Star Wars: The Lost Society

Chapter 2: Connections

Chapter 2:


“If you guys don’t stop arguing back there I am going to vent this ship!” Yelled a angry Kassei into the intercom so the others could hear her. They had been arguing for a little over an hour and it was starting to get on her nerves. It started when the Sith and Jedi got into how their orders work, it escalated quickly to thrown chairs and force powers.

“Hey! You know she really will vent us into space if you don’t stop. She has a habit of having the last word in these cases.” Said Candrel who had been sleeping on the couch until Kassei started yelling.

“Well fine, but I am watching the two of you.” Said a still furious Greath. As Greath looked around he saw that the Sith were not done with this yet either. Thankfully Elainia stepped up and started a new conversation by asking Candrel “Hey Gasman, you hungry?”

Meanela, the sniper of the group looked up and said “Gasman? How in the hell did you get that name? I am called ghost but that is because I tend to shoot and never be found again. But Gasman? Really? What happened?” Everyone looked up because this was the first time they had heard the Chiss speak at all. She had been quiet since takeoff and even kept quiet when she was asked to join.

Candrel laughed audibly and said “Well I got the name when I was asked to remove an imperial presence on Illum, while the Jedi and Sith were fighting there. I kinda caused Illum to become well unsafe to be on the surface.”

“YOU did that! I was getting a very powerful crystal when all of a sudden quesh venom started raining down onto the planet! I was forced to leave or die! I can’t believe it was you!” Ranted Brezeck.

Candrel and Elainia laughed loudly and Candrel continued “Yeah it was me, when my CO found out I was kicked out of the army for “unethical” use of a weapon. They never told me how to remove them they just said get rid of them, I did my job so I see no Issue but if I hadn’t been fired I wouldn’t have met you El.”

Elainia blushed and said “Well aren’t you surprisingly Chessy. But yes after he was fired he came to work with Kassei. That reminds me, how do you all know Kassei?”

Brezeck got a mean expression on his face and said “Well I know her because she saved my life on a planet I was trying to destroy. I don’t care what it was called but I was there to destroy it. During my trek down to where I was gonna put the bomb and a Shadow beast showed up, they are strong in the dark side and are resistant to the force. So when I tried to kill it I ended up only hurting myself, that’s when she showed up and killed it. I agreed to being one of her soldiers unwillingly but I was in no condition to fight back.”

Everyone was silent until Greath spoke “Well Jassei and I met her when we were getting in trouble for not being the perfect Jedi our order likes. She said she could give us a way out of the constant rules. We took it readily but the Order dis-avowed us under the guise of us going to the dark side.”

Meanela spoke up and said “I was betrayed by Intelligence and Kass gave me a home so I took her up on it.” Elainia cocked her head and said “You don’t say much do you Meanela, I mean we’ve been flying for an hour and the longest thing you said was about Gasman’s name.”

The agent just shook her head and went back to her book. Elainia looked up and saw that evryone was looking to her for her story she sighed and said “I met her when I was fresh out of my training for the great hunt. She helped me find all of my targets even the ones on the blacklist but when I was done with that and had nothing to do she offered me a job and because she had helped me so much I felt honor bound to accept, never regretted it. So that leaves you Mr. Slaver.” As she said the last line everyone looked over at The man sitting in the corner, he wore dark robes and had a lightsaber on his belt all he did was look up.

“Well I tried to make her one of my slaves-”

‘YOU DID WHAT!” laughed Candrel

“-Yes I tried to make her my slave, well needless to say that didn’t go over well and she made me her slave, still trying to figure out how that happened. But yeah she made me her slave and here I am still working for her, I must say she’s not the worst slave master. She gives good living space and food and water and stuff, but I am forced to do everything she says. I spent four hours yesterday trying to pick up after a Taun-taun that had diarrhea. It was not fun.” As he finished his story everyone started cracking up and laughing so hard several found it hard to breathe.

“Guys glad you could tell your stories and what not but we are being pulled down to a planet and I can’t break the hold, prep for a crash landing!” Kassei yelled over the intercom, at the order everyone strapped themselves in and got the oxygen masks ready for use. As Kassei tried to pull up so that they did not nose dive into the planet the ship slammed to a halt in mid air. When the dirty blonde looked out the window she saw a group of men staring at her with milky white eyes and one said, not aloud but not a whisper it was as if he was speaking into her mind, “You do not belong! Prepare for the trials to come.”
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