Beauty and the Sith Lord

By Animelover234501

Romance / Fantasy

Chapter 5

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Palo's place

"Palo, I don't think I don't want to hear it."Said Gunray. Palo pulled up a bag full of credits to convince Gunray."Ah, I'm listening."Said Gunray.

"It's like this, I am trying to marry Padme and her crazy father came running and saying there is a Sith lord. I want to convince Padme to marry me and Ruwee is the key to marry her.."Said Palo.

"You want me to lock up Ruwee because he is crazy to convince the most beautiful girl in town? That sounds despicable, I love it!"Said Gunray.

Naberrie Residents

Sola was sitting on the couch being sick and Ruwee was muttering to himself."Father? What are you muttering for?"Sola asked."Padme is trapped in that castle with that Sith lord. If no one will believe me then I'll go myself!"Said Ruwee. Ruwee started to cough and cough."Father you are too sick! You need to rest,"Said Sola."Nonsense, I lost your mother, I am not losing my daughter."Said Ruwee.

"Stay here Sola, if someone barges in yo-You hide in the attic yeah I know."Sola interrupted. Ruwee opened the door and went on his speeder to find that castle."Be safe father."Said Sola. Sola heard foot steps on the porch,"Oh crap! I need to hide!"Said Sola. Sola ran up the stairs and hid, the door opened and she couldn't move.

"Padme, Ruwee?!"Palo yelled."Oh well Palo, I guess we will give up for the day."Said Clovis. Palo grabbed Clovis's shirt,"They might be back in sometime. Stay here and wait for them to come back! Don't move from this spot."Said Palo.

Palo walked away,"Ugh why me?"Clovis asked. and hit the pole on the porch and snow came falling down from the roof and landed on him.


Padme was went down the stiars waiting for Anakin."You look lovely."Said Anakin."Thank you."Said Padme.

"May I have this dance Milady?"Anakin asked."Of course, Master jedi,"Said Padme. Anakin walked to the castle ballroom and started to dance the night away.

"A bond has finally formed!"Said Obi-Wan. Padme is smiling at Anakin, even though she couldn't tell from his mask, he was smiling.

Padme and Anakin went to the balcony and looked up at the beautiful jeweled sky."Padme, are you happy here?"Anakin asked."Of course I am."said Padme. Padme looked away and had a sad look on her face."What is wrong?"Anakin asked.

"If only I can see my father and my sister again, I miss them so much."said Padme."There is a way! Follow me."Said Anakin

West wing

"This Holocom can show you anything, Tell it who or what do you want to see."Said Anakin. Anakin gave Padme the Holocom,"I'd like to see my father, please?"Said Padme. The Holocom flashed and showed Ruwee trying to travel through the storm, coughing and about to faint."Father! Oh no he is sick!"Said Padme.

"Then, you need to go to him."Said Anakin."but what about-You are free from being my prisoner."Said Anakin."Oh thank you Anakin!"said Padme.

"Thank you for everything!"Said Padme. Padme put on her normal clothes and went on the speeder to find her father.

Anakin stood there seeing her leave."Well the spell will be broken and day now! I can't wait to b-I let her go,"Said Anakin.

"You did what? But why?"Obi-Wan asked."Because Obi-Wan, I love her."Said Anakin

"HE DID WHAT!?"Everyone said."Yes, he let her go, we will never be normal again."Said Obi-Wan.

Nabberie Residents

"Padme?"Ruwee asked."Shhh Father its ok, everything is alright."Said Padme.

"Padme it really is you! How did you escape?"Said Ruwee."I didn't, he let me go,"Ruwee was confused for a moment,"He was kind, generous, an-"Padme heard the door knock and opened the door.

"May I help you?"Padme asked."I have come to arrest you father."Said Gunray."Our father? What for?"Sola asked.

"Oh don't worry we'll take good care of him."Said Gunray."So Ruwee what did the Sith lord look like?"Clovis asked."HE has black armor and he tried to kill me!"Said Ruwee. Everyone started to laugh and the two mean were about to put Ruwee into the Police car.
"My father is not crazy! Show me Anakin!"Said Padme. The holocom showed the sith lord.

"Is he dangerous?"On of the women asked."No he is kind and gentle."Said Padme.

"I see you have fallen for the Beast!"Said Palo."He is not a beast Palo, he is a human being who needs to love. You are the beast!"Said Padme. Palo grabbed Padme on the arm and took the Holocom."I'll deal with you later Amidala."Said Palo. Palo threw Padme and Ruwee into the basement."Let us out!"Padme yelled. Palo lead the mob to the castle where Anakin is.

"I need to warn Anakin! This is all my fault!"Said Padme."Padme can you here me?"Said Sola."Sola get the axe and open the Basement door!."Said Padme. Sola went to grab the axe and broke the door down."I'll fix it later! Go warn your boyfriend!"Said Sola. Padme nodded and went on the speeder.

"I am surprised that she didn't react to boyfriend,"Said Sola.


Everyone in the castle was blocking the door to prevent the mob to invade the castle.

"what will we do?"Barris asked."Wait I know!"Said Obi-Wan

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