Run For Your Destiny

Chapter 17

As he had announced, as soon as Spider walked toward the wall, this one started to slid to the side in a huge and disturbing noise.

Unable to breath, feeling that this moment was key, I hold into Newt’s hand stronger than before. What was waiting for us behind these doors? Was is the freedom or a trap? Maybe it was all a test dome by WICKED and their members were waiting for us there.

I don’t know which idea was the scariest, but even the possibility of pure freedom was freaking me out. In which type of World would they build huge Maze and put children to die in their without anybody standing against it? I didn’t have the answer, but I was sure that I didn’t want to believe in these type of World.

All of our faces were frozen, observing the slow sliding of the door, in the middle of the cloud of dust that came out of it.

“Is it…for real?” Asked Ga’.

Slowly, hesitantly, we all advanced toward the light coming from the new exit.

Blinded by the light, I stretched my hand to protect my eyes.

When I was able to open them again, hesitantly, I saw … nothing… nothing at all, no walls anymore.

Just the emptiness of sands.

I walked hesitantly at first, and then more and more enthusiast, toward it, passing the last exit of the maze.

My breath stopped in my throat and I felt on my knee, burying my free hand into the sands. This was for real. We had made it.

We were out of the Maze.

I turned towards Newt, who was paralyzed next to me. Standing, I came closer to him.

I caressed his cheek, chasing his tears.

- You have made it. I said softly to him.

All of us were staring at the emptiness in front of us, at our freedom.

I could see some green at the distance and some huge towers. I wasn’t sure what they were but they sure did look huge. We will have to go take a look at them. But at the moment, we were all trying to understand the signification of our presence here.

We had made it. We survived the maze. We will survive anything that the future had for us.

It took us some time to get back into reality.

Hesitantly, like babies dears taking their first steps in the forest, we walked toward the green and the buildings that we could see. Green meant that there were life, at least water and food. Our survival instinct guided us.

No words were pronounced.

When we arrived next to the buildings, deserted, burned by the sands and sun, the night was starting to fall on us.

We started to establish a camp at the bottom of a building. Unable to sleep, we just stayed awake, looking all around us, too excited or worried to wake up back in the Maze and realize it had all been a dream.

Newt finally stood up slowly and went inside the building. I watched over his silhouette. He needed some time alone, I felt it.

“Thank you Midget.” Said Gal, breaking the silence.

I looked at him, puzzled.

“I kept doubting you since you arrived. But…well…You did what you promised. You brought us outside of the Maze. Thank you.” Gal explained, with a hesitant smile.

I smiled back at him, accepting his thanks and also apologize of his past behaviours. I understood it. And to be honest, it didn’t really mattered anymore.

I looked at our little group of survivor.

Alvi was looking at the desert, I could read on his face that he was making plans to explore, how to survive here, how to make it further and discover other people.

Doc’ was staying next to Damien, like a possessive mother. He was always watching over all of us with the same concerned smile.

Spider was isolated a bit further. I had no idea what will happen next with him, but he probably couldn’t go back to the scientist after our breakout. I would never forgive him. But I also had to admit that he will be useful to us. He knew too much for us to let him go. There were still too many questions to be answer.

Nigel was resting, quiet as usual. I had been really surprised by his attitude in the maze. I guess I didn’t know him as much as I thought I did.

My eyes turned back naturally to the building were Newt had disappeared few minutes ago.

“You should go Midget.” Said Minho, following my gaze on the building.

“We will be here anyway.” He added with a smile.

“Minho…”I started. Unsure on how to finish, I stopped.

I wanted to apologize for not telling him everything from the beginning, for doubting him in the hut, thinking he will turn his back at me. I wanted to thank him for staying on my side, training me and caring for me. And for being one of my dearest friends.

“I know” he whispered, reading me like an open book.

I smiled at him.

“Thank you Minho.” I said before standing up.

I followed Newt in the deserted building. It was not difficult to follow him in that. The only way were stairs that still looked reliable enough to climb. I was very careful, just in case and finally made it to the roof.

And there Newt was, staring at the desert.

“Hey.” I greeted him, coming next to him.

“Hey.” He replied, grabbing my hand.

I rested my head against his shoulder like if it was the most natural thing on earth to do.

“We made it.” I sighed.

“Yay but what happen next?” He asked.

“We will figure it out, as usual.” I said, confident.

“Hum, as usual.” He smiled.

“As long as we stayed together, we will figure it out.” I added.

He hugged me tight against him. We had so many answers to find that it was scary.

I also felt the desire of the guys to go check on the camp again, looking for the rest of us and also weapons, food, everything that could be use. The desert will not be an easy place to survive, even if the green we saw earlier was promising water and probably food.

I looked back towards the walls of the Maze. The entrance closed after us, as soon as Spider and his microchip got away. He will still be useful.

He also knew the entrance towards WICKED.

If what I felt was the truth, and according what Spider said about being able to control the move of the Grievers, then WICKED attacked us at the camp by using the Grievers.

They also knew who we were, where we were coming from, the reasons they had locked us in the Maze and what had happened to this deserted World.

In one way or another, we will have to confront them to get our answers. And to destroy them. All of them.

I looked back toward the emptiness of the desert, and then turned my face towards Newt, observing the strange smart guy who I felt in love with. He turned back his gaze at me, smiling.

“By the way, you never mentioned what was your name?” Newt suddenly asked.

“Alex.” I answered.

“Nice to meet you Alex.” He murmured.

I blushed. Having the man I loved next to me, whispering my name like a treasure, meant the World to me. Well, it was all of my World.

Newt smiled at my reaction, reading me easily.

“Alex…” He whispered again with his sexy British accent, before kissing me like he did that day in the forest, taking all the rest away until it was only us.

I didn’t know what was coming next. But, well, we will made it somehow.

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