Run For Your Destiny

Chapter 12

The shocked gasps from both Doc’ and Alvi assured me of my effect.

“The key?” Repeated Alvi.

I nodded.

“Actually, he is at the camp.” I said.

“He?” Asked a lost Alvi.

“I will explain everything. But first, there are something that has to be done.” I announced.

“What do you mean?” Asked Alvi with suspicion.

“You have to make sure that Spider doesn’t run away, he is the main card. Throw him into the cage or tie him to a tree or make Gal sit on him.” I said vehemently.

“I can’t really do that.” Answered Alvi, doubtful.

I could read on his face that he fought I was turning nuts.

“Listen, he is not what he said he is. I remembered. I remembered everything! I exaggerated a bit, getting over excited about the realization that we had the solution to the maze and that we could run away from this nightmare.” I announced.

“Lad, this is not really making sense.” Interrupted the Doc’.


“Maybe if you could start from the beginning?” Doc’ offered.

I sighed. He was right, I had to calm down. But the feeling that we had to move immediately, before everything –Spider especially- disappeared into smoke couldn’t get away from me.

I forced myself to calm down.

“Ok…I started to remember few nights ago about some memories. But nothing detailed. I was in a laboratory and someone was making various tests of injected products. The only thing I remembered was a spider. I thought I was using it in my mind because I don’t like spiders so it did make sense. You see?” I asked.

To the look on their face, obviously, they didn’t.

“Let me rephrase, I was the guinea pig of some laboratory, and I knew ….well I know, that it was like this since a long time. That I was in this lab since a long time.” I tried to explain.

I ignored the look on their face and kept talking, refusing to feel ashamed or scared anymore.

“Yesterday, Spider pushed me back, using too many detailed about this memory to be a coincidence. It pulled a trigger that I was not ready for and I turned momentarily crazy” I insisted on the momentarily, “and I got away from him and so from the camp. I shouldn’t have reacted this way, that’s true. But…I couldn’t control myself.” I explained.

“Wait…which type of detailed?” Asked Doc’.

“I don’t know…” I lied before pushing myself to open up. I needed them to trust me and it was not with half-truth that I was gonna do that.

“The environment, the atmosphere, the needle, the…incapacity to escape or even control your body. Things he shouldn’t have knew. Things that were …. Difficult to remember. Things he said with…pleasure.” I completed with a disgusted shiver.

I breathed out and continued my story.

“After running to the Maze, I was kind of hysteric and exhausted, I…don’t know, I just remembered. I remembered escaping the laboratory, I remembered throwing myself in the sort of cage/elevator, losing conscience and waking up without any memory. I hit my head to the floor very hard when Spider hit me.” I added.

“Wait….when what?” Interrupted Alvi.

“The Spider I was seeing in my first dreams was actually not an image or a representation. It was the memory of his arm’s tattoo. Spider was the executioner of the lab below us.” I answered.

“The…what? What is below us?” asked Alvi.

“The lab!” I shouted. “Yes there is a lab at the bottom of the elevator and we all came from there. I was not supposed to come here but was able to escape. You guys were send here. We are all some guinea pigs of different experience I guess!” I lost patience and control of my mouth, saying everything that was turning in my mind.

“Wait….what?” asked Doc’.

“Spider has the answers! He didn’t lost his memory, he remembered the torture. I know he remembers. And knowing him, he knows how to get out. He wouldn’t put himself in a cage without the key!” I finished, just a little hysterically.

“Lad….let him go.” Asked the Doc’.

“Hein? “ I repeated.

At the voice of the Doc’ I realized I was grabbing into the collar of Alvi and shaking him. Well trying…fortunately –or not- he was way bigger and stronger than me. He was patiently waiting for me to calm down.

I felt the blood rushing to my face and I let him go.

“I’m…sorry.” I apologized, trying to calm down.

He ignored me and smiled. Which, with the predatory look he was having, didn’t reassure me one bit.

“If what you said is the truth then we have our exit.”Said calmly Alvi.

“What do you mean by “if”?!” I answered back, a bit vehemently.

He just ignored me again and went outside.

“Lad?” asked Doc’.

“Hum?” I turned back to Doc’, stopped in my track to follow Alvi, restless.

“Don’t worry, Alvi is going to put someone on the back of Spider.” Explained Doc’.

“Yeah, I know.” I said without putting much effort to hide the lie in my voice.

I had this nauseous feeling that if I get my eyes out of Spider, he will disappear, and so our chance to exit. I had to be the one watching him. After all I knew what he was able of. Nobody else did. I had to find him!

“Eat!” Ordered Doc’. He put the rest of a sandwich that he might have got for breakfast, into my hands, breaking my trails of thoughts.

A bit confused, I looked at him. Crossing his arms on his chest, he was looking at me attentively in the motherly expectation of a ratoon. I could read in his eyes the silent promise that he would not hesitate before pushing all of the sandwich in my mouth if I didn’t obey in the next 2 seconds.

“Ok, ok!” I said before taking a bit of the sandwich.

With the explosion of savours I had in my mouth, though for the same usual sandwiches I had before, I discovered I was starving. Without waiting, I took another bit and another and finished the sandwich in a couple of seconds.

“Are you ready for what is coming next Lad?” asked the Doc’ carefully.

“Hun?” I asked him, not very elegantly, the mouth still full of bread.

“If what you said is….well…according to what you say, this Spider know much more about you than anybody in this camp.” Doc’ added.

My mouth empty but my mind not following what he was talking about; I reiterated my inelegant Hun.

“He knows that you are a girl.” Explained Doc’.

In front of my inexpressive face, he sighed with despair.

“I don’t think he will keep your secret.” Explained again Doc’.

“Oh….OH! I got it!” I exclaimed a bit too enthusiast.

“Young lady!” Reprimanded Doc’ with an irritated frown.

“I know, I know! I mean, I don’t think it will matter to anybody if we can have the path to the exit.” I said, discovering that I was feeling at peace with the idea.

“Seriously?” Asked Doc’, surprised by my sudden access of wisdom.

“Well, I don’t want Spider to have any way of pressuring me. Also…I don’t wanna hide anything anymore now that I found back who I am…No matter where I came from or how I got here, I am me. I don’t wanna play someone else game anymore.” I tried to explain, clumsily.

Doc’ sighted before ruffling my hair.

“Your decision Lad.” he decided.

I smiled,

“Thanks Doc’! For everything!” I was so grateful for everything he did, not only today but since I arrived here.

“Don’t mention it,” he answered embarrassed.” Let’s go look for the others.”


We left the infirmary, looking for Alvi and Spider.

It was not difficult to spot Alvi, talking to Minho in front of Spider hut. From their relaxed look, I got that he was still out from my hit earlier. I smirked, proud of it.

“Doc’….since everything is under control, I am going to …. I have something to do first.” I said awkwardly.

“Oh? Sure. But be sure to be here when he’ll wake up.” Said Doc’.

I nodded to him before leaving.

Once I was out of view from him, I sped up towards the cage, where Minho said Newt was put.

I trotted towards it, ignoring the looks on people face when they were seeing me. Quite as seeing a ghost.

I finally arrived to the cage. The cage was defining a rough hole in the ground, closed by solid bamboos bars. The camp had two of them, a bit further from the huts. You could hardly stand inside, just had to stay sitting or squatting, until you could get out by Alvi order.

Sometimes they had to put infected inside these cages, until the night arise and the doors of the maze were going to close. At that time, they freed them and put them in the maze. Like Franck. Before putting him back to the Maze. To die or survive, without hurting any of us.

I pulled a face, imagining Newt inside these.

I saw him before he saw me. Sitting, facing the wall of the cage, he looked restless.

“Funny, I would have choose another place for holiday.” I broke the silence.

He tensed and slowly turned his face towards me, haggard. Blinded by the lights, he blinked a few times.

“Maybe a place with more sun. And definitely bigger.” I kept talking.

“Midget?” He asked, confused.

“Hey Newt.” I greeted him.

“What….what are you doing here?” he asked, confused.

“Well, the beach was packed so I only had this option left.” I joked.

“You came back?” He asked, ignoring my bad joke.

“Yeah.” I answered.

“What bloody happened? Why? Why did you left like this? How did you….how did you make it?!” he asked, restless.

I left my hands to stop him.

“I will explain. I’ll tell you everything ok?” I said to calm him down.

He got silent. I sat down and started my story. I explained like I did before, the reason I left the camp the way I did, the memories that came back to me during the night and the idea that came from it.

I had been able to tell the story to Alvi and Doc’ in a detached way. I knew I couldn’t do it with Newt. In a bizarre way, I was ashamed of having been this powerless and I didn’t want him to know.

So, I avoided the guinea pig story and just explained we were in the same lab. Spider for his work and me, as one of the patient. I didn’t want to give him too much details about it. I felt awkward telling him about this side on me, the defenceless one. I had more complex feelings towards him than with Alvi and the Doc’. Since that kiss, I didn’t want him to see any bad side of me. Any weak points. I still didn’t know what that kiss really meant to Newt. I knew he cared about me and I didn’t question this. But I also was the only girl he saw since he was here. It is not really a lot of choices on his side.

Anyway, my pride forbid me to tell him too much details. I just gave him a really simple sum up of the memories and avoid the encounter with the Griever. I drew him under a lot of details for our escape from the maze. I knew that like Alvi and Doc’ he will focus on that point. At least for the moment.

“Midget, Midget, stop for one second!” Newt interrupted me.

I obey, realizing I got over excited with this idea of escaping and hadn’t catch my breath.

“So…Spider is our bloody way out?” Newt asked.

“Yes!” I nodded enthusiast.

“But…I doubt he will just accept to lead us toward this bloody exit.” He analysed coldly.

“We’ll make him talk.” I answered in an icy tone.

I had no issues with helping him to answer us. To persuade him. Worst, I realized, I was waiting for that. To pay him back, to torture him slowly.

“Hey…. I’m glad you made it back.” Newt said softly.

A sudden warm on my hands stop me from my wild imagination. I lowered my eyes on his hand on mine, across the bars.

“Yeah….me too.” I answered honestly.

We stayed silent for a moment, a bit awkwardly.

“By the way, how did you make it inside the cage?” I asked, sincerely surprised to find him inside this.

“Hum….long story.” He said, embarrassed.

“Hey! I just told you my long story!” I pushed him.

He just ignored me.

Before I was able to push him, Minho arrived, running.

“Hey Midget! Alvi is calling for you. Spider woke up.” Said Minho.

I immediately forgot about Newt story. I stood up and turned to face Minho.

This was the moment I was expecting. And it was making my blood freeze in my veins. What if I was wrong, what if he didn’t know? Worst, what if I was right? What would happen? Will we get away of here, of the Maze? Then what was waiting for us outside?

These ideas made me dizzy and I took a moment to remember to breath.

Right or not, we will be fixed

I came back to my sense.

Newt was trying to convince Minho to let him come, that he had to be there. In which Minho was just repeating that without Alvi’s order he wouldn’t do a thing.

I knew Newt was right but I felt glad that Minho didn’t. I didn’t want him in there. I didn’t know what would happen, what would been said….I haven’t got all of my memories back. I didn’t know what Spider would know that I didn’t, and how it would change me.

I acted cowardly and let them there, discussing and promising to each other a lot of horrible things.

I left them and went for Spider. I was going to get the truth out of him. The truth and our way out.

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