Star Wars: The Lost Society

Chapter 3: The Plague

Chapter 3:

The Plague

“Damn it all, why can’t you force users keep your energy in check when we enter a galaxy filled with FORCE USERS!” Yelled a frantic Gasman. after the team had been caught and tied up with raw force, they were escorted to a small camp for safe watch. Everyone had taken it pretty pretty hard but Candrel had all but lost it.

“Hey El would you mind shutting your toy up? I am trying to find a way out of the…. whatever is tying us up. I can feel it on my wrists but I just can’t seem to……” Kassei quickly went quiet as she noticed a shadow coming up from the side, it was one of the blind guys. Kassei silently thought to herself “If I can find a way out of these cuffs, manacles whatever I may be able to take the two guards down and free the others, but how do I free myself…” just as she finished her thought the two jedi stood and threw the guards off the ledge and turned, hands free, to go and get to work on freeing the others. After the two jedi had freed the sith everything went wrong all at once, the sith pulled their lightsabers, Brezeck pulled two and Trilectrov pulled his single saber, and turned on the group Jassei was quick enough to put up a bubble of energy between them.

“Hurry Greath! I can’t hold much longer!” She squeaked.

“Got it, but why are you attacking us! We had nothing to do with this!” Greath yelled his query then jumped through the bubble shattering it like glass and knock the single sabered sith over and locking into combat with Brezeck.

“I did it because you two are the only ones who could have! I hid mine and I know the girl hid hers but you, you didn’t I never felt your force drop!” Brezeck yelled in return between blows.

“But he did conceal it! What you felt wasn’t him or me! Nor was it Tric! It had to be something else!” Jassei yelled between blows with Trilectrov. The fighting died down slightly then Kassei yelled “Oh gods of luck it was my medical officer, he was a failed padawan he must have had enough force potency to draw attention to us, I never thought he would!”

There was a pause, a minute maybe two in which no one spoke then lightsabers being put away broke the silence and both the jedi and the sith went to work free the non-force people from their bindings. When everyone was freed Kassei looked up and said what no one wanted to say “Where to from here, hell they took my ship away and we have no clue where. Meanela where too? You are our tac person where do we go?”

Meanela was quiet for a long time then she looked up and said “We go north I smell, well I’m not sure what it is but someone is there.” They all looked around to see if anyone else had a plan that did not involve another run in with the blind ones again but no one did so they started trekking across the mountains. Then they came across a town.

“Well damn, that is one huge town, it’s like four-hundred miles in any direction. Do we head in our avoid it?” Elainia querily said.

After a long discussion they decided to go into town and see if they were hostile, if they were the team would shoot their way out if not the team would try and find shelter. It took till nightfall to get into town, when they did the sights were not unnoticed. For one people in buildings were watching them like hawks, everywhere they looked wary even resentful looks were shot their way. After fifteen minutes of walking they saw a person, one of the blind people, hung and burning. Just floating in the air as if sitting held by a string.

“Well at least we know they don’t just piss us off.” Kassei said maybe a little too jokingly because the team gave her a quick glance filled with the rest of the hate the team had for each other. “Look guys we had a rough start but look at it this way, we can work on the rough spots if we know they are there. Say what you feel but don’t beat each other to death over it. Got that Brezeck?” At the lost word the sith grumbled and nodded and the group turned around to see a large mass looking at them, a big and tough looking guy walked forward and said “You eight aren’t from around here are you? And did you lose a ship today?”

Kassei ran up and hugged the man screaming “YOU found my baby! Where is she, I wanna give her a big hug! Where is she huh huh huh!”

The man laughed and simply said “She’s over that way, we found him carrying the ship with the force. Where are you guys from? That ship is way too underdeveloped to survive here. I mean the plating isn’t even force resistant, don’t get me wrong it’s really tough but lacks the force coatings.”

Kassei stepped back and swallowed then quietly said “How much will it cost to upgrade it, well we don’t have any cash for this galaxy, we are from the one to the right, if you can use up, down, left, right work with galaxies.”

The man stopped and thought for a bit then replied “Well I’ll tell you what we will upgrade her for free if you go and take out the rest of these guys for us. It sounded like you had a beef with them, but we won’t upgrade her if you don’t wanna kill them. Did I mention the free food and beds if you do?”

Greath stepped up and said “Oh trust me we will take them out but we need you to tell us what they are.”

The man laughed loudly and said “They are a weird people they drink blood from a huge white beast then use the force to control the transformation. They called the beast the mother rak and sent vials of its blood to a neighboring galaxy. Don’t know what happened after that though.”

Everyone stopped and stood awestruck “Do they call themselves rakghouls?” was the question Meanela asked.

“Yes they do but how do you know that?” The man said suddenly interested.

“Because a sith found those vials and turned an entire planet into mindless monsters called rakghouls. We never knew where they came from until now.” Said Brezeck solemnly.
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