it was big…


….and coming this way!

I looked around me, desperately looking for an exit, but I was in a dead end. No exit, no more path except the one facing me, where the sound was coming from, where I arrived from. I looked up, but nowhere to climb. The ivy was too weak to support my weight and anyway, I would have to climb to the top to escape the sight of anyone, or anything coming. I would never make it.

Was I going to die here?

No bloody way!

I turned my gaze to the floor and my eyes catch an empty spot. With panic, I knelt down, rushing to escape the thing doing this sound which should be here at any moment. My hands realized before my eyes that the ivy was hiding a sort of small recess in the wall. Without waiting any longer, I lied down and slide in it. It was running all along the wall but I just had the room to put myself in. In a mind light and with strong writhing I pushed back the ivy that I moved while sliding in, back in place. Then I covered my mouth with my hands, hiding my erratic and heavy breath.


The thing was here. I stopped breathing, opening my eyes in wide, trying to see through the ivy. Unfortunately for my suicidal curiosity –or rather fortunately for my survival- the ivy hiding me was heavy enough to hide me and also to hide the outside from me.

The screech suddenly stops.

Oh my Goood. I screamed in my head.

Sweat was running down my neck. The seconds felt like hours. The creature or whatever it was didn’t move. I had to see if it was still here. With being as careful as possible, I turned my head towards the ivy, trying to see between its thicknesses.

I saw something. It was like a …. Maybe a pole, in metal. It was not moving. I could see that it was long but not to what it was attached. I got the idea that it was a leg, a metal leg.

My eyes confirmed what my mind already guessed. I had in front of me, one of these famous grievers.

According my previous experience with someone who met one of them, I had no desire to meet one in person.

But this one was not moving at all. Maybe it was dead? Or sleeping? Or just waiting for me to get out to eat me.

Wait, do they eat people?

My mind tried to remember the poor amount of information I had on these things. Unfortunately, nobody in the camp liked to talk about these creatures, except to say that no one could survive or be himself again after meeting one. And there was the story I experienced with Franck…

not really reassuring…

In order to get those memories out of my system, I decided to get a maximum of information. I grew bolder and moved my head of few centimetres to see more. Like to answer me, a second pole suddenly appear in my view, making me regret my movement, thinking it reacted to my movement and had seen me. In a second or so, it will grab me and drag me out of my hide out before slowly eating me or killing me or whatever they were doing to people. After few horribly long seconds without any other moves, I opened my eyes again.

Surprisingly enough, it had not started to eat me alive. It seems that it didn’t even realized I was there, only a few centimetres away.

With my new position, I realized that the 2 poles, were actually a type of iron or metal legs, and that they were 6 in total. I could see that they were coming from a form that I couldn’t really identify. Except that it was not from metal. I could see it moving, breathing in and out in deep gasps. A sudden drip felt on the floor next to my head, on the other side of the heavy, making me freeze.

I realized it was slobber.

Oh my God, its face is toward me. It knows I am here… I panicked again.

I wanted to try my chance and run for it. I couldn’t wait anymore, I had to get away of these thing.

Just when I was going to make, probably my last mistake, the thing moved away from where it came from.

Still too scared to move, I didn’t get away of my hideout. I could feel tears of terror and relief running on my cheeks. But I let them rolled freely, to scare to move.

Hours passed without seeing another of these creatures and finally the sun was back. It was taking aback my night terrors like a bad dream, giving me the courage to move away. Carefully avoiding the slobber, I got away of my hideout with difficulty, my body screaming, full of lumbago.

I carefully checked that nothing was around before stretching with a groan. Then I turned to examine the floor. There were few slobber around here, enough to fill my hands joined together. This thing was huge. I shivered, realizing again how lucky I got during the night.

But what should I do now?

Staying in this Maze and just waiting for the time when I will not be lucky anymore? Going back to the camp where Spider was?

and Newt!

This idea flashed my mind. I felt guilty to have left him behind. And to have forgot about him for a couple of hours.

But it’s not like I had planned all of this

Yeah, I definitely hadn’t plan nothing, having no food or water or even information about grievers or the maze.

With a sight, I let myself slide down to sit on the cold floor. I couldn’t stay in the maze or I will die. I only had the camp. With Spider. This sneaky little asshole who was just waiting to get me back. This dirty piece of…

“Wait! This is it!” I screamed before watching carefully around me, scared to have attracted back one of these creatures.

A brilliant and crazy idea just flashed my mind.

Spider was my answer. He was the answer for all of us. I couldn’t believe how dumb I was to have not see that before. Filled with excitation, I stood up. To realize my idea, my first objective was to go back to the camp.

I started walking, remembering the path I walked the day before. It wouldn’t have been so complicated if I hadn’t done it in such a rush and panicked state before. With deep frustration, I lost precious amount of time turning in circle and getting the wrong way.

Fortunately, my memory or animal instinct was strong enough, and soon enough I found myself at the entrance of the camp. Well, at the corner of the alley of the maze bringing me back to the camp. But how to come back in? How to explain all of this? What should I do? How to explain everything?

Worst, will they trust me? And what if I was wrong, if Spider didn’t remember anything or if he was actually dumber than I thought?

I sighed. One thing was sure, if I kept staying here and thinking, I will definitely fail.

*Whatever, let’s do it!*

With a determined steps, I advanced in the alley, toward the camp. Having lost myself in the maze before, it was now around lunch time. All the camp as awake and already working. I would have preferred if the huge doors just opened and only a few to be up but that would have been too easy.

I finally was at the door. They were so thick that I still had 20 meters before being in the camp. I kept walking towards it.

“Stop!” shouted one of the guy.

Great, one of the watcher of the door today was my favourite fan, Gal. And looking the way he pointed his pick toward me, his feelings for me hadn’t change a bit.

“What’s up Gal?” I said, still walking.

“I said stop!” His attitude that were unfriendly clearly became threatening.

I safely obeyed and stop right there, holding my two hands to the air.

“You forgot to say “Simon says”.” I said less carefully.

Oh me and my big mouth…

“What the hell do you think you’re doing here?” shouted Gal, not having any room for jokes in his mind.

“Right now? Waiting for my breakfast and coffee before going to the pool. An usual day in paradise. And you?” I asked politely with a less polite smirk at him.

“You son of a …” Gal started, becoming red of anger.

“…mother?” I nicely proposed to him.

According his red face, he was trying to contain his explosion. But I was too tired and mentally exhausted after the night I had to calm him down.

“Once we will have finish our discussion on our respective mom’s job, do you think you will be able to bring me to Alvi?” I asked.

“I don’t think so.” Said Gal.

“It’s ok, he lives in the big hut over there, I can show you if you need.” I said, still impulsive.


“You’re ok? It looks like you’re going to have a stroke. You should bring him some water.” I said to the other watcher who was looking at me with a big open mouth.

I sighed. I had no time for this.

“Listen Gal, it’s very important that I see Alvi right now.” I tried more honestly, muzzling my tongue.

“So you can kill him?” asked Gal.

“So I can what? Are you insane? I mean more than usual?” I was absolutely not expecting that.

“You’re infected and you’re coming back! Get back to the Maze!” shouted Gal.

“I am NOT infected you idiot! If I was I doubt I will go for Alvi when you are in front of me!” I shouted, forgetting diplomatie.

He stepped back. Ah … maybe not a good idea to scare him when he already was so pissed off at my existence. Something told me he wouldn’t even ask before piercing my stomach with his pick.

The look on his face and on how he hold his pick gave me reason.

“Gal…please…can you ask Alvi or Newt to come here? I will nicely wait here. Or you can send him and stay with me if you prefer.” I said.

“So you can kill me?” Gal asked.

“Oh man…” I sighted.

I lost patience and scream at him

“Then ask someone else to go look for Alvi! There ae other people around us! Showing the “workers” coming closer because of the noises we were doing, to satisfy their curiosity.”

“Don’t order me around, you piece of s…!” shouted Gal.

“Hey what’s happening?” interrupted a voice.

I recognized this voice. Without even thinking, my body jerked towards it and I throw myself to the owner of this voice. Fortunately, Gal had been distracted by the newcomer and didn’t get the chance to stop me or to pierce my stomach.

He gave me enough time to jump at the neck of the new comer. Under my weight, he felt on the ground. I used my impulsion to get on top of him when we stopped rolling.

Without waiting, I started to strangle Spider.

I could use the element of surprise and the force of my attack to strangle him for few delicious seconds. He was so not ready for it that his head made a wonderful “bump” while smacking the floor and he lost consciousness. It didn’t stop me to keep strangling him. But soon enough, they came back to their sense and realized what I was doing. They were way stronger than I was. Gal and the other guy get me off easily.

“You son of a bitch!” I shouted at him, desperately trying to jump at his face again but strongly hold by Gal and the other.

“I will kill you, you hear me? I’ll kill you!” I shouted at Spider.

“What the Hell is happening here?!” Shouted a loud and grumpy voice.

I stopped fighting against Gal and the other and just turned my gaze towards Alvi and the small group of guys that came to us. Without realizing, my eyes wandered but couldn’t find the usual blond head I got so fond of.

Oups, throwing myself like an hysteric to Spider didn’t and wouldn’t really help my story.

But it was worth it! I thought while smiling at the scratching and bloody marks on Spider’s neck, who was still knocked out.

“Midget?” asked a voice, clearly dumbfounded.

“Minho!” I greet him.

By reflex, I tried to go towards him but Gal was holding me strongly.

“He is infected!” Gal shouted.

“It’s not true!” I shouted back.

“It is true!” reply an obstinate Gal.

“No it’s not!” I replied, not less obstinate.

“You tried to kill Spider in front of everyone!” claimed a triumphant Gal.

“Yay….but he deserved it! If you let me go I can explain!” I said.

“We have to throw him back in the Maze before he infects us!” shouted Gal.

“You fucking retarded, are you going to listen to me one time in your life?! I AM NOT INFECTED!” I shouted at Gal.

“ENOUGH!” Shouted Alvi, loud enough to ceover both Gal and I.

Gal and I stopped arguing but kept looking daggers at each other.

“Did you check if he was infected?” Asked Alvi.

Gal looked at him and I grinned feeling that I had win a little here.

“No, he just arrived and started attacking me before throwing himself at Spider.” Explained Gal.

“It is not attacking you that to comment on your intelligence, you idiot!” I shouted.

“You son of….” Gal was losing it again.

“So you haven’t check, have you?” Confirmed Alvi.

“…no.” answered Gal, a bit guilty this time.

“Doc’ will check.” Said Alvi.

“We can check right now!” offered Gal with anger.

“I said, Doc’ will. Don’t make me repeat myself again Gal.” said Alvi in a threatening tone.

This time, even I shut up and tried, unsuccessfully I admit, not to smirk.

“And bring Spider back to his sense.” Ordered Alvi.

Without a word, I followed after Alvi before Gal stopped me or that he changed his mind.

“I am not infected!” I said to Alvi once we were a bit further away, just followed by Minho.

“We’ll talk after Doc’ checked that.” Answered Alvi.

“Fine…” I sighed. “But when he will have confirmed, we have to talk.”

“… after.” Commented Alvi.

“Ok, ok.”


“Where is Newt?” I asked, surprised to haven’t seen him next to the door and having to ask.

“Not here.” Answered eloquently Alvi.

“Yeah, I saw that, thanks.” I humoured.

“He is in the cage. Alvi had to make him throw there after…” answered Minho.

“The cage?” I repeated, referring to the hole that served of jailed, barely big enough to stand.

A deadly look of Alvi made Minho shut up.

“Don’t you have work to do?” Threatened Alvi.

Minho just throw an apologetic look at me before running away.

“Newt…is he ok? I know, no conversations, just…please?” I asked Alvi, a bit too desperately.

“…he is safe.” Answered simply Alvi, taking pity of me –or getting sick of me and knowing I wouldn’t shut up until he answered me-.

I just shut up after that, following him to the infirmary.

“Lad!” Doc’ welcomed me by hugging me under the careful watch of Alvi.

“Are you ok? What happened to you?!” Doc’ asked.

“Doc’, I’m fine!” I said with a smile, suddenly feeling tired by just standing.

“Oh no you don’t look like you are.” Commented Doc’.

“I am just thirsty and tired.” I said.

And it was true. I felt better than I was since a long time.

“For the thirstiness I can help you.” Doc’ said with a smile.

He gave me some water that I gulped with greed.

“Doc’ you should…” started Alvi.

“I am doing my job! And now you’re on my way!” He turned Alvi to silence.

Even in my state, I always was impressed by the power he had over all of us.

I put my water on the bed.

“Doc’, please examine me and confirm to him that I am not infected.” I asked.

I said while starting to take off my clothes. It was a bit disturbing, but necessary. And I had no more time to lose anyway. I kept my underwear and even Alvi didn’t ask me to stop covering my breast once I had taken off my bandage.

Embarrassed, they both turned their back to me while I put my clothes back on me.

“So maybe you can explain what happened last night?” Asked Alvi.

“More than that. I can give you the way to get out of here. I have the key.” I answered.

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