Run For Your Destiny

Chapter 7

It finally was the end of the 3 resting days. After work, I joined Minho on the sands next to the lac, to begin my first lesson.

“Ok Midget, I’m going to train you. What do you know about fighting?” he said very seriously.

“Well….to be honest….not the first thing I guess.” I answered honestly.

He just shook his head.

“Ok so we’ll start by the beginning. You are small, thin and not really muscular.” While talking he grabbed my arm to prove his point.

His forearm was 3 size mine.

“The good point is that it makes you fast and agile. I see the way you’re moving. You will be able to avoid the hit if you are ready for it.” Minho analysed.

“Hum, the prob is that I am not always ready.” I said showing my face.

“One thing at the time. You have to increase your strengths and stamina. You will still be weaker than me. But if you know how to move you can compensate. Newt is not as strong as I am but he already kicked my ass a few times.” Minho reassured me.

It was not hard to imagine. I got the feeling since the first time I saw Newt. He is able to read in everyone soul, movements. He can anticipate and use the strength of his opponents against themselves.

Suddenly, Minho hit my solar plexus. I felt, not graciously at all, my ass on the hard sand.

“The fuck?” I shouted, surprised.

“You have no balance. No attention. Focus!” Minho said, changing tone.

Shocked, I looked at him, still on the sand.

“I can teach you, but you have to focus.” Said a new Minho, severly.

I got back my mind and start to stand up.

Suddenly Minho pushed me again, making me lose balance again.

“Hey! Let me stand….” I complained.

“You are not focusing. I am teaching you.”

I stopped myself to answer in a not so nice way. Minho was not a mean person but he was acting strangely here. I had the feeling he would push me again as soon as I would try to stand up. Like a shark, waiting for the moment my attention would be focus on something else and I won’t watch him. I thought. It made sense in a way. Franck didn’t let me stand up nicely before attacking me again.

I roll on the side a few time to get further away from Minho before standing up in a hurry.

He watched me doing it with a content smile.

“You’re starting to catch it.” Commented Minho with pleasure.

“….Guess so.” I said, watching him with suspicion.

“You need more strength in your arm and legs to be able to stand up by jumping, without having to use your hands. That put you unbalanced and undefended for a couple of seconds. Like that.” He got on the grounds, and with one powerful jump, he was standing again. He didn’t use his hand, got up way faster than I did and he was in perfect control of his body.

“For that, you need to run. Every morning, every night. Do push up. Train your muscles.” Minho explained.

I shacked my head. He was right. I was burning of jealousy and wanted to be able to do that too. I will be able to do that too.

“Ok, let’s see your balance now.” Minho asked.

“OK.” I will do everything to become stronger. And so, a more difficult prey.

Steadily on my two legs I watched him coming closer. He was almost at an attacking range when he plunge forward. With a side kick he send me away.

Once again, I landed heavily on the sands. This time, on my side. Waouh, it hurt.

“Actually, learning how to fall may be the first step for you.” He said amused.

“Hey….you look like you’re enjoying that too much.” I protested before rolling a bit further away and standing up.

“Ahahah guilty I guess.” He laughed.

“Hey!” I was outraged.

“When you fall because someone is pushing you, don’t resist. Use the power of his attack to fall and roll away.” Minho explained.

I didn’t caught what he meant. Instead I just stay standing there, looking at him, doubtful.

“Push me.” He said changing his position.

“What?” I repeated.

“Just do it Midget!” ordered Minho severly.

I went to him. With all my strengths, I pushed hard against him, pushing his pectoral.

He didn’t flinch an inch.

“The…Hell?!” I said, trying to push harder.

“In your case, a direct attack won’t do a thing. The strength difference is too obvious.” He said, not even breathing louder.

“You’re hurting my pride here.” I complained before stopping pushing him.

“However, if your opponent is not that stronger and not expecting you, it may work.” He said ignoring me.

“Push me!” He ordered again.

I pushed him. This time my hands didn’t meet any resistance. I almost lost balance when he let himself being pushed. He rolled back while hitting the floor and using the impulsion to stand up, facing me. He was perfectly steady when I still was trying to get back my balance. With one push, he made me fall, face against the sand.

“You got it now? Use your opponent strength against him.” Minho said again, making more sense now.

“Yeap.” I said, spitting sands

“Stand up. Let’s try again.” Ordered Minho.

I tried for a while. At the end, I had the feeling that my ass smashed the sands so much, it would turn into diamond.

“Again!” I said, out of breath.

I had the feeling I was starting to see what I should do. I just had issues doing it.

“Stop thinking, just act!” He screamed for the thousands time.

I couldn’t. I was trying to analyse every moves even if it wasn’t a good idea.

Sure enough, he attacked me and I flew for a couple of inch before falling again. I was starting to see stars. But I didn’t want to give up.

I stood up and sure enough got pushed again, pretty hard. I forgot to roll on the side to get away. Rolling right after being pushed was easier than rolling without any impulsion. I tried to stand up a couple of time, being firmly pushed back by Minho every time. My legs and arms were shaking under the effort.

Out of breath, I tried again. Sure enough, Minho hard push made me fall again.

I couldn’t get enough energy together, being pushed again and again. I felt on the ground with a hard hmpf. At the same time, Minho who I was keeping an eye on, flew away from my sight.


I raised my head to see a strong back facing me. Tee shirt glued to the body by transpiration, shaking fit tightly closed, blond hair….

The bloody fuck you think you’re doing?” Newt growled at the body of Minho who was already standing up again.

I really loved this strong English accent. Especially containing this manly furriness, few step away from craziness. I wouldn’t have expected Newt to have it.

In a daze, too surprised to find words, I just stayed there, on my ass, mouth wide open.

“Dude, what’s your problem?” Answered Minho, facing him and looking quite upset.

“It’s you my bloody problem! Why do you turn to be an ass?” shouted an angry Newt.

“What?!” asked Minho, clearly shocked.

“....This one is not an opponent for you.” Shouted Newt, pointing his finger at me.

Ohhhhhhhhhh….. He was thinking we were fighting for real. Well, that Minho was seriously trying to kick my ass.

I snapped back to my sense and stand up.

“Wait Newt….Minho was teaching me.” I interrupted.

“What?” repeated Newt, learly not understanding what I was talking about.

“He wants to know how to fight!” Answered Minho.

“Who?” Asked doubtful Newt.


“He!” Answered Minho and I at the same time.

“…That is the most stupid thing I ever heard!” commented Newt.

“Dude! Look at his neck! If it weren’t for you he would have been killed few days ago. I won’t let it happen!” Screamed Minho.

Surprised by the vehemence of his tone, I stopped and watched him. Since I saw him today, he didn’t act concerned at all. Like if I just went for a usual guys fight and not almost got killed. I didn’t think he mattered about me that much.


He avoided my gaze and just stand there, staring at Newt.

“I have no fucking idea what happened, but calm down, idiot!” Minho shouted at Newt.

For once, Newt seems taken aback. He was at loss for words.

Silence between all of us kept up before he found his tongue back.

“Sorry man.” Apologized Newt.

Minho seemed to relax. He shakes his shoulders.

“Nah, it’s ok. I need to cool off.” Minho commented.

He got in motion.

“See yah later Midget.” Minho said while leaving.

“….yeah.” I simply answered, still surprise by hi vehemence towards me.

I watched him walk back to the village.

I was happy and awkward of seeing Newt –or his back- again. But I was scared of facing him.

I stayed where I was. Standing straight, fixing his back, waiting for him to say something.

He didn’t.

But he didn’t get away.

He was so close I could have touch him if I raised my hand. But he seemed far away.

Silence got longer. I could hear my blood hitting my temps hard. I didn’t know what to do with my hands. I wanted to sit but I was afraid of moving and making him disappear. So I didn’t move.

He didn’t move neither. I could see that his back was tensed. But he didn’t move or relax himself.

This heavy silence was turning me crazy. The Hell?!

I opened my mouth to say something….but the words of Spider came back on my mind.

“He was saying a bunch of stuff to some other guys about how you were not someone we can trust, that you shouldn’t be here. That you were not one of us.”

It hurt to remember. It hurt to think of Newt saying this kind of things. But I couldn’t get upset at him. He didn’t lie.

I clenched my fists.

“Are you ignoring me?” I asked dryly.

Yeah, go for it girl! Just say the thing that is on your mind without trying to think twice and state the facts…. Worst way ever

He didn’t answer. But I saw his shoulders jerked a bit. He heard me. He was ignoring me.

Fine by me.

“Suit yourself!” I shouted.

I turned away and left him there. I was so pissed off. I trusted him. And now he was playing kid’s game and ignoring me? He was thinking he was the victim here? I didn’t lie for fun, I was protecting myself and here he was acting like I did it on purpose just to him.

A few steps away from him, I turned back and scream at him.

“You know what? I didn’t know you were such a dick! We could talk about it but no. No! Mister is too important to talk to someone like me. So let’s ignore the parasite, should we?”

I was infuriated, I just kept screaming. The anger in my voice went to my body. I walked toward him and poked him with my index, highlighting my speech by hurting his back with my index.

“You …. You act sooo important and you even refuse to face me. You refuse to answer me. You refuse to talk. You’re an ass, Newt! An ass!!! And I don’t, care if you’re ignoring me. I don’t give a damn. I don’t care about you! Don’t ever come to me! Ever again! You are an idiot! Don’t’ come to me again or I …. waaaah…..!”

I suddenly lost balance, falling forward because of his sudden movement. I didn’t have the time to understand that suddenly he was facing me, his eyes burning of fierce anger.

“I am an idiot? I am an idiot?! If one of us is a fucking bloody hell of an idiot, it can only be you!” He stormed.

I just looked at him. He was walking against me, forcing me to walk back or he would push me with his body.

“You……what the Hell got into you?! You shouldn’t have done this! What is wrong with you? Are you a sadistic of some sort or something?!” Newt asked, looking dumbfounded.

I suddenly realized my back was against a tree and I couldn’t get away. His face was distorted, he was furious. Just a few centimetres away from me. But I didn’t feel in danger. Just the rage and something else in the deep of my stomach.

Being that close however, didn’t stop him to shout at me like hell.

“Who is the sadistic?! Are you insane? I….” I tried to reply.

“Who is bloody insane?! You just got kicked out by a zombie of some sort and you run to Minho to kick your ass again? The Hell is wrong with you?!” Newt shouted, not listening to me.

It took me few sentences to get that he was screaming about Minho.

“Do you have any idea how scared I was? How upset? How lost?! And you just run to the next danger like some …some insane fetishist!” Newt had an accusing tone now.

“Hey! You’re….”

“Shut up bloody idiot! “ he cut me off again.

““Bloody idiot”? Bloody id…..!” I repeated.

Suddenly his lips were on mine, cutting me of.

His warm, welcoming lips, were crashing against mine with desperation. No tenderness, just hungry anger, taking control of me.

And I could taste him. His tongue was running on my lips. My body shivered and reacted instinctively, letting him in. Victorious, his tongue came teasing mine, pushing it in a slow dance, caressing and welcoming.

My hands were on his torso. To push him away or bring him closer, I’m not sure. Probably both.

My mind was blank. There were only our kiss, his arms wrapped around me, keeping me close. His embrace was so strong and reassuring. I just stopped thinking, here in his arms, safe. I could feel his body trembling under my fingers. I grabbed his shirt, pulling him closer. I wanted to feel his warmth against me.

A growl escaped his mouth and he obeyed my fingers direction, crushing against me. His hands were caressing my skin, going from my elbow to my shoulders, making me feel like it was burning lava under his touched.

I didn’t know I could feel like this. My being just stopped, just stayed the feeling.

His kiss –our kiss- deepened and become hungrier. He put his caress up to my throat, touching by inadvertence a hurting spot. A pained moan escaped my lips.

As sudden as he started, the kiss stopped. I could feel his body all stiff again.

Surprised I opened my eyes.

Newt was facing me, looking at me in a way that make me feel more woman than ever. His eyes were burning of anger, hunger for something, maybe for me? However there was something else. Something I couldn’t identify. He looked away from me, and stood back, away from me for a few steps.

“I’m … sorry.” Newt said hoarsely.

My lips were hurting me, feeling so alone now. I had issues understanding what he meant. Did he just apologize?

Confused I tried to catch his gaze but he was avoiding mine.

“W….what for?” I asked after a few attempts to find my voice again.

Awkwardly Newt looked at me again;

“Well…for that. I shouldn’t have jumped at you like this.” He looked at me, a bit awkward. But I could also read that he was not regretting it.

“Ah….. hum….it didn’t really bothered me.” I answered honestly, feeling my cheeks grew hot.

“…..bloody hell.” He sighted, like empty from all of his strengths.

Our eyes met and we both laughed, awkwardly.

I didn’t really know what had just happened, but I was feeling at peace, laughing with him again. I have missed him.

“We should go back.” He said.

“Hum.” I approved.

We left, in direction of the camp. It was a bit awkward and neither of us were looking at the other. I didn’t regret this kiss but it made me even more confused. So I could easily guess that Newt was not really clear neither on what was happening.

I shouted my mind off, just enjoying that he was back next to me. That was enough.

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