A Dog ('s Loyal Perspective) (Will Forever Remain)


"No cheating." She repeated once again. Kakashi looked down at her, kneeling in front of him, completely naked. He felt amused. Amongst other things.

"Shinobi." He reminded. She shot him a dirty look. It changed into a mischievous smile. Kakashi tensed a little more.

"If you're going to be like that, I can always stop." She started leaning back. Kakashi wove a hand through her hair, halting her movements.

"No." She chuckled, licked her bottom lip.

"If you don't want me to stop..." Her voice was low, teasing, one hand coming to lie on his knee. She dug in her nails. Surprisingly hard. "Don't. Cheat."

Kakashi kept his grip steady a moment longer, looked her over, utterly exposed, completely vulnerable, pupils already enlarged, an almost smile on her lips. He released his grip, placed his hands on the bed. He'd go along for now.

Kakashi was... curious.

She chuckled softly. Looked him over. Stilled. Kakashi almost laughed. Of course.

"I have no idea where to even begin opening your pants." Her wry voice really did make him laugh, head tilted back, eye closed.

This was ridiculous. And so much fun. He looked back down. Brought up his hands to undo the clasps. Her eyes were completely focused on the only skin his uniform showed. Kakashi grinned.

"Is there an actual reason you're so fascinated by my biceps, or is this simply another one of your quirks?"

"Seeing as they are literally the only thing your uniform doesn't cover up, I think my mild obsession is completely justified." A frank admission. Kakashi's grin grew.

"And here I thought you had a kink for men in uniform."

"The unavoidable consequence of having a lover who never wears anything else. I have to admit though, the armor does very nice thing to me."

"Always happy to serve."

"You are a true patriot. Now shut up, I need to focus." Kakashi grinned again, put his hands back on the bed. Her gaze wandered across. He tensed a little more.

Kakashi was very curious.

She looked up through her lashes. Gave a seductive smile, leaning back on her knees. Her hands caressed her hips, slowly slid up higher, touch gentle, soft. She cupped her breasts, arching her spine, tilting back her head. Offering herself completely, without any hesitation.

Kakashi tensed.

She scraped down her nails, hard, gasped, red lines appearing, her eyes falling shut. She shivered. Kakashi almost did as well.

Her fingers stroked down, gentle again, soft caressing across bare skin, halting just above her waist. She opened her eyes, met his own through his Mask.

Kakashi wanted to throw her down the bed and take his pleasure. He didn't.

She spread her knees. Kakashi shivered.

He didn't. But he wanted to.

Her fingers resumed their caressing, went lower, lower, touch gentle at first, turning sharp, just the way she liked. Her breath deepened, heart speeding up, eyes growing lidded, never moving from his. She slipped two fingers inside. Moaned.

Kakashi twisted the sheets. He wanted very much.

She halted her movements. Leaned forward, brought up a hand still coated in her own desire. She touched him. Kakashi silently exhaled, closed his eye, savored feeling, her caressing, stroking, first soft then firm, grip tightening, loosening, never faltering, an almost irregular rhythm.

Kakashi felt his own breath deepen, opened his eye. Tensed even further.

Kneeling in front of him, pupils blown, smile curving her lips. She was at his mercy. And she felt completely empowered. The sight of her, so confident, so at ease, so full of desire...

She leaned forward even further. Let her breath ghost across.

Kakashi was so incredibly tense.

The barest feel of her lips, immediately pulling back. Kakashi almost grasped her, remembered the rules. He clenched his fist, dug his nails through the leather and put it back on the bed. He'd said he'd go along. And he would. For now.

She gave him another smile. Put her lips on the tip, skin so soft. Her tongue slid across, teasing, barely any pressure, so warm, wet. A minute tensing, the barest of warning. She swallowed. Kakashi choked.

Heat, wet, surrounding him, hollowing her cheeks, pressure, sucking and tasting, tongue caressing, so wet, feeling her, the back of her throat.

Kakashi groaned. She hummed.

Kakashi moved, hand twisting through her hair, pushing her down, almost making her choke, feeling, her heat, tongue, caressing and stroking and humming, vibrations felt. Kakashi couldn't help the sounds he let out, barely managed to stay aware of his surroundings.

She pulled back, his grip on her hair halting the movement, forcing her to stay in place, to keep doing this. She caught her breath, focusing and relaxing. Kakashi was so tense.

She gave him another look through her lashes. Tensed. Swallowed him, humming, hot, wet, tongue caressing, feeling, vibrations, heat, pressure, everywhere.

Kakashi shuddered, yanked her hair, burying inside.

Tension broke.

He shivered. Looked down at her, feeling so loose. Watched as she leaned back on her knees, his hand still woven through her hair, other supporting this weight, trembling just a little.

Kakashi felt so incredibly loose.

She licked a few spilled drops across her lips, the sight almost making him shiver again. And then she grinned, looking so unbelievably smug. Kakashi smiled. Released her hair.

"So. Did I meet your expectations?" Kakashi moved, pulling her up, down the bed, flat on her back, wrists captive above her head, holding himself balanced above her. He looked down into those unique eyes, so supremely smug.

With very good reason. Because that had been fun. Kakashi was incredibly glad he'd given in to his curiosity. He should let her know how much he appreciated this.

"Not bad." She laughed.

"Please. I ruined you." Absolute confidence. Kakashi grinned.

"Is that so?"

"It really is."

"Hmm. Allow me to return the favor." Because an act like that deserved a gesture of gratitude. She raised a brow.

"By all means. Though I think your usual attire might cause some issues." Kakashi's grin grew.

"That's not what I meant."


"Really, fine chakra control is grossly underrated." Kakashi brought up his free hand, made harmless sparks flicker between his fingers. "If one has enough precision there are some very interesting applications." Pain and pleasure were caused by the same receptors after all.

Her eyes went wide. Kakashi chuckled.

She'd given him a new, incredibly fun experience. It was only polite he returned the favor.

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