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Fib; White lie - When Jeon Jungkook heard the bell rang whenever he sees her and he knows she's the one. When Jang Shin knew he was the famous idol she dreamed of, she knew she needs to lie - ©Jjajangguk2020 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED MARCH 2020

Romance / Drama
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[NOTE: If I were you, I should SKIM this part for a better life]

This is to certify that I have reminded all the readers of all the terms upon entering this book. Also, this is to have evidences that I had warned every ARMYs/Readers that my stories could cause heartaches, overwhelming feelings and could cause triggering moments. Thank you.

1. I do not own BTS and other Idol characters mentioned in this book. Even Big Hit Entertainment and its staffs and executives.

2. Original places mentioned are all have been thoroughly researched way before along with specific scientific things to make the story more realistic. However, some places like café, department stores, restaurant, etc. are all made up and was upon my imaginations.

3. If, you (readers) have possibly connected some things that coincides other stories, that is PURELY COINCIDENTAL. I am an avid reader too of many BTS fanfictions (that doesn’t mean I did plagiarize it that was because for me to learn from other authors too, famous or not they are, hypothetically, my teachers) so I technically know if I did plagiarize this book upon your judgment. If you insist I did, you are WRONG. This book has been meticulously brainstormed by me, the Author so do not accuse me of anything.

4. Characters, aside from BTS and other Idol characters I used in this story are all made up and I grant you the free will to imagine your character to yourselves in spite me having to describe it myself.

5. The scenes and events happened in this story are not happening in real life so don’t come after me if I did something that you do not like. After all this is a FICTION.

[Note aside;]

1. Yup, I accept translations. Depends on my mood and trust on you. Heh. I also accept promotions and dedications but not too much, you outnumber me and it is up to you to where I should put it.

2. This story is for all of you, my co-ARMYs. This is not only to entertain you but also to inspire you and remind you that you have many sorts of feelings. Let it out. Live. Learn.

3. WARNINGS: Fluff, Cringey, Stupid decisions the author made to the characters, Angsty

4. I will be deleting foul comments. You can cuss but do minimize them. I do not tolerate such habit. But feel free to suggest and comment, maybe I would reply because why not?

5. I am not perfect. ;)

6. You can talk to me on my A/Ns. Or you could DM me if anything has been bad for you, okie?

7. Enjoy, borahae!

- Jjjnggk :)

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