A Dog ('s Loyal Perspective) (Will Forever Remain)


Her hands came up to explore the blindfold. Kakashi pushed them back down the bed.

"No peeking." He ordered. She grinned. She really did look quite lovely wearing nothing but his hia-tae.

"Wasn't planning on it. I'm curious though, what exactly are you up to? Should I be worried?" Kakashi dropped the henge and took off his Mask.

"Don't you trust me?" He undid his forearm protectors.

"Seeing as you are a very proficient shinobi I think it's completely reasonable to be suspicious of your motives." He smiled, pulled off his chest plate.

"I might be, but you are a mere helpless civilian."

"All the more reason." Kakashi chuckled. She had a point. She shifted her weight again, still straining her hearing. He let her hear a sound of warning. She stilled.

"I'm not even allowed to move? And you wonder why I'm suspicious."

"Don't worry, you'll enjoy this." As would he. So very much.

"Oh really? Is it another magic trick?" Kakashi grinned, stepped out his boots.

"Something like that."

She hummed. Brought up a hand, fingers sliding between her breasts. Kakashi halted his movements. Stared. Resumed undressing soundlessly.

"No touching yourself either." He made his command firm. She grinned and obeyed, willing to go along. For now.

"I thought you liked me touching myself."

"I like it very much. Not this time though."


Kakashi moved forward, completely bare, knelt on the bed behind her, felt her heat hit his skin. He shivered.

He would enjoy this so very much.

He leaned forward further, still not touching. This time she was the one who shivered. Kakashi grinned.

"So sensitive. I haven't even started yet." She opened her mouth, another quip prepared. Kakashi caressed her shoulder, tasting, feeling skin. She choked.

"Wha–" He nipped sharply, got a strangled moan in return.

"Quiet. Just relax." He let his breath hit her skin. Her hands came up, Kakashi intercepting them, holding them captive with his own, felt her soft skin. She stilled, realization striking.

"You are a genius." He laughed, nipped her shoulder again.

"Thank you. Now shut up." She shut up. Kakashi grinned.

He took hold of her wrists in one hand, his other coming up to caress her breasts, sliding along bare skin, feeling. Soft, warm, bare. Kakashi shivered again.

She moaned. He put his lips back on her shoulder, tasting, feeling skin, gliding upwards, across her throat, pulse, jaw, teasing the shell of her ear.

"Good girl." He murmured, saw goosebumps erupt all over. So sensitive.

She leaned back her head, weight on his shoulder as he touched, felt her bare, soft skin. She turned her head, Kakashi shivering again as her breath ghosted across his throat.

She bit.

Kakashi growled, fingers twisting almost too harsh. She whined, desire spiking, gasping for breath, arms pulling, struggling against his grip. Completely at his mercy. And she'd bitten his throat.

He slid down his fingers, pushed the barest hint of chakra through her system, her desire spiking even higher, felt soft skin, muscles tensing at his touch, gliding lower, lower.

He caressed, stroked, felt, so hot, wet, send sparks through, her hips jolting, growing closer, so near, feeling her tense, tighten, almost there.

Kakashi pulled away his hand.

She whined, almost a sob, struggling, so easy to hold her captive. She pushed back her body, Kakashi grasping her hips, leaning back so they wouldn't touch.

He looked her over, all that soft skin, all that temptation.

She pushed her body backwards further. This time he let her.

Warm skin, so soft, feeling. Kakashi let out a hissed breath, pushed back, no space between, savored every point of contact, every feeling, her head back on his shoulder, breath once more ghosting across his throat, Kakashi tensing even further.

She tasted his skin, his throat. Kakashi shivered.

"Let go of my hands." Her voice was unsteady, choked with desire. Kakashi bend down his head, marked her, teeth on her shoulder, blood rising to the surface.

"No." A cry of pure rage, struggling uselessly once more.

"Bastard, let g–" Almost too much chakra, fingers on her most sensitive place, making her shriek, spine arching, Kakashi following, shivering, feeling, her beating heart, softness, bare skin. He felt as she tightened, still sending chakra, her gasps, screams, his fingers moving harsher, faster, feeling her tensing, tightening, so close, so near.

Kakashi made a spark.

She wailed, tension breaking. Slumping against him, boneless, completely sated, relaxed, breath heavy, heart pounding, so completely vulnerable.

Kakashi wanted.

He moved, released her wrists, pushed her down the bed, looked at her, hair tangled, skin damp, his hia-tae blinding her. He shivered, spread her legs wider.

Kakashi rolled his hips, groaned, kept moving, so wet, tight, her shriek almost one of pain, hands blindly grasping, fingers through his hair, nails biting into his shoulder. Kakashi shuddered, dropped down his weight, felt her heart racing, his lips on her shoulder, cheek against her throat, feeling her, her pulse, warmth, skin, softness, feeling.

She scraped down her nails, Kakashi's jolting, groaning, own nails digging in her hips, almost drawing blood, tension spiking, kept moving, hitting that spot, forcing her to tighten, tense, shriek, so close.

She clenched, hot, tight, wet, perfect, Kakashi letting go, tension breaking, shivering, biting down hard.

Silence, heavy breaths, his weight spread across hers, still feeling.

Feeling so incredibly loose.

"...Wow." Kakashi laughed, a little shaky.

"Very wow." He agreed.

He savored every point of contact one final time. Started pulling away. Her hands immediately tightened, nails digging into skin and yanking his hair. Kakashi almost startled, letting out a pained sound, her grip immediately gentler but still firm.

She swallowed, tried to find her voice. Not an easy task after all that screaming. Kakashi grinned. He felt proud of that. And so unbelievably loose.

This had been an excellent idea.

"And just where do you think you're going?" Kakashi gave her a bemused look.

This was new.

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